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28 Oct 2023 08:22:30
15 december trade


28 Oct 2023 10:19:53
Like the westbrook trade again. No.

28 Oct 2023 12:17:11
Harden is a much better fit.
And LA is going to play LBJ only for 30 minutes a game.
SO Harden can get LA the wins during the season and Bron can lead them into the playoffs.

28 Oct 2023 12:34:15
I dont think Harden is a better fit for the Lakers than Westbrook. They are the same. Reaves and Russell are team players which is better with Lebron and AD being the superstars on their own. The westbrook trade was a nightmare, dont want to repeat it.

19 Oct 2023 18:08:41
Lakers:T Young
Hawks:B Hield+ H Jones+ 1rnd pick Pacers 24+ 1rnd pick Lakers 24 (from NO)+ 1rnd pick LA 29+swap option 1rnd pick LA 25

21 Oct 2023 05:15:23
Can't swap Lakers 2025 fst as O can choose to take the 2025 first instead of the 2025 first.

21 Oct 2023 19:02:56
Not nearly enough for Trae.

28 Oct 2023 14:37:41
Reaves and Vincent don’t net a first. Hield and 2 seconds.

06 Oct 2023 02:41:33

Trade 1 -

Los Angeles Clippers get: James Harden, PJ Tucker, Daniel House Jr.

Philadelphia 76ers get: Terence Mann, Nic Batum, Robert Covington, Marcus Morris Sr., '28 & '30 unprotected 1sts (via LAC)

Trade 2 -

Oklahoma City Thunder get: Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris, Jaden Springer

- (if so new lineup: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Jalen Williams, Tobias Harris, Chet Holmgren, Joel Embiid?)

Charlotte Hornets get: Lu Dort, Kenrich Williams, Davis Bertans

Philadelphia 76ers get: Josh Giddey, Aleksej Pokusevski, Ousmane Dieng, Vasilijie Micic, Gordon Hayward (bought out), Victor Oladipo (waived), '24 top-4 protected 1st (from OKC, via HOU), '24 unprotected 2nd (from CHA, via BOS), returned '25 1st (from OKC, via PHI), '26 unprotected 1st (from OKC, via LAC), '27 top-5 protected 1st (from OKC, via DEN), '27 unprotected 2nd (from CHA, via POR or NOP), '28 unprotected 2nd (from CHA, via LAC), '29 top-5 protected 1st (from OKC, via DEN), rights to swap '28 & '30 1sts (via OKC)

76ers Rotation After Trades
PG De'Anthony Melton / Vasilijie Micic / Patrick Beverley
SG Tyrese Maxey / Terance Mann / Furkan Korkmaz
SF Josh Giddey / Kelly Oubre Jr. / Nic Batum
PF Ousmane Dieng / Robert Covington / Marcus Morris Sr.
C Paul Reed / Aleksej Pokusevski / Mohamed Bamba

28 Sep 2023 16:20:07
Cleveland gets: Duncan Robinson, Caleb Martin & '26 srp via Lakers
Miami gets: Isaac Okoro, Ricky Rubio, Dean Wade & Sam Merrill

Cleveland adds a shooter & a wing. They add much needed wings to the roster.
Miami does this to unload Robinson for more cap flexibility. Okoro is a decent prospect worth taking a close look. Dean Wade is a shooting big, could bring value off the bench. Rubio is non-guaranteed for next season & is considering retirement.

28 Sep 2023 18:38:16
Miami gives up the best player and draft capital. LOL!

28 Sep 2023 19:42:25
They also dump a bad contract & get under the tax.

29 Sep 2023 00:48:31
Miami is one of those teams that doesn't worry too much about the tax level.

07 Sep 2023 13:20:10
Heat get: Lillard, Nurkic, Bertans, '25 MIA 1st

76ers get: Herro,Robinson, Highsmith, Oladipo

Clips get: Harden, Tucker, House, '26 LAL 2nd

Thunder get: Lowry, '26 MIA 1st

Blazers get: Mann, Jaquez, '24, '28, & '30 MIA 1sts, '25, '27, & '29 MIA swaps, '28 LAC 1st, 4 expirings (Batum, Covington, Morris, Korkmaz)


* Get their big fish and manage to keep Caleb Martin and Nikola Jovic out of the deal by taking back salary.

* They trade a disgruntled Harden for a young dynamic scorer in Herro, keeping them competitive.

* Add a third top 30 player into the mix with Kawhi & PG for a poo-poo plater of Mann, expirings, & a 1st.

* Ultimately get cap relief (dumping Nurkic, taking back expirings), two young rotation pieces (Mann, Jaquez Jr.), and a stockpile of draft picks (four 1sts & 3 swaps) for their franchise guy who is 33 & doesn't want to wait around for a rebuilding era in Portland.

* Get a more favorable pick from Miami in '26 as opposed to the protected pick in '25, and dump a very bad contract with Bertans in the process.

07 Sep 2023 15:13:21
Jovic has to be added too. Miami can’t keep either of their ok prospects and get Dame. Just not happening.

07 Sep 2023 21:24:40
OKC already gets Miami's 2026 unprotected first if the 2025 does not convey.

There is zero reason here for OKC to take on Lowry's contract.

08 Sep 2023 21:14:19
horrible return for Portland. Let's dispel this superficial gunk. Salary cap space is needed to prepare for valuable free agents and/ or resigning/ extending key players. As everyone says, in-demand free agents don't want to go to Portland and Scoot and Sharpe extensions/ resigning are a few years out. So little value of salary cap relief in '24 in a rebuild. Swaps going from top 5 teams to bottom five teams are worth zero. And 4 picks going 7 years into the future that will all be nearly second round picks? Oh yeah, and Portland needs front court players, not 3rd, 4th, 5th string shooting guards.

08 Aug 2023 14:56:05
Five Team Blockbuster Deal

Miami Heat receive:
* G Damian Lillard ($45.6M, 4 yrs)
* F Marcus Morris Sr. ($17.1M, 1 yr)
* '25 lottery-protected 1st (from OKC,viaMIA)
* '27 & '29 least favorable protected 1sts (via POR)

Philadelphia 76ers receive:
* G Tyler Herro ($27.0M, 4 yrs)
* G Norman Powell ($18.0M, 3 yrs)
* F Robert Covington ($11.6M, 1 yr)

Los Angeles Clippers receive:
* G James Harden ($35.6M, 1 yr)
* F P.J. Tucker ($11.0M, 2 yrs)
* F Furkan Korkmaz ($5.3M, 1 yr)
* F Daniel House ($4.3M, 1 yr)

Portland Trail Blazers receive:
* G Kyle Lowry ($29.6M, 1 yr)
* F Nicolas Batum ($11.7M, 1 yr)
* F Jaime Jaquez Jr. ($3.5M, 4 yrs)
* F Nikola Jovic ($2.3M, 3 yrs)
* '24, '28, & '30 unprotected 1sts (via MIA)
* '28 unprotected 1st (via LAC)
* '27 & '29 more favorable protected 1sts (via MIA)

Oklahoma City Thunder receive:
* '26 unprotected 1st (via MIA)
* '26 unprotected 2nd (from MIA, via LAL)

* Heat form their big 3 in Jimmy, Dame, & Bam while keeping Caleb Martin in the fold.
* Clippers form their big 3 in Kawhi, Harden, & George while keeping Terence Mann in tack.
* 76ers trade their disgruntled star for a young and hungry 20 pt scorer in Herro, & two other solid rotation pieces with Norm and RoCo.
* Blazers get back five first round picks (including Jaime Jaquez Jr.) for Dame to kick-start the rebuild around Scoot and Simons. They also get another promising prospect in Jovic plus major cap flexibility for the future.
* Thunder turn their protected pick from Miami into an unprotected pick and get an additional second rounder in the process for helping Miami facilitate this blockbuster.

08 Aug 2023 16:09:30
A future Lakers 2nd is not enough to entice OKC to drop the protections on the 2025 Miami owes.

OKC has plenty of draft picks and doesn't need more. Plus the difference between a late 10's pick versus a late 20's pick is way more than a future second.

08 Aug 2023 21:07:06
There's absolutely no way does Miami can receive picks or swap rights when they are getting Dame for that package.

09 Aug 2023 17:04:28
ArcticX: Miami is giving their 26 first to get back their 25 first so they can send out more picks to Portland. And the swaps in this deal are the ones they’re sending to Portland, they just put in the bad part of the swap in the Miami section.

So they’re really not receiving anything in this.

10 Aug 2023 17:30:34
something that seems to get missed constantly - using "unprotected" on picks that will obviously be at the end of the first round to give a perception of more value is laughable. Let's compare the 30th pick in a draft (1st round) with the 31nd pick in a draft (2nd round) . Not a large difference in value. So based on value alone, Miami's picks will be nearly 2nd rounders.

24 Jul 2023 20:59:08
Knicks - Spurs trade in September

Knicks get: Doug McDermott, Cameron Payne, 2024 2nd via Lakers from Spurs

Spurs get: Evan Fornier, 2024 1st (top 18 protected) via Pistons from Knicks.

25 Jul 2023 15:04:15
This makes no sense from the Knicks since the last year of Fournier is a club option fully non-guarenteed. Seems like the waste of draft capital.

25 Jul 2023 19:25:38
Normally I would agree that the Knicks should just keep Fornier or try to trade him without draft capital. But, Tibs has decided that he won't play for some reason. Knicks are a playoff team and they certainly would rather have someone at that salary slot who can help them instead of Fornier riding the bench. McDermott is a better shooter. If they would play McDermott, it might be worth some draft capital to swap players. Spurs would only do this if they get back draft capital (they might accept a 2nd) . Otherwise, they look for another team to take McDermott or keep him.

Payne is a throw in, the deal works without him. The Knicks might want him. If not, drop him from the deal. Spurs can always use him (please no), trade him to another team, or waive him.

23 Jul 2023 03:18:07
Cleveland receives: Keldon Johnson, Devin Vassell, 2024 second via Lakers, 2025 first via Atlanta & Chicago & 2026 second via Utah
San Antonio receives: Donovan Mitchell

Cleveland will face similar problems that Portland went through with their small backcourt. They might as well cash in while he still has value.
San Antonio gets one of the best guards in the NBA to pair with Victor.

22 Jul 2023 11:27:34

Gary Harris
2024 2nd Round Pick.via Lakers from Spurs

Doug McDermott
2026 2nd Round Pick.via Clippers from Grizzlies

Evan Fournier
2025 1st Round Pick.via Bucks (Top 4 Protected)

Chuma Okeke (Dillon Brooks $8.9 Million TPE)

22 Jul 2023 17:02:43
Knicks would say yes easily, getting off of Fournier's contract, they should give up more though

Spurs say yes, value about right

Grizzlies say yes, value about right

Magic say hell no, McDermott and a 2nd for Harris and Okeke? Both players are better than McDermott and Orlando hates 2nd Rd picks.

23 Jul 2023 02:11:58
Grizz don’t have any roster spots.

23 Jul 2023 04:50:29
other than some potential with Okeke, this looks like a revolving wheel of has-beens.

11 Jul 2023 17:00:33
Brad Stevens has been stockpiling picks to shove all in. With Brown's looming extension, the timeline fits right now for a trade. (I guess the deadline could work but easiest to get it done before Brown inks)

Celtics untouchables:


The only player JB will realistically be traded for is Luka Doncic. I don't see Luka happening because Mavs are actually pretty deep right now.

I would flirt with a potential Steph Curry option if I was Boston where the Celtics give the Warriors Brown/Rob Williams and all of their picks, but this doesn't make any sense for Golden State. Kawhi two years ago would make sense but no longer. The Lakers won't move Anthony Davis, but he is an option I think the Boston would not entertain a Brown/Rob Williams for Davis swap. If Boston relocated to the West they could call about Embid but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

As of now, the Celtics are absolutely contenders with:

Porzingis/ Horford
Rob Williams

To me, further blowing up depth only make sense if the Celtics can land a third superstar, that can take the ball up or in a Jokic-unicorn way, take pressure off Brown/Tatum's perimeter smothering. I would say Porzingis brings some of this but who knows.

Without including Brown, the Celtics can include the following assets for a trade in the coming days: Brogdon, White and Rob Williams+ all of their picks and an extra first and a ton of seconds to involve a third/ fourth team.

Trade targets with package including Brogdon/ White/ Williams and 4+ firsts: Dame/ Ja Morant/ Zion/ Trae Young/ Lamelo Ball

Everyone on here talks about Dame so I won't even get into it, but I do think a Dame/Brown/Tatum/ Porzingis core would be lethal. It doesn't seem like Dame agrees though!

Ja would be the dream and would make both Tatum and Brown better (to me more so than Dame). Celtics should do everything they possibly can to get Ja, deal with his antics and establish unequivocally the best starting 5 in the NBA for the foreseeable future (Ja/Brown/Tatum/ Porzingis+ it could even be me (a 6 foot on paper Jewish guy at center!).

Zion doesn't fit or improve the Brown/ Tatum/ Porzingis pairing. If Brad is sold on Zion being the next Lebron, a Brown/Zion swap could make sense but otherwise this is a pass. For the record, I am absolutely not sold on Zion so let's just write this off for the sake of moving along.

Trae Young is interesting. This is a second-tier option to JA. I don't really know why the Hawks would bite but if it can get done, the Celtics would be set nicely for the future.

I'm joking about Lamelo. Calm down. Just keep reading.

Trade targets for package not including Rob Williams: (Brogdon/ White/ couple firsts):
Zach Lavine/ CJ McCollum/ KAT/ Siakam/ Derozan/ Paul George

Porzingis and KAT don't make sense. Lavine won't take the ball up. Derozan and PG shouldn't even be on this list.

CJ McCollum is interesting. Is he a major improvement over White? Yes, I actually think he is. Is he an absolute true point guard? No. Does Brogdon and a couple of picks down the road make up the difference? I'm not sure but neither is Brad Stevens so it's probably a pass.

Bottom line: Robert Williams is certainty a fit with Tatum/Brown/Porzingis at center. Health comes into question but let's ignore that for now.

Unfortunately, Brogdon and White sharing the point with Pritchard may just not be enough to take pressure of the Jays and actually help them improve.

Essentially, the Celtics could put themselves in an even better position if they could pull of a trade for Ja, Dame or Trae. Brown/Tatum/Porzingis+ a third star (may I say fourth?) at guard gets makes the Celtics overwhelming title favorites and cements them as the best NBA roster for the foreseeable future.

11 Jul 2023 20:01:53
If I were the Celtics I would trade Jalen Brown to Blazers for Scoot Henderson + Simons + Nurkic

Dame can stay with Portland. Celtics avoid the break the bank extension for Brown. Scoot looks like he could be ready to help this year if not next year. They would be set for several years.

11 Jul 2023 20:29:40
You can add as many late first as you want, but you're not getting another star without getting rid of brown teams aren't stupid.

12 Jul 2023 10:34:28
What if. The Celtics and Brown reach an agreement. They can now trade him after a year.
It's been floated that the Celtics could offer Brown and Porzingis ( and whatever else) to Milwaukee for Giannis, who's a FA, after next season?

I know he wants to play in LA. But who knows, a lot can happen in a year.

12 Jul 2023 20:38:37
Once they offer the max extension to Brown, the Celtics are stuck with him for better or worse. I hope it works out, but I fear that his contract will eventually be labeled as the worst contract in the league. taking the place of Ben Simmons.

12 Jul 2023 21:14:28
Is Portland stuck with Dame? No, they're not. He's going to be traded. Max and Supermax deals are now the norm. Those deals will be as tradable as they always were.

I think signing a supermax deal, makes him more tradable not less. If they traded Brown now, they would obviously get less, because Brown would be a rental. If he's signed, they can't trade him for a year, but since his salary is set, teams would trade for him and the C's would get much more value.

13 Jul 2023 00:44:01
Brogdon and picks for Terry Rozier. That’s it.

13 Jul 2023 03:29:13
How would Brown’s contract come anywhere close to the worst in the league (minus a mental or physical breakdown)? He’s 26. He’s averaged 23+, 6+, 3+ on borderline elite efficiency the last 3 years. He’s a good defender. He plays an important position and can play multiple positions.

I just don’t see it.

03 Jul 2023 01:23:08
Four Team Blockbuster Trade

Philadelphia 76ers receive:
G Damian Lillard
G Norman Powell
F Robert Covington
F Thaddeus Young

Los Angeles Clippers receive:
G James Harden
F Tobias Harris
C Precious Achiuwa

Toronto Raptors receive:
G Tyrese Maxey
C Jusuf Nurkic
G Terance Mann

Portland Trail Blazers receive:
F OG Anunoby
C Ivica Zubac
F Nicolas Batum
F Marcus Morris Sr.
'28 & '30 unprotected FRP (via LAC)
'29 unprotected FRP (via PHI)

PHI: Lillard, Powell, Covington, Tucker, Embiid
LAC: Harden,George, Leonard, Harris, Achiuwa
TOR: Maxey, Trent Jr., Barnes, Siakam, Poeltl

03 Jul 2023 03:06:11
Toronto stealing value.

01 Jul 2023 21:29:27
Jaxson Hayes to Lakers. Probably good for him to get a new start.

21 Jun 2023 20:53:57
Shams Charania

Sources: Wizards, Celtics and Clippers are in strong talks on a trade that would send Kristaps Porzingis to Boston, Marcus Morris and draft compensation to Washington and Malcolm Brogdon to Los Angeles. Sides are still working through details and Porzingis’ $36M player option.

21 Jun 2023 22:22:37
As I've said, I wanted Brogdon gone, and I would've been happy if they dumped his contract for nothing. Porzingis looks to be an incredible fit in Boston. Health risks of course.

22 Jun 2023 00:14:13
Boston would be favorites again. If Porzingis stays healthy for the playoffs. That's a steal.

22 Jun 2023 01:03:39
Wow. Someone who can actually score in the paint for Boston. About time.

22 Jun 2023 01:10:44
nice bit of work by boston's gm, and washington gets credit for squeezing something out of porzingas leaving. i guess this will end the paul to the clippers speculation? clippers made out well in this also.

22 Jun 2023 03:03:56
Adrian Wojnarowski
The Wizards are still working on ways to get Kristaps Porzingis to the Celtics in an opt-in and trade scenario, but it won't be in a three-way with the Clippers, sources tell ESPN. Porzingis still has the ability to decline his $36 million player option and become a free agent.

LOL! Why do I have a feeling they ironed out a deal and took it to Porzingis for him to opt into and he said "No thank you"?

19 Jun 2023 18:11:39
Lakers - 26 29 Jalen Smith & Nwora

Pacers - 17 & Bamba

Pacers draft
7 - Taylor Hendricks
17 - Brice Sensabaugh

Lakers draft
26 - Marcus Sasser
29 - Colby Jones



19 Jun 2023 19:13:16
Like it.

19 Jun 2023 06:35:31
Lakers - middleton

Bucks- russell 4yr/80 with team option, beasley, 17th pick

Lakers add a vet shooter, lebron run the point

Lebron dennis
Reaves walker
Middleton christie
Hachimura vanderbilt
Davis bamba

Bucks add a young blood then get a pick they can use to get another piece

Holiday carter
Russell beasley
Allen connaughton
Giannis baeuchamp
Lopez portis

18 Jun 2023 18:28:09
Lakers - FVV (4yr, 120 mil)

Raps - Beasley and Russell (3yr 45mil)

18 Jun 2023 21:11:42
If Toronto is not re-signing Fred, it's smart to get something for him. It's just hard for me to imagine a well run team wanting those 2 players.

18 Jun 2023 18:25:02
Lakers - Rozier

Hornets - Beasley and Bamba (waive)

Lakers get a good 3rd option at PG

Hornets do this for salary purposes. They wave Bamba's fully non-guaranteed deal before end of month, and get an expiring Beasley deal. Hayward is also a huge expiring deal. They can go all in next FA.

16 Jun 2023 18:57:18
If Lively is stall available at 16

Grizz jumps Lakers

Grizzlies - 16 and Gay
Jazz - Williams LaRavia and 25

Grizzlies draft Lively
Bring back Rudy Gay to finish career in Memphis
Use MLE on Kelly Oubre
Sign Cory Joseph

Jazz draft
Cason Wallace - 9
Trayce Jackson- Davis - 25
Siddy Cissoko - 28


16 Jun 2023 19:14:55
Will include the 24 Warriors 1st too.

16 Jun 2023 20:25:31
I serious doubt that the Jazz move backthat far when they also have #28. I think Jazz are going to try to use #16 and #28 to move up into the lottery.

16 Jun 2023 23:52:55
Also, Warriors don't own their 2024 first. I think Memphis has it.

17 Jun 2023 03:39:37
Which is why I said I would include it in this deal (Grizz adding it to Utah)

17 Jun 2023 07:10:38
My bad. Still had the Greek Freak offer on my brain.

15 Jun 2023 20:09:10
Mavs - Nurkic, 22, and '27 1st via Phi

Nets - Lillard and Bertans

Blazers - Claxton Thomas Dinwiddie(exp) Harris (exp) McGee, 10, 21, and 4 future 1sts via BKL (25, 27, 29 via Phx & 29 Dallas)

Blazers draft
3 - Brandon Miller
10 - Taylor Hendricks
17 - Leonard Miller
*use 21 & 23 to Lakers for 17*

- maybe S&T wood for a more defensive 4

- go hard on vet bigs, and still have a huge 18mil trade exception (Richaun Holmes, Bamba, or use it for a S&T center such as Vucevic, Reid, etc)


15 Jun 2023 20:38:49
Not the best package I think Blazers will get but just throwing it out there.

15 Jun 2023 22:41:26
Portland isn't getting all that for Dame.

13 Jun 2023 21:11:18
Found an interesting deal:

To Lakers: J.Allen & S.Dinwiddie

To Nets: D.Russell s&t, M.Beasley & 17th pick via Lakers, 2nd round pick via Cavs

To Cavs: J.Vanderbilt, DFS & 22nd pick via Nets

Lakers bring back Davis to 4 and get a 5 who can protect the rim and match up better with star bigs
- sign CP3 & Dennis back

CP3, Dennis
Reaves, Dinwiddie
LeBron, Walker
Davis, Hachimura
Allen, Bamba

Dlo had his best years with Nets , maybe he can bring that back again in Brooklyn

Russell, Simmons
Bridges, Beasley, Thomas
Oneale, Harris, draft pick
Johnson, Watanabe, draft pick
Claxton, Sharpe

Cavs let Mobley play the 5 and get 2 versatile tall wings to compliment

Garland, Rubio
Mitchell, Levert
Vanderbilt, Okoro
DFS, Osman, Stevens
Mobley, Wade

14 Jun 2023 03:28:27
How are the draft picks made prior to the S&T period begins? This is what gets teams punished for tampering.

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