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01 Jul 2024 14:38:57
Wolves:J collins+ J Clarckson+ 1rnd pick Wolves 25-27+ return swap option 26

2) Utah-Hawks
Hawks:Kessler+Hendrickx+sexton+ 1rnd pick Cle 25
Utah:T Young

01 Jul 2024 23:50:48
Wolves say a very hard no to that.

13 Jun 2024 18:38:33
This trade idea was posted on the SI Fan Nation Atlanta Hawks site:

Atlanta gets Karl-Anthony Towns and Marcus Smart
Minnesota gets Dejounte Murray and Bodgan Bogdanovic
Memphis gets Clint Capela and Sacramento's 2025 1st round pick (top 12 protected in 2025, top 10 protected in 2026, else 2026 & 2027 2nd round pick) .

15 Jun 2024 12:56:10
A hawks fan posted that. I would have never guessed in a million years.

16 Jun 2024 11:38:16
As a Hawks fan I can tell you we have some of the dumbest fans on the planet. They know nothing about basketball they just root for the team. Weirdest bunch I've ever seen. You would be hard pressed to find a Hawks fan that is disgruntled about the Hawks given Bogdan Bogdanavic 7 yrs worth of contracts totaling 140 million fans of teams like Boston, Mavs, NY teams would cuss them out if they signed players like that to those types of contracts.

05 Jun 2024 00:24:24
Cleveland gets: Brandon Ingram and Karl Anthony Towns
New Orleans gets: Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVert
Minnesota gets: Darius Garland

Cleveland adds better fitting pieces.
New Orleans gets their much needed big.
Minnesota shaves salary and gets their PG of the future.

07 Jun 2024 13:01:26
Cleveland is committing highway robbery. Allen is overvalued and Garland don’t get you Towns.

04 Jun 2024 20:07:47
Cavaliers / Timberwolves / Pelicans

Cavaliers - Karl Anthony Towns & Nickel Alexander-Walker

Alexander Walker - Porter
Mitchell - Merrill
Strus - Levert
Mobley - Niang
Towns - Wade

Timberwolves - Darius Garland, Dyson Daniels, Larry Nance Jr, 1st round pick Pelicans & pick swap from Pelicans, draft compensation from Cavaliers

Garland - Conley - McLaughlin
Edwards - Moore
McDaniels - Daniels
Reid - Anderson
Gobert - Nance Jr

Pelicans - Jarrett Allen

McCollum - Alvarado
Ingram - Hawkins
Murphy - Jones
Williamson - Marshall
Allen - FA

07 Jun 2024 13:03:07
I’d do that if I’m Pels. Leaves them ability to upgrade at point.

04 Jun 2024 13:14:43
Just going to throw this out there:

Minnesota gets Brandon Ingram, Herbert Jones, and Larry Nance Jr

New Orleans gets Karl-Anthony Towns, Jaden McDaniels, and Wendell Moore Jr.

04 Jun 2024 17:40:30
This is so horrible for wolves.

02 Jun 2024 17:34:54
Proud of the Wolves:

But some shake up is needed. Towns need to go as we need a more reliable star in big games

Edwards has proven he can be a good leader on a contending team with Mike Conley on his side.

Timberwolves - Clippers

Timberwolves - Kawhi Leonard
- Kawhi can rest, and be ready for the playoffs. Edwards can carry this team

- when playing the Nuggets, they can insert Reid in the starting line up in place of Conley or McDaniels

Clippers - Karl Anthony Towns
- Clips add a young big and move on from Leonard/George experiment


17 May 2024 17:57:38
Cleveland gets: Jaden McDaniels, Naz Reid and Mike Conley
Minnesota gets: Darius Garland and Ty Jerome

Cleveland adds size and depth.
Minnesota gets their point guard of the future and shaves significant salary.

17 May 2024 18:42:53
No way from Minnesota.

17 May 2024 20:24:37
It may work sending Mitchell.

27 Apr 2024 14:22:13
West 2nd round preview:

Okc vs Mavs- Shai vs Luka
Nuggets vs Twolves- Joker vs the Twin towers

18 Apr 2024 05:12:41
I'm sure you will correct me if I'm wrong but this three team trade would use an expiring contract in order to move his bird rights on or before NBA draft night.

Raps send Gary Trent and Chris Boucher to the Magic

Magic send Jonathan Isaac (back up 4 beside Kelly) to Raps and Gary Harris (expiring contract to create cap space) to Wolves

Wolves send Naz Reid to Raps (starting 4 beside Yak)

Raps would need ta send draft compensation to Wolves as well

18 Apr 2024 13:39:20
Can't trade expiring contracts after the trade deadline.

18 Apr 2024 15:36:25
And the Wolves are not doing it.

02 Feb 2024 15:27:26
simple trade between Minnesota and Detroit

Minnesota gets Monte Morris

Detroit gets Shake Milton, Wendell Moore, and 2025 2nd round pick from Utah that Minnesota owns.

27 Jan 2024 17:35:31
Raptors trade Dennis Schroeder to the Wolves for Naz Reid straight up.

27 Jan 2024 22:26:57
Naz Reid has much more value.

28 Jan 2024 08:11:33
The center trio of Wolves are working, no need to change that.

29 Jan 2024 19:53:57
Premise was built more on the Raptors need for another big AND wolves need of another pg.

29 Jan 2024 21:25:22
Warburs… that is why I always thought a Payton Pritchard for Naz Reid trade felt like a natural match.

30 Jan 2024 17:17:17
Same thought Fer sure eh. Focus on both teams needs creates an opportunity for both teams to succeed post trade.

06 Feb 2024 18:42:54
I like this trade wolves might need more tho I thing Reid value is a little higher maybe a 2nd rounder or trade young and raptors get back another contract or two.

05 Jan 2024 16:25:37
I would love to see the raptors go after KAT now. Trading siakim and Trent Jr. For Kat and and other salary filers.

Raptors would have a core of 4 guys KAT Barnes barrett and Quickley.

While timberwolves get more scoring and vet eith Championship experience

05 Jan 2024 21:37:18
Wolves say no now that they're doing so fine.

11 Oct 2023 16:19:56
Orl: LaVine
Bulls: KAT
Wolves: Isaac+Fultz+Harris+ 1rnd pick Orl 24+ 1rnd pick Por 24+ 1rnd pick Denver 25+ 1rnd pick Bulls 26+ 1rnd pick Was or Suns 26

=> Orlando receive the shootingguard they need.
=> The bulls receive a star
=> The Wolves get 5 draft picks so the Wolves can built arround Edwards

11 Oct 2023 17:20:15
Wolves getting a bunch of meh pieces for their second-best player.

11 Oct 2023 19:41:25
As a Wolves fan, I don't hate this. But they don't have the roster spots to take on 3 players while only giving up 1.

Honestly, If Isaac could stay healthy, I would love him at PF next to KAT at center. Having strong defenders in Conley, Edwards McDaniels, and Isaac would go a long way to offset the average to below average D from KAT.

12 Oct 2023 05:30:42
KAT & Vooch together?

20 Sep 2023 12:19:48
Miami Heat receive: G Damian Lillard, F P.J. Tucker, F Kyle Anderson, '25 MIA 1st

Thunder receive: G Keon Johnson, '26 MIA 1st

Timberwolves receive: G James Harden, G De'Anthony Melton

76ers receive: G Tyler Herro, G Mike Conley Jr., F Haywood Highsmith

Blazers receive: G Kyle Lowry, F Davis Bertans, F Jaime Jaquez Jr., G Wendell Moore Jr., F Nikola Jovic, '24, '28, & '30 MIA 1sts, '25 MIN 2nd via UTA, '26 MIA 2nd via LAL, '29 & '30 MIN 2nds, rights to swap '25, '27, & '29 MIA 1sts

21 Sep 2023 14:01:38
Minnesota want no part of Harden.

26 Sep 2023 14:41:34
Agreed. The Wolves would never put a malcontent like Harden next to Ant. That’s beyond even the Gobert trade level of stupid.

24 Aug 2023 03:05:36
Pacers wolves raptors

Pacers - towns

Wolves - siakam, 1st from pacers

Raptors - turner, mathurin, mcconnell, 1st from pacers

24 Aug 2023 12:02:40
Solid idea, but feels like Pacers are giving up a lot for Towns.

25 Aug 2023 10:17:41
it's a fair price, but i don't want towns for that price.
I don't want to give up Mathurin, and i think i don't want to swap turner either. turner is a better defender and we have enough offensive options. And Turner is on a better contract.

25 Aug 2023 13:46:52
Big Obi fan, but could you imagine how bad that defense would be with Towns and Obi in the paint. I would also imagine Mathurin off limits unless for a superstar, not a all star level player.

22 Aug 2023 13:41:39
Raptor's and wolves.

Raptor's get KAT and 2024 protected first pick

Wolves get Siakim

Raptor's need a future center to playalong Barnes. With this trade you move poeltl once he's able to for picks and young players.

Raptor's need to start over with Barnes OG and Trent Jr. As there core. Adding KAT and hope to add a future PG

Trading boucher, young, and Porter are things that need to happen. For picks and expiring contracts.

22 Aug 2023 15:27:21
Wolves can trade their 2024 first?

And what does Toronto get if the pick does not convey?

23 Aug 2023 12:42:03
The funnier thing is that you expect a 1-yr rental of Siakam will get Toronto this return.

03 Sep 2023 14:07:19
Siakam on an expiring deal doesn't have the value that Raptors fans think he does. They're in for a rude awakening if Siakam gets traded at the deadline.

26 Sep 2023 14:49:12
You have that first going the wrong way.

20 Aug 2023 22:42:55
Mavs - Anderson

- Mavs need more wings/defense

Twolves - Kleber and 2 2nds

- Twolves get PF/C depth

21 Aug 2023 21:20:15
One thing Minnesota doesn't need is more depth at PF and center.

22 Aug 2023 14:43:43

Guards/ Wings
Conley, Edwards, Moore, NAW, McLaughlin, Brown, Milton,

Wings/ Fowards
McDaniels, Miller, Minott

KAT/ Gobert start. Only person off then bench that can play minutes at the 5 is Reid. Definitely can use another body that can play the 4/ 5, especially incase of injury.

11 Aug 2023 13:55:38
Blazers aren't getting a kings ransom for a player who's 33 and only wants to play with one squad. Unless the Wolves are willing to talk Towns or the 76ers are willing to talk Maxey, Dame is more than likely to be a Heat.

Heat get: Lillard, Keon Johnson, '25 MIA 1st

Thunder get: '26 MIA 1st & 2nd, '29 MIA swap

Raps get: Tyler Herro, Haywood Highsmith

Blazers get: Niko Jovic, Duncan Robinson, Chris Boucher, Thad Young, Otto Porter, '24, '28 & '30 MIA 1sts, '26 TOR 1st, '27 MIA swap

Updated Rotations -

Heat: Lillard, Richardson, Butler, Love, Bam
w/ Martin, Lowry, Jaquez Jr., Bryant, Johnson

Raps: Barnes, Herro, Anunoby, Siakam, Poeltl w/ Schroder, Trent, Dick, McDaniels, Precious

Blazers: Scoot, Simons, Sharpe, Grant, Nurkic w/ Jovic, Thybulle, Robinson, Boucher, Little

11 Aug 2023 16:50:41
Thunder have 0 motivation to make this deal. They already have 2025 lottery protected 1st or 2026 unprotected 1st from Miami. A 2nd Rd pick and a pick swap that won't convey don't make up for dropping the protections.

13 Aug 2023 00:46:51
Have to include Jaquez too. Jovic and Jaquez are the absolute minimums for Dame. Without both, the conversation is over. Even with them, the deal isn’t that much.

14 Aug 2023 08:20:58
replace D. Robinson with O. Robinson and replace Otto with Precious and add a bit of salary dump for balance then maybe for Portland.

28 Jul 2023 13:35:34
LA Clippers- Towns, Anderson, Payne
Toronto- George, Hyland
Minnesota- Siakam, Coffey, Branham
San Antonio- Zubac

Credits to NBA16 for the idea

LA Clippers

Westbrook, Payne
Powell, Mann, Brown
Leonard, Batum
Morris, Covington, Anderson
Towns, Plumlee


Dennis, Hyland
George, Trent
Barnes, Dick, Porter
Anunoby, Boucher, Young
Poeltl, Achiuwa, Koloko


Conley, Milton, McLaughlin
Edwards, A-Walker, Branham
McDaniels, Brown
Siakam, Coffey
Gobert, Reid

San Antonio

Jones, Graham
Johnson, Vassell
Sochan, McDermott, Bullock
Wembanyama, Osman, Birch
Zubac, Collins

28 Jul 2023 14:11:40
Don't know why San Antonio would want to trade Branham for Zubac.

28 Jul 2023 15:19:33
Toronto trading Siakam for George seems counterproductive. The only reason to acquire George would be to pair him with Siakam.

27 Jul 2023 20:52:02
Clippers - KAT and Anderson

- Gets a younger star and solid rotation piece

Twolves - PG Bones and Coffey

- Gets a better fit star on shorter contract (if some see KAT as a semi bad contract) and 2 solid young players

Deal 2

Spurs - Zubac

- Gets a decent young big to add size and strength with Wemby

Clippers - Payne and Branham

- Gets a clear cut good backup PG and young wing

Kawhi/ Batum



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