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21 Mar 2020 12:18:33

POR get Ben Simmons & JJ Redick

PHI get CJ McCollum & Jrue Holiday

NOLA get Al Horford, Anfernee Simons, 1st from PHI & POR

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21 Mar 2020 13:55:31
Why does any team want horford?

21 Mar 2020 15:46:00
The point is to get assets Shiller. Horford is cap filler. Also, he’s not horrible, and NO won’t be signing anyone anyway. He fits there, and expires just as they’ll need to pay Zion.

21 Mar 2020 19:58:16
Portland is getting way too much. Mcollum had a down year. The rest of the league is getting more efficient and his offense has gotten slightly worse if anything. Simmons has a ton of value. Mcollum isn’t getting a huge haul. Reddick is still worth a 1st. I don’t think Simons is looked at like a blue chip prospect, which imo would need to be involved. Philly should be getting a first rather than giving one up. NOs needs another 1st.

21 Mar 2020 22:50:59
Simmons has a ton of value? Not sure I agree with the "ton" part of that. Some, yes. Ton, no. Especially when we don't know what the deal is with Simmons back.

21 Mar 2020 23:31:09
Bmiller- so I know he is a filler but reddish snd holiday should bring way more back than simons and a first.

22 Mar 2020 14:17:11
I agree with Freeman. McCollum might have lost some value this year, but I think Simmons has too. And there’s no way I’d pay a first for Redick at this point in his career.

No way is Simmons worth McCollum, Holiday, a first, and cancels the negative of Horford’s contract. I think Phili is getting fair value for what they give.

NO probably needs another asset from Portland. Or remove Redick and add a worse player from NO.

22 Mar 2020 16:09:05
I think if you break this into seperate trades then the shortage becomes apparent.

Simmons to Portland for McCollum + 2020 lottery pick (asssuming season is over) seems about right.

Reddick to Portland for Simons seems about right (Simons on a rookie deal and age fits the teams youth movement and Portland gets an off the ball shooter to take some of McCollum's shots)

Horford + 2 firsts for Holiday? Here is where I find shortage. Horford is a negative contract (no one was offering $25 mil last off season but Philly and his value has dropped) and would cost a first just to move. So that leaves trading a #21 pick (Philly via OKC) for Holiday. He is worth more than that. So IMO Philly needs to add someone (of value) going to NO like a say Thybulle, Milton or Smith.

22 Mar 2020 19:51:13
Philly is degrading Simmons value to get off horford and New Orleans getting two more first for holiday plus prospect for holiday.

22 Mar 2020 20:31:54
No, II. NO is getting the degraded Horford WHILE getting 2 picks for Holiday. Where is the compensation for the degraded Horford and his horrible contract?

22 Mar 2020 23:19:47
No philly is degrading Simmons value and getting off horford. If Philly keeps horgord they can get more for simons.



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