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13 Jul 2024 01:02:46
Lakers - Spurs

Lakers- johnson, sochan, tre Jones, collins, 3 1sts, 2 swaps

Spurs- davis, vincent


07 Jul 2024 01:46:51
If the Lakers continue to suck, they should trade AD and maximize his value. Then let Daddy Bron and Bronny enjoy their time together without pressure

Houston - Lakers

Houston get Anthony Davis & Gabe Vincent

Vanvleet / Vincent / Holiday
Green / Whitmore
Thompson / Eason / Griffin
Davis / Tate / Green
Sengun / Adams

Lakers get Dillon Brooks, Jabari Smith, Reed Sheppard, Jock Londale & 3 1st round picks

04 Jul 2024 15:56:09
LA Lakers - New Orleans - Miami

LA Lakers - Tyler Herro, Jordan Hawkins, 3 1st round picks New Orleans, 1st round pick Miami

New Orleans - Anthony Davis

Miami - Brandon Ingram

04 Jul 2024 17:10:13
There’s no way Pels do that.

01 Jul 2024 19:21:38
Klay picks Mavs over Lakers
JV picks Wizards over Lakers

02 Jul 2024 03:03:40
As long as LBJ runs LA, Fa's wont go there.

01 Jul 2024 00:47:05
With the warriors losing klay and possibly pg

Warriors - derozan (s&t)

Lakers - klay (s&t)

Bulls - hachimura & wiggins & 1st from gs

29 Jun 2024 00:05:13
Pels. Murray
Hawks. Daniels Nance 2925 1st via LAL 2027 1st

LOVE this for Pels!!

29 Jun 2024 10:34:53
Make that 2025 1st via LA. Not 2925. Lol.

29 Jun 2024 11:10:05
Excellent moves for the Pels. That's a great great value for them.

29 Jun 2024 15:19:45
That 2027 Lakers could be gold but I also like DM on the Pels.

29 Jun 2024 15:21:34
Oh nevermind, not the 27 Lakers pick.

29 Jun 2024 16:08:48
The 27 pick is worse of Pels/ Bucks.

29 Jun 2024 18:06:21
So that's not an awesome return. He's on a good contract too.

29 Jun 2024 18:55:57
Now Pels got to fix that gapping hole at Center.

30 Jun 2024 00:23:15
Brook Lopez could be a good target at center. They can trade Ingram & get Lopez plus bench depth in return. Need to form a 3way deal with the Bucks though.

30 Jun 2024 23:21:21
All that nonsense for a 1st round exit, the west is to stacked and Murray ain’t changing anything for the pels.

10 Jun 2024 07:31:12
As I told y, Mavs need to use Kyrie to trade him to LA to finally stengthen the TEAM. LAL will try for some final runs, before the rebuild:

LAL Kyrie, Hardaway, Kleber, Exum
DAL Russell, Reaves, Hachimura, Vanderbild, 2x1st (2024 & 2029)

Mavs will have 4x1st and asset to trade for Murray and a good SF:

ATL Reaves, Green, 2x1st
DAL Murray

Nets or Hornets:

NET Russell, Prosper, 2x1st
DAL Bridges

Mavs sign Melton MLE 3y

10 Jun 2024 09:19:22
NOH Russell, Prosper, 2x1st
DAL Ingram.

10 Jun 2024 21:20:37
Don’t drink and post.

11 Jun 2024 06:56:46
Y mean, there are great ideas coming out? :) Yeap!

11 Jun 2024 07:00:13
The physicallity of the Lakers will create even more space for Kyrie and Kyrie will give the Lakers the missing peace as a fast scoring tread.

Murray and Bridges are not the super stars but both a very good and fast defenders and both can make plays and score.

Lakers and Mavs will be a better team finally. Nets or NOL keep building.

11 Jun 2024 13:18:31
Don’t drink and reply twice ?.

05 Jun 2024 17:42:17
Some lowkey moves from teams in the offseason if they cant pull a blockbuster trade.

Nuggets - sign Gordon Hayward
Pelicans/Magic - sign Tyus Jones
Lakers - find way to get Caruso & KCP back
Thunder - add Isaiah Hartenstein
Kings - trade away Huerter for a 3 and D wing like Caruso, Bruce Brown, etc. or PF who plays D like Vanderbilt etc.
Warriors - grab an available not so expensive big like Holmes, Capela or anyone

02 Jun 2024 14:11:08
Lakers - Caruso

Bulls - pick 17, JHS, Vincent, 3 2nds

03 Jun 2024 05:34:45
Quality trade . does it make Lakers good enough? Can they move dlo or reeves next.

03 Jun 2024 13:06:02
Lakers have the cap space to take on the additional salary?

02 Jun 2024 09:01:37
LAL need to win now. Kyrie is better as Donovan Mitchell.

Think when DAL gets the ring, Kyrie could stay but I think he would also love to finally join Lakers for a last run. DAL may be THE team of the next years. But Lakers are the Lakers.

For LA and DAL and Kyrie it could be a win-win-win.

LAL Kyrie, Hardaway, Kleber, Exum
DAL 1st, Russell, Hachimura, Reaves, Vanderbilt

DAL build a core to compete the next five years with great defense and Luca : )

ATL Reaves, Green, 1st LAL
DAL Murray

WIZ Russell, 1st DAL
DAL Avdija
NET Russell, Prosper, 1st DAL
DAL Bridges
NOL Russell, Prosper, 1st DAL
DAL Ingram

DAL signs Melton MLE

Lively, Gafford
Washington, Hahimura
Avdija, Jones
Doncic, Hary
Murray, Melton

02 Jun 2024 10:17:32
Lakers say hell yes.

03 Jun 2024 17:55:24
Reaves won't get you Murray. We already have Bogdanavic why add Reaves? They are both over paid bench players.

02 Jun 2024 02:39:42
Lakers get Donovan Mitchell, Georges niang

Cavs get Austin Reeves, Rui Hachimura, jhs, Vanderbilt #17 pick, 2029 pick


Donovan/Lonnie walker/Christie
Lebron /prince/christie

Garland /LeVert
Reeves/ okoro
Strus/ #17 jaylon tyson
Mobley/ rui
Allen/ #20 daron holmes

Lebron's lost a step but still super effective Donovan's got young legs and what he lacks in playmaking leadership and size is perfectly complemented by LeBron. He's the second side guy bron needs . Mitchell can run pg in a lot of lineups or be the smallest guy while lebron kinda runs point and sets him and ad up. Niang provides some shot making size toughness iq.

Cavs get young guys and picks. They find some more complimentary lineups and let mobley have the ball in his hands more . Garland will do better as well this way. They can look to move Allen if mobley doesn't take a leap as a scorer playmaker and most importantly shooter. Open to dealing levert in season take a shot on the 2029 pick wasn't ready to win w/Mitchell stunting others development

01 Jun 2024 18:40:35

Lakers:Mobley+ 1rnd pick Phoe 25-27

Cle: M Finney Smith+A Davis+C Johnson

Cle:Sign LBJ

C:J Allen/Wade
PF:A Davis/Finney Smith
SF:LB James/Struss
SG:LeVert/C Johnson

01 Jun 2024 17:49:58
Lakers - Cavs - Bulls

Lakers get Lavine & Allen
- dont tell me the Lakers are getting too much. They take Lavine, high risk high reward and get a front court duo for AD


Cavs get Vanderbilt, Pat Williams, 17th pick Lakers, 1st round pick Chicago
- adds 2 defensive bigs and some assets for Allen


Bulls get Reaves, Vincent & Hachimura
- gets rid of Lavine and get a decent return in Reaves


01 Jun 2024 18:40:08
Lakers are getting too much.

30 May 2024 08:35:54
An opportunistic Mavs GM could Kyrie send to Lakers in the summer - since he may have the higher value. You could ask the desperated Lakers for a lot. : ) I like that idea. ; )

LAL Kyrie, Hardaway, Kleber, Exum
DAL Murray, Hunter, Russell, Hachimura
ATL Reaves, Hood-Schifino, Green, Propser, Vanderbit, 1st LAL

Mavs win 2024 and 2025 again : )

Lively - Gafford
Washington, Hachimura
Hunter, Jones
Luca, Hardy
Murray, Russell

30 May 2024 17:47:03
The value is bad for Atlanta. That said, I wouldn't trade Kyrie if I'm the Mavs. He's way too important for them.

31 May 2024 11:55:19
I agree terrible for Atlanta.

31 May 2024 12:27:00
So after Kyrie helped Luka to be with his first finals appearance, you will trade him. Lmao.

30 May 2024 03:35:48
Raptors Offseason:

S&T Trent 4Y 65M to LAL for Vanderbilt, JHS, and a 2nd

Re-Sign Quickley 4Y 128M

Trade Brown and McDaniels to GSW for Wiggins and Moody

Sign Monte Morris w/ MLE

Draft Tristan Da Silva @19 and Ajay Mitchell @31

C ' Poeltl/Olynyk/Boucher

PF ' Barnes/Da Silva/Vanderbilt

SF ' Wiggins/Moody/Agbaji

SG ' Barrett/Dick/Hood-Schifino

PG ' Quickley/Morris/Mitchell

30 May 2024 05:12:17
Wiggins fits good on raps more valuable than people realize warriors had a lot of issues could see Wiggins playing like he did two years ago somewhere else. But golden state shouldn't do this . Monte Morris shouldn't be in the league . why trade for Vanderbilt jhs won't be good .

30 May 2024 13:21:13
Wiggins is a local player, Toronto Raptors likely have as much insight on him as any team in the league. It's great that he got a ring, but he underperformed most years of his career. He seems rather disinterested last season. Raptors need shooters around SB. Wiggins has 3 years left on his contract with a diminishing return. Raptors just got ride of older players - this trade does not make sense from Raptors perspective.

18 May 2024 10:24:51

Lakers: P George
Clippers:Reaves+Russell+Hachimura+ 1rnd pick LA 25-29

21 May 2024 10:49:20
Aren't the Clippers + Lakers in the second tier where they can't do S&Ts?

14 May 2024 17:25:01

CLE get Lebron James, Kevin Durant & Austin Reaves
- one last hurray for Lebron & Cavs

Pg Lebron
Sg Reaves
Sf Strus
Pf Durant
Ce Mobley

LAL get Donovan Mitchell, Ben Simmons & Cam Johnson
- gets a fresh start with Mitchell-Davis combo

Pg Simmons
Sg Mitchell
Sf Johnson
Pf Vanderbilt
Ce Davis

PHX get Darius Garland, Rui Hachimura, Jarrett Allen & 1st round pick from LAL & CLE
- gets rid of 2 old stars and get a young running mate for Dbook

Pg Garland
Sg Booker
Sf Allen
Pf Hachimura
Ce Allen

BKN get Bradley Beal & D'Angelo Russell s&t
- gets a star for ticket sale

Pg Russell
Sg Beal
Sf Bridges
Pf Finney-Smith
Ce Claxton

15 May 2024 14:48:42
Nets aren’t taking on Beale awful contract after dealing with Simmons horrible contract the last 3 years…;Simmons is on an expiring deal that contract is more valuable for a team looking to shed salary.

14 May 2024 12:11:36
Cavs - Pelicans - Lakers

Cavs : Ingram, Hachimura, 2nd round pick Lakers


Pelicans : Allen, M.Lewis


Lakers: Strus, Wade


07 May 2024 05:00:31
LAL: Zach Lavine and Alex Caruso

CHI: Vanderbilt, Reddish, Hayes, 2 first.

07 May 2024 15:22:07
Levine has one of the worst contracts in the nba the bulls are going to have to attach picks to move off of it let alone get multiple 1sts back.

04 May 2024 01:08:51
Lal - cj mccollum, j valanciunas


Nop - dlo russell, j allen


Cle - r hachimura, d daniels, 1st from lakers, 1st from pels


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