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17 Oct 2023 14:02:18

MIA gets Fultz, Carter Jr,

ORL gets Herro, Towns, Jacquez, 2028 1st rd pick via MIA

MIN gets Issac, Harris, Anthony, 2025 and 2027 FRP via ORL

Fultz/ Lowry
Butler/ Richardson
Caleb Martin/ Robinson
Bam Adebayo/ Jovic/ Love
Wendel Carter/ Thomas Bryant

** Jovic might be added to this trade if ORL insists

Suggs/ Anthony Black
Herro/ Ingles
Wagner/ Jacquez
Paolo/ Okeke
Towns/ Wagner

Cole Anthony/ Conley
Edwards/ Gary Harris
Gobert/ Naz Reid

I think minny's front office is slowly realizing this team can only be built around ant and only ant, so getting as much as they can for towns is of the utmost importance- maybe ORL throws another FRP into the mix to sweeten it up.

Issac is a gamble but if he pays off then the GM will look like a genius given the contract, he's on- if he really excels, he either becomes a good trade piece or a core member of a rebuild.

17 Oct 2023 18:29:49
Horrible for Minnesota are you kidding.

18 Oct 2023 07:11:19
Tha Miami pick should go to Minny and Orlando should give another pick too.

11 Oct 2023 16:19:56
Orl: LaVine
Bulls: KAT
Wolves: Isaac+Fultz+Harris+ 1rnd pick Orl 24+ 1rnd pick Por 24+ 1rnd pick Denver 25+ 1rnd pick Bulls 26+ 1rnd pick Was or Suns 26

=> Orlando receive the shootingguard they need.
=> The bulls receive a star
=> The Wolves get 5 draft picks so the Wolves can built arround Edwards

11 Oct 2023 17:20:15
Wolves getting a bunch of meh pieces for their second-best player.

11 Oct 2023 19:41:25
As a Wolves fan, I don't hate this. But they don't have the roster spots to take on 3 players while only giving up 1.

Honestly, If Isaac could stay healthy, I would love him at PF next to KAT at center. Having strong defenders in Conley, Edwards McDaniels, and Isaac would go a long way to offset the average to below average D from KAT.

12 Oct 2023 05:30:42
KAT & Vooch together?

09 Oct 2023 18:08:40
Philly:F Wagner+Okeke/CarterJr+Isaac+1rnd pick Orl 24-27+ 1rnd pick 25 Denver+ 1rnd pick 26 Was

PG:c anthony

09 Oct 2023 19:23:44
I wouldn't do this for Orlando. They give up their second-best prospect as well as their depth. That starting line-up aside from Embiid & Banchero is pretty bad. Also, not sure if Embiid & Banchero are a good fit.

10 Oct 2023 21:16:17
Orlando needs a really good SG I think. We have pretty good bigs, have at least 2 building blocks with Paolo and Franz, and some decent guards. If they make any trades, I think it will be for a SG.

27 Sep 2023 19:06:45
Jrue Holiday heading elsewhere? It's weird but he could be a good fit with Miami. Lmao.

Pelicans would be a great fit but again contracts will be a problem. How about Celtics?

Brogdon + additional player for salary 1st round pick, pick swap for Jrue?


Would be deadly

27 Sep 2023 20:27:12
Brogdon is far, far from what Portland is looking for in return. The only way that makes any sense for Portland is if Robert Williams is included with Bogdon.

27 Sep 2023 20:34:07
Brogdon and Williams for Jrue makes a lot of sense to me.

27 Sep 2023 20:37:02
Dark horse for Jrue after Dec 15th?

LA Lakers. Hachimura+Russell+ Picks?

28 Sep 2023 03:52:34
Starting to hear some Jrue Holiday to Toronto right after the trade went down.

29 Sep 2023 02:00:22
Would love to see Pels reunite w Jrue.

18 Aug 2023 10:21:32

Sacramento receives: Daniels, Alvarado (or Lewis)

New Orleans receives: Mitchell, Duarte, POR '25 2nd

Sac depth:
Fox / Daniels / Alvarado
Huerter / Monk / Jones
Barnes / Edwards
Murray / Lyles / Vezenkhov
Sabonis / Len / Noel / Queta

NO depth:
McCollum / Mitchell / Lewis
Ingram / Duarte / Hawkins
Jones / Murphy / Marshall
Williamson / Liddell
Valunciunas / Nance / Zeller

Mitchell is a better defender than Daniels, but the Kings need wing defenders. Daniels is more suited to guard / play multiple positions and has more long term upside.

Mitchell's role would be much clearer with the Pelicans. They may be able to make the jump to being a playoff team sooner with Mitchell and Duarte.

18 Aug 2023 14:46:45
I’d do it with Lewis instead of Alvarado.

18 Aug 2023 20:13:46
I really like that for Sacramento.

20 Aug 2023 18:19:33
Easy pass by Sacramento. Daniels does zero for Sac.

11 Aug 2023 22:05:53
N. O gets Zach Lavine

CHI gets Zion Williamson and a 2025 1st

New Orleans gets from under the cloud that is Zion, they're getting a Top 5 shooting guard that's under contract for 3 more years that could play off of CJ McCullom. Great locker room guy, the Pels wouldnt be giving up any youth and could N. O. would be in WIN RIGHT NOW mode

Chicago would get immediate help in the paint and it would also move Patrick Williams to his natural SF spot where he would flourish. Zion gets a fresh start and would have a veteran than could help him on and off the court with conditioning in Derozen. Plus the fact that if Lonzo Ball is healthy next year (2024-25) Zion would be happy to play with Lonzo.

12 Aug 2023 15:37:01

12 Aug 2023 18:08:54
I like Zion+ to Portland for Lillard.

24 Jul 2023 21:46:44
Thunder- B.Ingram
- bring in a star to play alongside Shai & Chet
Thunder slim team

SGA - Wallace - Washington
Jal. Williams - Mann - Micic
Ingram - Dieng - Joe
Chet - K.Williams - Garuba
Jay. Williams - Pokusevski

New Orleans- J.Giddey, L.Dort, V.Oladipo, 1st round pick & future pick swap
- get a tall point guard and a defensive specialist

Giddey - Alvarado - Lewis
McCollum - Daniels - Oladipo
Murphy - Dort - Hawkins
Williamson - Jones
Valanciunas - Nance - Zeller

25 Jul 2023 00:38:00
That’s a very easy no from NOLA.

25 Jul 2023 13:52:53
I just don't love it for NOP. BI is 25 and could be their a piece of a big 2/ 3 if Zion can recover a little. Giddey doesn't fit so well into the OKC mold so I could see them moving him rather than paying him but BI is pretty untouchable right now.

21 Jul 2023 21:51:38

Orl:B simmons+1rnd pick Dal 29+ 2rnd pick NETs 25 and 26

Philly: Isaac+Fultz+ 1rnd pick Suns 25-27-29+ return 1rnd pick Philly 27

C: Embiid/Claxton/sharpe
PF:C johnson/DF Smith
SG:L Walker/C Thomas
PG:Dinwidie/D Smith Jr

21 Jul 2023 23:03:06
Not nearly enough for Embiid.

22 Jul 2023 02:57:04
what a strange looking trade summary: a poison pill, a guy who has
played 11 games in 3 years and an MVP.

21 Jul 2023 21:21:20
Atl: J Harden+ 1rnd pick Orl 24-26-28

Orl: T Young

Philly: D Mitchell

Cle: Griffin+Isaac+ Fultz+ 1rnd pick Denver 24+ 1rnd pick Phoe/was26+1rnd pick Philly 29

22 Jul 2023 10:58:15
Awful for Cleveland.

22 Jul 2023 18:22:01
Griffin would be a good fit in Cleveland and they can use te picks to get another good player.

22 Jul 2023 21:21:51
This "they can use the picks to get another good player" freaks me out. How about "do not trade your best player" for those picks?

17 Jul 2023 12:29:37
Cleveland receives: Dyson Daniels
New Orleans receives: Isaac Okoro, draft rights to Luke Travers & Khalifa Diop & two second round picks.

Cleveland gets a wing that fits well in our roster.
New Orleans gets some decent prospects in return.

17 Jul 2023 12:47:56
Easy no from NO.

17 Jul 2023 15:09:02
Yeah. No thanks from NOLA.

07 Jul 2023 12:45:04
1) Knicks-Suns-Pelicans-Port
Knicks: D Lillard
Suns:M robinson+ L Nance+Lewis
Pelicans: Brunson
Port: Ayton+ J hawkins+1rnd pick LA24+ 1rnd pick Bucks 25+ 1rnd pick Dal 24

Knicks: Derozan
Bulls: Quickley+Fournier+Jeffries+ rnd pick Det 24+ 1rnd pick Was 24


07 Jul 2023 15:43:06
Swap Daniels instead of Hawkins

Then im in if I’m Pels

But Portland would want more.

03 Jul 2023 15:38:41
I think what portland should be looking for Lillard return is:

A young big (forward or center)- because their guard position is already set

1st round picks of course at least 1 unprotected & 1 more even protected

Salary filler- preferably short contracts to save up money

So what team can give this package?

I see Toronto (OG or Barnes)
I see New Orleans (Zion)
I see Miami (Adebayo?!?!?!)
I see Oklahoma City (Chet ??‍♂️??‍♂️)
I see Utah (Kessler)

So who makes the most sense?

To Toronto for : OG or Barnes, picks & salary fillers (Trent, Boucher, Young)

To New Orleans for: Zion & pick maybe

To Miami for: Adebayo Robinson & pick (wont make sense at all for Miami tho)

To Okc for: Chet & salary filler (no sense too for Okc)

To Utah for: Kessler, salary fillers & 2 picks & 2 swaps

For me, Utah & Toronto makes the most sense for both parties.

03 Jul 2023 21:51:46
Utah is probably Markannen+Kessler.

24 Jun 2023 15:58:52
Thunder send:
Davis Bertans, Lugentz Dort, Jalen Williams (the good one), Houston’s ‘24 first round pick

Pelicans send:
Zion Williamson.

24 Jun 2023 19:42:39
Oh thank God you’re including the good one…. That makes this offer bad instead of really really really bad.

25 Jun 2023 12:33:27
I think it's a good base for a trade, but OKC needs to give more.

Bertrans+ J Williams (the good one) + Dort+ Holmgren for Zion.

25 Jun 2023 20:23:13
Still not near enough.

22 Jun 2023 18:22:49
Cleveland gets: C. J. McCollum, Trey Murphy, Dyson Daniels, Herbert Jones & 14th pick
New Orleans gets: Donovan Mitchell & Sam Merrill

Cleveland adds depth at the wing & a lotto pick.
New Orleans adds a star next to Zion & Ingram & dump McCollum's negative contract.

22 Jun 2023 20:41:56
Valuewise, ok. But i cant see Ingram and Mitchell as a good fit.

22 Jun 2023 21:13:44
I’m not giving up Jones and Murphy. Even for Mitchell. I’d do CJ. Jones. Daniels 14th and two future 1sts.

22 Jun 2023 13:55:21
Cleveland gets: Dyson Daniels, Trey Murphy, Herb Jones, Jonas Valanciunas, Kira Lewis & 14th pick
New Orleans gets: Donovan Mitchell

Cleveland needs wings & depth.
New Orleans gets a star to pair with Ingram & Zion.

22 Jun 2023 14:26:47
Why are you selling low on D Mitchell?

And i don't think Mitchell is what New orleans need.
They can use Garland and they have the picks to trade for if you want.

22 Jun 2023 14:52:12
Seems like he doesnt want mitchell based on his trade ideas. Its rare that you can trade for a star why send him back somewhere.

19 Jun 2023 16:27:44
Just had a super crazy thought.

New Orleans trades Zion Williamson

Brooklyn trades Ben Simmons + 2025 first Phoenix+ 2027 first Philly + 2029 first Dallas + 4 second round picks.

19 Jun 2023 19:14:51
Simmons has negative value. 2nd rdrs and likely late 1sts is a pile of nothing.

19 Jun 2023 20:23:33
You are acting like Zion has a whole ot of value right now. I am not sure that is true. If it were true, than Charlotte and Portland would be jumping to give up #2 and #3 up for Zion.

19 Jun 2023 22:57:14
He’s not being offered. Although that would certainly be more fair than a negative asset and a large group of late 1sts and 2nds to a team that has a stockpile of picks.

19 Jun 2023 02:39:39
Hornets / Pelicans

Hornets get Zion, Nance, Temple & 14


Pelicans get 2, Hayward & Bridges s&t 3yr/50mil


19 Jun 2023 05:11:03
I think adding 14 is a bit too much. Take that out & it's much closer in value imo.

19 Jun 2023 10:53:03
Yeah. You can keep Hayward and his horrible contract. I’d trade w Portland way before I would Hornets if I was trading Zion at all.

19 Jun 2023 14:10:59
Hayward is expiring and plays as often as Zion.

19 Jun 2023 14:50:07
Hayward's contract is not that bad anymore.

15 Jun 2023 20:02:35

Zion Williamson
Kira Lewis Jr

LaMelo Ball
Gordon Hayward
#27 pick

Hornets draft Scoot Henderson

14 Jun 2023 07:58:02

Gordon Hayward
2 pick (Scoot Henderson)

Zion Williamson

I could see this deal go down in few days or next week

14 Jun 2023 11:48:40
i like this idea for the pelicans.

14 Jun 2023 19:30:56
I think the Pelicans would need more than this.

05 Jun 2023 13:29:17
Just looking for a way to get Henderson to the Magic.

Por: Siakam
Tor: Simmons+ Nurkic+C Anthony+ #6+#11+ 1rnd pick Orl 24+ 1rnd pick Den 25

05 Jun 2023 16:53:35
* Orl: #3.

06 Jun 2023 03:38:17
Too much from Orlando. 4 1sts? Plus we can't trade 2024 1st if we trade both 6 & 11.

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