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01 Nov 2023 09:57:59
Detroit: Morris+Batum+ 1rnd pick sixers 28

17 Sep 2023 09:18:37
Knicks:G antentonkoumpo
Bucks:Randle+Barrett+ 1rnd pick Knicks 24+26+ 1rnd pick Dal 24+ 1rnd pick Bucks 25 (return)+ Rnd pick Det 26+ 2nrd pick 27 Knicks

17 Sep 2023 16:08:01
Not enough.

18 Sep 2023 08:51:02
4 first round picks a young talent and an all star is good value for a star that wants out.

19 Sep 2023 17:58:53
Gasupo - this Knicks return would likely work for another "star that wants out".

27 Jul 2023 16:29:21
Raptor's and Pistons.

Raptor's pick up Hayes.

And send out Porter with picks.

Why would the raptors do this. Because he's got talent. And if you look at how lowry came into this league and a terrible shooter but one of the best defenders and passers. Hayes has the potential to become that. You can learn to shoot and you can learn to drive but what you don't learn is defense unless it's in your blood you'll never be great. Even Calderon took time to shoot and he became one of the most efficient shooters like lowry.

So yes raptors should go after him

Why the Pistons do this?
Why not there full of guards young too then need SF and Porter needs time on the court. The picks will help them later on for more trades or adding young players.

They could go as far as adding bagley in the trade for young and a future first

Raptors need young bigger guys especially after they pull the trigger on Siakim. A future core of
Barnes, OG, Trent Jr., And Hayes adding bagley Achiewa and Dick. I love it.

24 Jul 2023 21:02:37
Pistons - Spurs trade

Pistons get: Reggie Bullock

Spurs get: Marvin Bagley III, future 2nd from Pistons.

25 Jul 2023 00:26:58
giving away Bagley is not the answer. if he can stay healthy he has value to the team and already has chemistry with Cade.

24 Jul 2023 20:59:08
Knicks - Spurs trade in September

Knicks get: Doug McDermott, Cameron Payne, 2024 2nd via Lakers from Spurs

Spurs get: Evan Fornier, 2024 1st (top 18 protected) via Pistons from Knicks.

25 Jul 2023 15:04:15
This makes no sense from the Knicks since the last year of Fournier is a club option fully non-guarenteed. Seems like the waste of draft capital.

25 Jul 2023 19:25:38
Normally I would agree that the Knicks should just keep Fornier or try to trade him without draft capital. But, Tibs has decided that he won't play for some reason. Knicks are a playoff team and they certainly would rather have someone at that salary slot who can help them instead of Fornier riding the bench. McDermott is a better shooter. If they would play McDermott, it might be worth some draft capital to swap players. Spurs would only do this if they get back draft capital (they might accept a 2nd) . Otherwise, they look for another team to take McDermott or keep him.

Payne is a throw in, the deal works without him. The Knicks might want him. If not, drop him from the deal. Spurs can always use him (please no), trade him to another team, or waive him.

16 Jul 2023 05:53:08
Atlanta - Detroit - Philadelphia

Atlanta get Harris & 2nd from Phi & Det

Detroit get Hunter & Korkmaz

Philadelphia get Bojan Bogdanovic & Bogdan Bogdanovic

Hawks saves money
Pistons get a younger forward
Philly adds offensive firepower just in case they finalize a Harden trade

16 Jul 2023 22:06:31
Hunter would be a nice piece for the Pistons but what do the contracts look like for Hunter + Korkmaz? probably significantly more than Bogey's contract.

14 Jul 2023 12:07:03
Dallas s&t Wood to Detroit
Detroit Bogdanovic & Bagley to Dallas

14 Jul 2023 12:19:31

14 Jul 2023 13:38:23
For whom?

14 Jul 2023 13:43:32
Wood is not a center and Dallas signed Grant Williams to be their PF. Pistons need a 4 that can shoot and Bogey at the 4 is a no go defensively, it makes sense for both teams. Add Burks or Hayes to Dallas if they need another piece.

14 Jul 2023 13:46:27
Mavs aren’t going to overpay for Wood to come off the bench they’re better off using him to get depth. Unless you can come up with a multi team trade. Add in a couple 2nds to Dallas and that’s pushing it.

14 Jul 2023 18:48:55
I like this for both teams. Dallas has been rumored to be interested in Bogey.

14 Jul 2023 19:44:03
Detroit needs Wood? I think Detroit can flip Bogey for a better asset especially at the deadline.

14 Jul 2023 20:19:43
It's absurd because it has Dallas taking 32.5 mil in salary.

15 Jul 2023 09:49:21
It is absurd because BB has way more value than that.

15 Jul 2023 13:40:56
It is absurd because Detroit still has their room exception and can sign Wood without a sign and trade. $7 mil is higher than any other offer out there for Wood.

15 Jul 2023 13:46:54
It is absurd because Dallas is hard capped with only $11 mil in space left, but you have them adding $30+ mil in salary.

10 Jul 2023 08:52:46
Smart trade series:

Hornets still looking for a shooter, Pistons have Cunningham back:

PHX Holmes, Morris
DET 2nd pick CHA
DAL Ayton
CHA Hardaway

Mavs sign Oubre Jr. 1y with MLE

10 Jul 2023 09:19:34
+ one first round pick from Dal to phoenix.

10 Jul 2023 12:09:01
Dallas really wants to be married to Ayton? If they do that, that's 3 high salary players and that's going to be it. Not enough to be a contender.

10 Jul 2023 14:31:48
So Pistons got Morris for a 2nd and you expect them to only move him for a 2nd? Next.

10 Jul 2023 17:23:04
Mavs would have Oubre/ Williams and Prosper/ Green on the wings and Ayton/ Liverly at Center having Curry, Maxi as backups. That`s something to growth with! To become contender soon.

10 Jul 2023 17:40:42
As is, Mavs have 2 starting level players, and 1 happens to be the most unreliable player in the league.

11 Jul 2023 01:12:43
Bogdanovic for Hardaway and a 2nd seems more likely.

07 Jul 2023 12:45:04
1) Knicks-Suns-Pelicans-Port
Knicks: D Lillard
Suns:M robinson+ L Nance+Lewis
Pelicans: Brunson
Port: Ayton+ J hawkins+1rnd pick LA24+ 1rnd pick Bucks 25+ 1rnd pick Dal 24

Knicks: Derozan
Bulls: Quickley+Fournier+Jeffries+ rnd pick Det 24+ 1rnd pick Was 24


07 Jul 2023 15:43:06
Swap Daniels instead of Hawkins

Then im in if I’m Pels

But Portland would want more.

07 Jul 2023 03:49:32
Raps - Lillard

- gets a star to pair with Siakam/OG

Pistons - Trent

- gets a shooter and solid defender

Blazers - Barnes Thad Wiseman Hayes and 2 1sts from Raps + swap




07 Jul 2023 12:47:12
I like this a lot for the Raptors.

27 Jun 2023 09:38:32
Houston get Cade Cunningham and James Wiseman

Detroit get Amen Thompson and Jabari Smith

27 Jun 2023 09:45:04
Why would Detroit do this?
It's fair value, but i can't see Detroit doing it.

27 Jun 2023 19:40:23
That's really intriguing, pairing the twin brothers is interesting & they get Jabari Smith as well.

27 Jun 2023 19:52:00
Lmao fair value my foot. Cade is untouchable.

27 Jun 2023 23:33:19
Cade has the brightest future out of all in this proposal.

27 Jun 2023 23:34:34
Houston would have to give up Green too and some first round picks if they want Detroit to take it seriously, otherwise Troy Weaver laughs and hangs up.

28 Jun 2023 03:26:37
Cade isn’t that valuable atm lol.

28 Jun 2023 05:45:35
In terms of what you’re suggesting.

28 Jun 2023 16:07:50
Currently no but in a year this will look like a Dalcon trade.

21 Jun 2023 12:04:26
The Pacers are interested in using their No. 7 pick to take Jarace Walker, but the Pistons are believed to pick him up early with their No. 5 pick, according to sources from Jonathan Givony. Should Walker not make it to Indiana, the team would look to trade their pick in exchange for a veteran, like:

- Tobias Harris
- De'Andre Hunter
- Dorian Finney-Smith

UCF prospect Taylor Hendricks has also caught the Pacers' attention, but it's unlikely they decide to keep him on the team

21 Jun 2023 13:39:49
None of those players are worth #7, well maybe Hunter I don't know, but the other 2 have little value.

21 Jun 2023 15:02:39
Pacers deserve poverty if giving up #7 for them.

21 Jun 2023 16:15:52
Think Psiphon is a little confused.

Indy is talking about trading #26 or #29 for these veterans, not #7.

21 Jun 2023 16:48:17
Is it me whose confused? Or our fellow traders who commented. I just copied this from a report Fredman.

21 Jun 2023 16:58:35
Anyone who reads it knows it's bogus.

21 Jun 2023 18:43:00
I’ve read they are interested in trading #7 for a starting caliber wing, however their hopes need to be in a wing that’s a tier (or 2) above the guys mentioned. Idk why pacers would ever consider DFS or Harris with 7.

19 Jun 2023 01:33:05
Pistons - Zion

Pels - Bogdanovic Wiseman and 2

Hornets - 5, 14, and 2026 1st via Pistons

- add another pick from Detroit if needed

Brooks (FA)



19 Jun 2023 02:22:33
If i'm Hornets i'll go Zion or the number 2.

19 Jun 2023 23:18:28
not adding a guy who can't stay healthy while risking both the short and long term future of the team.

15 Jun 2023 20:50:18
Celtics - Clarke
Grizzlies - Brogdon

Grizzlies get a combo guard that can work as our 6th man with Morant out. When/If Morant comes back this season a Jones/Brogdon bench backcourt would look amazing (maybe Brogdon can play the 2 and Bane 3)

Celtics get a versatile defender at the staring PF position. Could be a great fit with Horford.

Pistons - LaRavia and 25
Grizzlies - Stewart and 31

Even with expanding his shot I don't think Stewart is a starting PF in this league (or a PF in general). Grizzlies get them a physical center to backup Adams.

Pistons get a much better fit a PF and longer rookie deal


15 Jun 2023 21:31:08
You realize that Clarke is out for next season and might be back by the trade deadline.

15 Jun 2023 21:39:32
Can Memphis take back the extra money?

15 Jun 2023 23:06:06
I’ve read he will be back in December. Only 2 months into the season.

15 Jun 2023 23:13:49
i don't think the Pistons are actively trying to trade Beef Stew and if so, it would not be in a deal like this.

16 Jun 2023 16:12:52
@NBA16. Rotowire has expected return as Feb 1st. Injury occurred in early March and normal recovering is 10-12 months.

15 Jun 2023 11:02:38
Sources tell ESPN's Jonathan Givony that the Mavericks could trade Tim Hardaway Jr. and the No. 10 pick for Detroit's Bogdanovic.

15 Jun 2023 12:02:59
Great way to make Luka demand a trade.

15 Jun 2023 12:36:24
Would be a big win for Detroit.

15 Jun 2023 12:59:00
Y’all think just because a team has a lot of cap available they’re going to absorb a bad contract as a favor?

15 Jun 2023 03:32:50
Assumption: Scoot goes 2nd overall.

Portland sends the #3 pick
Detroit sends the #5 pick, Jalen Duren, and the next 1st round pick that doesn’t relay to the Knicks… (essentially a 2024 unprotected 1st round pick)

15 Jun 2023 04:27:07
Not sure lottery teams should be in the hole for multiple first round picks.

15 Jun 2023 12:13:07
Not worth trading Duren.

14 Jun 2023 18:00:30
I have agreed with Pistons and Suns:

PHX Wiseman, McGee, Hardaway, Burks
DET Bertans, Shamet, #10, 1st
DAL Ayton, Bogdanovic, Joseph

Ayton, Powell
Bojan, Maxi
Bullock, Green
Luca, Hardy
Kyrie, Jospeh

14 Jun 2023 18:27:24
That's actually not too bad.

14 Jun 2023 19:26:50
Same old Dalcon, Ringing, DDrainr_r BS trade idea.

14 Jun 2023 21:34:53
Another imaginary agreement from this man.

15 Jun 2023 00:33:46
ok sir you take Wiseman, Burks, Bogey away, stick the Pistons with Bertans and all you give them in return is #10? is this Gilbert Arenas?

15 Jun 2023 00:38:50
trades like this should get you IP banned.

15 Jun 2023 04:43:28
And none if that helps Dallas Swiss cheese defense. LOL.

15 Jun 2023 07:45:38
Wow, Pistons get TWO 1st, No 10 this year and move only their older players and Wiseman - an there are people that think, Detroit would not agree immediatelly? Form them is a no brainer. Question is more, if Mavs would offer that and take the risk of Ayton and if the Suns would go with Wiseman and McGee instead of Ayton?

But it is a free world. Free will. Free (blown) minds . cheers.

15 Jun 2023 12:15:42
Meanwhile on planet earth, THJ and 10 for Bogey is the talk.

01 Jun 2023 17:59:50
Lakers Trade Option: Hield or Bogdanovic?

LAL receive:
(Buddy Hield / Bojan Bogdanovic)

(IND / DET) receive:
2023 1st Round Pick (#17)
Mo Bamba
Jarred Vanderbilt
Max Christie

Unfortunately, the Lakers have no other option but to run it back with LeBron and Davis next year. With that being said, I would be shocked if the 3 Lakers players listed are still on the roster by the start of the 2023/24 season.
Mo Bamba was essentially a non-factor for the Lakers even before his injury; his lack of interior defense makes him unplayable behind Davis.
And for Vanderbilt, although beloved by Lakers fans, his horrible shooting led him to the bench down the stretch in these playoffs. With Reeves and Hachimura likely to re-sign, Vando might be the odd man out next year.
Not much needs to be said about Max Christie, adding him to the deal frees up slightly more cap space.

Now for Hield and Bogdanovic, both offer you a very similar package offensively. Adding good shooters around LeBron is a recipe for success, so either player would be a great fit. However, both players are not particularly great defenders, although Bogdanovic's size works to his advantage. It really comes down to personal preference for this trade.

Which trade would you pick: Pacers, Pistons, or neither?

01 Jun 2023 18:28:58
I seriously doubt Indy is interested in an Additional 2023 first round pick.

Now I culd see Detroit biting on that.

01 Jun 2023 23:05:04
Pistons could use a guy like Vanderbilt.

02 Jun 2023 00:24:43
Monty Williams might want to keep a veteran sniper around though. Pistons nation have not heard anything about Bojan being shopped so its probably a deal Troy Weaver only makes if the offer is one he can't refuse. he could end up having more value at the trade deadline.

03 Jun 2023 19:18:48
Seems a little too good for the Pistons.

28 May 2023 19:05:04
Spurs: #5 pick, Wiseman, Diallo

Pistons: Keldon Johnson

30 May 2023 00:12:13
Huh? Johnson isn’t worth a first.

25 May 2023 05:40:02

Jusuf Nurkic
#46 pick
2026 2nd Round Pick.via Grizzlies from Blazers

Doug McDermott
Derrick Jones Jr
Andre Drummond
#3 pick (draft Brandon Miller)

Nassir Little
#23 pick

Bojan Bogdanovic
Jalen Duren
#5 pick (in trade package for Kawhi Leonard or Paul George or Lauri Markkanen)
2024 1st Round Pick.via Blazers (unlock protected)

26 May 2023 00:28:39
anybody except Cade, Ivey and Duren.

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