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29 Apr 2016 18:28:17
New York Knicks summer (realistic)

Stretch Provison Jose Calderon Contract if can't trade him

Aaron Afflalo and Derrick Williams both don't use their player options

Resign Lance Thomas, Langston Galloway, Derrick Williams and Sasha Vujacic

Sign Kurt Bazemore, Jamal Crawford, David Lee, Willy Hernangomez and Thanasis Antetokounmpo

Pg Wroten/ Grant/ Galloway
Sg Bazemore/ Crawford/ Vujacic
Sf Anthony/ Thomas/ Antetokounmpo
Pf Porzingis/ Williams/ Lee
C Lopez/ O'Quinn/ Hernangomez

Ok now before I get slammed I have done this because people need to be realistic Knicks ain't getting no superstar. But I believe this is a very good roster. Defence wins championships and this roster is a very good if not great defensive team. I believe the Knicks got a steel in Wroten and if can prove fitness over the summer he could be the Knicks starting point guard. He can defend well and his thing is to attack the basket and he's not bad passer to. Bazemore will fit well with Wroten in the back court as he is also a good defender but he's more of a 3pt shooter so he works well with Wroten. The front court was not a problem and should get better with Porzingis second year. The bench improves with adding Crawford and Lee. Now I'm not saying this is a championship challenging team but I believe this team could surprise people and get into the playoffs.

29 Apr 2016 18:45:18
Didn't Bazemore and Porzingis get in a fight or have issues or something?

29 Apr 2016 18:53:34
I think Jamal Crawford might want to chase a ring before going back to the Knicks.

29 Apr 2016 19:04:57
So pretty much add more losing.?

29 Apr 2016 21:16:53
Just for the record. I'm a big Sixers fan so I saw a lot of wroten. He's explosive. To a fault. He's out of control half the game. The other half he's got the potential to be a starter in This league. Shooting is absolutely terrible and passing is flashy but also combustible. So good luck. He's still young. Wishing wroten the best.

29 Apr 2016 17:40:34

Indy: Noel+Olynyk+ 1rnd pic Philly (Ingram) + 1rnd pic Nets 2018+ 1rnd pic Bos 2017

Philly: Crowder+Smart+G Hill+ 1rnd pic Nets (Hield) + 1rnd pic Memphis 2019

Boston: P George.

29 Apr 2016 18:45:53
Good idea.

29 Apr 2016 19:08:35
Its close. Sixers side is interesting to say the least.

Smart and crowder are nice pick ups. Heild or Murray with Brookyln pick is nice.

We do lose Ingram or Simmons and Noel. so I guess I have to say no. But I haven't thought of this package before so I give you credit there.

Sixers pass.

29 Apr 2016 19:20:31
That's why the Memphis pick is interesting.
Memphis is ending a cyclus (Conly propably gone, Gasol 30+, Z-Bo is aging), it could become a great pick.

29 Apr 2016 07:50:59

Cavs gets: Anthony

Knicks gets: Russell, Lakers pick

Lakers gets: Love, 2nd Knicks

Salary cap don't need to match in offseason when all teams have cap space.

Cavs play small ball with Melo at the 4. In a separate deal they trade for CP3 and build a super team in Cleveland.

Knicks gets cap space this summer and can build around Russell, KP and the top 3 pick in this years draft.

Lakers gets Love as their first big piece this summer and hope to recruit big name free agents again.
Hope to sign Whiteside and Batum.

Any adjustments?

Melo, Love and Russell is the main pieces I would like to see in a deal.

29 Apr 2016 16:33:29
Not sure could be wrong. But I think the Lakers need to know if they get this pick before they can trade it because if they don't get this pick then they can't trade next years pick. And if they do get it and let's say that its the 3rd pick then I don't know if that would be enough to land Love due to how weak the players seem to be after the first two in the draft.

29 Apr 2016 17:17:50
I don't think the Lakers will give up Russell and their first for Love.

28 Apr 2016 18:34:04
Trade Carroll, nyk 1 round and tor 1 round
To Lac for Blake griffin and jj reddick
Let demar walk
Sign kd


28 Apr 2016 18:58:19
durant is not going to canada, especially when you have questionable defensive front court, you add Reddick defense at SG. opponents will avg 120ppg against them.

28 Apr 2016 18:08:01
Boston's Plan to dominate the East for years

Get lucky in lottery and get #1 or #2. Draft Ingram.

Sign Durant
Sign Horford

Play Small Ball

Thomas/ Smart
Bradley/ Turner
Durant/ Ingram
Crowder/ Jerebko
Horford/ Olynyk

Try and sign a veteran big to a cheap contract


Draft Simmons

Thomas/ Smart
Bradley/ Turner
Durant/ Crowder
Simmons/ Jerebko
Horford/ Olynyk.

28 Apr 2016 19:00:18
Would definitely love if this happened. But I could see them then trading who ever they drafted similar to what Cleveland did with Wiggins.

28 Apr 2016 19:40:49
the chance of getting lucky with landing Ingram is realistic than landing Durant in Boston.

28 Apr 2016 19:57:11
I wouldn't say that its totally unrealistic to land Durant but I would say that there is a high probability that he won't come here. I mean why would he? He doesn't have any ties to the team or players that are here that he wants to play with or is really close to friendship wise. But the Celtics I think are in one of the best positions moving forward than any other team not named the Warriors, Spurs, or Cavs. They have one of the best young coaches in the game that all opposing players praise, the draft picks that are enticing, the salary cap space to sign 2 max free agents, they were essentially third in the east (only 5th due to tiebreaker rules) and play in a weak eastern conference. To me as a fan that sounds like a good situation to join. It all comes down to how Danny and Brad sell it to free agents in the sit downs.

And as Kevin Garnett said "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! "

28 Apr 2016 20:25:01
Larry great points.

I think Boston would have a better view on there future once they figure draft order. Just Philly and LA have best chance at getting one and two. Boston does have a great chance to sign Durant if they sign horford or Whiteside also. Plus can make trades to get better fits for them like a quality pf.

28 Apr 2016 21:10:07
The Durant signing is definitely unlikely, but I think the Celtics can try and sell him on their system and him being THE superstar. No more sharing the spotlight with Westbrook. It's Durant and then two all-stars in Thomas and Horford and then role players who can shoot and defend (Bradley, Smart) . As well as the future of the NBA in Ingram or Simmons. They obviously need more pieces, like some veterans who just wants win so they take pay cuts to play in Boston. Let Pierce play his last season in Boston playing 5-10 minutes a game and being a leader in the locker room. They also have third best coach in the league behind Pop and Kerr.

28 Apr 2016 14:56:39
For Boston to become champions, the front court needs to be gutted IMO

#16 sabonis, if gone (probs) stash Korkmaz or Lawawu
#31 Tyler Ullis
35-58 picks draft n stash
-Draft day trades
Bos gives: #3 (Dragan bender) and Isaiah Thomas
Gets: Kevin Love, Cleanthony early, Cle and NYK first's 2018
NYK gives: Melo, Lopez, Early and 2018 first
Gets: Dragan Bender, Isaiah Tomas and Iman shumpert
Cle gives: Love, Shumpert and first 2018
Gets melo and Lopez

BOS gives: Olynyk rj hunter and Bostons own first 16 (23) to TOR
Bos gets: Terrance Ross

-Free agency
Let sully go
Decline Johnsons 12 mil TO and resign him for 4 yrs 40mil, TO for year 4 (will take paycut of only 2 mil for another 2-3 yrs of financial security)
Excersise Jerebkos 5 mil TO
resign Evan turner 5 yrs 60 mil
Give zeller the QO
Sign Hassan Whiteside 4 years max (I think that is like 92 mil for him)

-2016/ 17 roster
Smart/ Rozier/ Ullis
Bradley/ Ross/ young
Crowder/ turner/ early
Love/ Jerebko/ Mickey
Whiteside/ Johnson

Team is well under cap, will dominate defensively and has 2 top 5 (hopefully) bound BK picks.

28 Apr 2016 16:14:50
I will not give up Thomas. He is a beast. Stay put sign Horford or Whiteside and draft wisely.

28 Apr 2016 16:19:25
That's still not a championship contending team. Love has proven before that he can't carry a team to the playoffs. We need a go to scorer, on the wing especially. And getting rid of Thomas loses the Celtics all of the appeal we have to offer a free agent.

For me the person I think we need to trade is Smart. Rozier has proven to be a very similar player to him and has a better looking jump shot. And after these playoffs I think that Smart's value might be the highest it will ever be and I think Danny needs to jump on that. Send him along with a late first or two for a shot blocking, defensive big man. (Henson, Noel, WCS)

I just don't think that trading our best assets for an often injured stretch four is going to get us over the top.

28 Apr 2016 16:25:22
You're not getting that much for Bender. Maybe the players, but not the picks.

28 Apr 2016 17:02:58
Yeah, seriously, the Knicks aren't giving up Melo, Lopez AND a 1st. to get Shumperts awful contract, Thomas and Dragen Bender.

Shumpert is not a positive. Essentially, the positives are:

Thomas and a pick for Lopez, Melo and a pick. This is just foolish.

28 Apr 2016 18:17:13
Mrw, just hush when you make your own trades you can talk. Your the biggest hater on here but never make your own. Your like a grumpy old man. You hate on all laker trades because you hate the fact the Lakers get all the attention on this site. World mossy popular basketball team.

28 Apr 2016 18:58:25
good one lakersfan. I actually just hate on your posts, because all they say is that stars are flocking to LA this offseason. You keep all your assets. You then end up the second worst team again next year. Which then again all stars flock to LA. And you have a line up, I kid you not, you just wrote this.

Ingram, Wade, James, Durant, Whiteside, Noel. because they will take pay cuts to play for the team no one has a connection with.

Dont be salty because many people base their discussions in reality.

28 Apr 2016 20:57:21
James owns a house in LA and would love the attention in LA. Durant want a Ring. Wade wants to play with James. Clarkson is a great trade for Noel. Clarkson is young, can build around, better then any pg in draft and Philly going to draft another big in Simmons. This great for them. Lakers keep all there other assets is the reason those players would wanna sign in la and build a new team with new starters so there previous record mean nothing. The record would only mean something if the Lakers keeping same team and only adding durant then that could be a factor. You don't give up assets to sign free agents. point is Lakers don't need to make a good good trade they can keep all there assets and use cap and sign free agents. Just like when Mia had cap they signed three max contracts. Because they had right idea for those players. Just like this would be. Since Wade and james can't team up with Paul and melo they could team up with durant and the young potential in LA.

I never said second worse team. I said get second pick and you can be ninth seed and get that pick. Plus Whiteside would sign Max in LA to think about his future instead being on aging Mia. Plus knowing this the Lakers someone else going to join. i'm great, plus we got young rising stars and cap space. Plus no over paid players that are signed for significant amounts of money.

Plus you talk bad about everyone's trade not just mine. Wish I could screen shot.

28 Apr 2016 21:13:57
I never said those players would take pay cuts to play together. I said trade clarkson for noel. Trade Nance Williams, pick 32 for a future second round pick. Stretch young and have an enormous amount of cap to sign James and durant plus squeeze Wade in. draft Simmons. That's about 75 in cap without wade and giving durant 25 and James 30. Wade would have plenty.

I said trade for noel giving up Clarkson. signing Barnes and bazemore plus add other players.

Said trade for noel giving up clarkson. Sign durant and derozan

Also said they draft Ingram and sign Whiteside. Get number two pick in 2017 draft Giles and sign harden and Durant. Plus keep all other assets.

28 Apr 2016 21:15:18
You say you only hate on my post but your hating on this one and not even mine. Just make your own then talk about someone else's.

28 Apr 2016 23:22:02
Why wouldn't you take a top five pick and pair bender with porzingas? And you get Isaiah Thomas? Dude is a stud and younger than Melo with a much smaller contract. Knicks should jump all over this.

28 Apr 2016 02:37:05
Try this Knicks move
Suns get Griffin Calderon-exp
Clippers get Melo Grant
Jazz get Knight
Knicks get Burke Burks W. Johnson Chandler 13th 28th 33rd 34th

Chandler to Lakers for cap space
Burks Burke 13th for Teague 43rd 54th

Hawks get good value for Teague
Suns take risk with Griffin and keep top pick
Clippers get a healthier star than Griffin
Lakers get a defense center for nothing
Knicks create cap space, get picks and their best pg since Frazier.

Knicks pay Durant 111mil 4yr Batum 4yr 92mil

78mil payroll
Teague/ Ulis-34th/ PaytonII-54th
Batum/ Brogdon-43rd/ Wroten
Durant/ W. Johnson/ Antetokounmpo
Porzingis/ O'Quinn/ T. Maker-25th
Lopez/ Hernangomez/ Hammons-33rd.

28 Apr 2016 13:09:57
You honestly think Durant will sign with the Knicks without Melo? Why not just try to trade Melo for Griffin straight up?

28 Apr 2016 23:39:55
Knicks set at center pf, Griffin does not fit, Durant with Batum Teague Porzingis and Lopez starting Hella Yeah Durant will join and not take paycut. Dangerous young deep bench.

27 Apr 2016 17:52:51

nyk sign deron williams 3yr/ 27m

knicks hawks

knicks horford 4yr/ 82m

hawks lopez thomas early



27 Apr 2016 18:50:52
Horford deal isn't bad, but I don't see Williams leaving Dallas, and if he does, it will be for more than that.

27 Apr 2016 15:21:01

BOS gets Cousins
Sign Fournier 3yr/ 30 mil
Sign Gasol 2yr/ 35 mil
Let Sullinger Walk
Resign Zeller
SAC gets Olynyk, Amir Johnson, Crowder, Bledsoe and 1st rd pick from BOS
Let Rondo Walk

PHX gets Rudy Gay, and Marco B and 2nd rd pick from SAC
Trade Teletovic to Milwaukee for #35 pick

Thomas/ Smart
Turner/ Fournier/ Michael Gbinije (#34)
Denzel Valentine (#16)/ D. House (#52)
Gasol/ Jerebko/ James Webb III (#45)
Cousins/ Zeller/

Bledsoe/ Collison
Buddy Hield (#3 via BOS) / Meclemore
Crowder/ Casspi/ Jaylen Brown (#8)
Johnson/ Olynyk
Cauly-Stein/ Koufos/

Knight/ Tyler Ulis (#35 via BOS) / R. Price
Booker/ Goodwin/ Malachi Richardson (#28)
Gay/ Marco B/ PJ Tucker/ Warren
Bender/ Skal L. (#13)/ Uthoff (#59 via SAC)
Chandler/ Len/ AJ Hammons (#34)

27 Apr 2016 15:41:34
PHX say no and there's so much wrong with this.

27 Apr 2016 15:54:11
That's not a title contending team for Boston. Cousins isn't going to get them over the edge. If we get Cousins expect them to go after every top wing option especially if you are trading Crowder because there is no way that Valentine would be able to guard Lebron. So that would cancel the Fournier and Gasol signings.

Also what happened to Bradley?

27 Apr 2016 01:32:50
Knicks: C Paul/ D Jordan
clippers: Porzingis+D Russell+Calderon+L Williams+ Young+ 1rnd pic LA
Lakers: B Griffin+ Afflalo+ B Lopez.

27 Apr 2016 02:51:30
LA doesn't have a 1st round pick to give up until, what 2020?

27 Apr 2016 04:37:32
I'm pretty sure he's talking about this years pick if they keep it.

27 Apr 2016 14:04:26
Wait, so the Lakers give up russell and potentially this years first if they keep it. and they clear 15 million off the books with ridding themselves of an inefficient williams and a team cancer in young.

and for this, the lakers get Blake Griffin, Afflalo (even though likely opting out) and Lopez?

I mean, even Lakers fans can realize this is laughably lobsided.

27 Apr 2016 14:46:45
Doesn't affalo have a player option? Most likely he's opting out if rambis comes back, Lopez still has a big contract and did good in the triangle but the other 29 teams don't use it. So Knicks trade porzingas, get rid of Lopez, and get a still top 5, maybe even thou three point guard, and a good center locked up for like 3-4 more years? Porzingas will be good but they need to give more.

27 Apr 2016 01:16:54

BOS gets Melo
Sign Bazemore 4yr/ 60 mil
Resign Evan Turner
Let Sullinger Walk
Resign Zeller

NYK get Crowder, Bradley, and Jerebko and 1st rd pick from BOS
Sign Gasol 2yr/ 30 mil
Hire Randy Wittman

Isiah Thomas/ Marcus Smart/ RJ Hunter
Bazemore/ Evan Turner
Melo/ Denzel Valentine (#16)
Amir Johnson/ Zimmerman (#23)
Zeller/ Olynyk/ AJ Hammons (#35)

Bradley/ Calderon
Afflalo/ Galloway
Ben Simmons (#3 via BOS) / Crowder
Porzingis/ Jerebko/ O'Quinn
Gasol/ Lopez

I know Simmons probably won't be there at #3 but for sure he won't go #1, as brandon ingram seems like a better fit for philly then Simmons does. If the lakers pass up on Simmons and instead take buddy, then NYK may have found their savior in simmons.

27 Apr 2016 07:15:46
Lakers wouldn't draft hield they get Simmons. Lakers aren't the cavs. Remember when cavs drafted waiters and could got Barnes or Drummond.

27 Apr 2016 11:24:50
Celtics will not give 3 starters and the Brooklyn pick for a dog like Melo who will be out of the league in a couple of year.

27 Apr 2016 14:02:16
Please God, not Randy Wittman! No Rambis either, thanks.

27 Apr 2016 14:07:54
a) I don't believe the celtics are looking to trade that pick. The only chance I can see them trading it is for Cousins, and not much else.

b) If the lakers get 2 and pass on simmons. for buddy. they organization should forfeit the next 6 years.

c) seriously supercollider? Carmelo is out of the league in a couple years? didn't realize being an all star, averaging 22/ 8/ 4 and being a 31 year old shooter (as opposed to slasher) means you are 2 years from being out of the league. Interesting.

26 Apr 2016 15:16:17

Spurs get Afflalo and Teletovic

NYK get Bledsoe and Danny Green
Sign Noah 2yr/ 20 mil
Sign Deng 1yr/ 10 mil

PHX get Calderon, Derrick Williams, Matt Bonner and 1st rd pick from Spurs and 1st rd pick from NYK in 2017
Sign Barnes 4yr/ 70 mil

Parker/ Patty Mills
Afflalo/ Martin
Leonard/ Ginobli
Aldridge/ Teletovic/ West
Duncan/ Diaw/ Majanovic

Bledsoe/ DJ Augustin
Green/ Galloway
Melo/ Deng
Porzingis/ Kyle O'Quinn
Lopez/ Noah

Knight/ Calderon/ Anthony Barber (#28)
Booker/ Archie/ Malachi Richardson (#29 via SAS)
Barnes/ TJ Warren/ Michael Gbinije (#34)
Bender/ (#4)/ Jon Leuer/ D. Williams
Chandler/ Len/ Labassiere (#13)/ Bonner.

26 Apr 2016 15:37:57
I'm a no as a spurs fan.

26 Apr 2016 15:39:47
Afflalo and Teletovic will be free agents.

26 Apr 2016 14:14:46
Boston: M Gasol
Memphis: Smart+ Olynyk+ Johnson+ 1rnd pick Nets.

26 Apr 2016 16:04:49
I don't see Boston making any trades with key rotation players until after free agency. They have high hopes for free agency and if/ when they strike out that's when they will trade. And even if they don't strike out and they do sign some big name free agents then that's when they will trade.

27 Apr 2016 14:46:47
Too. much for a 30 year old injured Center.

25 Apr 2016 20:42:40
Knicks Kings Jazz

Knicks - Collison, McLemore

Kings - Burke, Oquinn

Jazz - 2nd from Knicks, Vujacic.

25 Apr 2016 22:06:06
No one want Vujacic.

25 Apr 2016 18:50:10

SAC - Faried, Dinwiddie
-send Collison and Bellineli to NYK for Sasha Vujacic, Kyle Oquinn and future 2nd rd pick
-resign Rondo 4yr/ 70mil
-sign Joe Johnson 3yr/ 30mil
-sign Chandler Parsons 4yr/ 76mil

Rondo/ Dinwiddie
Johnson/ Anderson
Parsons/ Casspi
Faried/ Oquinn
Cousins/ Cauley-Stein

DET - Gay, Nelson, McLemore

-resign Drummond 5yr/ 130mil
-sign Terrence Jones 3yr/ 27mil

Jackson/ Nelson
Caldwell-Pope/ McLemore
Gay/ Johnson/ Bullock
Morris/ Jones/ Tolliver
Drummond/ Baynes

DEN - Tobias Harris, Koufos

Mudiay/ Augustine
Harris/ Barton
Gallinari/ Chandler
Harris/ Arthur/ Lauvergne
Nurkic/ Jokic/ Koufos.

25 Apr 2016 15:27:07
Boston: M Gasol
Memphis: 1rnd pic Nets 2017+ +1rnd pic Cleveland+ Olynyk+ 2017 Nets or Boston pick.

Only if Conley won't stay.
Memphis can start rebuilding, Gasol go's to a young playoffs team.
Boston receives an All star.

25 Apr 2016 16:21:38
I approve Boston is a good Gasol destination but i don't think Memphis will approve to that return.

25 Apr 2016 14:27:31

NYK get Derrick Rose
Sign Derozan 4yr/ 90 mil
Sign D. Howard 3yr/ 50 mil

CHI get Rudy Gay, Afflalo, Calderon and Derrick Williams and 1st rd pick from SAC
Resign Gasol
Sign Mike Conley 4yr/ 80 mil
Let Noah Go

SAC get Jimmy Butler
Resign Rondo
Let Collison go
Sign Ish Smith 3yr/ 30 mil
Sign Harrison Barnes 3yr/ 70 mil

Rose/ DJ Augstin
Derozan/ Galloway
Carmelo/ Barnes
Porzingis/ Kyle O'Quinn
Howard/ Lopez

Mike Conley/ Calderon
Afflalo/ Jaylen Brown (#9) via SAC
Gay/ Mcdermott
Gibson/ Mirotic/ Derrick Williams
Gasol/ Skal Labissiere (#14)

Rondo/ Ishmael Smith
Meclemore/ Marco B/ Josh Hart (#56)
Butler/ Cassipi
Harrison Barnes/ Koufos
Cousins/ Cauly-Stein.

25 Apr 2016 16:22:50
Not enough for Butler.

25 Apr 2016 12:57:42
Cleveland: C Anthony
Sacramento: K Love
Knicks: D Cousins.

25 Apr 2016 14:07:51
Knicks fan?

25 Apr 2016 15:17:02
No :-)

Just looking for a C Anthony to Cleveland deal that Knicks fans would accept.

25 Apr 2016 18:06:32
Well Knicks would definately accept that! Lol. For me I'd trade Kyrie Irving for Carmelo.

Lebrons friend goes to Cleveland. Kyrie who doesn't seem to like his role on Cleveland goes to the Knicks to run with prozingus.

25 Apr 2016 18:06:56
My point I hear nothing about love wanting to leave. He got a great contract.

25 Apr 2016 02:16:34
Grizzlies get Lopez Beverly
Knicks get Butler Howard Dunleavy
Bulls get Harden Ariza Brewer
Rockets get Melo Gasol Bro's Afflalo Calderon

Dekker Harrell 14th for Schroder
Schroder/ Calderon/ Goudelock
Afflalo/ McDaniels/ Brogdon-43
Melo/ J. Smith/ Luwawu-37
Pau/ Tjones/ Beasley
Marc/ Motiejunas/ Capela

Beverly/ Chalmers/ Cousins-58
Stephenson/ Allen/ Adams
Batum/ Carter/ Hairston
Randolph/ Martin/ Green
Lopez/ Wright/ V. Maker-17th

Rose/ Brooks/ D. Murray
Harden/ Brewer/ Holiday
Ariza/ McDermott/ Snell
Mirotic/ Portis/ Bairstow
Noah/ Gibson/ Felicio

Grant for Ulis

Ulis/ Wroten/ Freddette
Butler/ Thomas/ Antetokounmpo
Deng/ Dunleavy/ Early
Porzingis/ Derrick-Will/ DevinWilliams
Howard/ O'Quinn/ Hernangomez.

25 Apr 2016 10:53:14
No easy grizzlies do this.

27 Apr 2016 20:57:29
Grizzlies do if they Resign conley.

24 Apr 2016 17:48:36
Cleveland: C Anthony
LA Lakers: K Love
New York Knicks: Russel+ Randle

Sign rondo
1) Try to sign K Durant in a sign and trade for Simmons or Ingram
2) or sign Derozian.

24 Apr 2016 18:31:44
Russell and Randle are garbage.

24 Apr 2016 18:41:18
Garbage? That's too much.

24 Apr 2016 20:31:26
Russel and Randle is a lot for K Love, but they can't bring Durant to LA. K Love and Rondo could give it a shot.

24 Apr 2016 21:18:53
Knicks rather have love.

24 Apr 2016 21:37:38
I think Russell more valuable then Melo. Melo should be able to carry the Knicks to the playoffs. He do got some help he just not performing and playing defense.

25 Apr 2016 02:42:04
Yet Russel lead his team to the second worst record in the league and his teammates hate him.

25 Apr 2016 04:43:54
Russell is a rookie, Carmelo has been in the league for how many years? And how many times has he won a championship? Or even made it to the Finals? Or even to the conference finals? FOH.

25 Apr 2016 04:45:04
Btw all everybody saying his teammates hate him looks dumb af. Nick Young might hate him but he's gone this offseason. And even if his other teammates did hate him they're probably gone as well.

25 Apr 2016 05:17:00
To small to defend SG and too slow to defend Pg. Why does everybody think of offense when judging talent. Russell = Lin, can't defend. Melo finally learned to play unselfish with worst starting pg and SG who can't create floor spacing in offense that requires spacing.

25 Apr 2016 12:19:47
That's great leadership- when the front office has to trade the entire team because they all hate and don't trust Russell.

Question- who would you trade Russell for straight up?

25 Apr 2016 13:34:39
Would you trade Russel for Wiggins?

25 Apr 2016 14:11:19
Nobody has to get traded as they're all free agents which is why it wouldn't matter if they did hate him, but they don't.

I would trade him for Wiggins cause he is already proven while Russell is still an unknown.

25 Apr 2016 14:38:08
He apologized to his teammates and they were fine and cool after so they don't "hate" him like the media is sucking everyone into. If young didn't CHEAT on Iggy, this wouldn't have been a problem. Both should've have learned their lesson by now.

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