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08 Nov 2021 19:42:46
76ers - Brown and Richardson

Celtics - Simmons Thybulle and Milton (add 1st if needed)

C's get their true play maker, they upgrade on the bench as well. Thybulle/Smart will be best perimeter defense team while Milton adds some more scoring back

76ers add a shot creator on the wing and solid 3&D vet



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08 Nov 2021 22:20:11
Boston inquiring about Simmons is believable, but if so they are probably exploring the possibility of a package built around Smart, young players, and picks, once Smart is eligible to be traded. Not that your trade isn't reasonable from a Boston standpoint value wise, but just look at that shooting. I can't picture Simmons and Smart in the same starting lineup, and adding Thybulle is just icing on the cake. The rumor is that Philly would want Brown, but he isn't on the table. Also, I don't see Boston removing R. Williams as the starting 5, unless he gets traded.

08 Nov 2021 23:29:44
yea let's start simmons smart thybulle tatum and williams and not be able to score.

08 Nov 2021 23:48:25
Al Horford is 36% career from 3
Tatum is 39%
Thybulle is average/ below average but can easily sub out for Neismith
Smart has shot around 35% from 3 past 3 years which is average and expect him to get back in a rhythm.

If 76ers declined Brogdon and McCollum they definitely wouldn’t take a package around Smart. If they don’t believe Tatum/ Brown could co-exist then Simmons sense like a decent option. Horford is a great center for him (not the PF that he was in Phi)

09 Nov 2021 00:02:59
The only issue with Horford is that he's short term. He obviously plays some center but not during the 30 minutes that Williams averages. Smart is a career 319 shooter from 3 and Thybulle 33. No matter how you say it that's a bad shooting team. They're not shooting well now and that's with Brown. I get what Philly has been rumored to have turned down, but we know what players like Harden and Vucevic have actually gotten. Just because they want an all star doesn't mean they will get one. A package built around Smart, young players, and picks can become very enticing especially if another team or teams get involved.

09 Nov 2021 00:11:13
It’s not a rumor when the Pacers have actually offered Brogdon and Blazers put CJ on the table. If Ben + players/ picks can’t get you an all star then how can a package around smart can?

Like I said you can start Neismith over Thybulle and swap Smart out in another deal. Potentially for someone like Malik Beasley


Problem solved with one extra trade. Twolves get their defender in between DLo and Ant.

09 Nov 2021 00:28:19
If Ben plus players/ picks can't get you an all star then how can a package built around Smart? I'm guessing you didn't mean to say that. Again, what did Harden and Vucevic fetch? Is Simmons worth more than Smart, R. Williams, Nesmith, and 3 picks? Other teams can get involved and trades can get done, when there's an honest desire to do so. Brown is not on the table in a trade for Simmons. That may take Boston out of the Simmons sweepstakes. If that's the case, so be it.

09 Nov 2021 01:11:05
fine trade smart for beasley I'm cool with that but you're still not addressing all the minutes robert williams is going to play. bench williams for horford all season? thybulle is also a low attempts guy from 3. I do not see smart getting you simmons unless its a 3 team deal and you send a bunch of young guys+picks to the other team who throws in a player philly really wants.

09 Nov 2021 01:20:49
let's say you get charlotte involved send hayward to philly along with smart. then celtics throw a 1st rd pick/ s young players +salary filler. and philly sends thybulle to charlotte. then boston still has to deal with the williams situation because they would need a stretch big unless simmons going to start to shoot.

09 Nov 2021 01:56:34
"Multiple league sources were adamant to MassLive. com that the Celtics have no interest in moving the All-Star Brown in the interim, particularly with him under team control for two more seasons at a below-market deal. 76ers general manager Daryl Morey has always aimed high in trade negotiations throughout his career but this is posturing will likely go nowhere given what’s happened to Simmons’ trade value over the past several months in the midst of his holdout. "

09 Nov 2021 01:59:22
10:54am: A league source tells Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald (Twitter link) that the report of the Celtics discussing a trade for Simmons is “untrue. ” This could be a matter of semantics — perhaps Boston checked in on Simmons, but isn’t actively engaged in discussions with Philadelphia.

For what it’s worth, Chris Mannix of SI. com (Twitter link) says the Celtics are “absolutely not” trading Brown for Simmons.

09 Nov 2021 02:38:27
I did mean to say it.

You just said Philly can’t get an all star level talent for Ben

How can C’s get one for Smart?

09 Nov 2021 02:39:33
76ers don’t want a defender. They want someone who can be the man to score on the perimeter.

09 Nov 2021 04:04:09
Can bring quotes or links all you want, I can provide some too lol.

09 Nov 2021 04:32:22
The value is about right but I can’t see it happening. Daryl Morey’s ego won’t allow him to move two young, valuable role players in addition to Simmons for Brown and Richardson. He’d demand multiple draft picks on top of that, which the Celtics wouldn’t do. On the other hand, the Celtics would be reluctant to trade Brown with two years left on a team friendly deal. They’d offer a package built around Smart and picks, which Morey would quickly deny. Just very unlikely that two divisional rivals decide to swap stars.

09 Nov 2021 09:36:55
NBA, I didn't say Simmons couldn't get an all star, you said it which is why I was questioning it.

If you can provide some thing that indicates Boston is willing to trade Jaylen Brown then please post it.

I am not saying that Philadelphia wants a package built around Marcus smart, but they could potentially want a player that a package like that can retrieve. If you want to concoct a trade that sends Simmons to Boston you have to get creative here.



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