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30 Aug 2019 12:40:20
CP3 can draw kobe out of retirement 40 games. He wants 6 championship. Lebron wants to be only player to win with 3 teams. This guarantees davis resign after they win.

Lakers get CP3 Patton Dotson

OKC get Morris Curry Ellington Trier all expiring & Cook

Knicks get KCP Green McGee Bradley 2 2020 okc 2nd


Knicks can develop their players instead of rushing them. KCP and Green will help win while they develop their players slowly.


Okc gets out CP3 contract and still have a competitive team


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30 Aug 2019 13:14:55
First off KCP will probably veto the trade since its his best chance at a ring staying in LA.

Secondly, OKC will only be competitive for a lottety pick.

30 Aug 2019 14:31:44
Can't see any Knicks players worth developing.

30 Aug 2019 15:14:54
A top 3 pick that hasn't played a game and a decent young center (and maybe Knox) aren't worth developing Supercollider? I realize we all hate the Knicks, but that doesn't mean we have to lie.

30 Aug 2019 17:37:58
KCP could be 1st or 2nd opt in ny with chance at being 20+ ppg which mean 20 mil contract next yr. I have believe 4yrs of 20 mil is better than a ring. He can buy his own ring. This trade will almost guarentee knicks being competitive and balanced, supercollider can't imagine C's in last place. 😂😂.

30 Aug 2019 21:03:04
You expect a lot out of someone who never scored over 15 PPG for a season. There is a reason why KCP keeps signing deals to keep his vetoing power (to stay in LA) .

Your belief that any 20 PPG scorer can get a $20 mil deal is based on Julius Randle? He scored over 20 PPG and didn't get the $20 mil per season contract. And that offer came after every team that had cap space (minus Clips and Lakers who were waiting on Kawhi) spent all their cap space. Also Randle ended up on his third losing team.

31 Aug 2019 19:39:16
Just a quick update, Lebron won’t be the only player with championships on 3 teams.
John Salley did it 1st and Robert Horry did it right after him.

The next player that will join those elite 2 will be Kawhi Leonard. The only way Lebron achieves that goal will be if he starts ring chasing and joining another team into his 40’s (which he will probably do feeling the shadow of Kobe & Jordan over him). The Clippers will keep the Lakeshow at bay for the rest of his contract there.

Finally, did anyone else notice that in this trade scenario, Shizzee has Kobe coming out of retirement and to help Lebron win another championship???
I don’t know why he would stop there, we could easily get Shaq to come down from the broadcast booth to join this “likely” team.
I heard Magic & Kareem might want in on this Ring chasing team too.

02 Sep 2019 06:41:16
Lebron isn’t in Kobe’s shadow at all.

02 Sep 2019 21:20:33
Let’s just say that Lebron doesn’t even come close to being respected by Lakers fans like Kobe still is, which is where he has chosen to play, which when you kind of look at that, he kind of is in Kobe’s shadow.

Kobe has helped bring 5 NBA Championships to LA, Lebron can’t even help them get into the playoffs. That feels kind of like a shadow.

Did I say 5 Championhips?
That’s right, Lebron’s only got 3.
Some might think that’s a shadow.

Now some may point to Lebron’s MVP’s and weak Eastern Conference finals appearances as Lebron’s challenge to Kobe.

I guess it really just comes down to what Lebron feels in his own insecurities as to whether he is or isn’t in anyone’s shadow. Not what we fans necessarily want to debate.



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