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25 May 2022 22:38:17
I think raptors should go after Wiggins and Murray.

Trade one would be OG and Birch and future first round pick for Wiggins.

Second trade would be freddy and second round pick for Murray.

Raptors would then have 2 young talented Canadians and both have something to prove Murray after his big injury and Wiggins after having a great season this year.

Wiggins would be second on the offensive side and siakim and barns would control down low. Murray would be great off the ball and Trent Jr. Off the bench would be solid.

For Denver they get a vet with a championship under his belt and solid lead guard. Would miss him big time.

For OG they get a young defensive stopper and loads of potential with plenty of open looks with curry and Thompson.

Trent Jr.

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26 May 2022 00:13:08
Not sure the Raptors need to add a first to get Wiggins. O. G. is more than enough.

26 May 2022 00:21:59
OG > Wiggins by a bit.

26 May 2022 01:57:54
Who made the all star team? Wiggins.


26 May 2022 03:55:12
Wiggins made the all star team by default because all the wings in the western conference missed time and he didn't play terrible.

26 May 2022 04:25:33
Wiggins is better than OG. What is wrong with you guys. It's very clear. Don't get blinded by their contracts. Specially now that Wiggins found his "home"

26 May 2022 10:02:05
Wiggins is better, but i rather have OG in my team.

26 May 2022 12:01:45
OG is one of the best wing defenders in the league and has shown flashes of being able to create his own shot. I love Wiggins but his defense doesn't come close to OG's, who can guard 1 through 5 consistently. He's our best matchup against someone like Harden, and also against someone like Jokic. He was arguably our most consistent 3pt shooter this year.

26 May 2022 13:45:07
I agree, Wiggins is slightly better.

26 May 2022 14:34:46
@Darry Doza. Father Time is a better defender against James Harden than OG.

26 May 2022 16:07:58
You are saying Jamal Murray for a bag of pucks and a first round pick? Are you high?

26 May 2022 18:18:36
FVV is a bag of pucks?

27 May 2022 05:14:58
First of all some of these comments are awesome. But I got to say if yous out there think freddy is a bag of pucks your higher then snoopdog on 4/ 20.

Freddy brings better defensive and a championship title. He's a solid shooter ànd cam guard his position very well. On Denver he wouldn't need to do a lot because of how great Joker is. And they have a huge need for more defense.

Murray is just slightly better on offense because he's taller and more athletic. Both have the same value both bring different things.

Wiggins is slightly better then OG. His defense got better and his offense is more polished and he's usually healthier. If OG dosent improve offensively then he's just a 3 and D guy. Toronto needs a more offensive player.



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