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28 Aug 2014 17:01:08

Bucks get Paul Milsap
- he will be the starting PF to slide Henson to C and he is also expiring

trade Sessions and Ilyasova to Rockets for Terrence Jones and a pick


Hawks get Larry Sanders
- defensive bigman that could be their anchor inside as Horford move to PF position







28 Aug 2014 02:00:38
Hawks get Wilson Chandler, Nate Robinson, Darrell Arthur, and 2 2nd round picks
( add depth, scoring, and defense )

Nuggets get Dennis Shroeder and SnT Mike Scott
(Save money and get 2 young rising players)

Teague - Robinson - Mack
Korver - Bazemore - Jenkins
Chandler - Carroll
Milsap - Payne - Arthur
Horford - Antic - Muscala

Lawson - Shroeder - Green
Afflao - Harris - Foye
Gallonari - Miller
Faried - Scott - Hickson
Mozgov - McGee - Nurkic






28 Aug 2014 00:41:42
As soon as Bazemore can be traded:


GS trades David Lee, Harrison Barnes for Al Horford, Kent Bazemore.

CHA trades Cody Zeller, Gerald Henderson, MKG, future 1st for David Lee, Harrison Barnes.

ATL trades Al Horford, Kent Bazemore for Cody Zeller, Gerald Henderson, MKG, future CHA 1st.

Jeff Teague/Dennis Shroeder
Kyle Korver/Thabo Sefolosha/Gerald Henderson
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist/Mike Scott
Paul Milsap/Adrien Payne
Cody Zeller/Pero Antic/Mike Muscacala

Kemba Walker/Brian Roberts
Lance Stephenson/PJ Hariston/Gary Neal
Harrison Barnes/Marvin Williams
David Lee/Noah Vonleh/Jeffery Taylor
Al Jefferson/Bismack Biyombo

Stephen Curry/Shaun Livingston
Klay Thompson/Brandon Rush/Kent Bazemore
Andre Iguodala/Draymond Green
Al Horford/Mareese Speights
Andrew Bogut/Jermaine ONeal/Fetus Ezeli




27 Aug 2014 21:23:02

Garnett, Blatche (ST)

Thompson, Haywood, Lucas, Murphy

With Love starting at PF, Thompson's minutes have been greatly reduced and I do not see the Cavs paying 6.7Mil next year for a player who will be coming off the bench. Having both KG and Blatche offers good help for the frontcourt for the Cavs

The Nets need to become younger players and having a developing player like Thompson is a start

succeed and proceed



27 Aug 2014 20:59:50

Hornets get David Lee and Caroll
Trade future for now

Warriors get Millsap, Henderson
Get stretch 4 and wing depth

Hawks get Zeller, Vonleh
Millsap could leave after this year so they get 2 past top 10 picks




27 Aug 2014 05:23:14

GS trades David Lee, Draymond Green for Al Horford, Nick Johnson.

ATL trades Al Horford for Kendrick Perkins (exp), Terrence Jones, Reggie Jackson.

OKC trades Kendrick Perkins, Reggie Jackson for David Lee, future Houston pick.

HOU trades Terrence Jones, Nick Johnson, future pick for Draymond Green.

ATL- has tons of potential, chance to get big FA next offseason (Perkins and Milsap will be FAs)

Jeff Teague/Dennis Schroder
Reggie Jackson/Thabo Sefolosha/Kent Bazemore
Kyle Korver/Mike Scott
Paul Milsap/Terrence Jones/Adrien Payne
Kendrick Perkins/Mike Muscacala

HOU- gets good big who can stretch floor next to Dwight.

Patrick Beverly/Ramon Sessions (sNt for trade exception)
James Harden/Troy Daniels/Ish Smith
Trevor Ariza/Alonzo Gee
Draymond Green/Dontais Montejunas/Dwight Powell
Dwight Howard/Clint Capela

OKC- Jackson could walk, and they get a good big next to Ibaka

Russell Westbrook/Sebastion Telfair
Anthony Morrow/Jeremy Lamb
Kevin Durant/Perry Jones/Josh Huestis
David Lee/Nick Collison/Mitch McGary
Serge Ibaka/Steven Adams

GS- gets good fit in triangle

Stephen Curry/Shuan Livingston/Nick Johnson
Klay Thompson/Brandon Rush
Andre Iguodala/Harrison Barnes
Al Horford/Mareese Speights
Andrew Bogut/Jermaine ONeal (resign)/Fetus Ezeli


The hawks have an all star PG. This trade screws the hawks for sure.




27 Aug 2014 04:48:44

GS trades David Lee, Harrison Barnes, for Kenneth Faried, Javelle McGee, ATL cash.

DEN trades Kenneth Faried, Javelle McGee, Danillo Gallinari, Randy Foye and Timofey Mosgov for Al Horford, David Lee, and Harrison Barnes.

ATL trades Al Horford, cash for Timofey Mosgov, Danillo Gallinari, and Randy Foye.

Jeff Teague/Dennis Shroeder/Randy Foye
Kyle Korver/Thabo Sefolosha/Kent Bazemore
Danillo Gallinari/Mike Scott/Demarre Carrol
Paul Milsap/Adrien Payne/Elton Brand
Timofey Mozgov/Mike Muscacala/Pero Antic

Ty Lawson/Nate Robinson
Aaron Affalo/Gary Harris
Harrison Barnes/Wilson Chandler/Quincy Miller
David Lee/JJ Hickson/Darell Arthur
Al Horford/Jusuf Nurkic

Stephen Curry/Shuan Livingston/Aaron Craft
Klay Thompson/Brandon Rush
Andre Iguodala/Draymond Green
Kenneth Faried/Mareese Speights
Andrew Bogut/Javelle McGee/Festus Ezeli


27 Aug 2014 06:52:34
so the Denver just traded away their 4 starting line ups? wow. just wow.


^this starting lineup is way better


I like the idea of getting Faried, but paying McGee 11mil+ a year for 2 more years to be a backup center isn't smart. However maybe adding Boston into the mix and then sending McGee for Brandon Bass, Marcus Thorton, and a future 2nd rounder would make sense. We get out from McGee's contract, Bass would provide us a solid scorer and rebounder off the bench for more depth, and with Barnes traded, Thorton could provide some scoring off the wing that the Warriors would miss with Barnes gone. Also, the biggest thing is that those two players are expiring, allowing them to easily re-sign Klay, Green, and Faried, as well as probably bring in a solid role player with the full mid level again.




27 Aug 2014 00:06:43

Min trades chase Budinger, Barea 2nd round pick

Min receives Kyle Korver


Min trades pekovic

Den trades Javalee McGee


Min trades kevin Martin

Okc trades Perkins (exp) and 2015 1st

2015 team
Brewer/ Korver/ Muhammad
Young/ Bennett
McGee/ Dieng/ Perkins


Why would Atlanta give a fabulous role player for two bad contracts?




26 Aug 2014 23:29:45

Bulls get Kyle Korver

Hawks get Mike Dunleavy , 1st round pick


Bulls say no. McDermott will provide the 3pt speciast. Not worth a 1st




26 Aug 2014 18:29:34
PHX Suns have the assets. They have to use those assets to turn themselves into a real contender. They should bring players that could keep them out of mediocrity. They should chase some players with star potential , a little veteran help to lead them. Eric Bledsoe , Morris Twins , Archie Goodwin , even Miles Plumlee and their rookies are great trade baits for other teams they must pull some trades and stop thinking so much of potentials.


GS get Morris brothers , TJ Warren

PHX get David Lee , Harrison Barnes


PHX get Rajon Rondo , Tony Mitchell

BOS get Greg Monroe , Brandon Jennings , 2 2nd from Suns

DET get Eric Bledsoe , Jeff Green


PHX get Kyle Korver

ATL get Archie Goodwin , future 1st round pick

PHX Suns will be like this

Rajon Rondo / Isaiah Thomas / Tyler Ennis
Goran Dragic / Kyle Korver / Gerald Green
Harrison Barnes / PJ Tucker
David Lee / Anthony Tolliver / Shavlik Randolph
Miles Plumlee / Alex Len

if they could trade a package of Tucker or Green , a pick or Plumlee to get a better defensive center , it could be great but this I think PHX will be one of Western Elite.

Thay get Rondo, a champion , a veteran to teach Thomas , Ennis along with Hornacek to be a very good PG , they got Lee , the inside out presence they need and all of the players they get are well fitted to their style.


Goodwin isn't a great trade asset


So who are the stars Phoenix is getting?


Bledose has already turned down the same offer Detroit has given Monroe, so why would he sign it with Detroit? He won't this trade does nothing other then trade one contract head ache for another.


No way PHX would do this deal. if for no other reaosn, Rondo likely wouldn't re-sign & he's just not the guy the Suns need. Bledsoe is. but. who knows how that turns out?




26 Aug 2014 18:06:35

ATL get Nerlens Noel , Harrison Barnes


PHI get David Lee , 1st from GS


GS get Al Horford , J-Rich , Demarre Caroll



No way Philly trades Noël, especially for Lee and a pick.

SAS Champs 2014



25 Aug 2014 21:42:33

Warriors get Millsap and Korver
3rd splash bro and stretch 4

Hawks get Lee and Barnes
Low post offense and good young SF




25 Aug 2014 17:25:19

GS trade Lee , Barnes
GS get Horford , Brewer

S. Curry / S. Livingston / A. Craft
K. Thompson / B. Rush
A. Iguodala / C. Brewer
A. Horford / D. Green / M. Speights
A. Bogut / F. Ezeli / O. Kuzmic

ATL trade Horford , Shroder
ATL get Pekovic , Barnes

J. Teague / S. Mack / J. Jenkins
K. Korver / T. Sefolosha / K.Bazemore
H. Barnes / D. Caroll
P. Milsap / M. Scott / A. Payne
N. Pekovic / P. Antic / M. Muscala

MIN trade Pekovic , Brewer , Barea
MIN get Zeller , Shroeder , Henderson , 1st from CHA

R. Rubio / D. Shroeder / Z. Lavine
K. Martin / G. Henderson / G. Robinson III
A. Wiggins / S. Muhammad / S. Budinger
T. Young / A. Bennett
G. Dieng / C. Zeller / R. Turiaf

CHA traede Zeller , Henderson , 1st
CHA get Lee , Barea

K. Walker / J. Barea / J. Pargo
L. Stephenson / P. Hairston
M. Kidd-Gilchrist / M. Williams / J. Taylor
D. Lee / N. Vonleh
A. Jefferson / B. Biyombo




22 Aug 2014 12:12:53

Gsw get: Horford & Knight

Pg. Curry/Livingston
Sg. Thompson/Knight
Sf. Iggy/green
Pf. Horford/speights
C. Bogut

Mil get: Lee, Carrol, & Schroeder

Pg. Marshall/schoeder
Sg. Giannis
Sf. Parker/carrol
Pf. Lee
C. Henson

Atl get: Sanders, Barnes, & Mayo

Pg. Teague
Sg. Mayo
Sf. Barnes
Pf. Milsap
C. Sanders


Love it for golden state. Horford would be good in the triangle


Atlanta wouldn't touch this.


23 Aug 2014 00:30:54
One of the only big trades I've seen that could happen good work


Atlanta says no. All star for three no stars.


MIL and GSW love it but ATL gets hosed




20 Aug 2014 15:31:24
Rebuild T'Wolves


MIN get: Wiggins & Thad Young

CLE get: Love

PHI get: Bennett & Barea



MIN get: Teague, Korver, & Barnes

GSW get: Pekovic & Milsap

ATL get: Lee, Martin, Brewer, Rubio, & GSW 2015 1st DP

2014-15 T'Wolves Roster

pg. teague/shved
sg. wiggins/lavine
sf. barnes/muhammed
pf. young/luc
c. dieng/turiaf


GS accepts

Stephen Curry/Shuan Livingston/Aaron Craft
Klay Thompson/Brandon Rush
Andre Iguodala/Draymond Green
Paul Milsap/Mareese Speights
Andrew Bogut/Nikola Pekovic/Festus Ezeli


Only team that potentially declines is Atlanta because they acquire two bad contracts in Lee and Martin. Pretty solid trade though.


U think bogut would start over pekovic?


@kn1ck3erb0ck3r Bogut would most likely start because he's a much better defender and the Warriors starting five has enough offense. Pek would make for a great 6th man.


Yea that's true @rerur I think that GSW team would be tops in the west.


ATL would look like.

pg. rubio
sg. martin
sf. brewer
pf. lee
c. horford

pretty solid


20 Aug 2014 18:28:31
Min gives up pek, Rubio, brewer, Martin for only Teague Barnes and Korver? Hell no from mn


@tmoney. its called rebuilding that's why. they clear a lot of cap and get back young players. rubio brewer pek and martin obviously weren't working out. time to change things.


^yeah Bogut would definitely start over Pekovic. He's got more experience, is a better passer, and most importantly, is a top tier defender (unlike Pekovic who can't defend.) Before the past two years, GS sucked because they never had a good rim protector, which is why they traded their leading scorer (Monta Ellis) for a guy who was injured for the rest of that season, and into the next one.




19 Aug 2014 10:21:27

GS get Paul Milsap , Nic Batum

S. Curry / S. Livingston / N. Nedovic
K. Thompson / B. Rush
N. Batum / H. Barnes
P. Milsap / D. Green / M. Speights
A. Bogut / F. Ezeli / O. Kuzmic

POR get Andre Iguodala , Demarre Carroll , Jordan Crawford (st)

D. Lillard / S. Blake / C. McCollum
W. Matthews / J. Crawford / W. Barton
A. Iguodala / D. Caroll / D. Wright
L. Aldridge / T. Robinson
R. Lopez / C. Kaman / J. Freeland

ATL get David Lee , Allen Crabbe , 1st from Portland

J. Teague / S. Mack / D. Shroeder
K. Korver / K. Bazemore / J. Jenkins
T. Sefolosha / A. Crabbe
D. Lee / M. Scott / A. Payne
A. Horford / P. Antic / M. Muscala


Portland would need to give up more. GS would way rather have Iggy than Batum for his ball handling and defense, and while Milsap is an upgrade, he's not good enough to make this trade fair


Hah, I was going to say the exact opposite warriorsalltheway. Batum is similar to iggy but way younger, I'd take Batum any day over iggy.


Would love this trade for the Warriors.


Batum isn't an elite defender like Iggy, not as good a ballhandler, and not as good a passer, with not nearly as much experience, which is what they want


Batum averaged 4 more points, 3 more boards, one more assist and is 5 years younger. Iggy is on the wrong side of 30 and declining. You'd really rather have him over Batum?




17 Aug 2014 05:45:52

GS trades Harrison Barnes, 2015 1st round pick for Kenneth Faried.

DEN trades Kenneth Faried, Javelle McGee for Al Horford.

ATL trades Al Horford for Javelle McGee, Harrison Barnes, 2015 1st round pick.

Ty Lawson/Nate Robinson
Aaron Afflalo/Gary Harris/Randy Foye
Danillo Gallinari/Wilson Chandler
Al Horford/Darell Arthur
Timofey Mosgov/JJ Hickson/Jusuf Nurkic

Denver turns depth into better players. They could start Chandler instead of Mozgov and move Gallinari and Horford to the 4 and 5 if they wanted to.

Jeff Teague/Dennis Schroder/Shelvin Mack
Kyle Korver/Thabo Sefolosha/Kent Bazemore
Harrison Barnes/Mike Scott/Demmare Carrol
Paul Milsap/Adrien Payne/Elton Brand
Javelle McGee/Pero Antic/Mike Muscacula

Atlanta gets good deal for Horford, who could walk next year. They also add a pick, and Barnes and McGee both have good potential.

Stephen Curry/Shuan Livingston/Aaron Craft
Klay Thompson/Brandon Rush
Andre Iguodala/Draymond Green
David Lee/Kennneth Faried
Andrew Bogut/Mareese Speights/Festus Ezeli

Golden State gets good physical presence off of the bench, and good guy to step in if Bogut gets injured. They probably won't resign Faried unless he excepts the qualifying offer in hope of a championship, so this would be a 1-2 year rental just to make a push to the finals.


I don't understand why GS trades Barnes and a 1st for a bench player?


Barnes is a bench player too.


They (Barnes and Faried) should both start, but the warriors have a stacked front court so they are role players on contenders


Iggy is good but calling GSW front court "stacked" is laughable.


Currently Iggy, Barnes, Green, Lee, and Bogut sounds pretty stacked to me. No superstars, but a whole lot of good players.




16 Aug 2014 13:06:33

Ind get: Bargnani (exp) & Jr Smith
Able to sign free agent while tanking
Draft: Mudiay
Sign: M. Gasol

Pg. Mudiay
sg. Jr smith
Sf. George
Pf. West
C. Gasol

Atl get: Hibbert & Thj

Pg. Teague
Sg. Thj
Sf. Carrol
Pf. Milsap
C. Hibbert

Nyk get: Horford

Pg. Calderon
Sg. Shumpert
Sf. Melo
Pf. Stat
C. Horford


Let's see, so Knicks do THJ, Bargs, and JR Smith for Horford? Yeah right


I don't see Indy trading Hibbert for that and I don't see Gasol signing in indy


A little late for April fools


Knicks aren't getting Horford for that crap.




15 Aug 2014 14:29:06
According to sources the reason Monroe has not signed an extension is four reasons.!. He was in Africa and out of touch playing with Basketball with No Borders. 2. He doesn't want to play with Smith and Jennings doesn't like their attitude. 3. He is tired of losing the the losing culture and wants a change. 4. the contract offer to Monroe was less then Smith and if the Pistons think he is a building block then why offer him less? Monroe was upset with this and his agent wants him to make more then Smith.
Now he will sign an extension if Smith and Jennings were not here and he is offered $60 million over 5 years. Baring a trade he will sign the one year and be an unrestricted FA.
If he signs a one year Detroit should look to trade him the potential landing spots are Atlanta (Milsap and Korver), Oklahoma City (this would be hard Detroit doesn't want PG's or SG's and other then starters they have nothing to trade) and Portland (Batum and a draft pick). These are the true current rumors.
Gut feeling Monroe signs the one year and they try to trade Smith and Jennings at the trade deadline and sign Monroe to a long term extension during the season.


Portland wouldn't trade Batum for Monroe, and if Monroe took the QO the salaries wouldn't be close.


I said that Portland wouldn't make the trade and I also said that at the trade deadline the Pistons are going to look to move Smith and Jennings.




14 Aug 2014 21:15:40
ok how about this
spurs and hawks

spurs trade splitter, green and bonner

hawks trade millsap and carroll

good trade?


No, not a good trade for the Hawks, and I'm a Spurs fan.

SAS Champs 2014



12 Aug 2014 21:49:49


HAWKS GET-Vucevic Nicholson B.Gordon future 1st




12 Aug 2014 19:08:49
Bledsoe (S&T 5 yrs $70M, $56M guaranteed)

Gets young, star caliber PG, partial guarantee to give some insurance against his health, backup young PG, SF, & C.

PG: Bledsoe/Augustine/Schroeder
SG: KCP/Meeks
SF: Butler/Carroll/Singler
PF: Smith/Mitchell/Jerebko
C: Drummond/Muscala


Gets a cheaper backcourt mate for Dragic (although not as high of a ceiling) and an all star stretch 4.

PG: Dragic/Thomas
SG: Jennings/Green
SF: Tucker/Warren
PF: Milsap/Morris
C: Plumlee/Len

Monroe (S&T 4 yrs $48M)
Markieff Morris

Gets young talented C and finally can move Horford to PF, and a nice young player in Morris for added depth

PG: Teague/Mack
SG: Sefolosha/Jenkins
SF: Korver/Morris
PF: Horford/Payne
C: Monroe/Antic


So, PHX gives up Bledsoe AND Morris. for a "me-first" mini guard & an aging Millsap? No way & no thanks. Why not just take PHX out of it. and try it with just ATL & DET?


Bledsoe has already turned down the same offer that has been made to Monroe doubt he accepts it in Detroit. Not sure this trade helps Detroit.


The relationship with Bledsoe is apparently breaking down and he's unhappy there. Milsap just turned 29, it's not as if he's got 1 foot in the grave. He's an all star and PHX will perpetually be at best an 8 seed in the west if they don't get some more talent there, especially at the PF position. Jennings is a solid player, not as high of a ceiling as Bledsoe, but he also doesn't have the injury history Bledsoe has. You constantly overvalue Suns players in here. Markieff is a solid player who provides a lot off the bench, he'll never reach the talent of Milsap though.

Bledsoe has turned down 4 yr/$48M, this would give him at least an extra $8M, possibly $22M if he stays healthy and DET picks up the team option for the 5th year


The MEIA is saying the relationship between Bledsoe's agent & PHX has soured. might be true. might not. Millsap might be 29. but the Suns want to run. he doesn't. Suns already have a pint sized G in Thomas. they certainly don't need another one. so, this is a no-go for PHX. Kieff knows the Suns system. and how to work within it.




11 Aug 2014 19:25:37
spurs future
spurs get Monroe 60mil 5years

hawks get splitter and bonner

pistons get millsap, and 2late picks

spurs 2015
sign Wesley Matthews 18mill 3years

Aldridge wants to come back to texas 5 year 90mil
duncan 1year 5mil off bench
ginobili 1year 3mil
belinelli 2years 5mil
mason plumlee 2yr 3.5mil
rivers 2yr 3mil
mirza teletovic 2yr 3.5 mill

parker, mills, rivers
Matthews, ginobili, belinelli or fournier
leonard, anderson, daye
Aldridge, diaw, teletovic
monroe, duncan, plumlee


Who said Aldridge wanna go to Texas?? U his close fam or something?? Clearly he already stated he ( Aldridge) wanna be the best Blazers ever.


No from detroit


Detroit needs a SF not another PF. Take Monroe out and Add Smith then we are good to go.




09 Aug 2014 22:06:59
Hawks get Serge Ibaka, Jeremy Lamb, and Kendrick Perkins

Thunder get Paul Millsapp, Kyle Korver, and Demarre Carroll

Pf. Millsapp/ Jones/ Jarrett
Sf. Durant/ Carroll/ Huestis
C. Adams/ Collison/ Mcgary
Sg. Korver/ Morrow/ Roberson
Pg. Westbrook/ Jackson/ Telfair




08 Aug 2014 10:49:02
A. Nicholson (ORL) x M. Muscala (ATL)


08 Aug 2014 17:57:09
atlanta says no




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