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21 Mar 2023 02:24:22

Ime Udoka (still on the contract)

2025 1st round pick(top 5 protected).via Nuggets from Magic

Celtics get 1st round pick to unload Good Head Coach

Magic fire Jamahl Mosley

Ime Udoka still a good coach deserve another chance

Next season it's time for my team to become playoff team i'm tired of losing and tanking

Ime Udoka worth 1st round pick because of his coaching style and took Celtics to the Finals his first year

I wanted Magic to hire Mike Brown but Kings already hired him but they did pretty good

I don't trust Jamahl Mosley @ all I don't like his coaching style and his rotation and some games I've been frustrated about this dude

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21 Mar 2023 07:42:54
I don't think you have to give anything to acquire Udoka. He no longer works for Boston.
I would advise to keep him away from any of the women that work for the team.

21 Mar 2023 13:14:21
That's a gross overpay, even if he wasn't available. I'd rather look elsewhere if that was the price.

21 Mar 2023 22:06:45
Yes, and sign Josh Primo.

21 Mar 2023 23:43:05
Jamahl Mosely is doing a good job, and the players like him and trust him. You don't have to like him, but he's doing a good job. Udoka needs to stay away from Orlando.

22 Mar 2023 12:03:35
Not that I know one way or the other but why is mostly doing a good job? The standings vs expectations or national media expectations? Curious bc lack of analysis.

24 Mar 2023 03:31:28
@ahooper Magic have improved drastically from last year, still have an outside chance at a playoff spot, and the players are actually progressing. Mosely is doing a good job for Orlando, has he molded them into a championship contender? No, but progress has definitely been made.

24 Mar 2023 08:34:46
Still zero analysis about his actual coaching but that's cool I guess thanks. Wasn't aware of the standings.

24 Mar 2023 10:55:48
@ahooper I'm sorry. I didn't realize you wanted me to break down his coaching. Percentages of when he calls certain plays, time outs, etc.
SMH I said the team is progressing under his leadership, they have made strides in record and standings. You weren't aware of the standings? GTFOH with that. It's easily found. Google NBA standings, are the Magic at the very bottom? No? Then guess what? They are doing better.
I'm not going to break down every little nuance of his coaching style just to appease you. If it's that important to you, watch a damn game or STFU.



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