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24 Jan 2020 17:41:59
Okc gets Porter Jr, Markkanen

Chicago gets Gallinari, Roberson, 2 firsts of their choice

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24 Jan 2020 18:11:05
church why you are hurting okc. if those players were so good they would be winning in Chicago. maybe without the picks I consider.

24 Jan 2020 19:03:05
That’s not hurting Okc. Mark is probably a Gallo like player and on his rookie deal. Porter has size and immediately helps upgrade the wings.

Those picks can be DENVER and a protected one on top.

24 Jan 2020 19:12:06
Okc 2021 and latest Rockets pick?

25 Jan 2020 04:58:20
they would keep gallo then add picks they have already been offered al Horford and Zhaire Smith and a pick for gallo so no way is okc giving up pick idc if Roberson is in there or not it’s just not happening like I said once unless okc really gets what they like they would rather hold on to him and do a sign And trade next year okc is gunna get a very good return for him he is playing exceptionally well everyone that is a contender wants gallo he is a walking bucket getter I’d really like okc to keep him cause with the team okc has right now idc what anyone says they are about 2 good pieces away from being contenders if we had two more good scorers they would be set but they need to have some height to them and that can play good defense.

25 Jan 2020 11:05:57
I’m tired of people saying “They’ll just do a sign and trade”. The dude has made good money and will be an unrestricted free agent. If LA lakers stay as is, win, and offer him a one year vet min to win one, why not? Or if another team offers him similar money? Several teams will have money and could work out a one year deal with him. What reason does this sign and trade happen?

26 Jan 2020 02:57:30
He wants to be on a contender is all he said and no way in hell idc if la could Win a championship or not gallo is never gunna sign a vet minimum I’ll wager you on that one he is 31 and is gunna want good money the last good years he has in him

27 Jan 2020 00:03:52
If they did the sign and trade it be because they wasn’t offered enough to break up there success this year and they could do a sign and trade in offseason and end up getting way more in return and then okc could go in a different direction if okc does keep him I guarantee you Sam Presti is already sat down with him and have talked to him about that so if he don’t get moved that’s what’s going to happen but no way in hell will he sign with a sucky team and no way does he do a vet minimum he is gunna want good money I’d like to see okc keep him and see if he would take like 20 million to stay



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