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18 Dec 2014 05:27:51
3 team trade
Atlantic div switch players

Dwill, Lopez, Green and Bass to Knickerbockers

Rondo, JrSmith and Bargnani To Nets

Amare and Larkin plus 2 unprotected 1st rd picks from NY and Brooklyn

*Dwill-Shumpert-Green-Melo-Lopez (ill kick Derek Fisher's nuts if he cannot make this kind of team into playoffs)

*Rondo-JR-JJ-Garnett-Plumlee (Rondo and KG reunited)

*Smart-Bradley-Turner-Amare-Sullinger (a lottery team, need to improve young players for next season, a cap space and 2 1st rd picks, and Amare need to be a scoring machine to improve his FA status)






17 Dec 2014 20:59:34

Cavs get Jrue Holiday , Omer Asik and Thabo Sefolosha
* sign Ray Allen


Pelicans get Kyrie Irving and Hawks 2nd round pick
* sign Emeka Okafor


Hawks get Dion Waiters and Brendan Haywood





17 Dec 2014 15:53:44

Nets receive Brandon Bass and Al Horford

Hawks receive Brook Lopez and Evan Turner

Celtics get Kevin Garnett , Hawks 1st round pick , Nets 2nd rd pick






16 Dec 2014 11:44:32
Pistons reform idea

Pistons get Frye Orl 1st
Draft a sf or pf
(Maybe add harkless)

Magic get smith Det 1st
Draft best player available

Pistons wanna get rid of Smith but no one wants him so may have to take a little loss to get rid but Frye fits SVG style of pf as a floor stretcher. While they drop in the draft theirs still loads of players that fit their needs considering most of the top has Centers which they don't need. May have to add Harkless to balance contracts but he is shooting well behind the arc and he's an athletic defender so they could use him as a 3-d guy on or off the bench.

Magic take on smith who hasn't been great but if they use him as a defensive Pf like he was used in Atlanta could pay off for their front court that lacks rim protection. But as its a risk they get to move in the draft and then draft the best player available.

Galaxy Gordon

Detroit is not going to give away their first round pick in the lottery after not having one last year. Stop




14 Dec 2014 20:26:41
new york get: adreian payne and future 2nd rd pick
atlanta get: iman shumpert

new york look to build young pieces as they look to the future with the playoffs looking unlikely
atlanta fill a need by acquiring a wing player in shumpert




14 Dec 2014 20:18:34

Ny get Al Horford , Deron Williams


Bkn get Andrea Bargnani (exp) , Cleanthony Early , Jose Calderon and Thabo Sefolosha and 1st from Nyk


Atl get Brook Lopez and Iman Shumpert





14 Dec 2014 20:14:37

Bkn get Al Horford

Atl get Brook Lopez and Alan Anderson




12 Dec 2014 12:05:05

Hawks get Shumpert

Knicks get Caroll and a 2nd rd pick




03 Dec 2014 17:56:21
Deadline deal

Hawks get Serge Ibaka

Thunder get Paul Millsap (with ext agreement) and Thabo Sefalosha


We don't want Thabo anymore




02 Dec 2014 20:46:49

Hornets get Millsap and Caroll

Hawks get Stephenson and Zeller




02 Dec 2014 20:19:59
spurs stay on top plans

spurs get horford,muscala
hawks get splitter,anderson,daye,2nd round pick
the only trade that both sides win

spurs lineup

without splitter spurs defense is 2nd or 3rd, so with horford that helps to get back to the finals chance to get another ring

resign Duncan 7mill
resign ginobili 5mill
resign belinelli 3.2mill
resign baynes
sign and trade horford and first round pick for marc gasol (Memphis)
sign Matthews 7.5mill money from letting leonard become a restricted free agent

parker,mills,cotton from D-League
Duncan,diaw,erik murphy D-League
sign McDaniels if possible




29 Nov 2014 15:07:10

Hawks get Bledsoe, Plumlee

Suns get Horford, Jenkins


Dragic and Plumlee instead


Zoran mainly signed with Suns to be with his bro, not to have him traded


The Suns would want at least Jeff Teague or a first round pick if they dealt Bledsoe and Plumlee. Horford and John Jenkins not enough for both of them.




28 Nov 2014 19:08:00

wizards get al horford

hawks get marcin gortat




28 Nov 2014 19:00:07

wolves get 1st round pick and dennis shroeder

hawks get corey brewer




27 Nov 2014 16:25:35

Nets trade K. Garnett , A. Anderson , 1st round pick
Nets get P. Millsap

Cavs trade D. Waiters , B. Haywood
Cavs get K. Garnett , A. Anderson

Hawks trade P. Millsap
Hawks get D. Waiters , B. Haywood and Nets 1st




26 Nov 2014 17:27:57
Spurs-hawks-sixers, a payne

Spurs get all horford, m muscala,k McDaniels

Hawks get t splitter,A daye, second round pick

Sixers get k Anderson,

Spurs get a good player in horford could play the 5 spot and be a good trade piece later

Hawks get a true center which they don't have and a long wing player

Sixer's get a young sf coach brown was known in SA for helping young talent


No way Sixers get rid of kj right now. He's too good.


Dude about to be a free agent anyway and he ain't staying better get sumtin for him now. he had a few ok games he has potential




26 Nov 2014 16:19:20

CHA get Al Horford and Kyle Korver

K. Walker / B. Roberts
L. Stephenson / G. Neal / P. Hairston
K. Korver / G. Henderson
A. Horford / N. Vonleh / J. Maxiell
A. Jefferson / B. Biyombo

CLE get Thabo Sefolosha and Marvin Williams
-sign Ray Allen

K. Irving / W. Cherry / M. Dellavedova
T. Sefolosha / R. Allen / M. Miller
L. James / S. Marion / J. Jones
K. Love / M. Williams
A. Varejao / T. Thompson / L. Amundson

ATL get Cody Zeller , MKG , Dion Waiters and 1st round pick from CHA , Brendan Haywood (non-guranteed)

J. Teague / S. Mack / D. Shroeder
D. Waiters / K. Bazemore / J. Jenkins
M. Kidd-Gilchrist / D. Caroll
P. Millsap / M. Scott / A. Payne
C. Zeller / P. Antic / M. Muscala




26 Nov 2014 16:07:10

Hawks get Dion Waiters

Cavs get Thabo Sefolosha and Shelvin Mack

Hawks need some wing offense
Cavs need some role players and those 2 are very good of that




26 Nov 2014 03:07:54
Spurs/T-Wolves/Hawks trade:

To SA - Thad Young

To MIN - Paul Millsap, Kyle Anderson

To ATL - Tiago Splitter, Spurs 1st

Thad would give the Spurs some much needed depth at the 3-4, as they are a guard heavy team.

Minny replaces Thad with another 4, and gets Anderson as well.

Adding Splitter gives the Hawks the ability to move Horford to the 4, which he is more suited for, and they net a 1st

SAS Champs 2014

Spurs say hell no




25 Nov 2014 20:40:38
New York-Atlanta-Boston

New York get Jeff Teague

Atlanta get Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green

Boston get Tim Hardaway , 1st from NY , 1st from Hawks and Pero Antic


Knicks aren't giving THJ AND a 1st for teague. that's just nuts




25 Nov 2014 11:55:08

Hornets get Korver and Millsap

Hawks get Stephenson, Zeller, and 2 2nd rd picks


So hornets refuse to let go zeller




24 Nov 2014 21:53:39
Philly-Boston-Atlanta offseason

Philadelphia get Rajon Rondo , Al Horford st both

Boston get MCW and Jerami Grant

Atlanta get Robert Covington and Nerlens Noel

Philly-New York

Philly get Carmelo Anthony

New York get 1st round pick 2015 (JahLil Okafor) and Dario Saric

Philadelphia 2015

Rajon Rondo / Tony Wroten
Kj McDaniels / Alexey Shved / Jason Richardson
Carmelo Anthony / Hollis Thompson
Al Horford / Luc Mbah Moute
Joel Embiid / Henry Sims / Brandon Davies


Ugh. You're kidding right? Do you even have a clue what the Sixers are trying to accomplish? Here's a hint - it's the opposite of what you propose.

Boy Howdie

Honestly these were brilliant moves you thought of and logical. It just shows the assets the Sixers do have even though the team is winless. I mean you do any one of those deals and the teams a play off team next year. Great job thinking them up.


25 Nov 2014 16:08:42
im not sure who more clueless the their fans or management.


Shizzee75. Fans are on board with this for the most part. Truth is they have a lot of young assets and a bunch of cap space. Really they can just continue to build like they are or go after a missing piece to help bring the team up quicker. I think the only trade that would actually happen could be the first rounder and saric to the knock for camelo. Knicks need to rebuild or continue to lose for years to come. Even with stat and barnini's contracts coming off the books they still don't have cap room. The first overall pick and a top euro talent is a nice return for camelos contract at age 30. The other two trades are close. I think if we wanted either one we could get it done but I doubt both. Not enough proven talent.


These trades are unlikely but if you will analyze, the teams involve got decent return and if philly can pull these trades , I would say yes for them


No, no, no. TreGib, you said they would be a playoff team if they do those deals. You're probably right, but so what? They've hovered in the 6-8 seed range of the playoffs for years and it's just unacceptable. They are not interested in merely getting to the playoffs; they want to dominate. Trading for older vets is NOT going to happen yet. They will continue to take their lumps while stockpiling young, high-potential assets. Not all of them will pan out, but when it comes together they will have a team built in the OKC, SA mold. Take Embiid, Saric, MCW, Noel, and add a Karl Towns and a Wayne Selden. Maybe a Stanley Jefferson and a Emmanuel Mudiay. THEN you can think about adding some vets.

Boy Howdie

Honestly they'd be a playoff team with huge upside. I personally believe the camelo trade makes the most sense. This years top three picks are pg pf and c. All of which we already have. There's no real scoring two or three that should be in the top three in 2015 as of yet at least. So if you trad ethe top pick and the invisible man saric for camelo I wouldn't complain to much. You'll still have a ton of cap space to sign another free agent like eric bledso or outside chances to get a kwahi Lenard or jimmy butler. That's a team that got a great vet in camelo to do the much needed scoring. Great defenders and young talent with huge upside all around him. Picture a line up or mcw jimmy butler camelo noel and Embiid. That's not just a playoff team. That's a championship team. And if it cost me the top pick this year a saric to do it Then the rebuild was still a success!!


Well, I respect your opinion, I just don't share it. There's no way I would make any of those deals. We've set our course and we need to see it through and resist the quick fix. Why help the Knicks get younger and better?

Boy Howdie

Boy howdie. I'm probably just tired of being this bad. If we stay on this pace. Given ample time for them to develope as a team. Your looking at least one more year of tanking after this. That's three years of tanking with no Garrentee. And it has to go perfect with every pick. Plus you have to assume these players get better without the help of vets to deveope them and leave new moves from. You also have three te ads of losing for mcw and noel. That's got to hurt emotionally.


Those are decent points, but I would stick with the plan unless someone overwhelmed me. And I do not consider Carmelo a viable upgrade. He would not make us a great team immediately and he'd be old when our young guys are established. Resist the urge - take our lumps - dominate in the future!

Boy Howdie



24 Nov 2014 19:23:19
LAC plan to improve


LAC get Iman Shumpert and Pablo Prigioni

NYK get Kyle Korver and Elton Brand

ATL get JJ Redick and 2nd round pick from LAC


LAC get Wilson Chandler

DEN get Reggie Bullock , 1st round pick

LAC sign Ray Allen

C. Paul / J. Farmar / P. Prigioni
I. Shumpert / J. Crawford / R. Allen
W. Chandler / M. Barnes
B. Griffin / G. Davis / H. Turkoglu
D. Jordan / S. Hawes / E. Udoh




24 Nov 2014 17:25:19

Hawks get Josh Smith back + Rajon Rondo


Celtics get Jeff Teague + Demarre Caroll and Hawks 1st round pick


Pistons get Jeff Green



Hawks would never want josh smith back


24 nov 2014 20:50:35
do it, now!


Josh Smith actually played well alongside Horford , with Rondo it would be a lot better for the Hawks


Why do the Pistons have to be added in? Why not do rondo for Teague, Carroll, and pick


If the hawks had to take smith to get rondo it might happen but I doubt it




24 Nov 2014 15:49:29

ATL get: Wallace, Green, & Sullinger

pg. teague
sg. thabo
sf. green
pf. milsap
c. sullinger

BOS get: Horford, Kanter, & Evans

pg. rondo
sg. bradley
sf. evans
pf. horford
c. kanter

UTAH get: Smart & Korver

pg. smart
sg. exum
sf. hayward
pf. favors
c. gobert




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