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20 Jul 2024 02:51:34
Kings : huerter, Lyle's and 2 1sts
Portland : grant

20 Jul 2024 18:42:26
Too steep. The only way Grant brings in 2 firsts is either with very heavy protection or bad money coming back.

21 Jul 2024 02:12:59
Think by definition if they get grant their future first round picks shouldn’t be that high, plus barely up in dollars if get out of huerter and Lyles contract. Would be the trade for the kings to go all in for the next few years.

21 Jul 2024 08:11:00
Grant wont move the needle for the Kings. He doesnt seems to like being the 4th option (he left the Nuggets for Pistons) . Kings should go hard after Markkanen if that's the case.

21 Jul 2024 15:49:30
Impossible to negotiate with ainge. Both grant and Ingram will be easier to get mid season also as ingrams contract rolls off and Portland record deteriorates.

15 Jul 2024 15:20:22
Sacramento - Brooklyn

Sacramento get Dorean Finney-Smith


Brooklyn get Kevin Huerter & 1st round pick (protected) & 2nd round pick


15 Jul 2024 22:39:47
Probably a good target for Sac.

12 Jul 2024 01:48:32
Sacramento - Brooklyn

Sacramento : Cam Johnson

Brooklyn : Kevin Huerter, Devin Carter, 2 2nds

Cherry on top for Sacramento's Fa moves

D'Aaron Fox / Keon Ellins / Jordan McLaughlin
Demar Derozan / Malik Monk
Keegan Murray / Jalen McDaniels
Cam Johnson / Trey Lyles
Domantas Sabonis / Alex Len

08 Jul 2024 13:18:35
Jazz: Murray+Lyles+ 1rnd pick 27


11 Jul 2024 22:43:05
Would be huge for the Kings. I dont see them trading Keegan though.

03 Jul 2024 13:47:22
Sacramento - Chicago

Sacramento - Demar Derozan s&t

Chicago - Kevin Huerter, Chris Duarte, 2 2nd round picks

Sacramento will be a legit contender

DeAaron Fox - Keon Ellis - Devin Carter
Demar Derozan - Malik Monk
Jalen McDaniels - Harrison Barnes - Free agent
Keegan Murray - Harrison Barnes
Domantas Sabonis - Alex Len

02 Jul 2024 16:23:54
Warriors / Kings / Raptors

Warriors get Huerter & Barnes

Kings get Brown

Raptors get Wiggins

25 Jun 2024 16:26:54
Ok want to hear the opinion from the gallery on how people would rank the order of preference for the kings

Assuming kings will trade huerter, Barnes and 13 pick and lets throw in a 2028 1st round

In return
Ingram or
Jerami grant or

I like any of these trades and think in this order of preference based on the various contracts of each.maybe prefer grant over Ingram based on being locked up longer before he sees cal expo

25 Jun 2024 17:53:20
NO doesn't need more draft picks and the Kings already have Murray to play SF.

I don't dislike J Grant or Kuzma, but why trading picks for semi stars.

The Kings should aim for PG13


25 Jun 2024 18:28:23
I think I'd go with Grant.

25 Jun 2024 21:01:08
NOLA wouldn’t be interested.

25 Jun 2024 21:13:00
Trading picks for semi stars because no free agent going to come to Sacramento and the window with fox and Sabonis won’t be forever. Getting out of Barnes and huerter contract required also to get a player like grant or kuzma. Paul George is never coming to Sacramento.

25 Jun 2024 09:37:59
Cleveland receives: De'Aaron Fox, Harrison Barnes, John Collins, 13th pick from Sac & '25 first returned via Jazz
Sacramento receives: Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen
Utah receives: Caris LeVert

Cleveland gets a better fitting backcourt player next to Mitchell, a good frontcourt fit next to Moble, a good veteran presence and a couple picks.
Sacramento turns one star into two and get the much-coveted center they've been looking for.
Utah gets out of Collins contract without giving up much.

S&T for Patrick Williams (would probably have to give up Strus and a first-round pick or two) .

PG: De'Aaron Fox / Craig Porter / Ty Jerome
SG: Donovan Mitchell / Sam Merrill
SF: Patrick Williams / Harrison Barnes / Isaac Okoro
PF: John Collins / Dean Wade / Luke Travers
C: Evan Mobley / Khalifa Diop
Coach: Kenny Atkinson.

25 Jun 2024 14:51:50
SAC doesnt like this much.

25 Jun 2024 17:55:10
Why would sacramento do this?
Fox is their star.

26 Jun 2024 01:02:43
No way the Kings trade Fox, and if they do, they can do better.

27 Jun 2024 04:11:03
Allen, in the Kings eyes, is a negative asset and there is no way they think Garland is better than Fox.

24 Jun 2024 02:58:55

SAC get Isaiah Stewart
- Kings get a bruiser who can also hit outside shots
Then send Huerter& 13th pick to MEM for Marcus Smart

Pg Fox
Sg Smart
Sf Murray
Pf Stewart
Ce Sabonis

DET get Harrison Barnes
- adds a veteran, they really need one

Pg Cade
Sg Ivey
Sf Thompson
Pf Barnes
Ce Duren

24 Jun 2024 11:18:29
I would love those for the Kings but I think it's a little short for both.

24 Jun 2024 02:42:57
Kings - Mikal Bridges, Cam Thomas
Nets - Harrison Barnes, Kevin Huerter, Davion Mitchell, 13th pick

Fox - Ellis
Thomas - Monk

24 Jun 2024 03:41:18
I can't even rubber stamp this one.

22 Jun 2024 11:03:40
With the Kings resigning Monk, they are currently projected to be over the luxury tax by around $1 mil which will diminish the amount they receive for their MLE. So trading down or away pick #13 can resolve this issue.

Does trading down with a team with salary cap space make sense?

Barnes (82 games last 2 seasons) + #13 to Orlando for #18? Or to Philly for #16
Perhaps even trading down for both Knicks picks and using one to salary dump Barnes to say Utah.

Once Barnes is off the books, then the Kings could offer their Full MLE ($12.8 mil) to let's say Tobias Harris

This would essentially be swapping Barnes for Harris, getting a rookie in the late teens/ early twenties, and staying below the luxury tax line at the start of the season. Seems doable IMO.

22 Jun 2024 18:50:38
It makes sense but it doesn't raise their ceiling unless Murray takes a big step. Do they want to be a nice team or a contender?

22 Jun 2024 19:25:27
@Nightcap. Pretty sure no one available is going to make the Kings appear as a title contender. Maybe PG13? We are going for consistency in making playoffs and removing some of the stain of Sacramento being a sh! t organization.

24 Jun 2024 11:15:43
Can't say I disagree, and that's the Sabonis dilemma. He's great but needs certain types of players around him.

21 Jun 2024 13:31:24

Sacramento receives: Johnson, Sharpe, Bates-Diop

Brooklyn receives: Huerter, Barnes, #13

SAC depth:

Fox / Mitchell / FA
Monk / Ellis / Jones
Johnson / Duarte / Bates-Diop
Murray / Lyles / Vezenkhov
Sabonis / Sharpe / FA

Kings get a great fit for their starting Small Forward, a backup Center, and some breathing room under the luxury tax threshold. Brooklyn mainly does this for the #13 pick.

21 Jun 2024 19:14:44
Horrible for the Kings! Great fit for their starting SF? What are you talking about? Keegan Murray is the King's starting SF.

The fact that you have Monk starting over Ellis just shows your ignorance of the Sacramento Kings.

21 Jun 2024 19:50:22
Don't really care if you put Murray or Johnson as SF/ PF, the point would be to spread the floor for Fox + Monk as much as possible with more shooting. I'm completely comfortable with Ellis starting, but I think the starting spot may have been a factor in Monk agreeing to re-sign ahead of free agency.

22 Jun 2024 11:07:07
I doubt the "starting spot" was a part of the signing as Monk's touches drastically diminish when he is on the court with Fox, Sabonis and Murray. Monks's stats will take a hit as the starting SG.

22 Jun 2024 22:40:00
I don't understand the idea that starting or not starting affects your stats a ton, you can just stagger the rotations in a way that Monk plays with the bench more, even if he starts.

17 Jun 2024 06:11:14
Bulls - Kings trade with Jazz help

Bulls trade Vucevic(18.5) to Kings & Torrey Craig(2.5) to Jazz

Kings trade Vezenkov(6) to Bulls
Kings trade 2026, 1st round pick and 2027: 1st round pick to Bulls

Jazz trade: 28th pick in 2023 to Bulls

Kings trade JaVale Mcgee to Jazz

In trade Kings get Vucevic

Bulls get Vezenkov, 28th pick in 2023, 2026: 1st rounder, 2027: 1st rounder

Jazz get JaVale Mcgee and Torrey Craig, role players to be mentors for future young players

17 Jun 2024 11:11:22
Wait how are the Bulls getting these first round picks?

17 Jun 2024 20:51:43
Vucevic is worth 2 firsts?

20 Jun 2024 15:16:03
Why should Sacramento do this? Nobody ist giving Picks die Vuc.

13 Jun 2024 18:38:33
This trade idea was posted on the SI Fan Nation Atlanta Hawks site:

Atlanta gets Karl-Anthony Towns and Marcus Smart
Minnesota gets Dejounte Murray and Bodgan Bogdanovic
Memphis gets Clint Capela and Sacramento's 2025 1st round pick (top 12 protected in 2025, top 10 protected in 2026, else 2026 & 2027 2nd round pick) .

15 Jun 2024 12:56:10
A hawks fan posted that. I would have never guessed in a million years.

16 Jun 2024 11:38:16
As a Hawks fan I can tell you we have some of the dumbest fans on the planet. They know nothing about basketball they just root for the team. Weirdest bunch I've ever seen. You would be hard pressed to find a Hawks fan that is disgruntled about the Hawks given Bogdan Bogdanavic 7 yrs worth of contracts totaling 140 million fans of teams like Boston, Mavs, NY teams would cuss them out if they signed players like that to those types of contracts.

05 Jun 2024 17:42:17
Some lowkey moves from teams in the offseason if they cant pull a blockbuster trade.

Nuggets - sign Gordon Hayward
Pelicans/Magic - sign Tyus Jones
Lakers - find way to get Caruso & KCP back
Thunder - add Isaiah Hartenstein
Kings - trade away Huerter for a 3 and D wing like Caruso, Bruce Brown, etc. or PF who plays D like Vanderbilt etc.
Warriors - grab an available not so expensive big like Holmes, Capela or anyone

02 Jun 2024 17:51:53
Kings / Hawks / Pelicans

Kings - DeAndre Hunter & 1st round pick from Pelicans
- sign Taurean Prince

D Fox - K Ellis
K Huerter - M Monk
K Murray - T Prince - C Duarte
D Hunter - T Lyles - S Vazenkov
D Sabonis - A Len

Hawks - Brandon Ingram, Davion Mitchell, 2nd round pick Sacramento

T Young - D Mitchell
B Bogdanovic - A Griffin - K Bufkin
B Ingram - S Bey
J Johnson - O Okongwu
C Capela - A Sarr

Pelicans - Dejounte Murray, Harrison Barnes

D Murray - J Alvarado
C McCollum - D Daniels - J Hawkins
T Murphy - H Jones
Z Williamson - H Barnes - N Marshall
J Valanciunas - L Nance Jr

02 Jun 2024 21:07:09
Doesn't make sense from the Hawks perspective. Davion Mitchell can't fill Murrays shoes defensively. While Hunter for Ingram is a upgrade the report of Murray and young not playing well together is simply not true.

07 Jun 2024 13:05:16
Nope from Pels.

15 May 2024 23:56:16
Kings / Pelicans / Cavaliers

Kings get Mobley & Strus


Pelicans get Garland


Cavaliers get Mitchell, Ingram & Murray


18 May 2024 02:14:25
Cavs fan? 5ey end up with Murray Ingram and Davion Mitchell? Last thing kings need is another shooting guard especially if resign monk.

15 May 2024 13:43:40
1) Atl-Wolves

Wolves:Bogdanovic+Capela+ 1st pick 24


Orl: Murray
Nets: 1rnd pick Orl 24-25+ 1rnd pick sac (from atl) 24+ 1rnd pick Denver 25

PG:T Young
sixth: Hunter

15 May 2024 14:41:31
Wolves are going to want more for KAT.

16 May 2024 07:57:31
Bogdanovic and Capela are on expiring contracts.
The Wolves get a first overall and capspace back so they have the flexibility to sign other players.
That's a good deal for the Wolves.

16 May 2024 13:37:02
A 1st overall in the weakest draft in decades lol stars are going for a lot more than expiring and a 1 in a week draft the wolves are going to want a few more 1sts before they think pecan think about it.

17 May 2024 14:18:54
Sarr and capspace so you can sign some good rollplayers is a good deal.
KAT is only the third best player on the team and they have to pay him over 50 million. He's a great offensive player, but this is Edwards team, 50 million for a second option that can't play defense is to much.

14 May 2024 01:09:36
Sac Ingram
NO. Huerter , Barnes 2024 1st 2026 1st

Sounds like they don't want to give a max deal to Ingram so will they get better than 2 1st round picks with him only on a 1 year deal ?

Kings shed Barnes and huerter still can offer monk 17.5 year deal

15 May 2024 01:14:19
Absolute opposite direction for Pels.

09 May 2024 18:06:17
Ok, explain if I'm wrong. Trades don't need to match salaries if acquiring team is below the salary cap.

Kings trade huerter and Barnes to 76ers after 76ers relinquish cap holds on hield and Harris..effectively replace those two with cheaper options (and probably not worse).

This trade can happen with kings taking nothing back ? Can lose these salaries this way if both parties wanted this ?

09 May 2024 18:14:08
Yes that's legal.

09 May 2024 22:51:51
If that’s legal and 76ers would actually do it, would even throw in a second round pick to shed the salary…then kings can offer a max deal to siakam or OG correct?

Fox/ Mitchell
OG or siakam
Sabonis/ Len

Short story get rid of huerter, barnes and don’t resign monk if can get a legit max level wing…. OG, siakam or maybe even derozan.

Obviously not sure 76ers would want to take on those contracts but do think there is a team who needs shooting that would take huerter contract.

10 May 2024 15:48:23
Why would the Sixers use their cap space for those bums instead of offering Jimmy George or Derozan?

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