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09 May 2023 11:18:52
If Bulls are interested in Wood, I am coming back to a trade I like a lot:

CHI Wood, McGee, #10, 1st 2027
DAL Ayton, Williams
PHX Vucevic, Hardaway

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09 May 2023 13:26:33
Ummm. Aren't Wood and Vucevic free agents? Isn't Phoenix near the 2nd level hard Apron Tax line?

And why would Wood want to sign to Chicago?

09 May 2023 17:55:13
Of course you like it a lot. But Chicago and Phoenix DISlike it a lot.

09 May 2023 22:24:10
Because it is reported, Bulls have a look on Wood, why would Wood like to go to CHI?

I am not the CBA - but look - when you post such chat - Suns send out Ayton and do not do a S&T Bulls do it, but not apron the taxline. Do you understand, there a two points of view of such a deal? Cheers.

10 May 2023 02:21:32
How nice of you to change profiles to respond. Lol.

10 May 2023 09:19:35
Phonix would agree in a minutes, the question is Chicago, if they wanna move forward from Vucevic.

10 May 2023 12:36:35
@Dalcon. No, the question is why would Wood want to sign to play in Chicago? To make the numbers work, Wood would be signing for roughly the same amount as the Full MLE.

11 May 2023 22:33:50
Why not? He could get 40m 3y, nowhere he would get more, CHI does the deal to have him for now, but first of all to get that two picks, so basically they move already forward from their current team in terms of winning it all.



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