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27 Nov 2023 11:31:30

Pacers get C. Sexton (17.3$) + L. Samanic (2$)
Jazz get B. Hield (19.3$)

27 Nov 2023 11:59:59
It's a fair trade for Indy and Sexton could be good next to Haliburton, but i feel like we should resign Hield. He's a good leader for that team, unless we can trade him in a package for an all star.

27 Nov 2023 15:57:26
I would laugh if Buddy Love got traded to a non-playoff team at the trade deadline.

22 Nov 2023 03:56:26
Chi- hayward exp, mathurin, 1st from Hornets, pick swap with pacers

White Caruso
Derozan Dosunmu
Hayward Mathurin
Williams craig
Vucevic Drummond

Cha- lavine

Ball rozier smith
Lavine bouknight
Miller martin
Washington thor
Williams richards

Ind- bridges extend

Haliburton mcconnell
Brown hield nembhard
Bridges nesmith
Toppin smith walker
Turner jackson

19 Nov 2023 10:02:06
Nets:Mathurin+Wallace+McConnell+1rnd pick Pacers 24


19 Nov 2023 22:42:01
I really like this for Indy of course, not sure that's the direction the Nets want to go tho.

20 Nov 2023 10:52:51
Bridges is a great player next to Haliburton, but i don't think he's good enough to lead a team. The Nets buy themselves some time with two young talents on a rookie contract for a few more years and they can aim for the free agent class in 2025. (Tatum, Mitchell, Ingram, . ) and they have the draft picks to trade for another star then.

17 Nov 2023 00:23:17

Gary Harris
Chuma Okeke
2025 1st Round Pick (Bulls) Top 10 Protected

Buddy Hield
Doug McDermott
Jordan Nwora

Markelle Fultz

Magic need more offensive players

Magic need to put more shooters around Paolo and Franz

Magic already good on defense

They need to add more offensive fire power

17 Nov 2023 04:13:29
Spurs are NOT giving up a first for Fultz.

16 Nov 2023 09:33:46

Pacers get C. Sexton + S. Fontecchio

Jazz get B. Hield + J. Nwora

01 Nov 2023 22:12:38
Pacers:M Bridges
Sixers: B Hield
Nets: Mathurin+ Morris+ 1rnd pick Philly 29

PF:Toppin/ Smith/Wallace

01 Nov 2023 23:33:46
Too good for the Pacers.

03 Nov 2023 19:28:56
Indy probably has to include at least Walker. Maybe a first too.

31 Oct 2023 23:27:57
In:Turner/ Mcconell (Harris TPE)
Out:Claxton/ Royce

C. Thomas/ Bridges/ Johnson/ Simons/ Turner
Mcconell/ SD/ Whitehead/ DFS/ Sharpe

Claxton is unplayable next to Benn. they get a two-way center who can shoot

In:Claxton/ Royce
Out:Turner/ Mcconell

Hali/ Brown/ Hield/ Royce/ Claxton
Nembran/ Mathurin/ Nesmith/ Toppin/ J. Smith

They get a younger center (in Hali's age line) who is a perennial DPOY candidate and a solid veteran 3D wing.

01 Nov 2023 09:46:15
I don't dislike this trade, but i like Turner, he's a descent center on a good contract. And Indy is ready to compete, we have a star, good roll players, young talent and a deep bench.

The only way i trade Turner, is in a package for Embiid, if The Sixers would make him available. (Wallace/ Maturin/ Turner+ All the picks we have. )

19 Oct 2023 18:08:41
Lakers:T Young
Hawks:B Hield+ H Jones+ 1rnd pick Pacers 24+ 1rnd pick Lakers 24 (from NO)+ 1rnd pick LA 29+swap option 1rnd pick LA 25

21 Oct 2023 05:15:23
Can't swap Lakers 2025 fst as O can choose to take the 2025 first instead of the 2025 first.

21 Oct 2023 19:02:56
Not nearly enough for Trae.

28 Oct 2023 14:37:41
Reaves and Vincent don’t net a first. Hield and 2 seconds.

11 Oct 2023 00:26:29
3 team trade
Clippers get Harden and Springer

Pacers get Morris, Korkmaz and 3-5 2nd rd picks from Clippers

Sixers get Mann, Hield and Covington plus 1st rd pick unprotected and a 1st rd pick swap

09 Oct 2023 10:08:37

GS:B Hield+ M Turner+ J Smith

SF:K Thompson/Iguodala
Pg:S curry/Mannion

05 Oct 2023 16:42:44
Cleveland receives: Bennedict Mathurin, Jarace Walker, Buddy Hield, '24 & '26 top 5 protected firsts.
Indiana receives: Donovan Mitchell

Cleveland gets a nice package for Mitchell.
Indiana adds a player who could fit well next to Tyrese.

05 Oct 2023 14:31:31
NO:J Wallace+Mathurin+Hield+ 1rnd pick Clip/Hou or Jazz (least)


05 Oct 2023 14:57:14
I'm not a huge fan of Ingram. I think it's an overpay.

05 Oct 2023 15:16:51
Dream on.

04 Oct 2023 07:24:42

Indiana get Hardaway & 1st from

Brooklyn get Buddy Hield

Dallas get DFS

02 Oct 2023 07:58:37

Malcolm Brogdon

Mike Conley

Nicolas Batum
Robert Covington
Amir Coffey
2024 2nd.via Raptors from Clippers
2024 2nd.via Pacers swap with Jazz or Cavaliers from Clippers

02 Oct 2023 12:44:14
i like this trade

Conley would be a great fit for the clippers

Minny loses a great leader, but they get a younger player back

And Portland is getting two future assets.

02 Oct 2023 18:43:04
No idea why Minnesota would consider this. Brogdon is not nearly as reliable as Conley and he's not a good PG. He's a scorer.

05 Oct 2023 14:31:45
Blazers will not listen, if they didnt get at least 1 protected FRP.

25 Sep 2023 11:53:20
Houston gets-
M. Brogdon

Houston gives-
KPJ, J. Tate, 2024 2nd via OKC, 2025 2nd (own), 2025 2nd via OKC, 2026 2nd (own)

Dump KPJ and get the perfect 3rd guard, obviously contingent on Brogdon passing a physical.

Indiana gets-
J. Tate

Indians gives-
D. Theis

Theis doesn't fit the fast style Indy wants to play. They already have Turner, Jackson, and Smith, and could use a veteran defensive forward.

Washington gets-
KPJ (waive), 2024 1st via Boston (lottery protected), 2024 2nd via OKC, 2025 2nd via Hou, 2025 2nd via OKC

Washington gives-
T. Jones

Collecting assets, I don't believe Tyus Jones are in their future plans.

Boston gets-
T. Jones, D. Theis, 2026 2nd via Hou

Boston gives-
M. Brogdon, 2024 1st (own, lottery protected) (waive Banton)

Get the perfect back up PG and a familiar quality depth big. Better financial flexibility going forward. Gives a 1st but still has one from GS, and picks up a potentially valuable 2nd.

25 Sep 2023 13:50:20
Good idea.

21 Sep 2023 07:21:24
IND/BKN/BOS/CLE eastern shake up

IND get Isaac Okoro, Dean Wade & pick swap from CLE, 2 2nds (CLE/BOS)
- pick swap from CLE could be changed to a 1st round pick if IND prefers, that's negotiable. Someone could give a 1st for Hield. Pacers add a young guy they can develop

Pg Haliburton/McConnell
Sg Brown/Nembhard
Sf Mathurin/Okoro/Nwora
Pf Toppin/Walker/Jackson
Ce Turner/Theis/Wade

BKN get Malcolm Brogdon & BOS 2nd round pick
- Nets have a good wing depth already, they can use a backup vet guard

Pg Dinwiddie/Brogdon/Smith Jr
Sg Bridges/Walker/Whitehead
Sf Oneale/Thomas/Bazley
Pf Johnson/Simmons
Ce Claxton/Giles/Clowney

BOS get Buddy Hield & Dayron Sharpe
- gets a shooter to add more firepower

Pg White/Pritchard
Sg Brown/Hield/Banton
Sf Tatum/Hauser/Mykhailuk
Pf Porzingis/Brissett/Kornet
Ce Williams/Horford/Sharpe

CLE get Dorean Finney-Smith
- gets a starting caliber SF, a piece ready to compete with the team. Adds line up flexibility as they can have Mobley play the 5 and DFS at 4

Pg Garland/Levert/Rubio
Sg Mitchell/Strus/Bates
Sf DFS/Merill/Jerome
Pf Mobley/Niang
Ce Allen/Mobley/Jones

21 Sep 2023 19:06:47
For Boston, I'm not a fan of Hield, but I also don't like Brogdon on Boston. Hield's durability, expiring contract, and the young big makes it a yes for me.

21 Sep 2023 22:32:30
Cleveland making out like bandits here.

21 Sep 2023 22:39:18
Absolute yes from Cleveland.

21 Sep 2023 05:27:45

Magic get Buddy Hield

Pacers get Gary Harris 2024 1st round pick.via Magic (lottery protected) 2026 2nd round pick.via Clippers from Grizzlies

Grizzlies get Chuma Okeke (Dillion Brooke TPE)

21 Sep 2023 07:28:02
I like this for the pacers.
Why would Orlando do this?

21 Sep 2023 17:41:23
Magic need elite shooter.

21 Sep 2023 20:41:06
Magic say hell no. Hield is not worth a 1st, let alone Harris and Okeke.

21 Sep 2023 21:46:40
Hield is the best player in the deal. He is an elite 3 point shooter. He would fill a big need for Orlando. He is also on expiring deal. Magic can r-sign him or use his cap space somewhere else. Also, the 1st pick being given up by Magic is lottery protected, so not near as valuable as an unprotected pick. Harris is a starter, but he is taking minutes from young guys with better upside (Black, Suggs), so he is a short term loss for a long term win. Okeke is way down on the depth chart for the Magic, no great loss.

I think this is a good deal for Orlando and Indy.

26 Sep 2023 16:28:57
Warlock- what has Harris or joker done to show value compared to Buddy?

20 Sep 2023 23:32:38
Clips- harden, theis

Westbrook preston
Harden powell
Kawhi mann
Morris batum
Zubac theis

Sixers- hield, nembhard, covington, jalen smith & 2 1sts Indiana

Maxey nembhard
Hield melton
Tucker oubre
Harris covington
Embiid smith bamba reed

Pacers- PG

Haliburton mcconnell
Brown Mathurin
PG nesmith
Toppin walker
Turner smith

21 Sep 2023 07:28:34
i take this for Indy.

21 Sep 2023 21:51:45
I don't see the Clippers giving up Paul George to get Hardin.

05 Sep 2023 09:27:46
Cleveland gets: Andrew Wiggins
Golden State gets: Isaac Okoro & Ricky Rubio
Indiana gets: Dean Wade & 2 2nds

Cleveland gets their starting 3.
Golden State dumps Wiggins contract & huge savings down the line, both are expiring.
Indiana adds a role player on a valuable contract for free.

With Golden State having an astronomical salary cap sheet, they have to be good or else, it isn't worth it to pay the insane amount of tax they currently boast. The new CBA makes it even more complicated for them.

05 Sep 2023 14:49:19
i don't think GS is ready to dump Wiggins and they can always get a first for him.

05 Sep 2023 17:17:23
Wiggins' value is way more than a salary dump. Lmao.

05 Sep 2023 19:18:37
@honeycutt, I know that, but the Warriors are in salary cap hell. They don't have any leverage, even had to attach a first to dump a valuable player in Jordan Poole. Nobody is giving the Warriors anything of value aside from expiring's.

05 Sep 2023 20:00:11
JJ you do realize that Wiggins' was a vital part of their championship run. Warriors wont waste Curry's remaining time for this.

06 Sep 2023 14:35:29
If GS was worried about salary cap, they would have not resigned Draymond Green. Kings would offer way more than that for Wiggins.

30 Aug 2023 01:06:31
Clippers - Hawks - Pacers - Sixers

Clippers get Harden, Capela


Hawks get Turner, T Harris & K Brown


Pacers get PG & Zubac


Sixers get Hunter, McConnell, Hield, Covington, Bogdanovic, 1st round pick Clippers, 1st round pick Pacers


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