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06 Feb 2020 10:48:45
Heat trying to get Gallinari/OKC added to the Iggy deal. This will be crazy interesting bc Heat are hard capped and lack picks (have already moved their 2025 1st to Grizz in this deal). I'm assuming if OKC makes a move(s) today it will be to trim their tax bill, so that makes Memphis adding a few million to make it all work.

Any guesses on the framework for this kind of deal? Seems fairly likely.


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06 Feb 2020 13:01:39
I don’t see what players Miami has that okc would want.

06 Feb 2020 13:06:34
Think Miami sends expiring like Dragic + one of the young rookies (Robinson? ) To OKC which gets OKC under luxury tax as well.

But Miami wants Gallo to sign extension before giving up a young talent on a rookie deal.

06 Feb 2020 13:23:22
No Pugh, by the time my trade ideas post on this site, the trade will have already happened.

Just sit back, relax and know that in a few short hours, all of your trade posts will mostly be behind you & you can see how it all turned out.

06 Feb 2020 13:29:21
The ESPN trade machine has me confused. reports indicate the Iggy deal hasn't been completed yet pending a bigger deal (Gallo) being added. yet the trade machine already has iggy on Miami's roster and Winslow on the Grizzlies.
If the trade hasn't closed there are more options available. but you won't be able to put them through the machine to test them.

06 Feb 2020 14:05:00
Wind. Its because if Gallo falls apart, Iggy is still going to be traded to Miami.

06 Feb 2020 14:51:53
Taking protections on that 2023 heat pick and a young player most likely Duncan Robinson and others to fill in the salary



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