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27 May 2016 14:00:17

Jazz get Jeff Teague maybe a pick

Hawks get Derick Favors and Trey Burke

Hawks get a replacement for horford and a backup PG

Jazz get their PG and Lyles moves into the starting lineup backed up by booker ave they draft a big at #12.

27 May 2016 14:16:59
I don't see Utah being willing to give up Favors unless another asset on top of the 1st round pick comes with it (Mike Scott and a future 2nd maybe? )

27 May 2016 14:40:49
Completely one-sided for Hawks.
Favors is the best player in this trade by far.

27 May 2016 14:42:34
Change the maybe a pick to certainly two picks.

27 May 2016 17:11:57
yeah, are you crazy? so the jazz give up their stud young pf, and a young pg. and what they get is an above average, expiring pg contract. Which pushes Exum back? Oh. they maybe get a pick as well.

This is absurd.

27 May 2016 02:27:33

Trade: Millsap, Teague, Splitter
Receive: Okafor, Muhammed, #24, #26

#21 Tyler Ulis
#24 Taurean Prince
#26 Thon Maker

Resign Horford, Bazemore, Humphries

Schroder/ Ulis
Bazemore/ Korver/ Hardaway
Muhammed/ Sefolosha/ Prince
Horford/ Scott/ Maker
Okafor/ Humphries/ Tavares

Trade: Burks, #12
Receive: Teague, Splitter

Teague/ Exum/ Burke
Hayward/ Johnson
Hood/ Ingles
Favors/ Lyles
Hobert/ Splitter

Trade Okafor, #24, #26
Receive: Rubio, Burks, #12

#1 Ben Simmons
#12 Denzel Valentine

Rubio/ Smth
Burks/ Stauskas
Valentine/ Covington
Simmons/ Landry
Noel/ Embiid

Trade Rubio, Muhammed
Receive Millsap

#5 Kris Dunn

Dunn/ Jones
Lavine/ FA
Wiggins/ Prince
Millsap/ Bjelica
Townes/ Pek/ Dieng.

27 May 2016 03:23:05
Sixers say no, real quick.

27 May 2016 03:35:37
That 76ers Line Up Have No Shooters
76ers Pass On That!

27 May 2016 04:01:31
I don't like Rubio for the sixers.

27 May 2016 14:03:11
Super fast no from Sixers.

26 May 2016 22:05:37

Indy: J Harden+ Calderon
Houston: M Ellis+ C Anthony
NY: J Teague+C Brewer+ T Splitter+ 1rnd Pick Indy
Atl: T Ariza+ G Hill+ M Turner.

26 May 2016 21:39:58

Jazz get Teague, 21st pick from Atlanta

Hawks get Ross, 9th pick from Raptors, Burke from Jazz

Raptors get Lyles, 12th pick from Jazz

Jazz get vet starting pg on solid contract, move back in draft

Hawks get 3/ D with upside, younger pg, move into top 10 in draft

Raptors get young pf with stretch 4 potential, move back a few spots in draft, clear some cap room.

26 May 2016 23:51:29
That's a rich price for Jazz to pay for 1yr rental of Teague (I don't consider a 1yr deal albeit cheap a solid contract since he will get a huge pay raise after next season when caps goes above 100mill and will be free to go wherever he chooses) . Although that may be what it takes and they could really use an all-star caliber pg like him. I think the fits however are great for all the teams as Hawks get great value with a young replacement in Burke with potential, talented yet inconsistent young player in Ross on a fair contract and Raptors get Lyles who can develop into stretch 4 they need and also still stay in lottery while freeing cap space to possibly keep Biyombo.

27 May 2016 03:45:59
I misread Teague's contract, thought he had 2 years left, maybe Atlanta sends an additional 2nd rounder to Utah or Raptors send Wright to Utah and get a pick from Atlanta.

26 May 2016 16:49:00

ATL get Ben McLemore and 8th pick

SAC get Jeff Teague and 21st pick.

26 May 2016 18:03:05
Personally I don't like the trade fit. Kings are giving up a significant amount to get a player that I don't think even turns them into a playoff team and who's contract expires in a year. Since they aren't going to be competitive even with him I think they're better off keeping their pick and focusing more on the future.

26 May 2016 14:38:27

MIL get Robin Lopez and Aaron Afflalo (assuming he doesn't opt out)

NYK Greg Monroe and Jeff Teague

ATL get MCW, Kyle Oquinn and Jerian Grant.

26 May 2016 14:44:43
Knicks and Hawks should do this
Why would Milwaukee do this?

Maybe the Knicks should offer a swap option in the 2017 draft to them.

26 May 2016 16:11:12
No from Milwaukee.

26 May 2016 18:47:21
ATL will get significantly better offers for Teague imo so they wouldn't be interested in this deal. I think Robin Lopez would be a much better fit than Monroe as he can be a rim protector and solid rebounder and if you include Afflalo I like the deal for Milwaukee. Afflalo gives them much needed veteran presence and shooting as well as depth and solid defense. Monroe also makes decent sense for Knicks giving them a relatively young big man that's a scoring threat although I think it would hurt Porzingis' development as he would not get the ball as much, be relegated to perimeter more and be forced to cover Monroe a lot defensively.

26 May 2016 18:49:20
Monroe's trade value doesn't seem all that great right now (I think they're better off just keeping him) but Lopez is coming off a good year and Afflalo would make a valuable rotation player that is good in areas the Bucks lack.

26 May 2016 02:44:44

Trade: Teague, Korver, Splitter, #21, Min 2018 pick
Receive: #5, MCW

Get high pick and free up cap space.

#5 Jaylen Brown
#44 Kahlil Felder
#54 Isaia Cordinier (Maybe stays overseas)

Resign Horford, Bazemore, Humphries

Schroder/ MCW/ Felder
Bazemore/ Hardaway/ Cordinier
Brown/ Sefolosha/ Patterson
Millsap/ Scott/ Muscala
Horford/ Humphries/ Tavares

Move Bazemore back to his natural position and get a potential superstar in Jaylen Brown to play small forward.

Trade: #10, MCW
Receive: Teague, Splitter

Get a starting point guard and a veteran defensive center.

#36 Anthony Barber
#38 IMichael Gbinije

Teague/ Ennis/ Barber
Middleton/ Vaughn/ Gbinije
Antetokounmpo/ FA/ Ingles
Parker/ Henson
Monroe/ Splitter/ Plumlee

Keep Giannis at the 3 and try to sign shooters.

Trade: #5
Receive: Korver, #10, #21, 2018 pick back

Get a veteran shooter to come off the bench and spread the floor and a few more picks.

#10 Marquese Chriss
#21 Malik Beasley (Available according to CBS)

Rubio/ Jones/ FA
Lavine/ / Korver/ Beasley
Wiggins/ Muhammed/ Prince
Bjelica/ Chriss/ Garnett
Towns/ Pek/ Dieng.

25 May 2016 18:40:03

LAL get Jonas Valanciunas

TOR get Paul Millsap

PHI get 9th pick, Terrence Ross and Lou Williams

ATL get Nerlens Noel and Julius Randle.

25 May 2016 19:21:26
Is pass if I was philly. Not worth all that.

25 May 2016 20:19:50
Don't think Toronto is giving up enough for millsap.

25 May 2016 21:21:10
How about Lou Williams winds up in Toronto and Demarre Carrol comees to the Sixers to play some perimeter D and protect the bigs?

26 May 2016 20:48:04
T. O looses big time. No way Milsap is worth
Val, 9th pick and Ross.

25 May 2016 17:29:45

TOR get Paul Millsap, Mike Muscala and Robert Covington
* get their star PF who could help Lowry and Derozan more. Resign Biyombo for a good contract and let him be their primary center

Pg Lowry/ Joseph
Sg Derozan/ Powell
Sf Caroll/ Covington/ Caboclo
Pf Millsap/ Patterson
Ce Biyombo/ Muscala/ Noguierra

PHI get Jeff Teague, THJ and 9th pick
-trade #9, #24 and #26 to NOLA for #6 and select Jamaal Murray

Pg Teague/ Smith
Sg Murray/ THJ/ Stauskas
Sf Saric/ Grant
Pf Simmons/ Landry
Ce Okafor/ Embiid

ATL get Jonas Valanciunas, Terrence Ross and Nerlens Noel

Pg Shroeder/ Hinrich
Sg Bazemore/ Korver
Sf Ross/ Sefolosha
Pf Noel/ Scott
Ce Valanciunas/ Splitter.

25 May 2016 17:10:53
tor atl

tor milsap
atl ross valanciunas

lowry joseph
derozan powell
carroll johnson caboclo
milsap patterson
biyombo noguierra scola

teague shroeder
bazemore korver thj
ross sefolosha
horford scott
valanciunas splitter muscala.

25 May 2016 17:18:05
Hawks say no.

25 May 2016 18:05:11
Hawks say hell no.

25 May 2016 15:41:05
Bucks Offseason


Bucks get Teague, Korver, #54 pick

Hawks get Monroe, MCW, #38 pick

Let Vasquez walk
Let Mayo walk
Resign Novak
Resign Bayless
Resign Plumlee

Sign Dwight Howard to max deal
Draft Deyonta Davis with 10 pick

Teague, Bayless, Ennis
Middleton, Korver, Vaughn
Antetokounmpo, Novak, Inglis
Parker, Davis, O'bryant
Howard, Plumlee, Henson.

25 May 2016 17:38:39
Monroe value has diminished loosing everywhere he goes.

25 May 2016 18:10:37
Monroe is worth a late lottery pick.

24 May 2016 23:37:24
The Sixers are facing a very important offseason. With Colangelo in charge, I'm afraid he'll worry too much about competing immediately, as opposed to letting the team grow together. Nonetheless, here are my thoughts on how the Sixers should play this offseason.
NBA Draft-

1.) With the #1 Pick, the Sixers select Ben Simmons.

2.) Trade Jahlil Okafor to Boston for Marcus Smart, #3 Overall Pick.

3.) With the #3 Pick, the Sixers select Kris Dunn.

4.) With the #26 Pick, the Sixers select Damian Jones

5.) Trade Hollis Thompson, Ish Smith, 24th Overall Pick to Atlanta for Dennis Schroder,
Post-Draft Lineup-

PG- Dennis Schroder, Marcus Smart, T. J. McConnell

SG- Kris Dunn, Nik Stauskas

SF- Dario Saric, Robert Covington, Jerami Grant

PF- Ben Simmons, Carl Landry

C- Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, Damian Jones
Free Agency-

1.) Sign Ryan Anderson to a 4 Year, $75 Million contract

2.) Sign Kent Bazemore to a 4 Year, $28 Million Deal
Opening Night Lineup-

PG- Dennis Schroder, Marcus Smart, T. J. McConnell

SG- Kris Dunn, Kent Bazemore, Nik Stauskas

SF- Dario Saric, Rob Covington, Jerami Grant

PF- Ben Simmons, Ryan Anderson, Carl Landry

C- Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, Damian Jones

Projected 2016-17 Record- 20-62

It's a start, right? Haha.

25 May 2016 04:28:35
Hawks say no. Bazemore gets a more. Try at least 12 mill per year.

25 May 2016 04:35:13
That's not going to get you Schroeder.

25 May 2016 04:45:14
Terrible just about all the way around. Worst part is probably Bazemore coming to Philly for just 7m per year.

25 May 2016 14:08:57
Smith is an unrestricted FA so Hawks can just sign him free and clear.

25 May 2016 14:53:41
Okay that would be the worst shooting team to ever play in the NBA.

25 May 2016 15:01:01
I don't think Schroeder can be had for that offer and Dunn isn't a SG.

25 May 2016 15:56:30
boston runs away.

24 May 2016 20:04:47

SAC get Paul Millsap, Jae Crowder, Jeff Teague, BKN pick 2018 and 2017 BOS 1st round pick

Pg Teague/ Collison
Sg McLemore/ Bellineli
Sf Crowder/ Brown (8th)
Pf Millsap/ Casspi
Ce WCS/ Koufos

ATL get 3rd pick and Rudy Gay

Pg Shroeder/ Hinrich
Sg Bazemore/ Sefolosha/ THJ
Sf Gay/ Korver
Pf Bender/ Scott
Ce Horford/ Muscala

BOS get Demarcus Cousins

Pg Thomas/ Smart/ Rozier
Sg Bradley/ Hunter
Sf Turner/ 16th pick/ Young
Pf Sullinger/ Olynyk
Ce Cousins/ Johnson/ Zeller.

24 May 2016 20:33:19
The value isn't terrible. The one thing I'd mention: there's absolutely no chance horford resigns with Atlanta if they blow it up.

24 May 2016 20:58:35
I don't think Boston would give Crowder to Sac but I do believe they'll offer him to the Bulls in part of a trade.
Boogie is on the back burner I think, KD is their 1st option and if that can happen then Crowder will go to the Bulls in a trade for Butler and keep Amir and use Mickey more. No matter how you look at it the C's need to unload half the team and.

24 May 2016 21:01:36
So Boston gives up a starter (Crowder) perfected fitted to today's NBA, two lottery picks ans another first-round pick for Cousins? I don't think so.

Cousins's value is dropping like a stone.

24 May 2016 13:40:08

Atl: G Hill+ T Ariza+ 1rnd pick NY17
Knicks: J Harden+ McDaniels
Hou: M Ellis+ C Anthony
Indy: Teague+ T Splitter

resign Horford and Bazemore
C Horford
PF: Millsap
SF:Ariza/ Korver
SG: Bazemore/ Korver/ G Hill
PG: Schroeder/ G Hill

sign Conley
C: Lopez
PF: Porzingis
SF: McDaniels
SG: Harden
PG: Conley

sign Fournier
c: Splitter
PF: Turner
SF: P George
SG: Fournier
Pg: Teague

Resign D12
C: D12
PF:J Smith
SF: C Anthony
SG: C Brewer/ M Ellis
PG: M Ellis/ Beverly.

24 May 2016 14:33:31
Knicks can't trade their 2017 pick.

24 May 2016 15:05:31
They can do this after the draft.

24 May 2016 10:43:52

Clippers: Teague+ Middleton+ 1rnd pick Atl
Atl: C Paul
Milw: T Splitter+ Reddick+ Schroder

Sign E. Turner 3y/ 45M
C: D Jordan
PF: Griffin
SF: Middleton
SG: Turner
PG: Teague.

24 May 2016 11:21:04
Why does Milwaukee do this?

24 May 2016 11:44:43
So J Parker can play SF, Mornoe PF and Splitter center
I don't think Giannis can play PG, Schroder is a good young PG for them.

24 May 2016 12:57:31
Nice but bucks won't trade Middleton, try Monroe, MCW, and Vaughn

24 May 2016 13:35:33
Because gasupo loves la teams.

24 May 2016 18:13:55
Not enough for paul.

24 May 2016 19:58:39
why would the clippers do this? Redick is averaging 16ppg and led the nba in 3pt%. They have one of the top pg's in the league. Why would they trade both of them to get a pg who is losing minutes and a sf who wouldn't really help them get over the hump.

24 May 2016 03:19:16

Trade: Teague, Millsap, Splitter, #21
Receive, Dieng, Muhammed, Lyles, #5, #12

Resign Horford, Bazemore
Sign Dwight Howard, Mario Chalmers

#5 Jaylen Brown
#12 Skal Labissiere

Schroeder/ Chalmers/ Hinrich
Bazemore/ Korver/ Hardaway
Brown/ Sefolosha/ Muhammed
Horford/ Lyles/ Labissiere
Howard/ Dieng/ / Muscala

Get younger and deeper

Trade: #5, Dieng, Muhammed
Receive: Millsap, Burks

Rubio/ Jones
Burks/ Lavine
Wiggins/ Prince
Millsap/ Bjelica/ Garnett
KAT/ Pek

Trade: Burks, Lyles, #12
Receive: Teague, Splitter, Scott, #21

#21 Prince

Teague/ Exum/ Burke
Hayward/ Johnson
Hood/ Prince/ Ingles
Favors/ Scott/ Booker
Govern/ Splitter/ Withey.

23 May 2016 20:43:04

Jazz get Teague and #21 pick

Hawks get Trey Burke and #12 pick.

23 May 2016 22:22:57
I think there will be better offers for Teague out there but this one isn't bad.

24 May 2016 00:05:39
I mean the Jazz can always add another pick or some other small assett.

24 May 2016 08:02:58
Jazz should give another young player or add Burks and someone from ATl to match salaries.

23 May 2016 19:08:27

UTA get Jimmy Butler and Paul Millsap
-sign Mike Conley to max
-sign Gerald Green

Pg Conley/ Burke/ Neto
Sg Hayward/ Burks/ Millsap
Sf Butler/ Green/ Ingles
Pf Millsap/ Lyles
Ce Gobert/ Booker/ Whitey

CHI get Rodney Hood, Dante Exum, 12th pick, 21st pick, future 1st round pick from Jazz
-draft Furkan Korkmaz, Skal Labissiere, Timothy Luwawu

Pg Rose/ Exum/ Moore
Sg Hood/ Dunleavy/ Korkmaz
Sf McDermott/ Snell/ Luwawu
Pf Portis/ Mirotic
Ce Noah/ Labissiere/ Felicio

ATL get Derrick Favors, Taj Gibson and Trey Burke

Pg Teague/ Shroeder/ Burke
Sg Burks/ THJ
Sf Korver/ Sefolosha
Pf Gibson/ Scott
Ce Favors/ Muscala.

23 May 2016 20:11:53
Utah would have to give way more.

23 May 2016 21:56:01
i just suggested something similar to this before i even saw it.

23 May 2016 22:33:30
Not enough to chicago.

23 May 2016 22:38:55
Ya Jazz would need to add more to get Butler from Bulls. There has been rumors of Utah trying to bring back Millsap and I think Favors would be a decent swap that gives Hawks a younger piece to rebuild if they decide to trade Teague and lose Horford in FA. I like Utah and Atlanta part but Utah would have to beef up its offer for Butler by adding Lyles and Neto (I'm still not positive that is enough especially since the draft picks aren't that great and that's what rebuilding teams love since they can decide who they get and get cheap 4yr contract ) .

23 May 2016 04:08:36
Hawks/ Spurs

Hawks get: Danny Green, Jonathan Simmons, and Patty Mills

Spurs get: Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, Thabo Sefelosha.

23 May 2016 03:47:17

Bucks get Teague, Korver, #54 pick

Hawks get Monroe, MCW, #38 pick.

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