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24 Apr 2015 00:21:06
-- Knicks get: Lance Stephenson and 20th pick

(Draft Jahil Okafor and Kris Dunn)
(Sign Greg Monroe and Jae Crowder)
( TRADE: JR Smith TPE for JJ Hickson)

-- Hornets get: Terrance Ross, Patrick Patterson, Shane Larkin, and future Raptors protected 1st round pick

(Draft Cliff Alexander)
(Sign Danny Green)

-- Raptors get: 9th pick and Gerald Henderson

(Draft Stanley Johnson)
(Sign Brandan Wright)

Jose Calderon / Kris Dunn / Galloway
Tim Hardaway Jr. / Lance Stephenson
Carmelo Anthony / Jae Crowder / Cleanthony Early
Greg Monroe / JJ Hickson
Jahil Okafor / Cole Aldrich

Kemba Walker / Shane Larkin
Danny Green / PJ Hairston / Troy Daniels
Michael Kidd-Gilcrist / Terrance Ross
Patrick Patterson / Marvin Williams / Noah Vonleh
Al Jefferson / Cody Zeller

Kyle Lowry / Grevis Vasquez
Demar Derozan / Lou Williams
Stanley Johnson / Gerald Henderson / Bruno Cabolco
Amir Johnson / James Johnson
Jonas Valcunias / Brandan Wright / Lucas Nogueria

24 Apr 2015 11:58:42
No from T.O

24 Apr 2015 17:10:20
keep it simple
Calderon Hardaway for Stephenson Daniels 39th

sign Jefferson & Monroe 4yr 64mil Sims for MLE

draft D'Angelo Russell-1st Robert upshaw


24 Apr 2015 17:26:40
I doubt very much that Boston will let Crowder go, he's a RFA and Boston will match any contract anyone gives him.

23 Apr 2015 16:16:26

MIN Trades: 2015 First Round Pick (Top 1 Protected)
NYK Trades: 2015 First Round Pick (Protected 2-3)

This is a very interesting trade that won't happen, but would be very interesting

24 Apr 2015 13:36:49
Why would the team that has the higher pick make this trade without an additional asset thrown in? They both want the same two players.

24 Apr 2015 13:41:17
I don't get it? The first pick for the second or third pick?

24 Apr 2015 14:19:43
Makes no sense

24 Apr 2015 15:25:56
It's a terrible trade,Minnesota is more likely to lose their pick than New York

22 Apr 2015 23:21:54
after Knicks draft Jahlil Okafor

Knicks get Kevin Durant and Jeremy Lamb

Thunder get Jahlil Okafor, Rudy Gay, and Tim Hardaway Jr.

Kings get 2016 unprotected Knicks 1st round pick, Enes Kanter, Cleanthony Early, and Jose Calderon

PF. S. Ibaka/ M. McGary/ P. Jones
SF. R. Gay/ T. Hardaway Jr/ K. Singler
C. J. Okafor/ S. Adams/ N. Collison
SG. D. Waiters/ A. Morrow/ A. Roberson
Pg. R. Westbrook/ D. Augustine/ C. Payne #14 pick

23 Apr 2015 13:46:10
Knock can't trade consecutive first rounders. If they even have a first rounder next year.

23 Apr 2015 14:48:17
Raptors own Knicks 2016 1st, First pick Knicks can trade is 2018 (or '17 at the draft).

23 Apr 2015 22:04:54
Knicks don't have/cant trade their 2016 pick. And they are not giving up that much for someone who could potentially come for free AND plays the same position as their current best player. They would be better served finding a floor general and some size up front. If SOMEHOW, they are able to sign Gasol and monroe(i realize that's a HUGE if), i'd draft mundiay and consider that a championship contender.

22 Apr 2015 10:25:31
Boston-Oklahoma City

Boston acquired Serge Ibaka and Jeremy Lamb
- rim protection that Boston is needing

Oklahoma City acquired Jared Sullinger, James Young and 1st round pick 2015
- hard to lose Ibaka, but this package will be good enough for him

-sign Khris Middleton

M. Smart / I. Thomas
A. Bradley / J. Lamb / C. Babb
K. Middleton / E. Turner
S. Ibaka / 1st round pick via Nets
T. Zeller / K. Olynyk

- solid defensive team but not lacking on offense. deep bench with gunners around



22 Apr 2015 01:08:12
Bucks get Knicks unprotected pick (probably top 3) and Jose Calderon

Knicks get Greak Freak, Michael Carter Williams, Jared Dudley, and #17 pick

22 Apr 2015 15:36:36
Knick fans.

22 Apr 2015 16:13:13
Not going to happen Knicks lover. Greek Freak is their best player and they just trade for MCW and the Knicks are not going to give up their lottery pick either. Nobody wants Calderon.

22 Apr 2015 20:04:39
its not like LeBron is in this draft. Horrible

23 Apr 2015 02:07:27
For one i'm a thunder fan and for 2 Greak Freak is overrated and you guys are crazy for thinking he's worth more than the top pick in the draft

21 Apr 2015 04:12:05
Knicks win Lottery.
Trade #1 Lang Galloway and Jose Calderon to Sacramento for DeMarcus Cousins.
Sign Greg Monroe, Wes Matthews and Reggie Jackson

21 Apr 2015 15:30:23
I'm sorry alexstorm1 but Reggie Jackson Going to re-sign with the Pistons boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

21 Apr 2015 17:35:58
if alex idea unbelievable it won't b/c jackson will resign. maybe he would join team mates in NY. Cousin deal seems more improbable

22 Apr 2015 02:28:34
Kings need a lot more than that

20 Apr 2015 18:09:13
New York Knicks

Jose Calderon for nothing

Karl-Anthony Towns

Alexey Shved, Andrea Bargnani, Cole Aldrich, Lou Amundson and Quincy Acy

Reggie Jackson, Greg Monroe, DeMarre Carroll, Doron Lamb and Thanasis Antetokounmpo

Pg Jackson, Shved, Galloway
Sg Carroll, Hardaway, Lamb
Sf Anthony, Antetokounmpo, Ealry
Pf Monroe, Bargnani, Acy
C Towns, Aldrich, Amundson

21 Apr 2015 13:03:36
Might sound weird to you, but you will not get nothing for Calderon. Best case scenario is you trade him for a guy who has a contract that is a little less

21 Apr 2015 15:52:46
Caroll not sg and bargnani and cole are garbage.

20 Apr 2015 16:58:26
Cats get Adams Melo Early Hardaway
Knicks get Durant Stephenson Jefferson C.Payne-14
OKC get MKG Okafor-2nd Stanley Johnson-9th



Calderon for Dal 2nd sign Monroe 4yr 64mil

21 Apr 2015 14:03:16
Do you really believe OKC would trade Durant and Adams for that package! Wow, thanks for making us Knicks fans look bad.

21 Apr 2015 16:42:33
2 top 10 picks save money for small market team former 2# overall for guy who might not stay seems fair

19 Apr 2015 13:00:22
New York trades #2 pick and Tim Hardaway Jr to Philly for Nerlens Noel

19 Apr 2015 14:19:50
I don't think the Knicks would do that. They have very few assets. I"m pretty sure they don't have a first rounder next year. Why wouldn't they just keep Hardaway and draft Towns or Okafor? That would leave them with two talented players, not one.

The Knicks and Sixers are NOT good trade partners. The Knicks should be drafting a big man at 1 or 2, so trading out is not an option unless they get overwhelmed by a trade offer to get at Towns or Okafor.

That trade offer will NOT be coming from the Sixers since they have two young bigs they're happy with.

The Sixers, meanwhile, have plenty of assets and don't need to do a deal in which they remove a player they like in the hope of getting a player they like.

19 Apr 2015 16:18:23
I agree with phillyrich1, knicks and sixers are NOT good trade partners.

19 Apr 2015 18:05:51
Yeah all around not worth it. Rather keep towns or okafor on a rookie contract for two years longer than Noel. Also, Noel needs to gain size and offense. Both towns and okafor have that.

19 Apr 2015 03:39:59
Embiid Sims 43 for Towns Early

Sixers fans feel great about Noel. I have to think a healthier Okafor and Towns has more to offer than Embiid . Still can draft Russell with 3rd pick. Saric 1 more


Knicks fortunate enough win lottery. They realize the risk of getting Embiid with injury might worthy getting more polished player than Towns or Okafor.Hardaway for S. tephenson. Calderon to Dallas for 2nd sign Jackson 4yr 40mil Monroe for 4yr 60 mil


19 Apr 2015 13:11:57
Knicks would never do this.

19 Apr 2015 15:07:18
Embiid is much better then okafor and towns so far. Not a chance of the Sixers trading him for so little. Embiid would go number one in this years draft. He can shoot. He can play back to the basket like okafor. I and he's an instinctive defender who 7 foot tall. And of course he's more athletic them both okafor and towns while being over 270 pounds!! He's yet to play a game and the injury history is a concern but if healthy this guy is a game changer.

19 Apr 2015 16:20:19
similar to an above post, knicks ad sixers are horrible trade partners. Assets and needs don't match well.

19 Apr 2015 23:07:12
Key point. If healthy. Never has been. Fined massively by sixers for refusing to do rehab or conditioning. Again, how is embiid better? Lol. Knicks pass. Embiid will be a bust. Until he isn't, he is. So stop saying he's better. Or has done more. Towns and okafor have no injuries. No attitude. And have led their teams to success. All embiid has failed at. Enjoy that. Greg oden with an attitude.

20 Apr 2015 13:55:36
As a Knicks fan, I would rather have Towns than Embiid. If it's Okafor, I may be more open to having the discussion.

No way Dallas takes back Calderon. If he's going to Texas, it's to Houston. More specifically though, Knicks are most likely stuck with him.

And adding Stephenson and Embiid could be ugly for locker room morale.

19 Apr 2015 01:50:17
76ers / Twolves

Say. the ping pong balls fall in sixers favor, and they get the #1 overall pick. Knicks pick second, and twolves pick third. Sixers take Towns, Knicks take okafor, leaving Minn without the frontcourt guy they covet. Sixers trade Towns and OKC's #1 next year for pick #3(Russell)and LaVine. I'm
trying real hard to get LaVine, Olidipo, or Parsons in Philly red, white, and blue next year. Sixers get their 6'5" twins in the backcourt(Russell and LaVine) and Twolves get Towns, a beast in a year under the wings of Garnett. Trade works well for both teams. Sixers have a 15.6% chance to get the #1 pick, Minn has a 25% chance. That's only a 9.4% greater chance of landing it. Its possible.

19 Apr 2015 13:12:48
You are impressively good at math!

19 Apr 2015 13:15:36
JVoug: I love the direction. I also want 6'5" twin towers in the back court. Two guys that are long, can defend, shoot, handle the ball. I want Joe Dumars and Isiah Thomas in MIchael Carter-Williams' body.

In your trade with Wolves, I think the pick would have to be the Miami pick Remember, the Sixers got that pick from the Wolves in the Thad Young trade. I think the Wolves might want it back. Plus, Lavine was the 13 pick and he's pretty good so the Wolves would want a selection better than 13, not worse. That would create a win-win for both teams.

If the trade was with Orlando, to move down from 1 to 5, that would add risk to the Sixers since they would no longer necessarily get their choice at 5. The price would be Olidipo. Maybe the Sixers get convinced to throw in a top second rounder or the OKC pick but no more than that. At 5 there is no guarantee they get Russell or Mudiay. At that point, the Sixers might trade back again and get Hezonja at the right spot.

Again, this is all if the Sixers are at 1.

19 Apr 2015 14:08:02
I think a starting 5 of
PG: LaVine
SG: Russell
SF: Saric
PF: Noel
C: Embiid
And a bench of TRobinson, Sims, Wroten, Covington, Grant, McCrae,
Plus. are own #1, lakers#1, and Miamis or OKC's #1(depending on which one goes in the trade) to bolster the team following next season.

19 Apr 2015 15:55:17
I like it

19 Apr 2015 16:13:26
At this point, I don't think the Wolves want to trade Lavine. They really like Lavine and I don't think they're going to move him just to get Towns

19 Apr 2015 16:14:07
And the odds really aren't in your favor anyways so stupid scenario

19 Apr 2015 18:55:31
I prefaced the entire post by giving the odds. Not in my favor, but only a 9.4% difference then Twolves getting the pick. Sorry you didn't like the scenario. Stupid reply wolvesfan.

19 Apr 2015 23:10:38
Embiid can't stay healthy. Noel is too thin within no offense. Saric is too slow to be a 3. Lavine isn't a winning pg. Russell is unknown. Perhaps Noel can improve. But besides Russell and Noel, not much potential sorry, long shot pipe dreams that go against nba history as far as injuries and abilities are concerned.

19 Apr 2015 23:41:49
I think there is a chance the Twolves take Russel if they pick 3rd. They all ready have 3 PF's on the roster, KG, Payne and Bennett plus rumor has it that Nemanja Bjelica is coming next year. No way they trade LaVine to move up 2 spots.

20 Apr 2015 16:00:44
Disney: The Wolves should take Okafor or Towns. The Wolves stink. KG is not a long term solution. Bennett is not any type of solution. Payne I'm willing to give a chance to.

So take the big guy be happy.

OR, trade out of that spot and pick up some assets. You can still get a very, very good swingman to go with Wiggins down at the 7-8 slot. Or move back just a bit and take Russell or Mudiay to go with Wiggins. That can be had down to the 4 slot.

19 Apr 2015 01:33:55
Celtics get Demarcus Cousins, Derrick Williams

Kings get 3 1st round picks, Jared Sullinger, Marcus Smart and Tyler Zeller

Celtics waive Gerald Wallace and Derrick Williams
Celtics sign LaMarcus Aldridge to MAX
sign Paul Pierce back
sign Samuel Dalembert vet min
sign Darius Morris min
sign Ronnie Brewer min

I. Thomas / P. Pressey / D. Morris
A. Bradley / J. Young
P. Pierce / E. Turner / R. Brewer
L. Aldridge / K. Olynyk
D. Cousins / S. Dalembert

18 Apr 2015 23:19:28
New York Knicks dream summer

Trade Jose Calderon for 2nd round pick

Draft Karl-Anthony Towns

Resign Alexey Shved, Andrea Bargnani, Cole Aldrich, Quincy Acy and Lou Amundson

Sign Wesley Matthews, Greg Monroe, Patrick Beverley, Doron Lamb and Thanasis Antetokounmpo

Pg Beverley / Shved / Galloway
Sg Matthews / Hardaway / Lamb
Sf Anthony / Antetokounmpo / Early
Pf Monroe / Bargnani / Acy
C Towns / Aldrich / Amundson

18 Apr 2015 05:43:07
New York trades #2 pick and Jose Calderon to Philly for Nerlens Noel, Jerami Grant and Henry Sims.
New York signs Reggie Jackson, Wes Matthews, and Greg Monroe all in the 10 Mil market, and resign Galloway, Bargnani, Acy, and Aldrich

18 Apr 2015 14:27:30
First, the Sixers do not want Calderon. He's 33 and has $25 mil and three years left on his contract. He's a negative to this trade, not a positive. If the Knicks approached the Sixers about thim, the Sixers would respond that they would take Calderon and a draft choice and send the Knicks back a bucket of used socks.

Second, the Sixers would not trade Noel for the #2 pick in the draft? A healthy Noel arguably could have been the #1 pick in his draft. Now he's healthy, and growing and performing. Why trade that away for another guy that you'll have to try to grow into Noel, who is already 2 years ahead?

Third, why would the Sixers then add Grant and Sims to the deal, given the above two points.

The Knicks are the worst franchise in the league for a reason. They have no assets to trade, their contracts are awful, their best players is a ball hog, and they don't even have their own first round pick in 2016.

They should be considering trading out of their spot and recouping draft picks for the future. Maybe they trade their top pick to the Sixers for some of the stockpile of first rounders they have. That makes more sense for both teams.

18 Apr 2015 14:40:57
Philly passes. Quickly

18 Apr 2015 16:51:10
too much invested in Noel to start another project. and Calderon is worthless and costly. Sixers say NO

18 Apr 2015 17:43:39
I'd consider Noel for the second pick and Tim hardaway jr.
Calderon is a negative value in the trade. So no way I take on his contract in a Noel trade. Sixer would use that pick probably to replace him the best they can.

18 Apr 2015 23:24:28
Philly rich.2 years, 15 mill. Where'd the extra year and 10 mill come from?

18 Apr 2015 23:28:22
Philly rich.Noel would not be top 2 in this draft. Mayyyyybe 3 or 4. The worst franchise is not even close to the Knicks. When's the last time philly had a winning season? Made the playoffs? Heck when did they win over 30 games in a season? Knicks draw free agents, philly repulses them. If the sixers were offered say okafor or towns and Calderon for Noel and 2 ok role players, they'd have to seriously consider it. Noel is great sefensively. Yet gets bullied down low. He has zero offensive game besides being a scrawny deandre Jordan. Stop being so mad about your awful franchise. It wasn't that bad of a trade lol.

19 Apr 2015 12:46:26
Yes, Pizza - it was awful.

19 Apr 2015 13:25:59
No boy. It wasn't. The Knicks wouldn't do this anyways. Noel is a solid prospect. Needs to add massive amounts of weight to not get bullied down under. Has zero offensive game besides dunks. He's a prospect and a couple years away at best.


1. Here's my reference for Calderon's contract. Actually, now that I look at it, I'm not so sure of the last year at $11m:

2. Regarding the worse franchise, I'm talking about as they are currently situated. History is history. I"m talking about talent, built up draft picks, cap space, culture, etc. And their best player is an ageing, injured, ball hog. I wouldn't take him on the Sixers with that contract if the Knicks put him in the limo and paid for the gas.

3. The Sixers would not trade Noel for the #2 pick in this draft. Why would they? To replace him with a big? They have him, they love him, they love his personality, how he fits their culture. No, they wouldn't do it.

4. Again, you value Calderon. The Sixers would see him as a negative. Haven't you seen the Sixers take on those players and receive picks just to absorb the money?

5. I'm not so sure the Knicks will attract free agents. They saw what happened with Amare S. when he got mixed in with Carmello. And we in Philly have lots of experience trying to find guys to fit in with our own ball hog- Iverson. NY is a tougher sell for FA than you think.

6. I'm not mad about my franchise. I have kind of enjoyed the experiment. The Cowboys pulled it off in the 80s. I understand philosophically where they want to go. It takes time. The youth coming out of the draft doesn't seem to really hit for 2-3 years. There are exceptions. But they're coming out very, very young.

17 Apr 2015 18:54:01
Magic get Towns Hibbert Mahinmi G.hill
Knicks get Vucevic E.Payton 5th 41st
Pacers get Calderon Frye T.Harris(s&t 5yr deal)51st

Pacers Roster

Magic Roster A.Gordon for Barnes

Knicks Roster sign Monroe

17 Apr 2015 21:02:01
Knock and Magic getting too much.

17 Apr 2015 21:52:13
I really hope "A.Gordon for Barnes" was a joke

18 Apr 2015 01:35:13
Kaminsky with the 5? Seriously?

18 Apr 2015 11:51:39
Magic get towns but at what cost hill is getting old and hibbert has been regressing by the time towns is ready they will need to replace hill and Hibbert the 1st pick in this draft isn't worth Vooch, Payton, Harris, Frye and the 5th that's way too much for a 1st pick. Magic get screwed.

17 Apr 2015 12:49:15
This is rough so if you got any ideas how to make it work please post them

Knicks get Vucevic and Magic 1st
Draft Winslow

Magic get Knicks 1st
Draft towns or okafor

Knicks sign rondo and sanders

Knicks starting 5
Rondo, Winslow, Melo, Sanders, Vucevic

17 Apr 2015 13:56:36
It's not a bad trade actually. I don't know why the Knicks would want either Rondo or Sanders though, especially Sanders.

17 Apr 2015 14:13:24
I'm a Knicks fan. This is terrible. I have no faith in Winslow. I think rondo is past his prime and over rated. Sanders is flat out worthless. So you have vucevic and melo. Vucevic only gets stats because again, awful team, someone has to. This creates a terrible team with very little upside. Rather keep pick. Hopefully get towns or okafor. And allow them to develop. Snag Monroe. Then work on the guards situation.

17 Apr 2015 14:22:51
NYK get: Nik Vucevic & Elfrid Payton
Sign: Greg Monroe & Jimmy Butler

pg. payton
sg. butler
sf. melo
pf. monroe
c. vucevic

ORL get: 1st Overall Pick, THJ & Jose Calderon
Draft: Okafor & Winslow

You sign Rondo & Sanders. i'm good.

pg. rondo
sg. olapido
sf. winslow
pf. gordon
c. okafor

17 Apr 2015 14:34:36
Makes a lot of sense for both teams.

Magic might need a bit more though Vuc has put up numbers that are as good if not better then what most think okafor or towns will put up. I think knock might have to give up a younger players as well. Maybe tmj?

17 Apr 2015 15:03:33
I don't think the Knicks would trade out of thst slot unless they got a big, young center. And I don't know why anyone with a big, young center would make that trade to get another big, young center.

Orlando should stay where they are and get the swingman to go along with Payton and Oladipo or find a PF (WCS?) to start next to Vucevic since I'm not sold on Aaron Gordon.

The Knicks should stay where they are and restart their franchise with Towns or Okafor unless someone throws assets at them.

17 Apr 2015 15:07:31
Vucevic is too much to move up 4 slots. Towns and Okafor are good prospects, but not can't miss. They are not worth this much, especially with Winslow likely available at the Magic's slot.

17 Apr 2015 16:30:54
This is a tough call I put rondo and sanders in to balance out the roster, but if your placing your hopes on towns and okafor I think melo will be past it before they are ready to compete so it's either trade and surround pieces for melo or trade melo and build with your draft pick this year.

17 Apr 2015 18:56:49
Totally disagree. Towns, yes. but Okafor has the offensive skill set and the size to average 15/10 as a rookie. Plugging that in as a center is substantial.

18 Apr 2015 03:01:26
If Rondo goes to the Knicks they will end up like the Nets. If the Knicks want to get better they need to dump Mello to a small market team, he's not made for the big stage.

18 Apr 2015 12:27:15
I am also a Knicks fan and I make that deal in a heartbeat if I can't get Towns in the draft.

The Knicks need rim and lane protection first and foremost, as that is currently their weak spot. Towns looks like he can be that player and is very good offensively as well. Okafor is not that defensive presence, and with Nik's game being further ahead, having the offensive skills that are more polished right now, and offering the same level of rim protection as Jalil, Knicks take Vucevic is a second, add the additional asset of the 5th pick, and look to sign a better lane presence in Free Agency (which means I don't sign Monroe either). I like Greg, but putting him, Melo and either Vucevic or Okafor in the frontcourt would be a mess defensively.

Question for me is, why would the Magic make this deal unless they can also get Towns, which then suggests the Knicks should keep the pick.

17 Apr 2015 06:00:32
After some of the recent Detroit Offseason posts I felt obligated to post:

Monroe is gone, probably to the Knicks and we are getting nothing in return.

Resign Reggie Jackson ballpark 4/$52mm

Go after Draymond Green ballpark 4/$52mm

Trade Jennings to Houston for Trevor Ariza. Jennings will need to prove he's healthy first so might be early next season.

Pick up Tolliver option.

Don't pick up Butler option.

Resign Anthony to vet minimum.

Prince probably goes elsewhere.

Draft best SF available, probably Hezonja or Johnson or Oubre. Personal preference is Hezonja.

Draft best big on the board with 2nd rd pick.

Ariza/1st rd pick
Drummond/Anthony/2nd rd pick

Shooting and defense both improve drastically. Probably a 5-6 seed in the east next year.

17 Apr 2015 13:50:38
Green would be a great signing to play the SF where he has had success lately but is versitle enough to play some PF as a situation determines. By the time Jennings proves himself healthy most teams will have solved their PG problems and that includes Houston. So I don't see that happening.

17 Apr 2015 14:00:08
Pretty good post, save for the fact that the Pistons or any other club are basically going to have to max out Green or the W's are most likely going to match.

17 Apr 2015 19:23:22
Even for the max, he's staying

18 Apr 2015 14:06:00
Both Jackson and Green are getting more than that, quite possibly the max.

16 Apr 2015 22:35:45
Knicks get G.hill P.George Hibbert 12th 29th 42nd 43rd
Pacers get D-Will Towns Jojo
Nets get Calderon Early

Pacers get top pick
Nets save 35 mil payroll
Knicks role the dice with exp over youth.

Hardaway Hibbert-exp
K. Martin Pekovic


17 Apr 2015 01:10:25
No from wolves

17 Apr 2015 14:05:41
No from everyone not named the Knicks.

17 Apr 2015 14:09:41
Hardaway for Terrence Ross


17 Apr 2015 14:21:03
Lol why would the wolves say no? Get rid of pek for an expiring contract and snag thj for Martin. I would say Knicks pass because they don't want to be stuck with peks massive contract.

16 Apr 2015 19:47:23
Pistons off season

S&T Monroe to the Knicks for the 2nd overall pick in the draft trade Jennings to the 76ers for the 3rd overall pick then sign Jackson to a 4yr contract

draft with #2 pick Winslow
with #3 draft WCS then with the #8 pick take Oubre with it and with the 2nd rd pick take one of the Harrison twins


16 Apr 2015 21:12:02
Just completely ridiculous.

16 Apr 2015 21:19:56
This is a joke, right? If not, this is potentially the worst post I have ever seen.

1) Monroe is worth NOWHERE near the second pick in the draft, and the Knicks have the cap space to just sign him without getting the Pistons involved.

2) Jennings is worth NOWHERE near the third pick in the draft. If Philly was actually interested in him (which I'm sure they're not), they're not going to give the Pistons a valuable asset to help them get out from underneath his contract.

To quote Charles Barkley "this post is turrable!"

16 Apr 2015 21:54:42
Add to that, Winslow at 2, WCS at 3. i'm sorry but this is the best posting on this site. EVER. this is just awesome. Thanks!

16 Apr 2015 23:11:19
Sixers pass. If the pistons want to trade jennings to sixers then it would be for like 2 2nd round picks.

19 Apr 2015 06:45:20
Jennings for 2 early 2nds and we have a deal

15 Apr 2015 18:40:12

BOS get: Demarcus Cousins & Nik Stauskus

pg. thomas
sg. stauskus
sf. turner
pf. olynyk
c. cousins

DEN get: Marcus Smart & James Young

Draft: Hezonja (7th)

pg. smart
sg. young/hezonja
sf. chandler
pf. faried
c. nurkic

SAC get: Ty Lawson, Jared Sullinger, 2015 1st DP BOS & 2015 1st DP LAC (via BOS)

Draft: Willie Cauley Stein (6th), Devin Booker (15th), & Montrezz Harrell (25th)

pg. lawson
sg. mclemore/booker
sf. gay
pf. sullinger
c. wcs

18 Apr 2015 03:20:00
I think if Smart wasn't included and replaced with another draft pick plus Boston giving Wallace away paying for his contract this would be great for Boston. Boston needs D Cousins and they have plenty of money to do this and make it happen.

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