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21 Apr 2021 05:40:22
Twolves - Clarke Winslow Melton and 1st via Jazz
Grizzlies - DLo

Wolves draft Suggs @2



21 Apr 2021 17:28:15
I keep seeing Minny wanting to draft Cunningham and playing him at the SF (6'6")

Dlo/ Edwards/ Cunningham/ McDaniels/ Towns.

21 Apr 2021 18:01:18
If they get ##1.

18 Apr 2021 17:19:37
4 teamer
Pels-siakam-brogdon-Myles turner
Tor-wiggins-twolvespick to g.st
Indy-adams- combination of 4 1st rounders of N.O picks

18 Apr 2021 17:30:31
Not enough for Siakam,

18 Apr 2021 18:20:04
Why would Pelicans want zion and siakam. smh.

18 Apr 2021 18:57:09
Brogdon + Turner = Adams + 4 firsts? Also, curious to know if the salaries work out as well (Adams at $17 mil next year, Brogdon + Turner at $39.7 mil)

Not sure why Toronto is trading Siakam for Wiggins + pick when Toronto is already short on front court players and this draft is not exactly deep in bigs.

18 Apr 2021 19:14:25
Fred, that's not the problem, as we can get Mobley with the pick.

18 Apr 2021 19:42:26
Wow. The Pels give up Ingram Adams and 4 firsts to get a guy who plays Zions spot and no real upgrade at Center

This might be one of those rare everyone loses trade proposals

18 Apr 2021 23:04:01
@Darry Understood, but that seems like a sideways move (Siakam for Mobley) and you end up with Wiggins as the "profits".

18 Apr 2021 23:06:13
@DAC813. The league leader in block shots is not an upgrade at Center? I was thinking that Indy was the ones getting screwed trying to get Adams and Sabonis to work together.

19 Apr 2021 02:30:25
I don’t know shizzee maybe to havr siakam play the 3 spot and provide scoring as well as top notch defense🤔.

19 Apr 2021 02:37:16
DAC813. Ya every1 loses. Gst gets a premier scorer to take load off steph and not fully healthy Klay. Tor gets a top 4 pick in deep draft to start a rebuild wit Lowry practically gone and could possibly trade Wiggins down the line. Indy gets multiple picks. They aren’t going anywere wit team they have in a not so competitive east. And pels get 3 major peices to compete next year. No need to waste Zion for a few more years tryn to get a draft pick right. He’s ready now from I wat I been watchn. Good enough for u gumpy?

19 Apr 2021 02:41:50
New to the group fredman but I have a question if the trade is approved on espn trade machine is it good? Bcuz this one was wit pels taking in that salary and only giving Adams away?

19 Apr 2021 05:56:03
For the most part yes, Hoops. However, there are flaws (especially with trade exceptions) or when a trade can be approved. For example, no approved trade can happen today because we are after the trade deadline (ESPN does not account for that which is why it approved using this years salary) .

19 Apr 2021 12:01:25
@fredman. Thanx.

17 Apr 2021 23:23:03

Magic get Jake Layman Josh Okogie Jarred Vanderbilt 1 pick.via Wolves

Wolves get Terrance Ross Cole Anthony 4 pick.via Magic 2022 first round pick(unprotected).via Magic 2025 first round pick(Top 5 protected).via Nuggets

Magic draft Cade Cunningham PG/SF

Wolves draft Jalen Suggs PG/SG

Is this a fair trade for both teams??

18 Apr 2021 12:26:22
So Minny has Rubio, DLo, Edwards, Suggs, and Anthony splitting back court minutes.

18 Apr 2021 12:38:53
I mean we don't really know lottery order yet. I also don't think TWolves could get Suggs at 4.

18 Apr 2021 23:08:50
@Websjac, Minny wouldn't get Suggs @ #4, Golden State would. Pick is only top 3 protected.

19 Apr 2021 14:41:42
If anything, Minny is probably going to ask for Isaac to get the #1 pick. Orlando can keep that 2025 pick.

11 Apr 2021 16:21:12
Magic Wolves Knicks NBA Draft Trade !

Magic get Jarrett Culver 1 pick.via Wolves

Wolves get Markelle Fultz 4 pick.via Magic 13 pick.via Knicks 2023 first round pick(Top 4 protected).via Bulls from Magic 2025 first round pick(unprotected).via Knicks

Knicks get D'Angelo Russell

11 Apr 2021 16:59:50
I don't like your idea via makes no sense.

11 Apr 2021 17:04:37
Russell >> Fultz. Fultz is an overpaid Ntilikina not his game but talent. So you want Culver and 1st pick. Vs fultz 4th and 2025 1st. GFOOH. wolves and knick can make deal without Orlando if they want Russell. Russell hasn't won anywhere.

11 Apr 2021 19:06:56
Not feeling those future picks when both teams have other 2021 selections.

Also, how quick does KAT drop his trade demand after this trade is completed?

11 Apr 2021 21:07:42
Still trying to get gold from garbage I see.

11 Apr 2021 22:50:50
KAT already asked for a trade, didn’t he? I can’t see that changing any time soon. He won’t be there more than another season or two.

12 Apr 2021 18:33:02
I think KAT has pulled back from that once DLo arrived and/ or his family catching c.v., BMiller.

08 Apr 2021 13:06:20
Minnesota - Atlanta

Minny receives John Collins max s&t

Atlanta receives Malik Beasley, Juan Hernangomez & unprotected 1st round pick

08 Apr 2021 16:36:10
So Minnesota goes over the Luxury tax line for a team that will be struggling to make the playoffs. Receipt for getting a GM fired.

08 Apr 2021 22:39:32
Way too much for the right to over pay Collins. Even signing him out right to the max is an upside play.

31 Mar 2021 22:35:56
Summer trade

Warriors get Towns Beasley Quickley Knox
Knicks get Russell Wiggens Wiseman
Wolves get Robinson Barrett Warriors 21 23 25 1st DAL NY 23 1st Wolves get backup their 1st back pick from Warriors



Wolves give John Collins max deals. 7 1st over the next 4 yr, Wolves will be great 1-2 years

01 Apr 2021 13:59:11
Why in the world would Knicks do that.

01 Apr 2021 14:40:15
Noel not Noah.

01 Apr 2021 15:31:27
That is not enough from the Warriors.

02 Apr 2021 04:56:05

Russell > Quickley
Wiggens > Barrett
Wiseman > Robinson will be.

02 Apr 2021 14:00:06
I thought Robinson was untouchable?

31 Mar 2021 07:57:13
Wolves/Warriors/Hornets NBA Draft & Off Season

Wolves get Draymond Green James Wiseman Caleb Martin Cody Martin Nick Richards Terry Rozier III 2021 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Wolves from Warriors 2022 first round pick(lottery protected).via Hornets

Warriors get Karl-Anthony Town

Hornets get D'Angelo Russell

31 Mar 2021 10:07:08
I don't know but i feel like Rozier and Russell are close to value for the Hornets so i don't see them going after this unless Rozier demands a lot.

31 Mar 2021 14:52:35
I don't see GSW doing this.

31 Mar 2021 19:26:08
I also don't see Warriors doing this.

31 Mar 2021 21:34:11
The only way Towns works in GS is if they can put a defender like Green beside him.

01 Apr 2021 15:08:32
If that's the case B then Green will have to be traded to Minnesota, which I believe will never happen.

23 Mar 2021 18:18:50
Off-season trade

If Minnesota land 2nd pick instead of 1st

Kings - Towns
Twolves - Haliburton Bagley Joseph 21 1st & 2 more protected future 1sts

Wolves draft Mobley at 2 and Barnes at 5



23 Mar 2021 19:16:10
King will probably pass if the trade requires Halliburton and 3 firsts. Kings have plenty of scoring with Fox Hield and Barnes so not sure a no defense center like KAT adds enough to give up Halli and 3 firsts.

Would probably only give that much up for Embiid or Jokic. And I woukd still have to think about it.

23 Mar 2021 21:52:48
Kings finally have a solid starting 5 and quality backup in Joseph. There is no reason the kings should trade anyone, especially not Barnes, since they will never land as good a player in free agency for 20mm. Bagley borderline bust but if nobody wants him might as well keep him and hope next year he finally performs. Joseph at 12 mm next year is only one that would make any sense if wanted more financial flexibility. Laughable people suggest they trade Halliburton when he will be rookie of the year and is dirt cheap for what he brings to team. If Atlanta wants to get rid of Collins for bagley and a future first sure, otherwise they should stand pat, and team should make playoffs worst case next year.

23 Mar 2021 21:53:27
2 of the firsts are protected and can be conveyed into 2nds. If they do convey it’ll be picks outside the lottery. ThT would require making the playoffs. If they do then Towns was worth it. If not then Towns > Hali, S. Barnes and 2nds.

23 Mar 2021 23:11:39
Jelly donut Duke players Bagley and Town are softest duke players since reddick.

24 Mar 2021 01:36:01
Fredman look at the PG deal and I’d argue Towns isn’t far off despite the fact he’s played for one of the worst organizations. I think that’s reasonable compensation, but I still think the Twolves are better to keep a core of Beasley, Towns and Edwards and move Russell.

24 Mar 2021 10:37:55
Web, is the Klaw signing with Sacramento if we trade for
Towns? The Clippers overpaid for PG13 because they were getting Kawhi as well. Towns.

24 Mar 2021 15:20:16
What stars have y’all developed from the draft other than Fox? No guarantee any of those future picks succeed in Sac. Towns > Hali.

22 Mar 2021 03:09:27

Wolves get Aaron Gordon

Cavaliers get Evan Fournier Al-Farouq Aminu 2022 second round pick.via Sixers or Nuggets (more favorable) from Wolves

Magic get Ricky Rubio Kevin Love Dylan Windler 2021 first round pick(Top 8 protected).via Cleveland

22 Mar 2021 15:47:15
the pick should be unprotected. this trade will ruin magic for 2 more years.

18 Mar 2021 04:02:05

Magic get Josh Okogie Jake Layman Patrick Beverley 2022 second round pick.via 76ers or Nuggets (more favorable) from Wolves
2025 second round pick.via Wolves

Clippers get Ricky Rubio James Ennis III

Wolves get Aaron Gordon Lou Williams Gary Clark

18 Mar 2021 21:29:06
beverly lou >>> Rubio.

20 Mar 2021 04:38:54
Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated says the Clippers are looking for a starting PG to help Paul George with the ball handling, perhaps Rubio. Stein is saying they are looking at Lavar Ball. Beverley is missing games with injuries, and Rubio as a starter in MIN is doing well - like he was doing for UTA and PHX. Finally, the hardcapped Clippers could use some financial relief.

I can understand LAC saying no for sentimental reasons. But after last season’s playoff exit, I don’t think they’ll stay sentimental.

20 Mar 2021 04:41:08
I should add that I don’t think this package would get Aaron Gordon. Perhaps it should, but the Orlando front office is said to be looking for a high pick and a prospect for Gordon. I hope no one pays that much!

In MIN, Gordon would be their fifth scorer.

17 Mar 2021 10:32:06

Magic get James Wiseman Andrew Wiggins

Warriors get Nikola Vucevic James Ennis III Dwayne Bacon

Salary Match

This is fair trade

Warriors can keep Wolves first round pick

Magic can build around Cole Anthony Markelle Fultz Johnathan Issac James Wiseman Mo Bamba top draft pick

17 Mar 2021 13:13:40
This is a nice try but no.

16 Mar 2021 23:26:23
Bulls- deangelo russell,culver
Twolves-Otto,Wendell Carter 2021 1st round pick 2023 1st round pick

17 Mar 2021 13:39:43
As a Wolves fan it would be awesome, but it’s also a wet dream. No way they get that for Dlo.

13 Mar 2021 00:27:54
Twolves - Collins Capela Reddish Snell and 1 or 2 1st(s)
Hawks - Towns and Davis

Twolves - Robinson Leonard and Dragic
Heat - DLo

Twolves decline team option on Dragic
Draft Cade Cunningham

Collins/Jones(hawks pick)
- Finally gives Wolves a young promising team that's very talented and very deep. Can flip Culver for a better backup big

- Gets a top 20 player to pair with Towns. I think Hunter can be a 3rd star/option when he's back healthy

- Gets a 3rd star and shot creator that they need from outside

12 Mar 2021 16:44:40
Bulls get- wiseman, gallanari
Gst get- capela, otto, huerter
Atl- Wiggins, bulls 1st round pick, Gst 1st round pick (not wolves pick)

12 Mar 2021 18:01:08
You honestly think Otto Porter and a 1st gets you Wiseman and Gallinari?

12 Mar 2021 21:53:19
Ya I do. Atl gettn possibly 2 lottery picks to go wit there own pick. Gst gets a cheap big and gets off Wiggins, Otto and oubre next season while keepn Minnesota pick jizzhead I mean Fredman.

13 Mar 2021 13:31:36
Gonna be hard to complete your trade using GSW's own 21 pick since it has already been sent to PHX (protected) in the Oubre trade. The only 1st GSW can trade for the next 7 years is the Minnesota 21.

12 Mar 2021 03:07:37

Magic get Ricky Rubio Aaron Nesmith Grant Williams 2021 first round pick(unprotected).via Boston 2023 first round pick(unprotected).via Boston 2025 first round pick(unprotected).via Boston 2022 second round pick.via Philly or Nuggets from Wolves

Boston get Nikola Vucevic

Wolves get Aaron Gordon

Magic release Gary Clark

Magic send Aaron Nesmith to NBA G-League

Boston can keep Daniel Theis Romeo Langford Tristan Thompson Robert Williams III

Just give up Aaron Nesmith Grant Williams + three first round picks

12 Mar 2021 04:25:39
Not happening!

12 Mar 2021 10:42:35
Boston's issues have nothing to do with the center position and they have no interest in Vucevic.

12 Mar 2021 14:03:37
If I was magic I wouldn’t do that. I rather have a solid asset.

12 Mar 2021 15:02:28
Boston has an interest in Vuc but it's difficult to make a deal because they'll have to have a third team involved and the NBA is reluctant to deal with Ainge.

12 Mar 2021 20:51:50
If you believe everything you read, the Celtics are interested in everyone. Vucevic doesn't make an ounce of sense for them.

13 Mar 2021 03:43:52
Vuc makes a lot of sense. What was the main reason they didn't get to the finals the past couple of years? No big that could grab and spread the floor. Ainge has said this much.

This year the cap crunch is making a big, Drummond or Vuc is not obtainable because they are hard capped.

13 Mar 2021 17:01:27
They are both easily attainable by sending out salary. There needs are at wing and on the bench, not at center.

12 Mar 2021 02:03:20
Gst- vuvecic, Fournier, Hutchinson
Bulls-wiseman, Aaron gordon
Orl- Wiggins,Otto, 2021 bulls 1st round pick, 2023 bulls 1st round pick

Gst lineup for playoff push
Curry,Fournier,oubre,green, vooch

Get off Wiggins contract while keeping twolves pick and Fournier and oubre off the books as well.

Bulls lineup- white, lavine,pat williams,Gordon, wiseman More athletic. Let lauri walk and find suitor for Wendell Carter for a defensive pg.

Orl takes on Wiggins but gets off gordon and gets 2 1sts for vooch for rebuild. Orton off books also

12 Mar 2021 06:30:21
Magic say no.

11 Mar 2021 04:59:37
Warriors - Beal and Lopez

Wizards - Wiggins Wiseman Smailagic Twolves 1st and 2 Gsw 1st

Wiseman plus 2021/22 top 5 pick (Suggs?) will be great building blocks alongside Hachimura and Avdija



11 Mar 2021 06:47:42
Good value but that is one horrible 3point shooting team in Washington.

11 Mar 2021 13:57:34
GSW cannot trade any of their 1st round picks for the next 7 years because of protections on the 21 and 24 that they've already traded. The only 1st rounder GSW can trade is the top 3 protected 2021 Minnesota pick.

10 Mar 2021 06:35:44

Warriors get Paul George Ivica Zubac

Clippers get Andrew Wiggins James Wiseman 2021 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Wolves from Warriors

10 Mar 2021 08:32:46
It's a fair trade, and i would love to see Leonard going to the the Knicks after this trade.

But i can't see the Clippers blewing it up. OKC own their future untill 2026. so they have to figure it out with PG13 and Leonard.

10 Mar 2021 11:49:04
Paul George cannot be traded this season because he signed an extension after the season began.

08 Mar 2021 19:09:20
Oh that fits guys - that fits!

Wolves Love, Brunson
Wizards WCS, Green, Russell, 2x1st
Mavs Drummond, Beal, Dotson
Cavs Boban, Johnson, THJ, Iwundu, 5,6m, 2x2nd

Cavs release Boban, Johnson and they sing at Mavs in 30 days. Wizards trade Westbrook for some other kind of pick. Wolves go with Brunson and some veterans in Rubio and Love. Cavs have a max. Spot in free agency this summer, for example to go after Collins MAX!

08 Mar 2021 21:43:34
How does overpaid often hurt love for wolves? They need young rim protection.

08 Mar 2021 22:51:55
Would like the story, if Wolves and Love would find some other successful years and use him as veteran to build around.

09 Mar 2021 03:06:58
Like I said. Lemonade stand lopsided

07 Mar 2021 09:09:45

Magic Trade- Vooch, Fournier and Gordon and 2021 2nd and recieve Fox, Bagley,Drummond, Langford, Hernangomez

Wolves Trade- Ed Davis,Layman, Culver and Hernangomez and recieve Gordon and 2021 1st via Celtics

Cavs Trade- Drummond and 2 2nds via Washington and and SA and receive Fournier

Kings Trade- Bagley, Fox and recieve Smart and Culver

Celtics trade- Smart,Langford and 2021 1st and recieve Vooch and magic 2nd

Magic get some young pieces, Wolves get Gordon to pair with KAT.Kings apparently shopping Bagley and give the keys to Haliburton.Cavs save some money than buying out Drummond.Vooch pushes Celtics into contention

07 Mar 2021 11:12:24
The things some of you guys think is believable is unbelievable. Sacramento trading Fox? For that?

And I'm not saying Boston is giving too much for Vucevic, but Ainge should be fired if he trades for that guy. He does not help Boston.

07 Mar 2021 17:58:33
Why is Vuc a good fit?

Trading Smart will be like sticking a dagger in the ❤️ of Boston.

07 Mar 2021 18:42:07
if you want fox Bagley it will cost Vucevic fultz. in modern day basketball Bagley and Drummond front will be run out of the gym. to slow for modern day basketball.

07 Mar 2021 20:40:30
And while they would see what's out there for Kemba, they are not looking to dump him. He looks perfectly healthy and has saved their ass more than once since he's been back.

07 Mar 2021 21:06:52
This is horrific for the Kings.

07 Mar 2021 22:54:56
No matter what magic you use, this trade still won't happen because of how horrific it is for the Kings.

08 Mar 2021 02:34:15
Do I even have to respond to this?

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