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11 Mar 2023 06:10:16

Jaylen Brown

Kawhi Leonard

Jonathan Isaac
Derrick White
Jalen Suggs
#5 pick
#7 pick
2025 first round pick (top 5 protected).via Nuggets from Magic

Carter Jr



Clippers draft Thompson & Whitmore

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11 Mar 2023 11:02:13
Boston wouldn't trade Brown for Leonard before, they're certainly not going to do it now plus adding White. He misses too many games. You can have Brown but it'll take Franz and Carter Jr. Yes Brown needs a new contract soon but that's the risk you take to acquire an elite scorer with no issues who's entering his prime.

11 Mar 2023 13:44:48
Nightcap no thanks *hung up the phone *.

11 Mar 2023 14:04:10
Magic doesn’t have to unload Franz & Wendell in any deal

Because Jaylen is expiring which means one year rental he can leave in free agency

The only way I would give up Franz & Wendell if Jaylen give his commitment to stay In Orlando long term that mean he need to sign his contract extension up front @Nightcap if not I’m not gonna pulled the trigger without his commitment from him

I can only give you two lottery picks this year draft with Suggs that it take it or leave it.

11 Mar 2023 14:20:54
Beast, Carter Jr is an average player on a very good contract. Franz is a promising young player, yes, but he likely never reaches Brown's level.

11 Mar 2023 19:31:29
That's fair about the contract extension, let's see what happens first. Also, Suggs and 2 high picks is nothing to write off.

11 Mar 2023 20:27:26
Nightcap Franz is still developing he is on second year of his career right now but u never know that

Jaylen is really good I know but I would give up Franz & Wendell if he committed to stay in Orlando he got to sign his extension after the trade completely cause I don’t trust it my biggest fear is to give up Franz & Wendell then Jaylen walk in free agency for nothing that why I’m not taking risk to do it

Like Fredman said MD doesn’t like giving up too much or taking a risk that why because if stars players who on expiring contracts who doesn’t give commitment to stay teams will give less offers than more

Nightcap I hope u understand it.

11 Mar 2023 21:09:17
Two lottery picks are not a bad offer for Brown. That said, Boston isn't rebuilding so they'd probably prefer a package centered around Franz.

Brown is exactly the type of guy Orlando should be targetting.

11 Mar 2023 21:34:01
Just not seeing Clippers trading Kahwi when they have a new arena to open.

11 Mar 2023 22:23:32
Cut LAC out of it

Orl: Jaylen Brown

Bos: Franz, Suggs, Carter Jr, 2023 1st CHI, 2025 1st DEN

As part of the deal Brown signs a long term extension.

Money works. Boston gets 2 really good young players, a good serviceable Center, and 2 extra firsts that are staggered so they get another high draft pick this year and then again in 2025.

12 Mar 2023 00:03:03
Shaq that too much for one year rental! No!

Nah I’m not doing deal with Celtics anymore that literally too much for guy who isn’t committed to stay long term

Forget it bro I’m not taking a risk losing Brown

Imma keep Suggs & Franz & Wendell those picks

Nightcap u can keep Brown never mind bro.

12 Mar 2023 01:25:49
MD did you miss where I said Brown had to sign an extension as part of the deal?

Again, I'd rather keep our assets and keep the you g core growing together.



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