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31 Mar 2021 03:35:42
1. Twolves - Cunningham PG/SF
2. Rockets - Green SG/SF
3. Pistons - Mobley C
4. Magic - Kuminga SF/PF
5. Cavs - Johnson SF/PF
6. Wizards - Suggs PG
7. Raptors - Springer G
8. Thunder - Williams SF/PF
9. Magic - Bouknight SG
10. Pelicans - Johnson SG
11. Pacers - Barnes SF/PF
12. Kings - Jones C
13. Warriors - Kispert SF
14. Grizzlies - Shannon SF
15. Celtics - Garuba PF
16. Thunder - Cooper PG
17. Hawks - Nix PG
18. Knicks - Giddey PG/SF
19. Hornets - Sharpe C
20. Spurs - Brown PF
21. Knicks - Clarke SF
22. Nuggets - Thomas SG
23. Rockets - Johnson PG
24. Rockets - Sengun C
25. Lakers - Boston SG/SF
26. Clippers - Dosumnu PG
27. Nets - Bassey C
28. Suns - Christopher SG
29. 76ers - Wagner SF/PF
30. Jazz - Mitchell PG

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31 Mar 2021 12:30:10
When I saw 30. Jazz - Mitchell PG I got confused, thought u were talking about Donovan lol.

I think the Raps are going to go for a C, probably Jones.

31 Mar 2021 16:48:38
Darry, still going Center if Suggs is still on the board?

31 Mar 2021 17:14:35
Pels own Lakers 1st.

31 Mar 2021 18:05:23
@DAC, look at the protection on that pick. It only conveys to New Orleans if it is a top 8 pick.

31 Mar 2021 19:51:04
I don’t see Kai Jones a top 8 pick unless they trade down.

01 Apr 2021 00:05:58
I think Suggs is too 3 no matter who is there.

01 Apr 2021 03:26:13
Magic doesn’t need SF/ PF.

01 Apr 2021 15:33:46
Fred, our guard rotation is set already. We lack forwards and bigs.
NBA, if that's what it takes to get a big, then sure.

03 Apr 2021 04:13:09
Why don’t they? Okeke is the only SF they have. They already have 3 young guards. There’s no other big worth taking in top 6. Isaac is a PF

If you’re magic you take best player available.

30 Mar 2021 22:44:38
Report: Dennis Schroder rejected four-year, $84M contract extension from Lakers

Not sure that was a smart idea.

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31 Mar 2021 21:06:16
I heard 80 over 4 years yesterday from LeBron wire outlet. 🤔

He should've taken it! He must think he can get more from Knicks or OKC. 🤷‍♂️.

31 Mar 2021 22:25:54
No one will give him that money lmao what he thinks he's worth.

01 Apr 2021 00:07:06
Depends on why. If he hates playing in LA money might not matter. Sign for less to be happy. Lebron gets all the credit no blame. Any leftover praise goes to AD.

30 Mar 2021 02:08:41
Fournier 0 for 10 in Celtics debut. Garbage

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30 Mar 2021 04:11:24
Lmao 😂.

30 Mar 2021 05:47:20
Bulls and magic both lost two games since trade. One is missing 5 leading scorers due to trade or injury.

30 Mar 2021 05:50:24
Better yet. When are those 2 first round draft picks invested in Vucevic going to turn into actual wins on the court?

31 Mar 2021 03:23:19
A month or two after Vooch gets Chicago out of second round is my guess.

28 Mar 2021 15:30:27
Knicks need Gorgei Dieng now with Robinson done for the year. Demarre Carroll to replace the struggling Ferguson. This team can compete for 2nd round but will fall short ecf with lack of talent. But Knicks made finals with less talent in 1999.


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28 Mar 2021 15:54:43
Game has changed in 20 years. Not sure Knicks can win if a team gets to "prepare" for them or "adjust" to them in a seven game series.

I would probably bet on Charlotte beating the Knicks in the 1st round if LaMello is back. Celtics, Hawks, and Heat can also give the Knicks all that they can handle as well in the first round depending on final standings.

28 Mar 2021 21:40:21
Reports say Deing to San Antonio.

28 Mar 2021 03:41:36
Can the Pels get a big 3 in 2021 FA? And if so who?

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28 Mar 2021 05:42:50
Doubtful. Pels don't have much cap space with cap holds for their lottery first round pick and matching rights on Lonzo next year.

30 Mar 2021 05:48:21
Lonzo a few picks maybe Bledsoe matches a lot of good players. Pels have picks to trade.

30 Mar 2021 10:24:41
He said 2021 FA, Shiller.

28 Mar 2021 02:50:42
Next buyout option for philly with Aldridge gone, Kelly olynyk

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28 Mar 2021 19:21:14
Huh? They need three centers,

28 Mar 2021 21:35:59
Seeing as how Dwight has gotten ejected in the past 2 games and can’t stretch the floor, which helps Ben immensely, I’d say yes.

28 Mar 2021 21:53:10
Bradley traded and Embiid injured just leaves Dwight Howard.

27 Mar 2021 20:28:48
I knew this was a good lineup, but I was unaware that it was this good.

"Among lineups in the NBA that have played at least 100 minutes, the Fox-Halibuton-Hield-Barnes-Holmes groups ranks fifth. "

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28 Mar 2021 17:52:14
Thought you said Hield couldn't play SF?
Oh well, it's positionless basketball anyway:

PG: Hali

SG: Hield

SF: Holmes

PF: Fox (Hyper athletic)

C: Barnes


28 Mar 2021 21:56:12
Actually think its Halliburton playing SF because he is slightly taller (and longer reach) than Hield.

29 Mar 2021 17:24:49
Just looked again this morning and Kings lineup just moved into 2nd place by decimal points on NBA. com. Trailing only the 76ers starting 5.

30 Mar 2021 15:14:19
What about the Raptors lineups? Which has the highest rating?

31 Mar 2021 00:57:14
N. Powell, . P. Siakam, . F. VanVleet, . O. Anunoby, . C. Boucher


K. Lowry, . N. Powell, . P. Siakam, . F. VanVleet, . O. Anunoby

were essentially tied (lineups had to be in at least 10 games to be considered) .

27 Mar 2021 08:42:14
You've got 15 points.
what's the best team you can make?

5 points: LB James/M Jordan/ W chamberlain/Magic Johnson:G Antentokounmpo
4points: Olajuwon/KBryant/K Malone/S Curry/ L Bird
3 points: Shaq O' Neal/D Wade/ C Barkley/ J Stocton/ K Durant
2 points: S Pippen/R Miller/ P Ewing/ C Webber/J Kidd
1 point: Bruce Bowen/ Steve Kerr/ Brad Miller/ George Hill/ A.C. Green

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27 Mar 2021 09:28:46
Bron, Kobe, Shaq, Pippen, Kerr.
I know you don’t have to take 1 from each group but that’s an efficient way to spend my bread.

27 Mar 2021 10:46:44
Olajuwon, webber, durant (healthy), wade, stockton.

27 Mar 2021 14:52:30
c:Ewing 2
Pf:C Webber 2
Sf:L Bird 4
SG:M Jordan 5
PG:J Kidd 2.

27 Mar 2021 14:56:54
I got same but Pippen over Webber^.

27 Mar 2021 15:49:19
I kinda wish Nash was on the list instead of Kidd.

27 Mar 2021 17:47:59
G. Hill

27 Mar 2021 20:21:27
Shaq, Durant, Pippen, Kidd, Jordan I think.

Shaq and Durant seem too cheap.

27 Mar 2021 21:42:36

28 Mar 2021 03:38:58

28 Mar 2021 17:54:44





07 Apr 2021 20:39:12
Hill/ Miller/ Jordan/ Pippen/ Lebron

That line up is completely unguardable. Are you putting a center on Lebron or Hill? Everyone can pass. You aren’t leaving any of them open.


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