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24 Feb 2023 13:42:10
Wait till the Mavs grove. : )

But maybe some peaces still missing.

The old Mavs would try to get OGA and Ayton - I would like it. But, it may be quite difficult.

So more realistic, because available Mavs should go after Green and KAT. Both have issues with their teams, both are great players. The both would fit quite well at Dallas frontcourt and there may be trades available to get them:

MIN Extend 6 Trade Wood, Bertans, 2x1st

GSW Extend & trade Green
DAL McGee, extend & trade Powell

KAT, Maxi
Green, Bullock
Luca, Holiday
Green, Hardaway
Kyrie, Wall

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24 Feb 2023 17:24:25
even with green departing the Warriors can't accept a S&T player (Powell in this case) because they will still be over the hard cap.

24 Feb 2023 20:02:26
And Minnesota does that trade why?

25 Feb 2023 02:06:47
Why would you believe that Draymond Green would accept and extension/ trade or do a S&T to Dallas?

That is literally the funniest thing you have suggested.

25 Feb 2023 02:09:24
Dalcon is just trying to cash in on the pending FA hat Dallas did not trade at the trade deadline. Especially since he may have "learned" that Dallas may not be able to do S&T's frohe players that he wants because the team will be over the luxury tax.

25 Feb 2023 16:39:57
How did I miss the most obvious disqualifier to Dalcon's trade?

KAT got a 1 year trade blocks after signing his super-max on July 7 2022. He is eligible to be traded until after Wood becomes a free agent.

26 Feb 2023 10:04:16
KAT has quick feets and Chandler could train him to become a good defender. Hence it makes sense for Mavs to give 2x1st picks - also if it is a risk - but KAT may be available. KAT will be the numbre 3 option in the offense - he has no preasure and will get a lot good looks in side and open 3th - so he can focus his energy on defense and show his greatness and win titles - he will.

26 Feb 2023 14:54:35
New Mavs realize they're worse then old Mavs when they lose Irving for nothing once he signs with phx to play with kd again. Nets passed on suns trade to stick it to Irving. Now Mavs will just have doncic who will demand a trade by the deadline when they're sitting in 10th place with no future.

26 Feb 2023 17:27:11
Oh my childs.

Neither Wood nor Kyrie would go for nothing - or do you think they sign in Detroit or Indiana?

IF - it would be a sign a trade deal that brings back a even good asset. Great move from the Mavs.

If the both grove, Kyrie may stay and KAT may join. Mavs trade for Jones and Murphy with NO to have some athletic defenders and are ready to win.

Already this year, they will win a lot.

26 Feb 2023 19:54:49
@Dalcon. Someone is offering Wood something more than the full MLE? If not Kings will sign him for that in a heatbeat.

26 Feb 2023 23:01:26
Ok yur right phx does sign and trade shamet and cam Payne for Irving.



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