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08 Jan 2023 13:03:10
Lakers: D Lillard

Port: Westbrook+ 1rnd pick 27-29+ Pick swap 1rnd pick 28+ 2rnd pick LA 23+ 2rnd pick Chi 23+ 2rnd pick Was 24

Portland is playing for the eight seat. so they're going nowhere.
-LA is an aging team, so those 27-28-29 picks could be gold.
-LA takes Lillard's big contract
-Portland keep the 23 pick if they fail making the playoffs (it's lottery protected untill 28)
-Westbrook's contract is expiring, so this gives Portland flexibility
-They should trade Lillard to the destination he want.

SG:L Walker

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08 Jan 2023 14:13:47
Not even close to being enough for Lillard.

08 Jan 2023 15:39:50
If the Lakers pull that off, I wouldn't bet against them winning the title. Lillard is a massive upgrade over Westbrook. LBJ has been amazing as of late.

08 Jan 2023 15:47:21
Nowhere close enough for Lillard. Portland has turned down better offers in the past than this.

08 Jan 2023 17:37:23
Not even in the ball park.

08 Jan 2023 19:05:35
Those were offers in the past.
Lillard is a 32 year old player, who already had some injuries and he get payed almost 50 million the next two years.
There's only a small market for him. Bucks, Heat, Clippers, Lakers, Dallas, Suns and Maybe new Orleans and the Knicks. Most of them can't match this Lakers offer=;

So Portland can play for the eight spot for two more years and give Lillard another big contract or they can get some value for him.
I like those Lakers picks. Portland can start a rebuilt, arround Simmons and Sharpe. And they can use the Lakers pick to draft young assets or they can use them to trade for the player they need.

09 Jan 2023 03:22:27
If the Lakers go after Dame, they have to overpay HARD for him. Because screw the Lakers. And I think the Blazers FO understands that’s a consensus viewpoint of the Blazer fanbase. I’d rather muddle in mediocrity than watch the Lakers win it all with Dame for a couple likely late firsts.

09 Jan 2023 08:27:03
Those picks could be the most valuable picks in the NBA, the next 5 years. LA is going to rebuilt around that time. LBJ, Lillard and Davis could all be out off the league in 2027.

09 Jan 2023 19:08:23
I don’t trust the Lakers to not sign another star.



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