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05 Nov 2021 10:34:25
Magic/Celtics/Clippers Trade Deadline or December or January Trade 3 Team Deals

Magic get Josh Richardson 2025 second round pick.via Pistons from Clippers 2028 second round pick.via Celtics

Clippers get Terrence Ross

Celtics get Luke Kennard

Celtics got young pure shooter for bench

Magic got veteran replacement + draft picks for future

Clippers got pure scorer for bench

It's win-win for both teams

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05 Nov 2021 11:39:38
No for Cs?

05 Nov 2021 13:27:33
Yeah Boston has no interest in that player.

05 Nov 2021 14:34:38
Why would the Celtics say no? Richardson to Kennard seems like a pretty good upgrade. If it just costs a second, getting a 44% 3 point shooter that’s an ok defender seems like a no brainer.

05 Nov 2021 15:24:40
Plus he’s on a pretty friendly contract as well. Think it’s a great deal all around.

05 Nov 2021 17:25:23
Kennard's contract is longer and they have Nesmith on a rookie deal. They acquired Richardson for veteran leadership and defense and extended him in case a bigger trade comes along. Easy no for Kennard.

05 Nov 2021 18:44:29
Ok congrats, you now have Kennard and Neismith as your backup wings. Every team could use great wing depth like that.

05 Nov 2021 18:46:09
If I could have the better player who’s also 3 years younger, give it to me all day long. They have Horford and Kanter for “vet leadership”.

05 Nov 2021 20:27:24
Kennard doesn't fit what they're looking to do defensively or financially.

05 Nov 2021 22:57:26
How do you know what the Celtics are looking for. The C’s have no upcoming cap space for a major move anyways? Why not upgrade your bench amd add one of the best shooters to play off of Tatum/ Brown?

06 Nov 2021 03:33:23
Kennard is as easy to move as Richardson. Maybe easier. He fits what they want to do financially because he’s a more valuable contract AND player.

06 Nov 2021 03:53:01
i like it for the celtics with elite scorers (brown and tatum) and nesmith's partying habits i would take a proven knock down shooter to give them space and a young reliable option for kick outs, but it does look like a bad deal from orlando's perspective, think they could get a better return for ross.

06 Nov 2021 08:09:11
Nightcap doesn't want anything for Boston even if it's a great move in the eyes of many. But we don't know anything, maybe he is working at Boston front office.



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