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01 Mar 2015 14:38:15

Min trade Nikola Pekovic , Shabbaz Muhammad
Min get Jared Sullinger , Nik Stauskas

Bos trade Jared Sullinger , Marcus Smart , 2 1st round picks
Bos get DeMarcus Cousins

Sac trade DeMarcus Cousins , Nik Stauskas
Sac get Marcus Smart , Shabbaz Muhammad , Nikola Pekovic and 2 1st from Boston

Celtics pull a big offseason
- sign Paul Millsap and Paul Pierce back for one more run

Celtics 2015-16 season

I. Thomas / P. Pressey / T. Jones (draft)
A. Bradley / E. Turner
P. Pierce / J. Young / G. Wallace
P. Millsap / K. Olynyk
D. Cousins / T. Zeller






28 Feb 2015 18:37:38
Knicks draft Emmanuel Mudiay

young big men
- sign Tobias Harris , Greg Monroe
- sign Emeka Okafor , Brandon Bass , Rodney Stuckey

E. Mudiay / J. Calderon
R. Stuckey / T. Hardaway / L. Galloway
C. Anthony / C. Early / T. Antetokounmpo
T. Harris / B. Bass
G. Monroe / E. Okafor / C. Aldrich




28 Feb 2015 18:20:57

Lawson and Faried for NY 1st (as long as it falls top 3) and THJ

Nuggets remove final good players and work in a total restart.

If the Knicks want to have a good team well Melo is a factor they cannot rely on FA and that Monroe and other FA will join them without a solid core.

1) Lawson
2) TBA
3) Melo
4) Faried
5) TBA
Jackson can make a better pitch to the FA and be relevant next year.

succeed and proceed

Heres the issue with this post. the knicks would be idiots to do it. If they get the 1st, they would be able to get Okafor, on a rookies salary, then sign someone like Greg Monroe, who is actually better than Faried for about the same price. Then they can turn to a pg, someone like Rondo, Dragic, as well as 1 or 2 others that may be available. The knicks making this trade would basically be giving away a starting sg and c, which costs them less than half as much as either player they get annnnd they are now left with gaping holes and little money to fill them


I don't think its a good move for nuggets they need more

go 76ers





28 Feb 2015 15:52:23
Boston-Oklahoma City-Sacramento mega deal

Boston recive Kevin Durant , Jason Thompson

Oklahoma receive DeMarcus Cousins , 2 1st round picks from Boston and James Young

Sacramento get Enes Kanter , 1st from Celtics , Kelly Olynyk and cash from Boston


Have to laugh at this post.


Yeah, sacremento seems like they def want to get rid of a top 3 center, that's 24, and a beast. for 2 mediocre prospects and a draft pick. great trade.




27 Feb 2015 18:08:18
Knicks - Kings - 76ers

Knicks get - Cousins

Kings get - Calderon and Embiid

76ers get - 1st pick and Stauskas


Kings draft Turner

76ers draft Russell, Towns, and Anderson

Russell - Anderson - Convington - Towns - Noel

Collison - McClemore - Gay - Turner - Embiid

Knicks (with FA)
Rondo - THJ - Melo - Thad - Cousins


U got to give a 1st to kings or no deal


No from sixers

go 76ers

Sixers pass

go 76ers

Sixers will keep joel instead I think. Okafor is tempting but Embiid has a higher upside. Sixers need upside.




27 Feb 2015 17:03:00
New York Knicks 2015/16 season

Jahil Okafor

Jason Smith, Cole Aldrich, Lance Thomas or Quincy Acy and maybe Louis Amundson if can't sigh Emeka Okafor

Tobias Harris, Rajon Rondo, Iman Shumpert, Landry Fields, Thanasis Antetokounmpo and if can Emeka Okafor

Pg Rajon Rondo, Jose Calderon, Luke Galloway
Sg Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway, Landry Fields
Sf Tobias Harris, Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Cleanthony Early
Pf Carmelo Anthony, Jason Smith, Lance Thomas or Quincy Acy
C Jahil Okafor, Cole Aldrich, Louis Amundson or Emeka Okafor


Yes, this is exactly what needs to happen. I'd really love Jimmy Butler in a Knicks uniform, but bringing back Shump would be a nice alternative.




25 Feb 2015 22:12:59
Bulls get Okafor-1st Z.Randle Conley
Grizzlies get Pau Gasol
Knicks get Noah Gibson Rose Bulls 1st

Conley Butler Mirotic Randle Okafor

Calderon Allen Green PauG. MarcG.

Rose Hardaway Melo Gibson Noah

Of course this won't happen, it is a fair trade. Grizzlies get better chemistry- 3 players playing over decade with eachother. Bulls get healthier and younger. Okafor replaces Rose as new home product kid. Knicks are the risk takers bc Phil Jackson has to prevent another terrible season. Rose more protected in triangle offense less transition.all 3 teams get better. If he Retires/ injuries Gibson Noah > Okafor Calderon during the 2 yrs which Melo window to win.


Why would anyone do this horrific trade. I think that this is probably one of the worst trades ever on this site. Not even close to a fair trade.

go 76ers

27 Feb 2015 14:54:35
you just had doctor J turn in his grave with your dramatic comments


Isnt Dr J still alive?




25 Feb 2015 18:41:06
Orlando Magic Offseason

I'm not a fan of the Magic, but they are an intriguing team going into the offseason. They have some very good young pieces, a couple of trade candidates, and a boat load of cap space (approx. $20M) as it sits currently. They're a team that's close, and with a couple of moves, they could be a playoff team next year.

1) Draft

Stanley Johnson - 5th pick
Luka Mitrovic - 51st pick

No surprise with the number 5 pick, Johnson fills the most glaring need on the Magic's roster at SF.

The Magic have 11 players under contract next year when you factor in Johnson. They are not in a rush to add a second round pick onto their roster, so why not take a stash prospect like Petrovic who ended up 2nd to Dario Saric for the Adriatic League's most improved player award recently.

2) Current UFA's

Willie Green - Don't resign
Kyle O'Quinn - Resign 2yrs/$3M

3) Current RFA's

Tobias Harris - Sign and trade with the Knicks for Tim Hardaway Jr.

Knicks want Harris, and the Magic have the opportunity to match any contract. Put Harris in the Knicks hands, and get a piece in return.

4) Trade

To LAC - Mo Harkless
To ORL - Matt Barnes, 2016 2nd

Clips are desperately looking to make changes at their wing positions, why not take a flyer on Mo, who has for some reason worn out his welcome in Orlando.

Barnes won't see many minutes, but he can give the Magic some energy on defense. Though you're giving up a former first round pick for a 2nd, you're not going to get anything better for Mo currently.

5) FA signings

Amir Johnson - 2yrs/$14M
Patrick Beverley - 3yrs/$15M
Omer Asik - 4yrs/$42M

For all of the rebounding that Vucevic does, the Magic are still the third worst rebounding team in the NBA. They also do not guard the perimeter well, as they hold the 7th worse opponents 3 point shooting percentage in the league.

Adding Asik allows Nik to slide over to the 4, where he is better suited as he is undersized to play the five, but has the athletisism to guard opposing fours. Asik brings the tough interior presence the Magic need.

Beverley is a defensive standout who will be able to guard both ones and twos effectively along the perimeter.

Finally, Amir Johnson is a great motor guy off the bench that can bang with big men, and is nimble enough to guard more athletic fours.

2015-16 Magic

PG - Payton, Beverley, Ridnour
SG - Oladipo, TJH ,Fournier
SF - S Johnson, TJH, Barnes
PF - Vucevic, A Johnson, Frye
C - Asik, Frye, O'Quinn

Triangle O

Still won't win.


There are a few problems with your suggestion. The biggest is having Vucevic switch to PF. He simply doesn't have the athleticism to guard the 4 defensively.

p.s., unless I've missed you trading him away for rubbish, you've forgotten about AG on your depth chart.


Thanks for pointing out that I missed AG. If I had remembered to put him in, I could have scrapped the Mo/Barnes trade and just moved Mo for a pick. I should have put AG as the backup SF and move THJ back to 3rd on the SF depth chart.

As for Nik, he is a little more athletic than I think you give him credit for. Could he keep up with Blake Griffin, no, but how many PF's can? If the Magic face a team with a really athletic four, give Amir Johnson more minutes at the four, and move Vucevic to the five, moving Asik to the bench.

Triangle O

Johnson may be one of the best prospects at 5 but i'd be targeting one these Towns, Prozingis or Turner to play Pf obviously depending on where they land in the lottery, but all 3 can stretch the Floor and protect the rim which would complement Vucevic.
Harris doesn't fit as great as he is so move A.Gordon to Sf who at 6'9 and who had faster times then Curry, paul and westbrook in the speed and agility tests at the nba combine gives the Magic a mismatch at Sf.

Galaxy Gordon



23 Feb 2015 22:22:03
Boston - Sacramento - Brooklyn

Boston get DeMarcus Cousins and Joe Johnson

I. Thomas / M. Smart
J. Johnson / J. Young
E. Turner / J. Crowder / G. Wallace
K. Olynyk / B. Bass
D. Cousins / pick

Sacramento get 2 1st from Boston , Jared Sullinger and Brook Lopez

Brooklyn get Avery Bradley , Nik Stauskas , Jason Thompson and Celtics 2nd round pick and Tyler Zeller




23 Feb 2015 21:42:44
Knicks - Bulls

Knicks get Taj

Bulls get Jose Calderon, Jason Smith, and a 2nd




23 Feb 2015 15:39:52

Celtics get DeMarcus Cousins and Ben McLemore

Kings get 2 1st round picks from Celtics , Terrence Ross and Kelly Olynyk

Raptors get Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger

offseason Megadeal


Raptors are not going to get avery and sullinger for just ross

go 76ers

Agreed, You could get ONE of Bradley or Sullinger for Ross, but not both.

Kings wouldn't throw in Ben. I say take him out and put in Stauskus instead and it's more likely to happen.

Triangle O

Kings say no. Take out Ben put in Jason Thompson. Give Ross to BOS and Smart to SAC




23 Feb 2015 03:37:59
As you all know I am a Thunder fan

Knicks get Kevin Durant and Steven Adams

Thunder get Carmelo Anthony, #1 pick in the 2015 draft, and Tim Hardaway Jr.

Knicks do this to bring in free agents. They only do this if Durant agrees to sign long term. This likely allows Lamarcus Aldridge (or Paul Millsap) and Rajon Rondo (or Goran Dragic) to sign with them.

Thunder allow Westbrook to take the team over with Carmelo as his #2

PF. S. Ibaka/ M. McGary/ P. Jones
SF. C. Anthony/ K. Singler/ A. Roberson
C. E. Kanter/ J. Okafor/ N. Collison
SG. T. Hardaway/ D. Waiters/ A. Morrow
Pg. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine/ draft pick


Why would you do this to your team?


U don't seem like a thunder fan to me

go 76ers

Melo agreeing to be a #2 option, good luck with that.

Triangle O

Cuz Durant is going to leave after next season and Westbrook is a better leader


Westbrook is not a good leader because when he's on the court he always makes everything about him

go 76ers

If Westbrook has his own team he will be better than Iverson was


The answer will reck westbrook.

go 76ers



23 Feb 2015 00:33:09
Sixers get Hardaway Larkin Melo
Knicks get McGee Thompson Covington 3rd 15th 43rd

Ideal Roster Around Melo

Ideal Triangle Offense


Sixers don't want overrated melo

go 76ers

Sixers are not going to trade their 1st because they want mudiay.

go 76ers

Nicks fan soooo hardawa. he sucks. larkin is a scrub. n melo is 30, injured, and would hate beiding team. plus sixers aren't giving up those picks. HORRENDOUS trade for sixers. Hinkie wouldn't even consider this deal.


Hardaway sucks, Larkin scrub?

As a Knicks fan, I can't disagree that both of these players are overrated on the trade market, but come on man. You would rather have Shaqtin A Fool, and son of John instead of those two. Never mind the fact that the Sixers have three Centers on the roster right now (Embiid, Noel, Sims) who will all see playing time when healthy ahead of McGee; why would the Knicks want him.

Now, this is not me saying that either the Sixers or Knicks should make this trade. I'm not a big fan of Melo, and if we could get the 3rd pick for him I may not say no.

Triangle O



22 Feb 2015 13:58:39
If the knicks draft Russel they must sign wesley matthews or danny green , greg monroe or millsap , de andre jordan, amir johnson (role big) or derrick williams, and a bunch of shooters

with russel+matthews/green + melo = splash family operate like the GSW with offense of concept of triangle

sign Ewing as a trainer for bigmen


Dont get your hopes up that your team will get those free agents.

go 76ers



22 Feb 2015 13:47:49
knicks after the draft
since the knicks can't trade their pick during the draft they must trade it after

knicks trade: 1st pick (Jahlil Okafor), hardaway jr.

76ers trade: joel embiid and 3rd or 4th pick
or 6th (lakers pick) and 10 th pick and joel embiid

76ers do this becuase they have 2 injury prone bigs in embiid and noels and they have similar set of skills

knicks do this because let's face it no FA in their right mind will play for the knicks but if there are sign : Wesley Matthews, Greg Monroe, 3 good role players

regardless of the trade above knicks must hire Patrick Ewing to train the next bigman


Sixers pass. How is noel and okafor better then noel and Embiid?? Exactly not much difference for us. More likely no deals will involve embiid. I could see a situation were Sixers do a noel plus a pick to move back into the top five. Noel has been a super defensive player this year so I think that remains unlikely but possible.


Gotta agree with tregib. If they want to replace noel with another big who isn't injury prone. Then it will be for towns or montrezl but most likely towns. Even the sixers said if they r able to draft oak then they will but they will trade him. Sixers have no interest in oak. Then in that case sixers r more interested in drafting mudiay and if they trade noel and heat pick then they would get also towns. Then maybe jerian grant falls to us with okc pick.

go 76ers

Embiid is a better prospect then okafor. Hinkie and Brown like 2-way players. trade makes zero sense for sixers


Since your a knick fan u should want oak and trade melo. U don't want to trade your 1st.

go 76ers

Sixers pass. It just makes no sense.

Boy Howdie



21 Feb 2015 23:40:00
Knicks next season

Draft Jahil Okafor

Resign Jason Smith, Lance Thomas, Cole Aldrich and Lou Amundson

Sign Tobias Harris, Rajon Rondo, Iman Shumpert, Landry Fields and Thanasis Antetokounmpo

Pg Rondo, Calderon, Galloway
Sg Shumpert, Hardaway, Fields
Sf Harris, Ealry, Antetokounmpo
Pf Anthony, Smith, Thomas
C Okafor, Aldrich, Amundson


Rajon rondo is a terrible pg for the knicks unless they plan on abandoning the triangle he can't shoot to save his life not worth giving him max money


Can't see Shump wanting to or being welcomed back, and if you've watched the Raptors this year, no thanks on Landry Fields, unless he's interested in being the equipment manager.

Triangle O



21 Feb 2015 22:43:29
Knicks offseason


Patrick Beverley - 3yr/$20M
Aaron Afflalo- 4yr/$44M
Tobias Harris - 4yr/$52M

I'm a realistic Knicks fan that understands we're not getting a star to sign this offseason. Beverley is a much better value than Jackson, him and Afflalo are gritty defenders and can hit the 3. Harris' defense is not great, but he's an athle big with good offensive skills.

Hopefully land Jalil Okafor in the draft.


Quincy Acy
Jason Smith
Cole Aldrich
Lance Thomas

Leave the Thansis in the D to start the season, he'll end up on the roster at some point.

2015-16 Knicks

PG - Beverley, Calderon, Galloway
SG - Afflalo, THJ, Galloway
SF - Melo, Early, THJ, Thomas
PF - Harris, Melo, Acy
C - Okafor, Aldrich, Smith

Still not a contender, but should be a playoff team that will still have some flexibility over the next few seasons.

Triangle O

I don't think Afflalo will get quite that much


Why not give the reigns to langston he's a rookie and his numbers are solid beverly per 36 numbers have actually decreased over the last 2 years nice to hear a realistic approach though




21 Feb 2015 11:48:00
New York Knicks 2015/16 season

Draft Jahil Okafor

Resign Jason Smith, Lance Thomas, Cole Aldrich and Lou Amundson

Sign Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler, David West, Landry Fields and Thanasis Antetokounmpo

Pg Rondo, Calderon, Galloway
Sg Butler, Hardaway, Fields
Sf Anthony, Ealry, Antetokounmpo
Pf West, Smith, Thomas
C Okafor, Aldrich, Amundson

Yes David West is old but sign him to couple years. That give knicks chance to find a 1st round draft pick to get a power forward.


Butler will remain as a Bulls player. Chicago will match any offer for him.




20 Feb 2015 14:34:35
Knicks need a defensive presense between Okafor and Melo, that is if they land the top spot in lotto.
I believe rejuvanated Larry Sanders could be had for cheap 4yr 20 mil. Asik fir 4yr 40mil Calderon Hardaway Early for Afflalo (wants ext 10mil + and Blazers will need max money for to resign Alridge) Blake Crabb for Calderon Hardaway Early. Look for Knicks to outbid the Suns for Brandon Knight so he can play close to home in NJ. MLE Carlos Boozer 4yr 16mil. vet pay Matt Barnes, O.Sanchez, Thanasis, Galloway Amundson. buy late 2nd Robert Upshaw


bigger more athletic Knicks team with lots of defenders around Melo and Okafor


I really hope the knicks never get Carlos Boozer


With everything the suns gave up to get knight, I think they'll match any offer on him


So much wrong with this.

Don't want Sanders at any cost. Blazers don't need to clear Afflalo off the books to sign LMA to a max extension. Really watch Knight and you'll see he's not a near max player and God no on Boozer.

Triangle O

20 Feb 2015 19:03:20
Knight is UFA and can sign anywhere
Boozer good post scorer in triangle at 3-4 mil is good opt.
2nd opt Calderon Hardaway for Mayo Bayless
Chandler was the reason Knicks won division 2 yr ago Sanders and asik will give us good moments


Brandon knight will be a RFA


20 Feb 2015 20:48:28
go to shows he is ufa


You want the Knicks to get Larry Sanders, OJ Mayo, and Carlos Boozer? I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.


Look it up on espn, basketball insiders, etc. He'll be a RFA




20 Feb 2015 09:02:49
That's for you guys


Celtics & Suns

Celtics get I.Thomas
Suns get M.Thornton and CLE's 2016 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-10)

Pistons & Celtics

Pistons get T.Prince
Celtics get J.Jerebko and L.Datome

Suns & Bucks

Suns get B.Knight and K.Marshall (waived)
Bucks get M.Carter-Williams, M.Plumlee and T.Ennis
76ers LAL's 2015 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-5)

Rockets & 76ers

Rockets get K.J.McDaniels
76ers get I.Canaan and DEN's 2015 2nd round pick

Rockets & Knicks

Rockets get P.Prigioni
Knicks get A.Shved, HOU's 2017 and 2019 2nd round picks

Timberwolves & Nets

Timberwolves get K.Garnett
Nets get T.Young

Heat & Suns & Pelicans

Heat gets G.Dragic and Z.Dragic
Suns get D.Granger, J.Salmons and MIA's 2017 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-7), MIA's 2021 1st round pick (unprotected) and cash considerations
Pelicans get N.Cole, J.Hamilton and S.Williams (waived)

Nuggets & 76ers

Nuggets get rights to C.Akyol
76ers get J.McGee, OKC's 2015 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-18) and rights to

Thunder & Pelicans

Pelicans get I.Smith, rights to L.Williams, OKC's protected 2015 2nd round pick and cash considerations
Thunder gets NOLA's protected 2016 2nd round pick

Thunder & Jazz & Pistons

Thunder gets E.Kanter, D.J.Augustine, K.Singler, S.Novak and DET's 2019 2nd round pick
Jazz get K.Perkins (buyout), G.Jarrett, rights to T.Pleiss, OKC's protected 2017 1st round pick and DET's 2017 2nd round pick

Kings & Wizards

Kings get A.Miller
Wizards get R.Sessions

Trail Blazers & Nuggets

Trail Blazers get A.Afflalo and A.Gee
Nuggets get T.Robinson (buyout), W.Barton, V.Claver, POR's 2016 1st round pick (protected for selections 1-14) and 2nd round pick


I'm still baffled by the return the 76ers got for MCW


Im shocked about the return we got for mcw. But I think its obvious now that sixers r going to draft emmanuel mudiay.

go 76ers

Wish pistons could have traded for Mo Harkless instead of Prince.


^It was a great return, but Mudiay's stock is falling. Expect Russell to be the pick.

Boy Howdie

I don't expect russell to be a sixer and never will. Sixers want mudiay and they will get him period. Its just going to happen.

go 76ers

What is the 76ers actual plan? I am so lost by these moves.




19 Feb 2015 21:17:11
knicks get 2 2nds for prigioni almost 40
and nothing for smith shumpert



It means Knicks sold low on smith and shumpert



Not that I expected much more for Smith and Shump, but I think holding on to Iman specifically could have helped you in a deal at the deadline. Is Shump great or very good? No. Could he have been a young piece with an expiring contract that along with TJH let's say could have made a deal more enticing, yes.

Triangle O

20 Feb 2015 14:06:50
There's no way to sell smith but low. And really, the same could have been said for shumpert.




19 Feb 2015 17:31:04
This could go down by the weekend

Suns get Calderon Hardaway Larkin Early
Knicks get Both Dragic Goodwin Bullock

hopefully this as well
Prigioni Wear for Lucas III Datome



That would have to do down in the next two hours, not the weekend


19 Feb 2015 18:57:55
after knicks get robbed in SHumpert JRSmith trade with no picks in return. this would make up for landing the Dragon.




19 Feb 2015 16:38:45

OKC get:
Hardaway Jr.

NYK get:

Jacob Kubacki



19 Feb 2015 15:04:36
Knicks/Suns/Heat mega deal

First post on this site and I thought I would have some fun and go blockbuster. I know this deal never happens, but:

Suns get- Chris Bosh, Tim Hardaway Jr.

Heat get - Carmelo Anthony

Knicks get - Goran and Zoran Dragic, Miles Plumlee, Brendan Wright, Gerald Green

The Suns trade a star and get a star back. The solve their backcourt issue and add to the frontcourt. TJH helps with the loss of depth.

Miami wants to make a 2010 splash in 2016. Just squeezing into the playoffs this year and losing their top 12 protected pick to Philly sets them back. Melo will be a bigger draw for Free Agents, and the top 6-8 pick this year by tanking now adds another attractive piece to the puzzle.

Dragic has picked the Knicks as one of his preferred destinations, which almost assuredly means he re-signs with the club. Plumlee is a good young center with the potential to be a really good rotation piece, and Zoran adds depth at the SG position. Wright and Green are expiring deals and would most likely be bought out. Even with Dragic, Knicks should stil end up bad enough to get a top 3 pick.

Triangle O

Honestly? No the most far fetched deal I've seen on here. Your right it would happen but I've seen much stupider ideas before. Go look at all the 76ers and Suns fans post. Stupid, plan stupid


I like this trade and its all fair value.

go 76ers



19 Feb 2015 04:04:33
Suns - Wizards - Rockets

Suns trade Green
Suns get Shved, Knicks 2015 second round pick (from Rockets)

Wizards trade Blair, Temple
Wizards get Green

Rockets trade Shved, Knicks 2015 second round pick
Rockets get Blair, Temple

Suns get a high second round pick (#31-33) for Green's expiring contract.

Wizards add a scoring punch off the bench.

Rockets add two defensive minded players to there bench.




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