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20 Apr 2021 03:47:19
Wizards - Knox and Dallas '23 1st

- complete rebuild this offseason. Gets ton of cap and a 1st back after sending one for Westbrook

Knicks - Westbrook

- gets a star player that I think could fit Thibs system defensively. Can give him that prime Drose type PG

Wizards draft Davion Mitchell
Knicks draft Zaire Williams and Isiah Jackson



20 Apr 2021 12:20:11
Value is good.

20 Apr 2021 13:21:35
The only problem for the Knicks is its a lot of money to tie up. Fit is nice and they’re not giving up much in terms of value, so it could work.

20 Apr 2021 18:59:34
Wiz get Knox quickley dal 1st
Knicks get Turner Beverly Lavert Morris Pacers 2nd
Clippers get Westbrook Toppin
Pacers get Bertan Kennard 21 Wiz and ny 1st and dal 23 1st

Beverly/ Rose/ Pick
Lavert/ Burks/ Pick
Barrett/ Bullock/ Pick
Randle/ Morris/ Pelle
Turner/ Robinson/ Noah

Scary defensive team.

18 Apr 2021 16:34:03
Knicks - Beal

Wizards - Quickley Knox both 21 1sts and both 23 1sts

Knicks chase after Lowry
Resign majority players


Wizards draft Suggs unless chance to take Mobley


18 Apr 2021 17:00:01
I think wiz might want Barrett instead of Knox but value seems good.

18 Apr 2021 18:59:24
Wizards winning the lottery to get Suggs/ Mobley? They are currently tied for the #9 pick.

13 Apr 2021 19:10:26
Wizards Adam

Pelicans Bertan

13 Apr 2021 20:23:53
Adam is free agents next yr.

13 Apr 2021 21:35:42
Yeah. No thanks.

13 Apr 2021 22:45:23
Adams makes nearly $30 mil next year and Bertrans makes $16 mil next year. Additionally, Washington is already projected to be over the salary cap next year and they don't have a $30 mil trade exemption, so I am not sure how this trade happens.

14 Apr 2021 05:22:36
Adams signed an extension for 17 million in 21-22 and 18 the next year.

13 Apr 2021 15:30:51

Wiseman/Andrew Wiggins (Dallas 1x 1st)




Bradley Neal
Domantas sabonis


Myles Turner
Dwight Powell (2x1st & 2x 1st swaps)

13 Apr 2021 16:11:42
Another alias.

13 Apr 2021 16:40:01
That's bad.

13 Apr 2021 16:52:29
so Turner and Sabonis for Wiseman, Wiggins and a very distant 1st?

Yea, Indy passes with a chuckle.

Also, Porzingis, Powell and a very distant first does not get Dallas Sabonis AND Beal. Dallas would be lucky if Porzingis and a first got them Sabonis OR Beal.

also really curious to know which team is giving Washington the picks and swaps as well because none make any real sense.

13 Apr 2021 20:02:04
Well I'm not a GM. just an opinion.

I think beal would be worth about 3x 1st and maybe 2x 1st swaps

Sabonis is not better than porzingis. he is a better rebounder and playmaker. but his stats in closing out games is bad. considering porzingis has not played 4th quarter of some games and has better stats in last 5 min of games it says alot

Turner and sabonis are a liability in the last 5 min of games. there's a reason Pacers want to get something in return for them. same as dallas for porzingis.

Beal ts% is actually terrible when he shoots less than 18 shots a game. it's league average when he shoots 18 or more.

No one is getting LeBron or Kd or harden here. teams need to stop over valuing their players and determine whether a certain player makes them contenders or not, if not rebuild and go again.

And drafts are all about scouting networks. there's a reason why many No1 picks are bust and many amazing players who are all stars in the 7-12 range.

13 Apr 2021 21:30:29
Ring around the Lakerville.

13 Apr 2021 22:59:40
Sabonis IS better than Porzingis because Sabonis does not miss games be being injured. Stop looking at their "per game" averages and look at their total stats. Also, Sabonis contract is way better than Porzingis (around $11 mil a year less) . Which means that teams still have cap to sign other players.

12 Apr 2021 21:08:18
Hornets get Plumlee Joseph Quickley NY 22 2ND
Detriot get Barrett Toppin Bamba NY 22 DAL 23 1ST
Orlando get Knox McCruder 2 Jazz 1st via NY
Knicks get Rozier Grant Richards 55 59

Joseph for Jordan


Harris for Hield 58
Fultz 22 1st for Russell


Kawhi 4yr 140mil Portis 2yr 25mil
Howard 2yr 8mil MLE


12 Apr 2021 23:02:02
I posted this 3 days ago 😂.

13 Apr 2021 21:04:09
Too good for Detroit.

12 Apr 2021 21:07:33
Orlando get Knox McCruder 2 Jazz 2nd (ny)
Knicks get Grant Rozier N.Richards 55 59
Detriot get Barrett Toppin Bamba MCW NY 22 DAL 23 1ST
Hornets get Plumlee Quickley Joseph

Holmes 4yr 48mil


Harris for Horford Nug 2nd future 1st pick



Knicks sign Kawhi Leonard 4yr 140mil Bobby Portis 4 yr 30 mil
Knicks sign Dwight Howard mle 2yr 7mil
Robinson 5yr 60mil Extension


02 Apr 2021 01:45:48
Knicks did make any moves to build around Randle. Randle in final year is going to great trade value next yr. Wizards need to start building around Beal and None of draft picks is planning out. Bulls need a 3rd piece to go with Lavine and Vucevic. Pacers lack PF hurt them this yr

Wizards get Randle
Knicks get Turner Young Lamb Holiday brothers 1st, 60th
Bulls get Westbrook
Pacers get Bertans Toppin Aminu Satoransky

The 2 UCLA stars were once compared to 1 another now play together


Wizards dumping a lot of salary will allow them to ad a 3rd allstar to go with Randle Beal around their young team.


Pacers finally have more forward and better balance

Draft 2nd star to grow with Barrett


03 Apr 2021 20:25:57
Pacers giving up WAY TOO MUCH. they laugh and hang up.

01 Apr 2021 23:22:44
Washington trades Westbrook and 2022 1st Rd pick

Boston trades Tatum, TT, Langford and future 2nd

Beal gets his bro
Boston gets a1st and a better team play maker.

02 Apr 2021 09:02:55
If that happens at all it would be Beal going to Boston. If it did ever happen, you are 2 or 3 1st rd picks light.

02 Apr 2021 13:28:35
Westbrook isn’t in his prime anymore. Boston would need a couple more first round picks to trade Tatum.

02 Apr 2021 13:57:12
If I am not mistaken Washington traded away their 2023 first already.

02 Apr 2021 15:06:26
Dude that’s horrible. That’s RingRing level horrible

02 Apr 2021 19:39:35
Joe, that's what Tatum wants. Tatum is the reason why they are not gelling. Don't get me wrong here, Jason is a very talented player but since he became rich he thinks he's at an LBJ level.

Fred, a 2022 not a 2023. Your right on the 2023 pick belonging to Houston. Lottery protected till 2026 at Houstons choice with less protection by 2 picks every year.

DAC. LOL! Goober!

02 Apr 2021 21:07:37
Swap Tatum for Kemba, take out Langford and the picks.

02 Apr 2021 22:46:27
LOL. You think the Cs would trade Tatum for that package and that Westbrook has that type of value but I’m the Goober? Umm ok Bro. All good.

03 Apr 2021 01:25:47
Biggie, Stepien Rule.

03 Apr 2021 10:58:11
Biggie, while it may be true that Tatum wants to play with Beal, the Celtics wouldn't trade Tatum, they would trade for Beal. Tatum just signed his max extension and Beal has one year left.
Second, Washington simply does not have the assets to trade for Tatum. A 32 year old PG and 1 first rd pick might not get you Kemba. However, Boston does have the assets to take a run at Beal, should they choose to do so.
Your package for Tatum would require 3 or 4 first rd picks and young players and maybe Westbrook.

03 Apr 2021 14:47:02
Sorry DAC. It's been a rough 3 weeks for me medically and honestly didn't mean to say goober. Please except my sincere apology.

1 first round is light for Tatum for sure. 2-3 is more like it.

03 Apr 2021 15:05:04
Boston is hard capped so if they can't figure this out by playoff time they're screwed moving forward.

Fred, how can Boston fix this? Ainge and Stevens are totally frustrated and there has to be a change before someone gets axed. I know the one to get fired is usually the coach, but this time it might be Ainge. Thoughts?

03 Apr 2021 21:22:09
No worries Biggie. I also agree the trades a couple of firsts away at least. Now if it was 2015 Westbrook instead of 2021 Westbrook it would have been spot on

03 Apr 2021 23:53:36
I hear ya, he didn't average triple doubles in 2015. Scored more points per game but still a beast. He has a 15% trade kicker which really hurts any team that wants him.

04 Apr 2021 20:03:37
Sorry, it hurts the team trading him.

31 Mar 2021 11:48:55
Magic/Hornets/Wizards/Boston NBA Draft & Off-Season

Boston send 2021 second round pick to Magic

Boston receive Michael Carter Williams

Wizards send Davis Bertans to Magic

Wizards receive Terrance Ross

Magic send Terrance Ross to Wizards Mo Bamba to Hornets Michael Carter Williams to Boston

Magic receive Vernon Carey Jr Davis Bertans 2021 second round pick & 2023 second round pick & 2026 second round pick

Hornets send Vernon Carey Jr 2023 second round pick & 2026 second round pick

Hornets receive Mo Bamba

31 Mar 2021 12:28:34
Imagine giving a 2nd for MCW.

31 Mar 2021 14:45:09
On a side note, just found out that the two future 2nds that Boston sent to Orlando for Fournier were a 2025 and 2027 second rounder. Holy Crap that will not be helpful any time soon.

31 Mar 2021 19:19:53
Wonder how long this rebuild will take for them to make the playoffs and not get bounced in the first round? This decade?

31 Mar 2021 21:33:24
They’re on pace for a top 5 pick. Add a top 5 pick in 2022. Draft good and they’re only a few years out. Draft bad and they’re trusting the process for a decade. It’s all a gamble at that point.

01 Apr 2021 00:42:14
I don't know. These two 2021 lottery picks should be interesting though.

25 Mar 2021 09:05:17
Was:Edwards+Rubio+Beasly+ 1rnd pick Minny 2023

Minny:Beal +Bertrans

25 Mar 2021 11:00:52
if done before trade deadline, its a 2024 pick.

25 Mar 2021 15:31:06
Minny is a very interesting team, as they have great players but can’t win. I don’t think Beal is the answer. Personally I think you try a Russell + more for Collins and tank for Cunningham.

That gives them a starting five next year of Towns, Collins, Beasley, Edwards, and Cunningham which just seems insane to me.

24 Mar 2021 14:36:58
Here is 3 team trade for you

Washington / New Orleans / Chicago

New or Owens gets
Pg Russell Westbrook
C Robin López
Pg Cassus Winston

Chicago gets
Pg Lorenzo Ball
Sf Troy Brown
Pg Eric Bledsoe

Wizards get
C Jayson Hayes
SF Otto Porter
Pg Coby White
SGJosh Hart
2021 1round pick New Orleans
2022. 1round pick Chicago
2023 2 round pick New Orleans
2024 1 rounds pick New Orleans
2026 1 rounds pick New Orleans

24 Mar 2021 14:50:56
No way in Hell Wizards fetch that kinda return for Westbrook. He’s a solid player but his contract is bad and his stats don’t translate to wins. Bulls and NO say heck no.

24 Mar 2021 15:16:22
Keep dreaming.

24 Mar 2021 15:19:16
Agree with Web. Even if those were Lakers or Bucks firsts for New Orleans.

24 Mar 2021 19:27:15
Remove all the picks.

Heck, even taking out all the picks, does NO still say no? I think they might.

24 Mar 2021 21:14:31
Move over RingRing and MD. A new level of ridiculous just moved in.

24 Mar 2021 23:16:48

25 Mar 2021 01:34:31
No way Bulls trade White or a 1st round pick.

25 Mar 2021 03:09:01
Lonzo > White.

25 Mar 2021 03:24:22
@Bmiller removing all picks, Chicago definitely says no as White > Ball. NO could say yes or no as I’d rather have a big 3 of Westbrook, Zion, Ingram instead of Ball, however Hayes and Hart could make them not want to accept.

22 Mar 2021 18:17:34
Reports have Charlotte in hot pursuit of Myles Turner. If I am Indy here is my trade proposal:

Pacers Receive: C. Zeller, P.J. Washington and 2021 first.

Charlotte Receives: M. Turner, A. Holiday, 2021 second via Mil.

With Ball out now they cannot really afford to move Grahm, and Holiday gives them some additional depth. i know Charlotte fans will not like the idea of giving up that first round pick but that is the only way the Pacers do this.

22 Mar 2021 19:54:52
Does Marvin Bagley and a lottery protected first (converts to 2 seconds if not conveyed) for Turner work for you?

22 Mar 2021 21:18:59
Is the report true that some GM's don't value Bagley?

22 Mar 2021 23:25:47
Bagley has hardly any value right now.

22 Mar 2021 05:02:20
Hornets were interested in Lonzo to pair with Melo but now since Melo is out for year it can really help

Hornets - Lonzo and Adams
Pels - Rozier and Zeller (can add lotto protected 1st and/or Monk)

- I know a lot will think Pels are getting ripped off but Adams is a horrible fit next to Zion and they just signed him to a hefty deal. Here they save a lot of money to be able to go out and get a big like Ibaka or Lauri that fits better. Should try to flip Bledsoe for a SG



22 Mar 2021 13:19:56
Horrible trade idea and you are using a fit w Zion to justify it. As if downgrading at the 5 and point would be better served by it

You usually do some solid trades. But you missed on this

22 Mar 2021 15:44:54
Pelicans say no.

21 Mar 2021 19:46:18
Celtics - Westbrook and Lopez

Wizards - Kemba Langford and Thompson

Then use trade exception for Otto Porter


21 Mar 2021 22:52:15
I can't see Russ being with Tatum and Brown. Then again maybe it could work.

21 Mar 2021 23:49:41
boston cannot use all of the TPE. they are hard capped, so can only spend just shy of 20M to stay under.

22 Mar 2021 03:18:33
The idea of Westbrook is intriguing although I'm not sure it's a good one or realistic. The Otto Porter part isn't happening.

21 Mar 2021 03:46:09
Building of asdenam's trade

Hornets - Paschall
Warriors - Graham


Warriors - Beal
Wizards - Oubre Wiseman Poole 1st via Min and 1/2 future 1st(s)

Kings - Smailagic and 2nd
Warriors - Whiteside


21 Mar 2021 04:42:04
When Klay comes back, that means Wiggins will come off the bench? Or go small ball?

21 Mar 2021 05:39:25
Can most likely trade him for a big next year if they get Beal. Wiggins has improved definitely and been pretty efficient to where’s he’s not necessarily a negative asset. Maybe s&t for Drummond if he stays. Pistons can afford him for Plumlee and Wright.

18 Mar 2021 00:13:23

Clippers get George Hill Josh Jackson 2023 second round pick.via Wizards from Thunder

Thunder get Lou Williams Reggie Jackson Daniel Oturu

Pistons get Patrick Patterson 2022 second round pick.via Hawks from Clippers 2024 second round pick.via Pistons from Clippers

Thunder going to send Daniel Oturu to G-League let him develops his games

18 Mar 2021 13:11:41
Kings would throw a very late 2nd (Lakers) at OKC for Oturu.

20 Mar 2021 14:21:42
Okc could get Williams and Oturo for Hill straight up. It’s pretty much the only way financially Hill ends up on the Clippers without Okc taking on extra $$$ for no reason.
The Might even be able to squeeze a 2nd out of them since Williams would never actually board a plane and suit up for Okc anyway.
Why would Okc take Reggie Jackson so that the Clippers could get Josh Jackson? There’s no incentive or return that would compel them to take on RG’s salary for nothing.
Okc doesn’t want Reggie Jackson back. He was a horrible locker room guy when he played for them the 1st time.

15 Mar 2021 00:54:10
Cleveland gets: Deni Avdija and Davis Bertans

Washington gets: Isaac Okoro and Taurean Prince


Cleveland swaps Okoro for Avdija, who is a better fit on this team. Bertans gives them a sniper from downtown.

Washington gets a defensive minded prospect that fits with their young core. Prince is a nice role player on a reasonable deal.

15 Mar 2021 02:56:28
Cavs need Okoros defense.

14 Mar 2021 01:20:15
Hornets - Robinson and Ntilikina

Knicks - Graham and Zeller



14 Mar 2021 09:47:33
Bridges Wasington for Knox Toppin.
or Payton Noah for Zeller Graham.
Robinson is untouchable unless you include Ball.

14 Mar 2021 10:55:09
I remember you didn't want Ball shiz.

14 Mar 2021 14:32:17
I don't like Barrett game neither what's your point fish. Anybody who shoots like Ball, should be riding the little yellow bus. I promise you, he will eventually struggle like Fultz did b/ c of his shooting form. With all that said, he is still an amazing passer worth trading Robinson for. Knicks are not the same team without Robinson, it will take special skill of a passier or shooter to make up for Robinson's defense. Once Robinson learns how to play smarter on the boards and defense, he will be a Ben Wallace type of a player in the next 1-2 years.

14 Mar 2021 15:10:44
Shizzee Robinson will never be an all star.

14 Mar 2021 17:02:39
I can't say Robinson will never be an all star cause just about anything is possible.

14 Mar 2021 19:51:53
Robinson can be the center of a championship team if your hopes for him happens. No one will argue. I am not an expert in comparing players but i can see Ball being closer to a Curry type player (not as good of course) than Fultz. And please stop calling us in different names before we call you the great rubbishzee.

14 Mar 2021 21:25:28
Pisces is a fish. Psiphon is as good as name as Rubbishzee which I like too. Ball is not closer to the best shooter in NBA history vs Fultz as far as shooting goes. omg lmao.

14 Mar 2021 00:37:17
2021 Miami HEAT Moves

Before deadline
Heat : John Collins, Kevin Huerter, Rajon Rondo, Bruno Fernando

Hawks : Kelly Olynyk, Meyers Leonard, Mo Harkless

Offseason Moves
Sign Alex Len / 3 Team Trade :
Heat : Bradley Beal,MPJ Jr, Will Barton,Bol Bol

Nuggets : Russell Westbrook, Precious Achiuwa, Mo Wagner

Wizards : Tyler Herro,Gary Harris,Goran Dragic,Iguodola,Nnaji,Silva

Collins/Porter Jr
Adebayo/Bol Bol/Len

14 Mar 2021 03:22:05
Wow, that’s hilariously terrible. Like ddrainer bad.

14 Mar 2021 04:33:30
Ignore botton.

14 Mar 2021 18:00:48
When I finally stopped laughing, I said no from Hawks.

15 Mar 2021 00:45:13
@Elwisewolf I want whatever you’re on.

15 Mar 2021 02:07:41
These have to be the worst trades I’ve seen in awhile. We get your a bias heat fan but c'mon man.

11 Mar 2021 23:51:50
Hornets get Drummond Quickley Wade Stevens
Magic get Rozier Noel Ntilikina Knox DAL 21 23 1st
Cavs get Aminu Carey Rivers MCW Ennis 2 Hornets 2nd
Knicks get Vucevic Monk Dotson Richards Dellavedova

this trade helps now and for the future

The balance depth makes them dangerous playoff team for a top 3 seed.


2 1st and a 20ppg scorer for there allstar is great deal. Still have enough talent to pursue 10th seed until Fultz and Isaac join them next yr


they get the assets they wanted for drummond. still could make push for 10th seed


This should put NY in 2nd round of playoffs with 2 allstars or 1 superstar, with cap flexibility next yr to add 2 more stars


12 Mar 2021 02:05:01
Magic say no.

12 Mar 2021 07:39:52
md not only your delusional, if you think Vucevic is better than 20ppg scorer 2 1st and 3 players to develop Ntilikina knox and Noel, you should be banned from this site. by the Frank > Fultz.

12 Mar 2021 16:58:23
Shizzee do u ever stop insulting people for doing the same thing u do? Once again u have the knicks giving up a bunch of scrubs and mid to late first rounders to get the best player in the trade. Again u post the same players in every trade. The fact that u don't want those guys should tell u how everyone else feels about them.

12 Mar 2021 18:54:09
Thank you Skills85 I appreciate it and @shizzee Nikola Vucevic is one best Center in NBA Orlando Magic ain’t accept that deal.

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