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05 Oct 2020 13:32:48
Raptor's and philly

Raptor's get Simmonds and neto

Philly get lowry and OG plus first round pick

Philly starts

Raptor's starters

Freddy resigned 4 years.
Ibaka resigned one year.

Raptor's would be set for 4 years as a championship contending team

Philly would be set for a win now but need to add a few extra players. By trading horford and or Harris

Bench players and key role guys would make this team tough to beat lowry and OG would bring the tough Defence and 3 point shooting

Horford can bring in a sixthman and another big.

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05 Oct 2020 14:39:42
I like this trade idea, but Philly should get an extra pick from Toronto.

05 Oct 2020 14:48:17
I'm not sure I do that if I am Toronto. They lose their flexibility in 2021 to sign Giannis. Lowry is the GROAT. OG is going to be one of the premier wing defenders the league has ever seen. Simmons cannot shoot, and the Raptors always use 5-out spacing.

05 Oct 2020 16:16:58
I agree with Darry. Lowry isn't going anywhere unless he asks out. and if they did this trade it would not include OG. unless Simmons shows some kind of desire to learn to shoot the ball I'd rather have OG in the lineup.

05 Oct 2020 17:19:45
The statement of “one of the best wing defenders the league has ever seem” is really over the top. Simmons is a better wing defender.

Taking OG over Simmons straight up seems like blind homer bias. If you surround Simmons with multi position shooters (exactly what Toronto would have), he’d be incredible. A Siakam/ Simmons pick and roll would be borderline impossible to stop. And they could run it with either player in either position.

05 Oct 2020 18:41:07
C'mon BMiller. That's saying that you saying "Simons's ceiling is McCollum and Little's ceiling is Covington" is ridiculous.
And Anunoby does have the potential to be a top-tier wing defender. He can guard Giannis, LeBron, Durant, Kawhi, and any other wing you throw at him. He can guard positions 1-5. He even has some handles now.

05 Oct 2020 19:43:13
Ceiling and “is happening” are very different. I wouldn’t have bet on Little or Simons hitting their ceiling. I still think Little’s ceiling is Covington/ Ariza. But he most likely is an extended rotation player. Seems like you’re convinced that OG’s floor is DPOY.

Simmons was first team all defense this year. I’d be somewhat shocked if OG was ever considered a better defender than Simmons.

05 Oct 2020 20:18:58
I would take simmonds over OG any day. Simmonds is larger and I would say a better defender. Unless OG learns a better offensive game he's never going to have more value then now.

05 Oct 2020 23:33:53
OG was snubbed from all-defensive 2nd team because apparently Bam is a forward. His realistic peak is Covington with handling ability. Simmons was all-defensive 1st team but offensively he cannot shoot and so will never be more than an all-NBA 2nd team player.
And Sivretsolide, what do you mean, Anunoby doesn't have an offensive game? He is an excellent catch and shoot player, can space the floor, and can get to the rim, and has a mid-range game. He can even handle.



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