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28 Jan 2020 14:17:50
Clippers - Mavs - Thunder

Clippers gets:
Noel (expiring)

Mavs gets:
2020 2nd (Thunder)
2021 2nd (Pistons via Clippers)

Thunder gets:
Lee (expiring)
Harkless (expiring)
2020 1st Clippers (Top 20 protected)
2025 1st Mavs (Lottery protected)

Clippers go all in and take on Paul's future salary. Noel has been great this season and can start for them instead of Zubac. After this they go after players in the buyout market, to get more depth.

Mavs add players that will help their defense and that fits well with Luka and Porzingis. They can still move these contract in 2021 in they want to go after big free agents.

Thunder are in a good spot as the 7th seed in the West and will make the playoffs. This move make them go in to full rebuild mode and save money. CP3 and Noel will be missed, but for a small market team money matters.

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28 Jan 2020 14:52:48
Mavs 2023 1st is protected into 2025, so the 2025 can't be traded.

28 Jan 2020 15:26:36
Take the picks out. There getting expiring contracts for paul so no picks needed.

28 Jan 2020 15:35:48
Dallas can trade their 2025 1st. Learn the rules.

28 Jan 2020 16:19:06
I love okc fans, they loose 1 game and they want to break the team up. They win a fews games in row and they want to be buyers in trading market.

Make your mind up because your not getting picks for cp3 unless your getting it from the desperate Knicks.

Ellington Payton Gibson Smithjr Trier 2 dallas 1st
cp3 Diallo Burton

Schroder/ Payton/ Smithjr
SGA/ Ferguson/ Ellington
Roberson/ Nadar/ Roby
Gallo/ Bazley/ Muscala
Adams/ Noel/ Gibson

CP3/ Ntilikina/ Allen
Barrett/ Diallo/ Dotson
Morris/ Bullock/ Burton
Randle/ Knox/ Brazdeikas
Portis/ Robinson/ Wooten.

28 Jan 2020 16:25:29
The rule is 2 years after the pick conveys, so the pick is actually a 2025-2027 pick.

28 Jan 2020 16:57:18
Dallas' 1st round pick to New York protected for selections 1-10 in 2023, 1-10 in 2024 and 1-10 in 2025; if Dallas has not conveyed a 1st round pick to New York by 2025, then Dallas will instead convey its 2025 2nd round pick to New York [Dallas-New York, 1/ 31/ 2019]

So explain to me how Dallas can trade their 2025 1st when it may already be promised to NY.

Not saying you're wrong. just please explain to me how this would work if the protections hold through 23 and 24.

28 Jan 2020 20:31:04
Salaried don't work. Clips taking on too much.

28 Jan 2020 21:15:37
won't get thru espn trade machine, but all 3 teams have trade exceptions around 10M. I guess this is why they pay guys huge money to know how to structure these kind of deals to work … i'm guessing there's some way with the trade exceptions to make this work.

29 Jan 2020 01:22:12
No thank you Shizzee, I like the team we have as constructed. I don’t want to see those crappy players on the Thunder. Okc would just look like the horrible teams the Knicks have been putting together for the past 10 years, even if you threw in those 2 1sts.
Presti would have jumped on it at the beginning of the season, but now he’s seen what kind of coach and mentor CP3 has been to our young/rebuilding team. He has become way more valuable to us than that offer. That team would immediately drop out of the playoff picture, this year, and the several more years after that. Plus, for the 1st time in a long time, the Thunder will & can afford to pay CP’s salary. They will drop over 32 million in salary next year & still have CP on the team. We’ll keep what we have and the Knicks can watch our playoff games from their homes.

Magsnusam - No, No, No
Okc will immediately fall out of the playoff picture if they get rid of CP3 & Noel & they shouldn’t be excited to take on those busted up old players to help give the clippers one of the strongest starting 5 and even more likely to become the NBA champions. Okc doesn’t need more 1sts. CP3 will be an All-Star again this year and his experience on & offf the court, moves this young Okc team forward by years. They are not trading key players on this team, for other teams crap players that they don’t even want, no matter how many picks that are tossed in with them. teams that are asking for picks for their own good players are usually in full rebuild mode, which is exactly what we all thought Okc was in & why they were asking for young players & picks prior to the seasons start.

Okc wants CP3 & CP3 is not asking out. This has become CP3 & SGA’s team. He’s worth every penny to Okc, they can afford to keep him, plus still have cap room to sign all those players with the picks they already have.

29 Jan 2020 13:45:15
Okc23 we all know Knicks are horrible. But OKC is not winning anything with this roster. Ehether your horrible or middle of the pack team, does it really make difference? Enjoy your 1st round exit. You know CP3 will be injuried by than.

29 Jan 2020 22:04:57
IM with you on this one they aren’t gunna give Paul up for that and I’d rather keep him as well

30 Jan 2020 02:39:52
Shizzee, I don’t get your logic, but that’s Ok with me.

Your right that Okc isn’t winning a championship with this roster & may take a 1st round PLAYOFF exit. But if you follow that logic then does that mean Utah, Denver, Dallas or Houston should start trading away their All-Star players to other teams just because they’re not going to win a championship either? And 1 or 2 of those teams will be getting bounced out of the 1st round also, because mathematically, that will happen.

The answer is basically Hell No.
If you got a team with a winning record that’s going to make the playoffs, then you’re putting butts in the seats & the owner is making $$$.
The players want to compete and win. No NBA player can stand the feeling of tanking. They feed off the energy of the fans and put out a competitive product on the court for them to get excited about.

None of those teams (Utah, Denver, Dallas, Houston) nor the Thunder, are going to trade away one of their best players for the Knicks crap leftovers.
I assume that’s what you were asking about having a “horrible team or middle of the pack, does it really make a difference?”

The difference is that the Knicks will probably get ANOTHER good draft pick(as if that has helped them yet), but all of their fans(and probably the players) have already given up on their season. There’s nothing for them to be excited about until the draft comes around, again.

The rest of those middle of the pack playoff teams that aren't going to win a championship, their fans are having fun watching their teams on TV and going to the games. It’s the best part of having a team that hasn’t already written itself off for another losing season.

FYI, if CP3 is injured by the playoffs, then that team on the court will be better prepared and better coached because of the experience CP3 will provide them from the bench than that team would be if he was on another team altogether.



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