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16 Sep 2020 12:10:17

Embiid for J.Brown + Smart


T. Harris for Paul


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16 Sep 2020 12:46:34
Boston won't trade either. Paul is in big demand and will get much more than a straight swap with Harris.

16 Sep 2020 13:20:40
I can’t see Boston doing that first one.

Is Paul in demand? I haven’t seen anyone outside of Thunder fans that think his value has really changed much. He’s still 36 making 84 million over the next 2 years.

16 Sep 2020 14:03:38
I wouldn't say that they wouldn't trade Brown or Smart. it just won't be to Philly. or any other Eastern Conference rival.

16 Sep 2020 14:17:03
You know, I always feel annoyed at these Postal comments, "OMG PAUL IS WORTH MOOORE", but I have to agree.

16 Sep 2020 15:31:50
I wouldn't give brown for embiid. embiid has talent and body but he doesn't use it. he hurts a lot and give up in the middle of the game. they can find a cheaper center. they have 3 first round picks and kanter they can get allen from nets.

16 Sep 2020 16:28:44
people say paul is worth more than that all the time because people like you think tobias harris and his HORRIBLE contract is enough. there's been like 8 teams rumored for paul. Its also not how much his actual value is, but how much people are willing to pay, and with so many teams in on paul (for good reason) whoever ends up trading for him will overpay.

16 Sep 2020 17:42:17
Boston is in the ECF don’t think they need to change up their winning team.

16 Sep 2020 18:36:40
Never made the "OMG comment" regarding Paul, just stating common sense like always. Glad you agree Doza.
BMiller, have you not seen numerous periodicals stating the Knicks, Bucks, 76ers, etc. are all interested in obtaining Paul? It's not Thunder fans saying it, it's all over the country.
My personal opinion would be to keep Paul and make him a player/ coach, but with his Union responsibilities I believe that would be too much. He'd be perfect though. Player/ coach for two years, then coach for the entire drafting and developing of all the picks they've obtained.

16 Sep 2020 20:21:33
Yeah, and those teams are rumored to give up little to nothing to get him. That’s why they’ll take him. No one is rumored to be offering a 24 year old borderline all star and an all defense guard for him. No one.

16 Sep 2020 22:01:05
You are uninformed BMiller. Please catch up on the current state of teams/ news before commenting. It makes you look foolish and wastes everyone's time. Like the comment that "only Thunder fans think Paul is worth more" when at least a half dozen teams are documented in vying for his services.

16 Sep 2020 22:03:43
BMiller, you're not even commenting on the right trade. It's Harris for Paul. Do you read the trades or just start trolling? C'mon man!



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