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20 Dec 2021 11:30:39
Celtics-Rockets deal

Celtics receive: C Wood, E Gordon

Rockets receive: A Horford, R Langford, 2 1st round picks (2022 lottery protected, 2024 top 10 protected)

Celtics add firepower on their roster, Wood can start at the center or they can go big with him playing the 4 and Williams at 5. Gordon has been playing well this season, he can give them outside shooting and scoring.


Rockets will go full rebuild. They get additional picks and take Horford to mentor Sengun

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20 Dec 2021 12:28:14
Boston should drop (or lower) the protection

I also believe Boston has a bigger need for a pointguard. Wood could be a good fit, but i would keep those picks for a distributor.

20 Dec 2021 13:50:35
Boston has 1 big move in them with which they can afford to give multiple 1sts. I don't believe they do it for Wood, who I just don't see as that good of a player.

20 Dec 2021 14:40:15
I wouldn’t call Horford and mid-late 1sts a big move. That’s a steal for Wood especially with Gordon thrown in.

20 Dec 2021 16:18:33
But Horford can be a key salary matching piece and the 1sts will be necessary for any big trade. If it goes for Wood then that's it. They are planning something I'm just not sure what it is. Could be a Beal S and T in the offseason or something sooner. IDK but this ain't it.

20 Dec 2021 16:25:59
And don't forget, before the season Gordon looked like a negative with his contract. 30 games later fans are saying well he's having a good season, but I'm not sure NBA execs feel the same way.

20 Dec 2021 18:03:08
I’m not seeing any big trades that C’s can make with Horford and 1sts, even with Williams added.

20 Dec 2021 18:05:18
May not like Wood but he’s a young big that can be a 3rd option for that team and finally fill that PF void greatly. That’s a steal or value too.


20 Dec 2021 21:32:44
I would say that right now Horford is a better player than Wood. I know the stats but Horford does a little bit of everything that helps a team win. Of course Wood is younger while Horford is nearing the end, but they're both free agents after next season. Boston would need to have a lot of faith that Wood would somehow be a big difference maker and that they'd be resigning him. To me that's a big leap of faith that isn't worth the draft picks.

20 Dec 2021 21:57:58
Horford is definitely not better than Wood. That’s such a homer take lol.

20 Dec 2021 23:01:30
I don't think it is because it's less about Horford and more about Wood, who I don't see getting the type of return that many of you do.

As far as what Horford, a pick or 2, and a young player or 2 can get Boston, it can get them Bradley Beal if he reaches unrestricted free agency and he wants to play in Boston, something very possible given his relationship with Tatum.

21 Dec 2021 00:23:57
A 26 year old all star caliber big who’s just reaching his prime definitely has more value than Horford 2 late 1st and a bust.

21 Dec 2021 02:21:55
All star caliber because he puts up stats for bad teams? I just don't think he's that good. Horford is without question a better man defender, team defender, and passer, and that's a whole lot. Wood has more value because of his age and contract, but I think he's probably worth about 1 first round pick. He's certainly not 2 firsts better than Horford and he won't be worth whatever he makes in 2 years when somebody overpays for him which happens all the time. Detroit didn't even make much of an attempt to retain him.

21 Dec 2021 04:51:07
But everyone praises J. Grant for the exact same reason as Wood? You’re being delusional if you don’t think Wood isn’t an all star caliber big and not better than Horford lmao.

Not to mention getting another great bench player in Gordon who’s shooting over 40 on 3 with 15ppg.

Horford is not going to be the guy that’s gets Beal lol.

21 Dec 2021 07:32:21
Nightcap you have to tone down from being such a homer. Can Al Horford provide what Wood's been doing if you place him on a bad team?

21 Dec 2021 09:38:27
What exactly is Wood providing? Don't get too excited about the numbers.

21 Dec 2021 09:40:37
It's not that Horford gets Beal, it's that his salary could. Beal can pretty much choose where he plays and Washington wouldn't have any leverage.

21 Dec 2021 14:31:26
Washington does have a little leverage. If Wizards don’t accept Horfords salary how else is the Celtics going to get Beal? Won’t be able to sign him.

21 Dec 2021 16:51:47
They don't have to accept Horford's salary. It wouldn't be terribly difficult to move his expiring deal to a 3rd team. But why wouldn't they take it with assets attached if the alternative is losing Beal for nothing?



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