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20 Dec 2014 21:09:48
Perfect trade for Knicks and 76ers

76ers trade their 1st (#1)

Knicks trade Hardaway and their 1st (4-5)

Phi drafts Johnson or Winslow

Nyk drafts Jahil Okafor

Knicks sign Goran Dragic and Ed Davis



Sixers say NO WAY. would you tradethe #1 0verall pick for hardaway and Johnson or winslow? neither would the sixers. horrible trade for philly. must be a knick fan.


Hardaway isn't enough to move up from 5 to 1.


Knicks can't trade their pick this year.

Boy Howdie





20 Dec 2014 18:21:43
Nets get Carmelo Anthony and Samuel Dalembert expiring

Knicks get Brook Lopez, Kevin Garnett expiring, and Bojan Bogdanovic




20 Dec 2014 18:16:29

Knicks get JJ Hickson and Randy Foye

Nuggets get Iman Shumpert and Andrea Bargnani






20 Dec 2014 14:54:30
Knicks plans :

1. tank this year : ok to rest Melo for some time and be fully healthy

2. get a top 5 pick
lets say #3 pick select Karl Towns Jr

3. offseason moves
expiring contracts are huge
Signings : Wes Matthews (4yr 52mil)
Paul Millsap (4yr 56mil)
Mo Williams (2yr 5.5mil)

Resign : Amare Stoudemire (3yr 15mil)

trade Jr Smith somewhere

Mo Williams / Jose Calderon / Shane Larkin
Wes Matthews / Tim Hardaway Jr / Thannasis Antetokounmpo
Carmelo Anthony / Cleanthony Early
Paul Millsap / Amare Stoudemire
Karl Towns Jr / Jason Smith / Quincy Acy


Great idea in theory. No chance of happening though




20 Dec 2014 14:37:43

Min trade N Pekovic , C Budinger
Min get K Garnett , S Randolph (waive) , 2015 1st round pick Phx

Phx trade S Randolph , G. Dragic , 2015 1st round pick
Phx get B Lopez , 2015 and 2016 2nd round pick Bkn Nets

Bkn trade K Garnett , B Lopez , 2015 and 2016 2nd round pick
Bkn get N Pekovic , C Budinger , G Dragic

Minnesota changed their mind already from retool to rebuild so they give up the contract of Pekovic


draft pick Towns or Okafor whoever available

Suns get the inside presence they need


Nets retool
>> if they can trade Williams alongside Anderson to Knicks for maybe Shumpert , Smith , Bargnani's contract and pick the better

it could be :


>> i'm also thinking remove the Suns pick and send the 2 2nd from Bkn to Min




20 Dec 2014 14:32:23

Magic trade: Harris,Green,Future 1st
Knicks trade: Anthony,Wear


Ridnour: 0.8 PPG
Marble: 0.1 PPG
Wear: 0.5 PPG
Nicholson: 1.0 PPG
Dedmon: 1.1 PPG
Fouenier: 12.8 PPG
Gordon 10.3 PPG
Harkless: 3.6 PPG
Frye: 8.4 PPG
O'Quinn: 7.5 PPG
Payton: 8.0 PPG
Oladipo: 16.0 PPG
Anthony: 25.8 PPG
A.Gordon: 10.4 PPG
Vucevic: 17.5 PPG

Suits Both Teams
-Magic get more scoring & experience
-Knicks get more potential to rebuild


Melo has a no trade clause. Do you really think he will waive it so he can go to Orlando? Yeah right.




19 Dec 2014 20:59:05

76ers get Wallace, Olynyk, Crowder, and a 1st rd pick

Celtics get Noel, Richardson, and a 2nd rd pick


Olynyk and a high pick for Noel. Unloading Wallace as well would cost more.


If it's bostons first rounder and its unprotected in 2015 then the trade works fine for both teams.




19 Dec 2014 18:23:13
What celtics shoulda done:

Celtics get Stoudemire, Calderon, Hardaway, and a 1st

Knicks get Rondo, Wallace, and Bass

Celtics get better value, big expiring contract, and a young player




19 Dec 2014 15:48:47
More Boston moves


Boston get Greg Monroe and Jonas Jerebko exp

Detroit get Dallas' 2nd rd picks , Jameer Nelson and Jeff Green

Celtics bigs become deep in young talents they must resign Monroe to a 4yr 60mil deal

Detroit get their starting SF and Jameer will be reunited with SVG


Boston-New York

Boston get Shane Larkin and Andrea Bargnani exp

New York get Phil Pressey , Brandon Bass and Vitor Faverani

Boston would want another young piece and Larkin can be a good back-up for Smart

Knicks badly need some defensive effort inside and Bass will fit in


Smart / Larkin
Bradley / Young
Turner / Crowder / Wallace
Monroe / Wright
Sullinger / Olynyk / Zeller
this roster + a lot of picks will give them a good future


Pistons want high energy guys according to SVG in an article today. Nelson doesn't fit that roll and they have three PGS already on the roster. Smith, Singler and Jennings for Green and maybe Sullinger is a deal Detroit can live with.


^@ totellthetruth. Boston won't do that now that rondos gone. Maybe Jennings, singler, future 2nd for green.


I can agree with that. A more pausible trade. Detroit doesn't want bostons garbage Nelos is garbage. But I would trade Jennings and Singler future second for Green.




19 Dec 2014 15:45:06

SVG reportedly wants high energy guys, Kings need bench scoring and knicks want as much flexibility as possible in F.A. in offseason

Knicks send J.R. To the kings
Knicks send Acy to the pistons

Det send DJ Augustin to kings

Kings send Derrick Williams to Knicks(exp contract)
Kings send Reggie Evans to Detroit

Not a big splash trade but could be good for all parties involved


Yes I read that article as well. Acy is an alright player who plays with a lot of energy no outside shot. They have better players and younger players then Reggie Evans on the roster Jonas comes to mind. The Kings don't want Augustine they have PG's. Fact is Boston is a better target for a Smith and Jennings trade.


I definitely agree jonas is much more complete player but I wouldn't be surprised to see him walk this year as far as Augustine goes arguably sessions isn't the player they thought he would mccalum leaves a lot to be desired as far as Boston goes why would a rebuilding team with a young pg they plan to develop to be the guy take Jennings 8mil contract or smith 7mil wouldn't you think those guys are more likely to go to teams who are One or two pieces away from contending. All really solid points though




18 Dec 2014 20:27:42
Celtics trade Rondo, Wallace

Receive Amare, Hardaway Jr, right to swap
1st Rd pick this year or 2017

Knicks trade Amare, Hardaway, Shumpert.

receive Rondo, J Richardson

76ers trade J. Richardson

Receive Wallace, Shumpert.

Boston gets out of Wallace contract, a prospect, and potential move up in pick. 76ers get Shumpert to take over Wallace contract.


No thanks from Sixers. Plus rondo was just traded.




18 Dec 2014 17:22:15

Knicks send Dalembert and Shumpert to Cleveland
Knicks send Jose Calderon and 2018 1st to Boston

Cavs send Dion and draft pick to Celtics
Cavs send Alex Kirk to Knicks (Salary matching)

Boston send Rondo to Knicks

Cavs get perimeter stopper they need with high future upside can go over cap to resign with bird rights, also they get a backup rim protecter which they're seeking with an exp contract

Boston gets sg of the future (let Thornton walk in FA) also get good backup pg to smart who can help him develop into the elite player he's expected to be

Knicks get a defensive and rebounding pg with pass first mentality, trade J.R for anything expiring can resign rondo at market value approx 15 mil py? Still have cap space to add max player depending on needs after draft and a 10 mil per year player

What do you think?




18 Dec 2014 14:42:44

BOS get: Brandon Wright, Kevin Garnett (exp), 2015 1st DP from Mavs, & 2x Future 2nd DP BKN

BKN get: Kelly Olynyk & Raymond Felton

DAL get: Rondo




18 Dec 2014 14:19:53
Knicks need to

Hardaway for lamb okc 1st

Hardaway missing shooter for OKC title run

Calderon Prigioni for Nash

Calderon will attract Marc with Kobe final run

Bulls get Shumpert Melo Early
Knicks get Bledsoe Gasol Gibson Snell
Suns get Mirotic McDermott Kings 1st

Rose JrSmith Butler Melo Noah-nba finals

2015-16 Knicks offseason
buy a 2nd
sign Gerald Green & Arron Afflalo 4yr 44mil
resign Acy vet min & Amare 2 yr 20mil

Green/Thanasis/LeBryan Nash-pick up
Okafor-2nd/Gasol/AJ hammons-48th






18 Dec 2014 14:16:30

Knicks get David Lee

Warriors get Amare Stoudemire

Knicks add 2nd building block behind Melo

Warriors get a serviceable big with huge expiring deal




18 Dec 2014 13:57:00
if the Celtics are to trade Rondo , they should chase better assets than what the Mavs or Lakers or Rockets can give , Kings really has young talents and some good picks to give up, and as Detroit wants to unload Josh Smith this would be the deal here :

To Boston : Ben McLemore , Greg Monroe , JJ Thompson , 1st round pick from Sacramento

To Detroit : Jeff Green , Darren Collison and Derrick Williams

To Sactown : Rajon Rondo and Josh Smith

possibly add about 2M more salary or cash to Boston from Kings to match salaries

* Celtics get youth here and additional pick in the future
* Pistons unload Smith and Monroe (who probably don't sign back with them) while getting 2 decent SF's and their PG if they can also trade Jennings somewhere
* Kings want to contend , with buddies Rondo and Smith coming to town , with a good coach and system , their core definitely can compete in the west , maybe sign a couple of decent players from free agency

Celtics future
resign Monroe to a 4yr 60mil contract

is not a terrible starter in a rebuilding team with Olynyk , Zeller , James Young and McLemore + their pick in 2015 draft seems like bright future

well rebuild with this , try to unload Jennings for a pick




Very interesting trade. Detroit would get what they want, they would have to try and make a deal with NO for Anderson it might take a three team to get it done because they have to get rid of Jennings or just send Jennings as part of the Boston trade instead of the second round pick




18 Dec 2014 07:56:13
NY Knicks trade: Melo and JR Smith

LA Lakers trade: Kobe, Randle and draft pick




18 Dec 2014 05:05:07
ORL-NYK trade

NYK receives
- Tobias Harris
- Luke Ridnour
- Kyle O'Quinn
- Maurice Harkless

ORL receives
- Iman Shumpert
- Shane Larkin
- Amare Stoudmire


So orlando give up their best scorer, great backup big, an alright wing bencher, backup pg for two injury prone players and a bench pg keep dreaming Knicks fan

Galaxy Gordon

Knicks actually say no to this , they only get Tobias Harris here , they don't need Harkless , they have Hardaway and Early and losing Stat's contract is not a good idea at this point


I'm actually a Magic fan lol




17 Dec 2014 22:18:41
Trade idea:


Boston gets Jennings, Monroe, Butler, Datome and 2n round pick.

Jennings - Smart -Pressey
Bradley - Thorton - Young
Turner - Butler - Wallace -Datome
Sullinger - Bass - Powell
Monroe - Olynyk - Zeller

Detroit gets Rondo, Green and Faverani.

Rondo - Augustin - Dinwiddie
KCP - Meeks
Green - Singler - Martin
Smith - Jerebko - Mitchell
Drummond - Faverani - Anthony




17 Dec 2014 06:21:38
Nets blow up:

Trading Joe Johnson and Mason Plumlee to Mavs for Monta Ellis.

Trading Deron Williams, Sergey Karasev and Mirza Teletovic to Knicks for Carmelo Anthony and Iman Shumpert.

Trading Kevin Garnett to Warriors for Marreese Speights

New Look Nets:
Brook, Speights, Melo, Ellis, Jack + Bogdanovic, Shumpert

Knicks get D-Will and Teletovic for building a better team overall. Mavs get johnson and Plumlee, two great pieces.

Garnett will be more at home in the west, and with the chance of a championship with Warriors, he is more than likely to pursude such a deal.


Mavs not trading ellis


Yeah. Apparently for some reason Monta Ellis is the most Untradeable player in the NBA. No matter what kind of trade I have him in whether it brings in a better player or young players and draft picks it gets like 2 believabes and 25 unbelievables


Trading ellis are you crazy johnson,plumlee,Garnett, two first an they don't have.or ellis going to get max,wright 10.5 nether injury prone very efficient,felton is getting up to par ready for come back year so lopez,Johnson, Garnett, two 1st 16-17 ellis is in his prime on fire,wright too

true mavs 41

Lee for Garnett instead of speights to make the salary work, and then the Nets would have to add a little


Ellis is a beast and on a good contract, why would the mavs trade him?




16 Dec 2014 23:32:19
This sounds like a lot but its very beneficial for everyone.

OKC Gets:
C:Greg Monroe
C:Cole Aldrich
PF:Jonas Jerebko
SF:Caron Butler
PG:Brandon Jennings

DET Gets:
PF:Admire Stoudimire
PF:Serge Ibaka
SF:Cleanthony Early
SG:Tim Hardaway jr
PG:Shane Larkin

NYK Gets:
C:Steven Adams
C:Joel Anthony
PF:Mitch McGary
SF:Kyle Singler
PF:Josh Smith
PG:Reggie Jackson

New Look OKC!!
PG:Russell Westbrook,Brandon Jennings
SG:Jeremy Lamb,Andre Robertson
SF:Kevin Durant,Caron Butler
PF:Jonas Jerebko,Nick Collisons
C:Greg Monroe,Cole Aldrich,Kendrick Perkins

I think Caron Butler makes a large impact he has been playing well in crappy Detroit!


I wish this would happen for Detroit


You made OKC worse, interior defense gone


The Pistons have KCP and Meeks now you give them Hardaway?




16 Dec 2014 23:25:27
Celtics Get:
-Nerlens Noel
-Jrue Holiday
-2015 1st Round Pick(Pelicans)

Sixers Get:
-Marcus Smart
-2016 1st Round Pick(Celtics) Top 5 Protected

Pelicans Get:
-Rajon Rondo

Pelicans Roster
Rondo - Freddette - Smith
Gordon - Rivers
Evans - Babbitt - Salmons
Davis - Anderson - Cunningham
Asik - Ajinca - Withey

Celtics Roster
Holiday - Pressey
Bradley - Thornton - Young
Green - Turner - Wallace
Sullinger - Olynyk - Bass
Noel - Zeller

Sixers Roster
Smart - Wroten - Shved
MCW - McDaniels
Covington - Thompson
L.R. - Grant - Sampson
Embiid - Sims
*Embiid is still out, and it is still uncertain when he will return

This Trade gives the Celtics a team that will be successful in the future and now, the Celtics are among the worst in the 4th Quarter, and giving them a legitimate shot blocker and rebounder, and giving them a good shooter, will really help the team

This Trade gives the Pelicans a legitimate defensive guard in Rondo, and they get an amazing passer in Rondo, they get a lethal 1-2 punch with Davis and Rondo, and I would for sure see Rajon Rondo resigning in New Orleans because he has the opportunity to play alongside Tyreke Evans and the MVP Canidate, Anthony Davis

This Trade gives the Sixers a guard who can play alongside MCW and would make a great future with the team, they also can get one of the dominant big men in this years draft who could play alongside Joel Embiid, and not clog the paint, they also get a pick in next years draft which might be pretty good


NBA Easy Breezy

Actually this trade makes a lot of sense. A lot of big young names switching teams but it could happen for sure. Only problem I see is Sixers and Celtic making a deal givin the fact that they're in the same division. If this works both teams will be playing against the other team a lot. Teams don't like to help division rivals. Other then that it really does make sense. I'd like the pick the Sixers get to be unprotected though. That's the only change needed to make the deal solid. Good job.


20 Dec 2014 03:27:19
So the Pels give up a young talented PG and a pick to get a descending skills PG? Seriously?




16 Dec 2014 17:52:52

Boston get Brook Lopez and Corey Brewer


Wolves get Avery Bradley and Kevin Garnett


Nets get Nikola Pekovic , Jeff Green and Chase Budinger



Easily a no for Twolves with out a 1st rounder included

i love Disney

Easy yes for Minnesota


Boston says nah




16 Dec 2014 17:41:52
Melo and THJ not getting along. Knicks need a point. let's do this

Knicks get Reggie Jackson and Kendrick Perkins exp

Thunder get Tim Hardaway Jr. and Jose Calderon

Knicks address their locker room issues and get their PG of the future who will average 20/5/8.

Thunder get their starting shooting guard and a pass first back up PG.

Starting 5
PF. Ibaka
SF. Durant
C. Adams
PG. Westbrook

End of game 5
PF. Durant
C. Ibaka
SG. Westbrook
Pg. Calderon


Reunite THJ and McGary


Add Roberson and Dalembert




16 Dec 2014 14:53:56

Knicks get Reggie Jackson and Josh Smith

Thunder get Greg Monroe and Jr Smith

Pistons get Tim Hardaway , Kendrick Perkins (exp) , 1st rd pick OKC Thunder , Perry Jones III

Knicks get needed PG and defensive PF


Thunder shoot for championship


Pistons rebuild getting what they would need for Monroe while unloading Smith's bloated contract

Jones III/Jerebko/Martin

next season let Perkins and Jerebko walk
sign Paul Millsap 4yr 56mil

Millsap/Jones III/Martin


I like Hardaway but last I looked he is not strong enough to handle the SF, more of a SG. Perkins does nothing for this trade the Pistons don't attract top FA so the exp means nothing. The first round pick will be one of the last five in the draft, Jones is more of SF which is good. Milsap is not going to come to Detroit he is going to go where he can win a title.




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