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13 Sep 2019 07:39:44
Since it works moneywise, it may forseen to happen! : ) Toronto has contracts to Restart in 2020, Detroit is focused for 2021 when the most contracts without Griffin end up.

- Detroit is stack in average and Toronto as well.

(1st) Dallas:
- Iguodala
- Lee and 3x 2nd picks

(2nd) Dallas:
- Ibaka
- Miller
- Iguodala
- Justin Jackson

(3th) Dallas:
- Drummond
- Thomas
- Ibaka
- Miller
- 1st picks

- Memphis finally get a 1st and 3x 2nd by dealing Iggy.

- Toronto get a veteran and a young shooter and have all the CAP in 2020.

- Detroit get strong Defender in the paint that may fit with Griffin well and 1st and have CAP in 2020/2021 since they may not max out Drummond in any case.

- Dallas gets the missing strong force in the paint and will have a lot of flexibility by using Hardaway, Curry, Thomas on demand.

Drummond, Powell, Boban
KPorzee, Maxi, Roby
LucaMagic, FinneyS, Broekhoff/Cleveland
Curry/Thomas, Hardaway
Wright, Brunson, Barea

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13 Sep 2019 10:26:18
How is Memphis getting s first for Ighy?

13 Sep 2019 15:38:09
Nobody will send a 1st for Iggy, he ist 35++ years. But 3x 2nd may be the best offer received from Grizzlies.

13 Sep 2019 18:19:51
"Memphis finally get a 1st and 3x 2nd by dealing Iggy. "

Your words, not mine.

13 Sep 2019 20:05:43
Yeap. Memphis would have received a 1st from Golden State and 3x 2nd from Dallas by transfering Iggy. So as often, you think very one dimensional and hence you do not understand deeper impact - or at least you do not want. Cheers.

13 Sep 2019 21:52:05
Okay, so the Golden State 1st is actually NOT "for Iggy". Its actually for renting $17 mil of Memphis's cap space. Now repeated reports are that Memphis wants (an additional? ) first rounder "for Iggy". The only time someone (Portland/ Utah/ Houston/ Toronto? ) might pay that price will be at the trade deadline, so Memphis is going to hold him (and probably not play him) until then.

14 Sep 2019 00:10:45
Oh you are a wiseheimer as well, it is not for Iggy, it is for CAP renting, crystal clear. How do Rockets, Jazz or Trailblasers or Toronto create the CAP to trade for him? Houston would like him for sure but neithder have CAP or a trade chip. Only minimum. And Toronto doesn`t need a elite defender, they need a mass scorer on the wing so they would always take Hardaway over Iggy right now. Do you understand this? Yeah man, think twice or as often it needs to - click.

14 Sep 2019 13:10:20
You don't need cap if you trade similar salary. For example, Houston trades Nene+House+trade exception+2020first rounder for Iggy seems very possible to me considering that Houston has Chandler to fill in for Nene and then still has their mid-level exception to sign someone to fill the vacant roster spot.

I can do simialr scenarios with the other teams as well. Iggy + for whiteside once Nurkic comes back is another scenario.

14 Sep 2019 14:06:16
Assumed you have reached out the 5th year and following in the school and maybe some main school graduation you should be able to do some math with figures above 1 to 10! House have 3,5 million, Nene has no contract, maybe he will sign for minimum of approx. 1,5 million. Trade exceptions you CANNOT add to the volume of a trade you can only use one trade exception to trade for one player. E. g. you have 11 million exception, you can sign any player with 11m per year or less by this trade exception. So many details. But Whiteside has a 2y with 28m each year contract. The math with Iggy that has 1year and 17 million does alos not work and why would Memphis take Whiteside at 28m for 2y? To block their CAP situation next summer and to block their rebuild?

So your comment is nonsense! Sry but it is. And by the way, you replay of all of my proposal. And have never read something different - than nonsense. It looks only like negative minded and sry again, clueless hater, Only to say it one time. Maybe you try your own proposals if you want to chat. And if you a really an NBA fan. But sorry, you look very unfriendly, your have first of all negative replies and you do not show skilled and your past posts are all nonsense.

My 2 cents.

14 Sep 2019 14:09:42
This proposals was nice, but I read some news and I have already another great idea! That will become posted soon! So stay tuned! Maybe you will become first time a fan of the next amazing proposal and you may post something senseful? Or not but maybe you stay out.

14 Sep 2019 16:39:40
You must be unaware thst Nene just resigned with Houston for 2 years $20 mil ($6 mil guarenteed) which makes his cap figure $10 mil for this upcoming year.

You were right about the trade exception. I often forget that they cannot be added to other players. So Houston would have to add Ben MacLemore to close the deal. Hard to verify at the moment because Nene's deal isn't showing on trade checkers yet (is on Spotrac thou) .

As for Whiteside, he is in the final year of his deal according to Spotrac. Also I said "Iggy+" for Whiteside. I guess that was not clear to you that I meant "Iggy + salary filler". Say Miles Plumlee with Portland tossing in Skal labrissiere to balance the salaries a little bit

So Portland deals goes Whiteside+Labrissiere+2020 first for Iggy+Plumlee.

So outside of the trade ecxeption, your rant falls on deaf ears. As for my "negativity", its only to bring balance to the fantastical, amazing proposals that you present.

14 Sep 2019 18:57:51
Indeed. Not Portland and only after 15 of December, but such a tricky contract with Nene may be only signed to trade for Iggy and I think Houston has 1 st 2025++ left.

14 Sep 2019 20:29:21
Actually Houston's 2020 first is available for trade or the worse of Houston/ Miami/ OKC 2021 first rounder is available for trade now according to RealGM.



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