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24 Apr 2014 04:55:47
Knicks get Jennings

Pistons get Barnagni, 2018 1st and JR Smith

trade Monroe to Celtics for Green and #18

Pistons draft Smart, Early

Smart / Siva / Bynum
Smith / KCP
Green / Singler / Datome
Smith / Early / Mitchell
Drummond / Barnagni / Harrelson





24 Apr 2014 04:40:08
knicks - bulls - pacers

knicks get rose, noah, george, stephenson, bulls 1st
bulls get mahinmi, aldrich, murry
pacers get bargnagni, felton, dunleavy


rose / shumpert / prigioni
stephenson / hardaway / smith
george / pick / mwp (sign)
anthony / stoudemire / martin
noah / chandler / tyler


augustine / murry / hinrich
butler / fredette
snell / pick
boozer / gibson / mirotic
mahinmi / aldrich


felton / watson
hill / turner
dunleavy / copeland
west / scola
hibbert / bargnagni

No way .





24 Apr 2014 02:19:19
Phil said he can get Melo to live up to word of taking less to have better team around Melo. Why stop their Amare also does the same. melo and Amare to opt out take less money. Amare 3 yr 35 mil (10, 11, 12) Melo 5 yr 90. (16, 17, 18, 19, 20) Saving 21 mil of 91 mil payroll for next yr.
Trading Chandler Bargnani to la = 26 mil for Gasol 1 yr 10 mil and Kaman 1 yr 4 mil. Ny save another 12 mil. Bringing payroll to 58 mil. Trade Felton Shumpert to bobcats for jeffrey Taylor & 45th pick. Bring payroll to 52 mil. With increase in cap space NY sign Bledsoe 4 yr 64mil. (13. 5, 15, 16, 17. 5) NY need quality defensive pg. 2015 with MWP Odom KAMAN Prigioni brown GASOL all come off the books.

2014 Roster 70 mil
Bledsoe/Prigioni/S. Brown
JrSmith/Hardaway/Jabari Brown-45th

In the triangle offense knicks offensive efficiency make up for lack defensive presense like Chandler

Keep dreamin.



24 Apr 2014 02:19:11
*Tyson Chandler traded for young PG or draft picks.

Knicks Acquire: C Omer Asik, G/F Jordan Hamilton (S&T)

Rockets Acquire: G J. R. smith, F/C Andrea Bargnani

Why Knicks do it: Phil Jackson wants to change the culture of the locker room, so step 1 is trading away J. R. Who played at a very high level towards the end of the year but is a distraction off the court which is the last thing the Knicks need right now. They get rid of Bargnani who didn't fit in well in NY but did show flashes of brilliance on the offensive side of the ball at the beginning of the year. They get back Omer Asik who will replace Chandler and plays well when given the time. And he is also an expiring contract.

Why Rockets do it: Rockets go all in for 2015. They get some needed scoring off the bench from J. R. Smith and get a stretch 4/5 to spread the floor for Howard and company. Bargnani has a chance of bouncing back if put in the right in place. They basically swap expiring contract for expiring contract so if Bargnani doesn't work it out he's gone after 2015 which will open up cap space.



23 Apr 2014 22:21:57
3 team trade

Lakers: melo, love and chandler

Twolves: Gasol, Marshall and Nash and knicks 2015 1st round and lakers 2015 1st

Knicks: hill, henry, brewer, Barea lakers 1st

#1) Lakers' players have no value. Gasol has most value but is a FA so no need to trade for him. And as far as Nash, Hill, and Marshall go, are you joking? Lol no one wants them. And Hill is a FA too, so no need to trade for him

#2) Suns own the lakers' 2015 first rounder, so good luck trading that

#3) No one will go to LA until Kobe retires. He's a legend, but he's a person and no one wants to play with him.

So basically, if anyone clicks "believable, " they're just ignorant and don't know the NBA



23 Apr 2014 22:05:58
Knicks Offseason

Trade melo (s&t) and Tyson Chandler to lakers for Pau Gasol, Xavier henry and 1st round pick

Knicks draft Marcus Smart

Kyle Lowry
Andray Blatche



2015 Lineup


Why would you draft smart if you are planning to sign lowry? better take a forward



23 Apr 2014 21:34:32
Rockets if Knicks don't want to do melo sign and trade

Rockets - Mavs - 76ers

Rockets trade Asik and Lin
Mavs trade 2015 1st round pick, get Asik
76ers get Lin and Mavs 2015 1st round pick in salary dump
(A couple of teams could be substituted in for 76ers here)

Sign melo



23 Apr 2014 17:20:50

CLE get- Monroe & Green

pg. irving/jack
sg. miles/delladova
sf. green/bennet
pf. thompson/varejao
c. monroe/hawes

DET get- Deng (s&t) J. Anthony, Zeller, & BOS (via BKN) 1st Dp & 2015 1st (via PHI)

Draft Vonleh

pg. jennings/bynum
sg. kcp/stuckey
sf. deng/singler
pf. vonleh/zeller
c. drummond/anthony

BOS get- J. Smith & Dion Waiters

Draft: Parker

pg. rondo/bradley
sg. waiters/bogans
sf. parker/wallace
pf. smith/bass
c. sullinger/olynyk/faverini

Too much for j. smith. Take out nets' pick

I'm a Celtics fan and Detroit is not getting its favor share in this trade.



23 Apr 2014 13:22:09
Pistons trade Monroe (s&t, 4y 50m), Smith, Jerebko
Pistons get Deng, Ilyasova, Mayo, Pachulia, Bucks pick 2015 (top6 protected)

Cavs trade Deng (s&t, 3y 36m)
Cavs get Sanders, Jerebbko (expiring)

Bucks trade Sanders, Ilyasova, Mayo, Pachulia, Lakers 2nd round pick 2014 (#36), own pick 2016 (top5 protected)
Bucks get Rondo, Smith

Celtics trade Rondo
Celtics get Monroe, Lakers 2nd round pick 2014 (#36)

- in draft go after PF Randle/Vonleh or after SG Exum/Smart
- add Bucks 2015 pick in deep 2015 draft
- in 2016 let Jennings, Mayo and Pachulia walk and sign major FA at PG and resign Drummond

- trade Hawes in s&t for future 2nd round pick
- get have enough cap space for FA 2015
- have a couple of picks for 2014 and 2015 draft

- draft Embiid with own pick
- have enough cap space to sign another FA at SF (or SG, Giannis can play both)
- Knight and Henson 6th man

- draft Smart or Exum at PG
- resign Bradley (4y 24m) and Bayless (2y 8m)

Bucks say no.

Smith is future Amare contract. Probably cost a second round pick to get just so Det has the money to keep Monroe

Boston says. um no



23 Apr 2014 03:02:10
Knicks Trade: Amare Staudemire & Iman Shumpert
Milwaukee Bucks: OJ Mayo, Larry Sanders, Zaza Pachulia, Carlos Delfino

Knicks start their rebuild with Mayo & Sanders & lower their cap slightly. Additionally they add mid-level contracts which they currently lack and which will allow them more flexibility in future trades.

Milwaukee gets out from under two disappointing contracts in Mayo & Sanders, while adding STAT, who is a veteran with an expiring contract who can mentor guys like Giannis Antetokounmpo & potentially Joel Embiid. Milwaukee also gets Shumpert, who in a different environment, could have a lot of potential.

Start a rebuild with JR Smi. sorry, OJ Mayo?

Terrible for both teams.



23 Apr 2014 02:49:04
Knicks - Portland - Atlanta Trade

Knicks Trade: Tyson Chandler
Portland Trades: Wes Matthews & Robin Lopez
Atlanta Trades: Dennis Schroder

Knicks Receive: Dennis Schroder & Wes Matthews
Portland Receives: Tyson Chandler
Atlanta Receives: Robin Lopez

Knicks: Get a highly regarded young point guard of the future & a solid wing, allowing them to trade JR Smith (if anyone would take him) or Shumpert
Portland: Gets a defensive anchor to put next to Aldridge
Atlanta: Gets a starting quality center with size who is consistently healthy

If this happens during the offseason the salaries work.

You're right, Knicks get a promising PG and a solid wing. In return they give up a broken down declining talent. Hmmm.

Portland already has a defensive anchor, there's no way chandler is worth that much at this point in his career with how much he makes. I actually think Lopez is a lot like a young chandler. Both late bloomers, both worth way more than their stats show.

Wilt Chamberlain would break down protecting felton apposing pg off the penetration. Felton and Lin elite status when it comes to being the worst defensive pg in the NBA



22 Apr 2014 23:19:59
Pistons: Melo and Lawson

Nuggets: Monroe, felton and Caldwell pope

Knicks: Gallinari and Jennings

Knicks say hell no!

Enjoy galinaris knees nuggets fans. No one else will

Knicks had enough of these defenseless players like felton melo Hardaway Amare. Jennings and rooster will do the same. I want an defensive team win ugly basketball rooster who keep opponents in 80's and 90's. Ny style b-ball



22 Apr 2014 21:22:08
Celtics s&t

Cs get melo
Knicks get Brooklyn pick

Celtics combine trade exception with humphries contract coming off the books and they have the equivalent (aproximatly 20 million) to the needed cap space to sign a max deal player (melo)

Not enough for Melo

The knicks will trade mello to celtics for their highest pick in 2014 draft along with a future first round pick, sullinger, Gerald Wallace, Avery Bradley.

Really? Top 10 player for a 20something pick? Ok celtics fan.

No one is trading for Wallace. It's not a positive to take his lack of talent and massive contract. Get real.



22 Apr 2014 18:19:54

sign and trade melo with JR and felton to Pistons for Monroe and Jennings

2015 Sign Hibbert, Dragic and Jeff Green


Green-W. Johnson

Poser pistons fan you want melo, give Bynum Mornoe Josh Smith 8th pick for Felton Melo & Bargnani



22 Apr 2014 17:33:35
Chicago Bulls Trade 19th and 41st Picks in 2014 Draft and Carlos Boozer to New York Knicks for Carmelo Anthony.

Chicago: Add Carmelo Anthony and 16th Pick
Knicks: Add Carlos Boozer 19th and 41st Picks

16th pick?



22 Apr 2014 13:51:49
Celtics trade Rondo, Green, Bradley (s&t, 3y 20m)
Celtics get Monroe, Hayward, Jennings

Pistons trade Monroe (s&t 4y 48m), Jennings
Pistons get Thomas, Green, Evans

Kings trade Thomas (s&t, 3y 24m), Williams, Evans, 1st round pick 2016, 2nd round pick 2014
Kings get Rondo

Jazz trade Hayward (s&t, 4y 42m)
Jazz get Bradley, Williams (expiring), Kings 1st round pick 2016, Kings 2nd round pick 2014

- draft Wiggins/Parker with own pick, otherwise go after Exum/Smart at PG
- select best SG with Nets' pick

- try to land Smart or Harris at SG and C backup like Nurkic. can add KCP or Singler to trade up in draft
- playoff contender

- draft Randle or Vonleh at PF
- playoff contender from day 1
- in 2015 let Outlaw and Terry walk in order to resign Rondo (4y 60m) and Gay (3y 24m)

- need to land top3 pick to select SF Wiggins/Parker or C Embiid
- also have Warriors 1st, own 2nd rounder and Kings 2nd rounder to add either SF or PF/C
- get defensiv backcourt stopper Bradley to pair with Burke + former #2 pick D. Williams at SF/PF

Rondo has already said that he won't play in Sacramento.

Pistons will not make that trade unless they can unload Smith as well. In addition, Smart is not a better player the KCP. The Pistons will take the best PG or SF available. U have to be a Celtics fan as they get everything and everybody else gets screwed.

Celtics need picks in that deal

That was a smoke screen on Boston's part. OF COURSE they like the draft, but you don't say that out loud and loose negotiating leverage



22 Apr 2014 12:19:26
Bulls - knicks

Bulls gets melo (5-year, 118m)
Knicks gets boozer, 16th&18th pick

Draft gentile (48th pick)
Resign hinrich (2-year, 5m), mohammed (min. )
Sign j. o'neill (2-year, 5m), mack (min. ), l. allen (min. )

Rose - hinrich - mack
Butler - dunleavy
Melo - snell - gentile
Gibson - allen
Noah - oneill - mohammed

- after adding melo to the roster, bulls are a real contender.

Trade felton, jrsmith, prigioni and 2 future 2nd rounders for nelson
Draft hood (16th pick), napier (18th pick)

Napier - nelson
Shumpert - hardaway - murry
Hood - w. johnson
Amare - boozer - tyler
Chandler - bargnani

- knicks have their 2015's 1st rounder, so, it would be a short rebuilding for NY.

Knicks in 2015

Dragic - napier
Shumpert - hardaway - murry
Hood - johnson
Love - bass - tyler
Jordan - koufos




Knicks won't trade with conference without getting 2015 Kings pick also.

with Afflalo and Oladipo why orlando add a 3rd SG JRSmith, and the 2nd worst starting in NBA behind Lin-coward make 15 mil next yr accept backup role Beverly

How does Dragic end up with Knicks? And how do people think this is believable? Lol



22 Apr 2014 11:55:40
Oklahoma City - New York sign and trade

OKC get Carmelo Anthony 4yr 88mil, Raymond Felton
NYK get 2 1st round picks, Kendrick Perkins expiring, Reggie Jackson, Perry Jones III, Nick Collison

OKC projected tax 74mil


Replace jones with 2 2nd round picks, Also replace felton with prigioni

Wb - prigioni
Durant - lamb
Melo - roberson
Ibaka - jones
Adams - thabeet

Have you ever heard of a salary cap

Knicks want to get rid of felton not prigioni. They want Jones not 2 2nd rounders. And there isn't enough ball to go around for Mello, durant and WB to take shots. I actually think you have a durant as a 2 guard and anthony a 3. Its ridiculous.

Okc have trade exception from trade with minesota for k. martin



22 Apr 2014 11:39:30
Pacers - Knicks

Pacers get Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler
Knicks get Evan Turner, Roy Hibbert, Pacers' 2nd round pick, George Hill

Then Pacers sign Kirk Hinrich

George/Stephenson (6th man awardee)

-get ready Miami


Turner/Hardaway/MWP (sign)




22 Apr 2014 10:32:37
Pacers next season

-Sign Nick Young -add offense off the bench
-Trade Hibbert to Knicks for Chandler and Murry - Chandler>Hibbert playoffs



22 Apr 2014 10:25:51
Bulls should select a shooting guard and a back-up center in the draft

Amnesty Boozer then sign C. Anthony
Resign DJ Augustine
Sign Nikola Mirotic

trade Mike Dunleavy for a 2nd round pick

Rose / Augustine
Butler / pick
Anthony / Snell
Gibson / Mirotic
Noah / pick

- Anthony will be convinced here, this is a very competetive team.

- should sign cheap back-ups also

Knicks fans sorry.

Bulls do not have the cap space to sign Melo outright.

The bulls will have the cap space to sign melo if they amnesty boozer and trade dunleavy and they extra 5 mil the league is giving to all teams. The bulls just are not going to be able to bring over mirotic this year



22 Apr 2014 04:54:03
Bulls trade warriors
Warriors get dunleavy and #19th pick
Bulls get h. barnes
Bulls amnesty boozer
Bulls sign melo
Im sure people are going to say well new york aren't just going to let him walk but its melos choice to leave he just can't sign a max deal but can come close. Also why would he do a sign and trade to a team that's going to have to give up too much for him lessing his chance to win. So face it knicks he's going to walk.



21 Apr 2014 22:27:18
Knicks not making any moves to jepordize their plan 2015, but if they come back with roster Melo will not stay.

Bobcats get Felton
Warriors get Chandler Haywood Tyler
Knicks get Bogut Ezeli Speights

Bargnani for Nash Kaman

Hardaway for R. Jackson

JrSmith/Shumpert/S. brown



21 Apr 2014 21:16:34
Bulls trade Boozer, Snell, Brewer, Bobcats 1st 2014, own 1st 2014
Bulls get Love, Budinger

Wolves trade Love, Budinger
Wolves get Monroe, Snell, Bobcats 1st 2014, Bulls 1st 2014, R. Brewer (not guaranteed)

Pistons trade Monroe, own 2014 first round pick, Jennings
Pistons get Rondo, Green

Celtics trade Rondo, Green
Celtics get Boozer, Jennings, Pistons 2014 first (about pick #8)

- championship contender for years

C. Brewer/Mbah/Muhammad
- add 2 x 2014 1st round picks to trade up in draft
- Monroe has All-Star potential, Snell can have a solid NBA career

- more balanced and more athletic roster
- add needed floor general
- at least playoff contender

- try to land Wiggins or Parker with own pick
- try to land Smart or Exum (or Ennis) with Pistons' pick
- in 2015 Boozer's and Bass' contract end = resign a PF or C to pair with Sullinger long-term

Bulls need to give more

Swap bringer and wallace

Pistons will not give up their first round pick they can't unless its no lower then 8th. Smith and Jennings are as good as gone from the Pistons.

Why trade for boozer? He's most likely getting amnestied



21 Apr 2014 18:26:57
For the Lakers
*NBA is projected to slightly raise the 2014-2015 season salary cap to 63.2 million/luxury tax to 77 million. This is unofficial, and projected like I said, just like the NBA lottery ;)

1. First thing the Lakers should do is FIRE Mike D. Fire him before the draft so that the new coach can have a say in what new player they would possibly like to coach for the future of the Lakers. The new coach, STAN VAN GUNDY, who never had a losing record as a head coach, had seasons of. 500+ and some of. 700+, proved he can reach the Finals, and when he was with Orlando he had a top 5 defense every season.

2. Draft day via Chad Ford's ESPN Mock Draft Lottery, first time I pressed "Play Lottery" it simulated the Lakers with the #2 pick, with JABARI PARKER coming to LA. This seems biased but it was simulated. I wouldn't count out the Lakers or any team. Lakers have a chance at a top 3 pick and a 6th or 7th pick. With them being the Lakers, it is very much possible. Especially those who think it is "fixed". (3 year, 11 million w/ 3 mill first season)

3. Lakers should pay very close attention to Pau Gasol. If he wants to stay, sign him, but with new reports coming out that the Lakers really wanted to trade him before the recent deadline, I doubt he stays. The chances of going to the Knicks where Phil could convince Pau and where Pau will be in the triangle is very likely. Assuming this happens, Knicks will not have enough room to sign Pau to a decent deal.
Lakers send Pau Gasol for ANDREA BARGNANI (+1 year, 11 million)

Lakers should seek to rid themselves of Kendall Marshall after they pick up his team option, just so they can sign 2 better point guards. Send him to the Magic for absolutely nothing. Magiv only receive +900k and on the NBA Trade Machine, +1 win.

4. Major offseason signings: Lakers only need to fulfill the C and PG at this point. In my opinion, Bazemore has potential to be a good point guard. His only problem is over dribbling but Steve Nash should be able to teach him somethings. I would start him at PG because his size can cause match up problems, he has the athleticism, he has the quick feet, and he can defend 1s, 2s, and 3s, so switching would be no problem.
With that said, they need a Center
-GREG MONROE (a) Pistons would be foolish to match any offers because it will damage cap space and prevent them from attracting any other free agents, making them another lottery team (b) He is unhappy in Detroit and they have a log jam in the front court. Josh Smith is a PF and plays best there (c) Andre Drummond has great potential to be an All-Star center, Monroe cannot play PF because he cannot guard most PFs. (4 years, 53 million)
-JERRYD BAYLESS (a) UFA, brings offense off the bench and can possibly start some games (b) plays defense and brings tenacity (2 years, 6 million)
-JIMMER FREDETTE (a) cheap option (b) can bring offense (c) Lakers seem to get injured a lot, may have some playing time (d) Lakers were interested in him once before (3 years, 3 million)
-EMEKA OKAFOR (a) needs to restart his career after fallen stock (b) he is 32 years old coming off an empty season with 0 games played (c) UFA, his choice to sign with the Lakers and can play PF/C if Bargnani gets injured. (1 year, 7 million)

5. Resignings:
-Kent Bazemore (4 years, 8 million)
-Nick Young (2 years, 7.4 million)
-Ryan Kelly (2 years, 2 million)
-Wesley Johnson (1 year, 1.3 million)

PG: Kent Bazemore/Jerryd Bayless/Steve Nash
SG: Kobe Bryant/Jimmer Fredette
SF: Jabari Parker/Nick Young/Wesley Johnson
PF: Andrea Bargnani/Ryan Kelly
C: Greg Monore/Emeka Okafor/Robert Sacre

Salary: 75.5 million

Note (1) Greg Monroe makes 13.5 million a year
Note (2) Lakers will have minus 23 million the following season with Bargnani, Nash, Johnson, and Okafor's contract off the books, allowing them to sign Kevin Love to a max contract. Future front line of the Lakers Monroe-Love-Parker

Yer I'm simulated it and had magic get wiggins at number 1 and hood at number 12 to add to Harris and harkless for 4 sf it's a simulation not fact you could do it dozens of times with different outcomes.

The Bargnani trade is horrid why would the Lakers help the Knicks for nothing and hurt our cap space. the Bargnani experiment has failed too many times not even Van Gundy can help his horrid defense. Pretty sure most Lakers fans would say no

I've heard about placing Bazemore at PG before which I believe won't work. The Warriors tried to do this and had to end up trading for Steve Blake because it did not work. With some work maybe he can play PG for limited minutes. The Lakers still need to find a starting caliber PG by either drafting one or going for Bledsoe, Isiah Thomas or Lowry.

If the Lakers were to end up with the 2nd overall pick. I think they would go the Embiid, Wiggins and even Exum route before choosing Parker.

Knicks won't be able receive player in sign and trade deal

Dude!. I don't even think Jim Buss puts that much thought into next season!

Monroe will not be a Laker. Detroit will match.

You Laker fans are too worried. The NBA will give you the 1st pick. Don't worry. The lottery is riged.



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