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25 Sep 2022 11:11:35

I'm very cool with u bro

Hear me out bro

U know Damian Lillard are getting older right?

What other teams had better package than Magic??


Nets ?

U wanna take Westbrook contract + two unprotected picks ?

U wanna take Kyrie Irving ? Along with draft picks?

Nuggets won't trade Jamal Murray

Thunder won't trade SGA

Knicks doesn't have assets to get him

Mavericks doesn't have assets

Magic won't trade key players Wagner & Banchero & Suggs & Anthony they don't have too not for Damian Lillard

Magic can offer Fultz Hampton Isaac Ross maybe two or three unprotected first round picks & two picks swap

If Blazers want rebuild u would want these picks moving forward

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25 Sep 2022 12:55:41
Portland resigned Nurkic and they traded for J Grant, to compete with Lillard, so little chance they take a trade offer for him, unless it's a jackpot.

Orlando has to include Anthony or Wagner for Portland to consider trading Lillard.

25 Sep 2022 13:34:31
Orlando would have to give up either Franz or Banchero, plus Suggs and Anthony, plus 3 1st Rd picks, and 3 pick swaps for Lillard. Not worth it for Orlando, we would have to give up so much that even having Lillard wouldn't help.

25 Sep 2022 21:39:44
If you want to know how I value Dame, consider this:

If Orlando offered Wagner, Suggs, and two unprotected firsts, I’d say no. And it’s probably a pretty easy no for me.

26 Sep 2022 13:33:06
I’d rather keep Dame than trade him for junk. If you won’t include your 4 best prospects, then just stop. You can’t get an all star caliber player.

Fultz, Hampton, Isaac, and Ross barely have a net positive value. Heck, those 4 combined might be negative value.

If you want good players, you must give up good things. You can’t trade trash for treasures.



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