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10 Nov 2021 12:07:22
If Kings are still in the playoff hunt at the trade deadline.

Sacramento trades Bagley + 2022 unprotected first

Houston trades Christian Wood.

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10 Nov 2021 14:24:03
If Kings are in playoff hunt that pick becomes less valuable for the Rockets to get rid of Wood.

10 Nov 2021 14:42:10
@NBA it'd still be a mid-first round pick, and it's not like Bagley is worthless. With the Kings luck, they'd still miss the playoffs and the pick jumps like 8 spots in the lottery. Not a bad deal for the Rockets imo.

10 Nov 2021 15:33:34
He has very little trade value if any.

Wood is only 26, he can fit with the Rockets timeline. If Kings swap Wood out for Bagley they could definitely make a 7-8 seed push. I wouldn’t trade a all star caliber big for a bust and late lottery/ mid teen pick.

10 Nov 2021 16:54:37
KPJ is 21 and Green is 19. Wood will be over 30 by the time they’re in their prime. Bagley is only 22 and was good for 14/ 7 before the Kings inexplicably took him out of the rotation. I think the right franchise could mold him into a quality starter. I agree that it’s a slightly underwhelming return for Wood, but it’s not bad imo.

10 Nov 2021 17:47:42
You’re assuming it’s going to take those guys 4/ 5 at least to hit they’re prime and be competitive.

Doncic Trae Tatum Mitchell Morant Ball etc the list goes on that these guys can compete in first 4 years. No they’re no in full primes but doesn’t mean they can be on team that can contend. Green can definitely be in the category. And having other players such as KPJ Sengun Christopher Tate plus 1/ 2 more top 5/ 10 picks to grow with the rockets will be ready to compete in next 2/ 3 years. 28/ 29 isn’t that old. Not tank for 5 years when Wood is 30+. If they decide to move him it will be to package him and assets to land a another star next to Green/ KPJ.

10 Nov 2021 18:17:01
I agreed with everything you said until the last sentence. The Rockets definitely aren't ready to trade for a star and try contending out west. That's still at least two years down the line. I can see the argument for keeping Wood longterm but I think it's fair to say that he doesn't perfectly fit their timeline.

10 Nov 2021 18:29:33
You can definitely trade for another young star even if you aren’t contending this particular year. If Rockets have a chance to send a package for young players who might be available like Ayton, Ingram, and maybe even Simmons they should do it.

There’s only so many young players/ picks you can have. Just like the Hawks they added much needed vets and made ECF but are going to have to make tough decisions regarding contracts due to all the young players.

Okc will run into the exact same problem in a few years unless they make moves. They will need to use them assets for established stars.

10 Nov 2021 18:46:48
Houston has $40 mil sitting at home. Do you think they really want to trade for another max contract? Especially with their current owner?

10 Nov 2021 19:07:54
He will be on an expiring contract next season, it’ll be okay.

10 Nov 2021 20:02:36
I didn't ask you if "it'll be okay". I asked do you think that they want to pay for another max contract. The answer is no.

The other thing to remember that Wood only has one additional year left on his contract. He is probably not going to resign in Houston. His trade value is probably at its highest right about now.

10 Nov 2021 22:09:59
I basically like this trade but I'm not as big on Wood as others. I would want top 10 protection if I was Sacramento.

10 Nov 2021 22:41:50
How do you know they wouldn’t lmaoo. If they had the chance to get a young guy like the ones I mention of course they would. Would be idiotic to think they wouldn’t.

If his trade value is the highest rn then that definitely means Bagley and a late lottery won’t get him.

11 Nov 2021 07:20:37
multiple thoughts on this 1) the hawks run last year seemed a bit flukey bringing back the same roster they won't make it that far this year even if they're supposed to develop and be better 2) wood won't want to resign in houston unless they overpay for him 3) owners often avoid the luxury tax/ going well over it even if it means improving the team in short term/ long term. I agree often they should but doesn't mean they do/ will.



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