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07 Jan 2023 11:42:51
Might not be blow er up time but definitely need to replace the bromance all dribble no ball movement offence with some youthful potential in raptor land.

Trade 1
Raptors send Freddie, Chris and Juancho to NOP for Devonte, Jaxon, Dyson and Tre along with the NOP 2023 FRP with LAL swap

Trade 2
Raptors get Keegan Murray and 3 FRP from Kings, Shaedon Sharpe from Blazers and Patrick Beverly (waive) and 2027 FRP from LAL

LAL get Josh Hart and release of 2023 FRP swap

Blazers get Harrison Barnes and Davion Mitchel

Kings get Pascal and Malachi

Bash away boys!!

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07 Jan 2023 12:41:32
Noa way from Pels. That's too much for Fred.

07 Jan 2023 12:44:35
Kings don't have 3 firsts available to trade and I doubt tha they would do it if they did have them available.

This guy's serously believes Siakam is worth Keegan Murray, Harrison Barnes, Davion Mitchell & 3 firsts? LOL!

07 Jan 2023 13:58:10
Both too good for Raps.

07 Jan 2023 15:09:51
first you say it's not time to blow it up, then you trade 5 players, including your 2 best, away. that's what you do when you blow it up. not going to happen. fred may get traded, pascal may get traded, but they're not both going. and certainly not if someone expects to get pascal for less than the price paid for donovan mitchell. siakam is a 2 time all nba player. the cost will only begin with 3 first rounders.

07 Jan 2023 19:12:19
If the price starts at 3 firsts, then Siakim is not going anywhere by the trade deadline. Just look at the teams that have the 3 firsts and "valueless" matching salary. Most are in rebuild/ tanks. The others are going have problems matching salary.

07 Jan 2023 21:29:02
Man that’s a very quick nope from Pels. FVV seems to get overrated massively on these threads.

07 Jan 2023 22:25:53
Fvv brunson and poetel all dramatically overrated by the know nothing stat nerds.

08 Jan 2023 17:03:45
@Fredman - that's the point. Raptors do not want to trade Siakam, so they will only do it if they get a ridiculously great offer. everything i'm reading says every team is watching for what the raptors will do. and then say Masai is asking too much. nobody is saying Ujiri is offering these guys in trades. it's all other teams shopping, so the price will be high on anybody Toronto is happy to keep. i'd say the only players they would want to trade would be Trent, maybe Boucher and Flynn. several others that they'd be okay using as salary ballast. but the core 4 and Achiuwa are going to cost more than anyone thinks they should get.



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