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28 Oct 2020 01:21:14
Blazers offseason:

Blazers trade Ariza, Hood, Collins, and 2021 top 5 protected first

Boston trades Gordon Hayward (opt out and S&T for 3 years 75 million)

Draft Bey

Sign Gallinari to MLE, Aron Baynes to BAE, and Evan Turner and Melo to min.

Starting lineup: Lillard, McCollum, Hayward, Gallinari, Nurkic

Bench Trent, Simons, Turner, Baynes, Melo, Little, and Bey.


1.) 28 Oct 2020 04:43:55
I like Gordon Hayward going to Blazers. He fits perfectly with their stars there.

2.) 28 Oct 2020 05:43:20
Don’t like it for the Celtics. They would be better of keeping Hayward.

3.) 28 Oct 2020 06:00:31
I'm leaning towards Hayward not opting out. And if the Blazers did land Hayward, then Gallinari is probably not the right choice at power forward . a huge Blazer need is defense at both forward positions.

And when the Blazers had E. Turner before, he was a huge disappointment. So that would be an extremely unpopular, and likely unsuccessful, grab.

4.) 28 Oct 2020 08:59:01
Bubbleboy, if Gallo signs with them for MLE, they are lucky and stupid not to take the chance. Who are the candidates for cheap PF who plays defense? millsap?

5.) 28 Oct 2020 12:37:44
BHC: but if he opts out, he’s a free agent. It could come down to this return or he signs for one year and bolts next year or signs somewhere else this offseason.

Bubbleboy: Hayward and Gallinari are both ok defenders. They’re not leading the league in defense, but with Nurkic protecting the paint, that’s a middling defense. And that might be the best offense in the league.

Turner was hated for one reason, his contract. I think he’s become an underrated player around the league. He’s a really good defender, and a good floor general.

And yeah, I’d take Grant for the MLE too, but I don’t think he’ll be available.



21 Oct 2020 20:29:18
Clippers get Beal and Hood

Blazers get Paul George

Wizards get Ariza, Collins, Simons, Little, pick 16, 2022 first from Portland.


1.) 21 Oct 2020 21:19:11
Cut Wizards out Cj McCollum Rodney Hood for Paul George swap.

2.) 21 Oct 2020 21:20:07
Interesting but i think Wizards need more. How about Trent going to them too?

3.) 21 Oct 2020 22:37:26
Pass on that MD. Just like Middleton, there’s no point in trading for George unless it’s to pair with Lillard and McCollum. Lillard and George don’t have any higher ceiling than Lillard and McCollum in my eyes.

I’d probably be ok with the Wizards picking 3 of Simons, Trent, Collins, and Little. I think Simons has a higher ceiling than Trent, but Trent has a much higher floor. Heck, if they demanded all 4, I would be hesitant, but inevitably concede if I were running the team.

4.) 22 Oct 2020 00:33:05
That looks like a lot for PG.



12 Mar 2020 18:02:46
Piggybacking off of Gasupo's idea

Blazers get Dinwiddie and LeVert
Nets get McCollum and choice of Trent or Simons (maybe a first instead if they prefer) .


1.) 12 Mar 2020 20:07:55
Nets save them for a Giannis trade package?

2.) 12 Mar 2020 20:20:37
I don't see the Nets having enough for a Giannis trade package. I guess they could though. I just don't see that BIG asset that the Bucks will want if they ever entertain the idea of moving him.

3.) 13 Mar 2020 00:47:18
They may never get that BIG asset either. Especially with him only having one year left on his deal. But a Giannis/ KD (healthy) / Kyrie team would be scary and probably give revamped Golden State a run.

4.) 13 Mar 2020 01:37:15
Kinda like the deal. Blazers need to try to change things.

5.) 13 Mar 2020 15:25:19
I agree they'd be really good. But wouldn't Atlanta be able to offer considerably more? Something like top 5 pick, Collins, Hunter/ Reddish, future pick (s) .

It probably depends on if the Bucks want to continue to contend for the playoffs or fully rebuild. Adding Dinwiddie and LeVert to that existing team makes a darn good team. Not the #1 seed in the east good, but definitely in the top 5 or 6 in the east still.

I also think Giannis will extend in early July. Just my gut, but I think he gets offered almost a quarter billion and takes it.

6.) 13 Mar 2020 16:35:04
If the Bucks weren’t getting back a high end asset, why wouldn’t they just play out the season? They’re a title contender. You don’t get many shots at it and Giannis seems more likely to stay than go as long as they’re close to a championship.

7.) 13 Mar 2020 20:39:57
Bmiller, is Giannis going to resign in ATL? Do you offer all that unless you KNOW the guy will resign. Thiz is thd AD-Boston-Lakers argument all over again.

8.) 13 Mar 2020 21:47:48
OKC did it with Paul George. Toronto with Leonard. I think taking a chance at the best player in the league, hoping you have enough talent to win a championship and convince him to stay (or win and he walks) is a pretty common practice.

9.) 14 Mar 2020 03:21:20
That’s y I see philly trading for Giannis or miami.



07 Jan 2020 16:29:41
Blazers trade Whiteside, Little, and their 2020 first (top 5 protected), and two second round picks.

Wolves trade Covington, Dieng, and Napier.


1.) 07 Jan 2020 18:21:48
Wow seems fair.

2.) 07 Jan 2020 18:49:32
Covington, Dieng, and Napier have been the Wolves best 3 players over the last 2 weeks. Why would they trade them for that?

3.) 07 Jan 2020 19:22:30
Because two of them are still just nice bench players at best. Two weeks doesn't change a career. If those 3 are your 3 best players, good luck in the lottery.

That's effectively two firsts and two seconds for a really good role player on a good contract, and two nice bench players. If Minny decides to punt on the season, it feels like a good return. If you really want to keep Napier, keep him, he doesn't make or break the deal to me.

I think Dieng fits in Portland better than quite a few other teams. He's overpaid, but how much Nurkic is underpaid really balances it out. He can't play behind guys with contracts like Towns, AD, or Adams.

4.) 07 Jan 2020 20:07:53
Minnesota has won 4 out of 6 (including one loss to the Buck by 2) without their 2 best players. They are 1 game out of the 8th spot in the West.

They aren't punting. They are looking to make the playoffs.

5.) 07 Jan 2020 20:42:58
Carl006 you can't go off of a few games against a weak schedule. Wolves have had this team for years and they havnt done anything. If they're really playing well it's more reason to trade them while their stocks higher.

6.) 07 Jan 2020 20:58:33
They're also 7 games under .500 and 1 game ahead of 13th in the west. As a Blazer fan, I have already punted on the season. This trade was an idea to make them better next year (pickup two guys that are under contract next year) .

Portland is older than Minny with more recent success (3 seed the last two years), they need to look towards next year. I think Minny needs to build for a longer future, because I don't see them having a future past the 8 seed without a big change.

7.) 07 Jan 2020 21:18:04
I’m probably biased, but Dieng has always been this good when he starts. The two years he started next to KAT (before Taj), he was #34 and #42 in overall RPM for the entire NBA. This year, he’s improved his three point shooting.

I think overall it’s a good idea for some MIN-POR deal, but MIN would have to face RoCo four times a year for three seasons. He also is one of the few players currently on the Wolves roster that can run Rosas system, so losing him hurts their development this year. Maybe include Simons instead of the picks - with Napier coming back, he’s of less need anyway.

I love it for POR. Covington is exactly what they need to upgrade their wings, and provide some resistance to the great opposing wings they will face in the playoffs. Dieng has been playing terrific, and he fills a need, even after Nurkic gets back. And Napier already has experience with Stott’s system, so he should be ready to contribute right away.

I might recommend making this a three-teamer, sending Whiteside elsewhere - maybe Atlanta. He’s a good player, but the Wolves will only giving him back up minutes when Towns gets back, and I worry that he will be a problem in the locker room as he tried to play for his next contract.

Good offering, BMiller!

8.) 07 Jan 2020 21:19:17
Little hasn't been impressive and Whiteside is useless to Minnesota. Same with cap space.

The Wolves won't trade a talent like Covnington for so little.

9.) 07 Jan 2020 22:17:07
I actually think Little's ceiling is Covington. I've liked him a lot, he's just too young and not ready. His defense for his age has impressed me. I think his value is still that of a late first.

My assumption was Whiteside is waived. Yeah, a third team could be included too, either way. He's not any value in the trade as I was typing it out.

If Simons were included, I'd pull Little and the first. I think his ceiling is McCollum (maybe higher) . Not saying he's guaranteed to be that good, but he's shown flashes of greatness. I could be convinced to make him available though.

10.) 07 Jan 2020 23:39:39
I have wanted Dieng on the Kings ever since he left Louisville. Always thought he would have been a good pairing with DMC.

11.) 08 Jan 2020 02:31:06
Not going to get Covington for Simon and two late 2nds.

RoCo was named 1st team All Defense in 2018. I know we were talking about Little’s ceiling, but does he really have 1st team All Defense ceiling? How many players have 1st Team ceiling?

12.) 08 Jan 2020 11:58:29
He’s a top 5 recruit athlete and has really solid fundamentals and instincts on defense. In my opinion, yes, he has that ceiling. But obviously few people reach their ceilings.

13.) 10 Jan 2020 21:53:43
This seems plausible. If I were Portland I would try to leave out Little/ Napier portion. Minn may not want Whiteside, so you may need a 3rd team like ATL for Whiteside. Have them send Crabbe or ETurner and Len to Minnesota, plus something like 2nd rounder. Minn gets another pick and cap relieve. ATL can see if Whiteside fits alongside their young core to see if they want to try to sign him for longer. ATL needs to show TYoung they are trying to improve. So, trying to see if Whiteside works for a 2nd rounder is likley worth it.



06 Jan 2020 16:28:09
Orlando trades Aaron Gordon, Evan Fournier, and MCW

Portland trades Whiteside, Anfernee Simons, Nassir Little, and their 2020 first (top 5 protected) .

This might hinge on Fournier opting into his player option before the trade. Hard to give up that much if he can walk after this season.


1.) 06 Jan 2020 21:27:28
Not sure how this trade helps Orlando in the playoffs.

2.) 06 Jan 2020 21:30:37
Is this not enough from Portland? I have a hard time with the value of those two. Gordon has slipped since last year it seems. And Fournier has always been a "nice stats but is he more than a 4th option" kind of guy.

3.) 07 Jan 2020 00:04:44
This is a ridiculously high return for ORL.

Gordon eFG% is .453! And he’s paid $20 mil this year.

Fournier is playing okay, but for his role, he is no star, so he maybe (maybe) is neutral value at $17 mil.

4.) 10 Jan 2020 22:26:08
Strange deal in a way. Portland gives up a lot of future with two young promising players and 1st rounder, but Fournier and Gordon are good, solid players on contracts that are close to about market value. Gordon's actually goes down to about $16.5M in its final year. ORL would have 3 centers on their roster, so short term it wouldn't help them, but maybe they flip Whiteside for more draft capital. Does ORL want to blow it up and startover? How good is Simons going to be? Would a change in scenery help Gordon reach more of his potential? Tough questions.




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20 Oct 2020 17:36:23
Who is on everyone’s list of “I don’t want that player on my team no matter what”?

One rule: totally ignore contracts. This is all about performance, style, personality, or attitude.

My top 3:
Hassan Whiteside
Julius Randle
Patrick Beverly

Whiteside and Randle are the same. They’re selfish stat stuffers that actively make their teams worse. They also think they’re superstar talents, so they “take over games”.

Beverly is simply dirty. The dirtiest player of the last 20 years. I just couldn’t root for him.


1.) 20 Oct 2020 18:13:32
Agree with Whiteside and Randle. I’d take Beverly in a second. Wiggins, Westbrook, and whiteside would be my 3. Westbrook is probably controversial, but no one keeps a team decent and gives them a hard cap in the playoffs as much as Russ.

2.) 20 Oct 2020 19:16:55
Yeah, Westbrook was the closest person to making my top 3, for exactly that reason. A team with Westbrook as the best player is a nearly guaranteed first round exit. No better, no less.

3.) 20 Oct 2020 19:29:44
1. Carmelo Anthony
2. Carmelo Anthony
3. Carmelo Anthony.

4.) 20 Oct 2020 20:39:02
Just because he was a Knick? Maybe I just never paid any attention to him, but Portland Melo seems like a really good dude, and a shockingly unselfish player.

5.) 20 Oct 2020 21:13:45
I'm not opposed to having anyone on my team. Personality takes a backseat to talent and fit.

6.) 20 Oct 2020 21:41:29
I'm with Darry here.

7.) 21 Oct 2020 02:44:49
I will pop in just for this one because my list has some not mentioned previously

K. Love

Honorable mention: Ben Simmons.

8.) 21 Oct 2020 05:39:21
Oh c'mon Freddy, we need your comments here.

9.) 21 Oct 2020 12:31:08
Fred! Good to have you back!

10.) 21 Oct 2020 16:38:14

Whiteside I don’t want in the league.



31 Jan 2020 01:04:48
They’re making the all star game follow the Elam Ending Rules. I love it. I’d like to see them try a season of the G League with that to see how I goes.

Overall, I think it’s a better product. There’s no intentional fouling, no string of 5 straight timeouts. And there’s always a game winning shot.




21 Nov 2019 16:55:11
I apologize to all Heat fans that screamed for years that Whiteside is terrible and I didn't believe them. It's incredible how bad he is. It doesn't show up on the stat sheet, but everything he does is just to the detriment of his team.

Especially his defense. He gets some great, highlight reel blocks. But for each one of those, he whiffs and gives up a wide open dunk. He also has no idea how to navigate a pick and roll on either side of the court.

He can't be gone from Portland soon enough. This will show how bad it is. I miss Enes Kanter. I miss his offense and I miss his defense.


1.) 21 Nov 2019 18:15:30
Even I'm a Raptors fan, I accept the heartfelt apology. I understand.

2.) 21 Nov 2019 19:41:02
As a Kings fan, I am glad to see him destroy Portland's hope of winning games. Nothing personal, just being real.

3.) 21 Nov 2019 21:35:53
All he cares about is his box score. He doesn't care about team success. As long as he is getting his rebounds and a highlight play here and there he doesn't care what happens.

4.) 21 Nov 2019 22:45:33
BTW BMiller, how does it feel having to pay that upcoming $25 mil luxury tax bill for this season?

5.) 22 Nov 2019 15:05:31
It's not my luxury tax bill, I don't care about it. I'd have Jody Allen pay any luxury tax bill if they made the conference finals again. The tax bill was worth it last year. Hell, this year's bill is worth it for last year's playoff run. That's how desperate for success Portland fans are, and I'm sure you can relate as a Kings fan.

At this point, the incredibly high payroll should play to their advantage in trades because all of their contracts are either expiring, good players, or rookie deals.

6.) 22 Nov 2019 15:09:48
I just assumed that playing on an expiring contract, he'd realize he needs to be better to get another contract. It was a gamble, but a logical one. At least I assumed his effort would be at a maximum. But it's not, his effort is minimal at best.

Sadly, I think Skal might be a better starting option. Heck, he went for 22 and 12 with 5 blocks last night against the Bucks. He's not horrible, and he at least plays with extreme effort.

7.) 22 Nov 2019 17:10:27
Yup. Always easier to spend someone's elses money for your happiness as a fan.

8.) 22 Nov 2019 17:40:24
It's not like the owners are losing money. Allen bought the team for 70 million and it's going to sell for 2 billion or so. He was worth 20 billion when he died. 25 million is a tenth of a percent of his total fortune. Total revenue for the team in 2018 was 248 million (which has gone up since then! ) . I doubt they're losing money even with the tax bill.

Yeah, I can't feel bad for the money spent in any way. And Paul was the happiest Blazer fan of them all when they were successful.

9.) 23 Nov 2019 03:50:12
I thought whiteside would be better. He seems to shine in contract years.

10.) 24 Nov 2019 01:29:55
Same Shiller. With two years left on the contract it’s a horrible move. Betting on a guy to do everything he can to prove he deserves another big contract was logical. But his “everything he can” was just MORE selfishness.



15 Nov 2019 01:26:12
Melo to the Blazers.

And the sad part is that I’m happy about it. Hezonja and Tolliver have been worst case scenario bad. Melo might be inefficient and not play defense. But Hezonja and Tolliver haven’t been playing offense or defense at all.

And with a non-guaranteed dead, if he’s terrible, they can just cut him.


1.) 15 Nov 2019 06:09:15
Just please Melo accept your role. You'll do good if you can.

2.) 15 Nov 2019 09:36:21
I hope it works, it needs to happen this year.

Golden stat is back next year
Clippers and Lakers will be rotated
Denver and Utah would have more experience.

3.) 15 Nov 2019 11:47:26
Just what the Blazers needed -- a lock-down defender.

4.) 15 Nov 2019 12:22:12
Psiphon- Very true. I think he’ll start (it’s him or Little at PF) . If he does, I think they run a lot of the offense through a Lillard/ Melo high pick and roll. That’s Stotts base play. They then let the screaner run a lot of the offense from popping to the elbow to make a play. Seems like something Melo would thrive at.

Supercollider- like I said, he literally can’t be worse defensively than Hezonja and Tolliver. And he can’t be worse offensively.

5.) 15 Nov 2019 13:02:16
I actually thought the Schumpert Melo signings were backwards. Thought Melo to the Nets and Schumpert to Portland made more sense.

6.) 15 Nov 2019 15:36:13
Why would Portland need Shumpert? Their 5 best players right now are Lillard, McCollum, Simons, Bazemore, and Hood. Hood's the only one over 6'4. The need someone with some size that isn't useless. If anything, I was hoping for a true PF. Though with Faried in China, there's not much left to sign.

All that said, they still desperately need to make a trade on December 15th. They can't wait for the trade deadline, it has to be as soon as possible unless they want to write this season off as a lost season.

7.) 15 Nov 2019 19:23:34
Shumpert was playing 3 in Houston and Sacramento.

What you give for Bjelica once Bagley is back?



17 Sep 2018 17:26:51
Nba-gmaster made me think of this question as I'm thinking about how good NY or Cleveland can be:

If you have a young talented team that you want to develop, with some recent lottery picks, who is the person you want on that roster the least?

Possible options:
JR Smith
Nick Young.


1.) 17 Sep 2018 18:36:09
For me it’s Melo and not close. I think young players actually look up to Melo and see him as a role model. On a young team he would still be looked at as a leader and that’s not exactly a guy you want to lead. He isn’t as bad and influence as Smith or Young, but I don’t see guys looking Young or Smith for leadership or guidance. I think they’re more cautionary tales of players that had a ton of talent and were never more than mediocre or slightly above average players. Plus, their play styles aren’t as detrimental to the team. They spread the floor and do take some bad shots, but neither dominates the ball. I don’t think Kanter is really a bad influence around the team. He’s just a black hole that can slow down pacing and hurt player growth on the court. Melo does that as well and probably worse since he actually gets the ball on the perimeter.




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28 Oct 2020 12:37:44
BHC: but if he opts out, he’s a free agent. It could come down to this return or he signs for one year and bolts next year or signs somewhere else this offseason.

Bubbleboy: Hayward and Gallinari are both ok defenders. They’re not leading the league in defense, but with Nurkic protecting the paint, that’s a middling defense. And that might be the best offense in the league.

Turner was hated for one reason, his contract. I think he’s become an underrated player around the league. He’s a really good defender, and a good floor general.

And yeah, I’d take Grant for the MLE too, but I don’t think he’ll be available.




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27 Oct 2020 21:16:49
I’m sure Boston fans will be up in arms, but it seems like a lot to give up for Brown.




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27 Oct 2020 20:09:35
Seems like roughly fair value. Minnesota is looking to move down from reports. Detroit moving up makes sense as they’re devoid of talent.




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27 Oct 2020 14:30:19
It would take KAT and the #1 pick for Boston to even listen to a conversation about Tatum. Even then, I think they’d say no.




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27 Oct 2020 14:26:31
Probably have to add in Thybulle and a first.





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