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01 Jan 2022 15:49:52
Magic: Aaron Neismith, Enes Kanter and 2 second roubd draft picks

Celtics: Mo Bamba.

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01 Jan 2022 16:02:09
Not that Boston is giving a lot, but don't know why they'd target Bamba.

01 Jan 2022 16:35:38
Magic say no!

01 Jan 2022 17:34:54
So to the person who disagrees, why would they target that player? He would be a back up, and his free agency is coming.

01 Jan 2022 17:41:03
And by the way, Orlando says yes and Boston says no.

01 Jan 2022 21:26:34
I haven’t agreed or disagree but everyone in this deal would be a backup. Bamba is the best player in this deal, still very young and still has a great ceiling compared to Neismith. I even think he could share time with Williams so his ability to shoot. I hate it for Magic. Bamba is improving and Carter is best suited at PF.

01 Jan 2022 21:26:59
It's expected that Terrence Ross will net the magic two second round picks.

Terrence Ross is a better player than Mo Bamba.

Why would Mo Bamba net a higher return than Terrence Ross?

01 Jan 2022 22:23:05
Bc Bamba is a 23 year old center who’s not even close to reaching his peak but can definitely see he’s improving towards it. Averaging about 10/ 9 with over 2 blocks in 1st year starting. He has more value than Ross.

01 Jan 2022 22:28:21
Bamba has way more value than Ross because Ross has peaked and Bamba hasn’t.

If Bamba is a backup, he’s probably the best backup center in the league. I’m not convinced Williams is better than Bamba. Their numbers are fairly similar. Trading for Bamba gives Boston two guys that could take a leap into being an above average starter. And two possibilities is better than one.

And yeah, Orlando should absolutely say no to this. And Boston should say yes.

01 Jan 2022 22:39:38
Has Bamba improved or has he gotten more minutes recently? His contract is coming near it's end and word out of Orlando is that he doesn't fit into their future plans. I'm not seeing his worth as 2 second round picks and a young player. Don't let numbers fool you, especially when it's coming on a bad team.

01 Jan 2022 23:31:37
I mean it’s both, anyone improves with more minutes lol. 2nds are pretty worthless, I wouldn’t care if the Grizz trade them every year. Bamba also won’t be super expensive since it’s his first year starting. If I can steal Bamba for this value then it makes it easier to potentially add Williams in a deal to upgrade tremendously at the PG.

01 Jan 2022 23:59:27
Well for whatever it's worth his per 36 has gone down. Why would they trade Williams for a point guard? If you think Bamba is equal, why wouldn't they keep Williams, since he has already signed an extension, and trade for a point guard instead of Bamba? Williams is already locked up so I don't understand why they would target this player when they have other needs.

02 Jan 2022 01:22:33
Lots of 36per minutes stats goes down whenever they go from 15 minutes a game to close to 30 unless they’re a star. And Bc Bamba is pretty equal to Williams but he has the ability to shoot which is important in today’s game.

02 Jan 2022 01:57:48
Bamba isn’t worth near that.

02 Jan 2022 02:16:11
Yes but the fact that it's happening for a bad team gives me pause, and when I watch him play I see the same guy I saw before. He has all of the physical gifts, but the questions about him have always been about motor and desire. That's concerning to me when there's a new contract to think about soon.

02 Jan 2022 04:00:14
why do people keep calling him Kanter? you do realize he changed his legal name to Enes Freedom. but i guess he will always be Kanter to us just like Ron Artest! lol.



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