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20 Apr 2021 12:52:39
Haven't made a trade in a while, so here's one:


-Lowry, s&t 3 y 72 million

Gets a mentor for Garland and Sexton

-Lottery prot PHI 2024 1st

Gets assets for Lowry, also saves money and get a TPE


Gets their backup PF

-CLE 2nd

Gets their backup facilitator (back)


20 Apr 2021 13:19:28
Rather see Lowry go to a contender even if it means Toronto getting a weaker return. If Philly doesn’t perform well these playoffs, they’d prolly be willing to give up Maxey in a s and t.

20 Apr 2021 14:12:01
While it would be nice to get something back for Lowry the focus has to be on fixing the 5, so unless the S&T player coming back is Jarrett Allen I think this would just handcuff the Raptors. None of the players you listed would be of any interest long term to the Raptors.
Also, I don't believe Lowry would have any desire whatsoever to play in Cleveland. He will get an acceptable offer from one of the contenders, and that's where he will go.

20 Apr 2021 15:19:55
Nice job on the numbers, but Philly doesn't own a first in 2025 right now, so that 2024 pick would most likely have to be moved to a 2023 and if not conveyed because of the protection, then 2 seconds are send to Toronto (2023 + 2024).

Also, if Philly is going to be in this trade, they are the ones that is going to want to walk away with Lowry somehow.

20 Apr 2021 15:24:08
Wind, Nance has seen substantial time at the 5 this year.

20 Apr 2021 18:51:48
that's true darry. but do you really think he's the answer as the starter there?

21 Apr 2021 14:06:37
Hill is more valuable to philly than prince.

21 Apr 2021 23:43:15
I see why you didn’t make a trade In Forever.

13 Apr 2021 11:01:34
Orlando get Hernangomez Okogie
Wolves get Love Garland
Cavs get Rubio Culver Bamba MCW



Harris for Hield
sign Howard 4yr 60mil


13 Apr 2021 12:51:48
Kings are not trading Hield for Harris. That is one of the easiest "No"s I have every seen.

Howard back to Orlando? LOL!

13 Apr 2021 16:15:27
Harris overall as good as Hield, if you stop looking at stats and recognize defense. Something kings org doesn't believe in. Look at plus minus.

13 Apr 2021 23:05:50
@shizzee. Has Harris returned form his injury yet? Harris is a career 1.2 steals per game "defender". Hield is a career 0.8 steals per game defender. While career scoring shows Hield with a 4 point per game average. So I don't think the stats quite support your claim.

14 Apr 2021 23:38:54
The disparity between there offense and defense makes them equal. But being that Haliburton is already better all around player than Hield, you get an expiring contract. Hield contract is borderline negative value.

15 Apr 2021 13:44:09
Sorry. I would rather have the additional 20 points over 5 games that Hield gives me than the 2 steals over 5 games that Harris would add.

And why would I want an expiring contract. No one signs in Sacramento remember?

12 Apr 2021 18:20:00
Cle:C White+ 2rnd pick

Bulls: Garland

12 Apr 2021 23:10:17
Garland’s been increasingly impressive this year, he’s been a lot better than White, white is more of a Sg and so is Sexton and the Cavs could have taken White instead of Garland 2 years ago under similar circumstances.

03 Apr 2021 12:18:20
Magic/Raptors/Pacers Orlando Magic NBA Draft & Off-Season

Magic get Aron Bayne Jeremy Lamb 2022 first round pick(Top 10 protected).via Raptors 2021 second round pick.via Jazz from Pacers 2024 second round pick.via Cleveland or Jazz (less favorable) from Pacers

Raptors get Mo Bamba

Pacers get Terrance Ross

03 Apr 2021 14:43:17
nobody is giving you a first round pick for Mo Bamba.

04 Apr 2021 02:01:47
Bamba for Knox.

22 Mar 2021 10:16:51

Mavericks get Andre Drummond

Cleveland get Dwight Powell James Johnson 2021 second round pick.via Mavericks

22 Mar 2021 11:19:54
I like it tbh.

22 Mar 2021 14:21:56
I seriously doubt a mid-second rounder is enough for Cleveland to take on the remaining $23 mil over 2 years of Powell's contract. His stats this year are just horrible. I would argue that he has probably negative trade value.

22 Mar 2021 15:35:39
I love to see how slow Drummond Porzingis front court would be. Teams will run on bv them.

22 Mar 2021 03:09:27

Wolves get Aaron Gordon

Cavaliers get Evan Fournier Al-Farouq Aminu 2022 second round pick.via Sixers or Nuggets (more favorable) from Wolves

Magic get Ricky Rubio Kevin Love Dylan Windler 2021 first round pick(Top 8 protected).via Cleveland

22 Mar 2021 15:47:15
the pick should be unprotected. this trade will ruin magic for 2 more years.

21 Mar 2021 21:50:29
What we will see:

Cavs: WCS, Boban, Johnson, Cash
Mavs: Drummond

Cavs save money and having WCS thy can trade McGee for a second.

Mavs can figure out how good Drummond fits at Dallas.

22 Mar 2021 13:22:08
If this trade was pudding it would be crapioca.

19 Mar 2021 13:09:39
Bulls - Bledsoe and Hart
Pels - Markannen and Satoranksy

Bulls - Drummond Nance and 2nd
Cavs - Porter Felicio and Carter

6th - White



19 Mar 2021 15:25:41
The first is bad for the Bulls, and the 2nd is too good.

19 Mar 2021 17:23:33
The Cavs aren't trading Nance for another C. We already have Allen and Mcgee.

19 Mar 2021 18:51:05
Carter can play PF, he prefers that position.

19 Mar 2021 19:19:58
@NBA16 Carter is slow for a C, let alone PF.

20 Mar 2021 01:03:56
Love it for Pels. Though I’d rather lose NAW and a pick instead of HRt.

20 Mar 2021 12:41:05
No way do the Cavs give up Nance for Carter.

19 Mar 2021 11:54:39
Report: Raptors turned down Powell-for-Drummond trade offer from Cavs.

19 Mar 2021 12:18:28
Powell has been our leading scorer in the past few games. He has a well rounded game and plays excellent defense. Not going to give him for I-don't-wanna-play Drummond.

19 Mar 2021 15:28:53
I'm not sure it means much other than the Raptors think its a better team with Powell in the lineup than with Drummond. It really doesn't say anything about whether the Raps want to resign Powell or not, because the return just isn't worthwhile anyway.
His defense is actually what might keep Toronto from giving him the money another team might offer in the offseason. That and what to do with Lowry. I don't see Toronto being able to keep both into next year.

19 Mar 2021 17:18:35
Nurse likes his big to be able to stretch the floor.

20 Mar 2021 13:03:16
I thought it more a statement on Drummonds "low" trade value.

18 Mar 2021 20:12:54
Bostnt gets Drummond, J Murray, J Allen

Nuggets get Kemba, Nance Jr, Tatum, G Williams

Cavs get G Harris, Smart, Theis, Langford, Nannie, Ojeleye, C Edwards.

19 Mar 2021 15:35:16
Cleveland is the only team that would make this deal. Other 2 GMs don't have the cajones to take that kind of risk.

16 Mar 2021 21:32:16

Boston get Larry Nance Jr Jerami Grant JaVale McGee

Pistons get Grant Williams Aaron Nesmith 2021 first round pick(unprotected).via Boston 2023 first round pick(unprotected).via Boston

Cavaliers get Daniel Theis Semi Ojeleye Romeo Langford 2021 second round pick.via Thunder from Boston

15 Mar 2021 00:54:10
Cleveland gets: Deni Avdija and Davis Bertans

Washington gets: Isaac Okoro and Taurean Prince


Cleveland swaps Okoro for Avdija, who is a better fit on this team. Bertans gives them a sniper from downtown.

Washington gets a defensive minded prospect that fits with their young core. Prince is a nice role player on a reasonable deal.

15 Mar 2021 02:56:28
Cavs need Okoros defense.

15 Mar 2021 00:05:04
Knicks get Lavert Warren Turner Stanley Martin Stevens

Cavs get Payton Rivers Ntilikina Knox 22 23 NY 2nd

Pacers get Drummond Toppin Noel Dotson Dellavedova (Pinson Brazdeikas-cut) Dal & Ny 21 & 23 1st

Get assets they wanted for Drummond.


the flexibility gives Indy so many options next yr 3 1st 50 mil in cap space

While they won't get passed sixers, nets or Bucks, Next yr Lavert and Warren will be 100% healthy and cap space to add a star PG in free agency will allow them to compete with Bucs Nets Or Sixers.


15 Mar 2021 02:03:35
Cavs for sure say no to this. Also pretty sure Knicks would say no as you’re paying a kings ransom for Warren and Turner.

21 Mar 2021 20:00:16
Pacers would say no too, everyone knows Drummond's work ethic and selfish play.

14 Mar 2021 18:38:41
Cleveland gets: Fred Vanvleet and Malachi Flynn

Toronto gets: Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, Larry Nance Jr and '21 unprotected first


Cleveland upgrades their point guard position with Vanvleet.

Toronto gets a nice haul for their star.

14 Mar 2021 20:38:02
Big no from Cavs.

14 Mar 2021 21:08:13
swap garland with Allen. raptors can't say no.

14 Mar 2021 21:16:55
This must be a joke :-)

15 Mar 2021 00:40:42
Neither team does this.

13 Mar 2021 11:00:25
Cleveland receives: Zach Lavine and Lauri Markkanen

Chicago receives: Andre Drummond (exp), '21, '23, '25 and '27 unprotected firsts and '22, '24 and '26 unprotected pick swaps

Buy out Kevin Love.

Why? Cleveland gets some good talent in Lavine and Markkanen. Both are starters in this league. Markkanen still has potential.

Chicago gets the best possible return for their two stars.

Is this too much to give up for Cleveland?

PG: Collin Sexton / Darius Garland / Quin Cook / Matthew Dellavedova
SG: Zach Lavine / Dylan Windler / Damyean Dotson
SF: Isaac Okoro / Taurean Prince / Cedi Osman
PF: Lauri Markkanen / Larry Nance Jr. / Dean Wade
C: Jarrett Allen / Javale McGee.

13 Mar 2021 12:45:00
is it too much to give up? No.

Is it too much to give up for Lavine and Markkanen? Definitely.

13 Mar 2021 13:19:04
Is it too much to give up to win a championship? No
Is this a championship team?
Probably not.

14 Mar 2021 01:11:57
@windrap. The Force is strong in you, my young Padewan.

12 Mar 2021 16:50:15
What could happen:

Cavs Boban, Johnson, Iwundu, Brown Jr., 5,6 Mio
Mavs Drummer, Beal, Dotson
Wiz WCS, THJ, Green, Brunson, 2x1st, 2x2nd

After buyout Mavs resign Johnson and Boban before Playoffs.

12 Mar 2021 16:59:12
Pretty sure they couldn’t resign those guys. There’s a rule about resigning guys that you traded then we’re waived. Can’t remember the exact time, but the Cavs ran into this with Z a few years ago.

Also, terrible trade.

12 Mar 2021 17:44:34
Can’t resign same season as trade.

12 Mar 2021 18:59:18
BMiller, they actually changed the rules because they traded Z and then he got bought out and came back.

12 Mar 2021 19:51:25
Was that it? I knew he was involved in that rule in some way.

12 Mar 2021 22:32:31
Yea, you can sign another teams buy-outs. Whether you traded them becomes irrelevant after the buyout.

12 Mar 2021 23:16:38
If a player becomes bought out, other teams can resign them after 30 days. But that would only the strawberry on the cake. And it is a famous trade guys!

13 Mar 2021 06:56:25
A team cannot reacquire a player they traded away during that season (a season being July 1 - June 30). If he is waived by his new team, then he cannot re-sign with his original team until the one-year anniversary of the trade, or until the July 1 following the end of his contract, whichever comes first.

There’s the rule: they could resign those guys after the season, not during.

11 Mar 2021 23:51:50
Hornets get Drummond Quickley Wade Stevens
Magic get Rozier Noel Ntilikina Knox DAL 21 23 1st
Cavs get Aminu Carey Rivers MCW Ennis 2 Hornets 2nd
Knicks get Vucevic Monk Dotson Richards Dellavedova

this trade helps now and for the future

The balance depth makes them dangerous playoff team for a top 3 seed.


2 1st and a 20ppg scorer for there allstar is great deal. Still have enough talent to pursue 10th seed until Fultz and Isaac join them next yr


they get the assets they wanted for drummond. still could make push for 10th seed


This should put NY in 2nd round of playoffs with 2 allstars or 1 superstar, with cap flexibility next yr to add 2 more stars


12 Mar 2021 02:05:01
Magic say no.

12 Mar 2021 07:39:52
md not only your delusional, if you think Vucevic is better than 20ppg scorer 2 1st and 3 players to develop Ntilikina knox and Noel, you should be banned from this site. by the Frank > Fultz.

12 Mar 2021 16:58:23
Shizzee do u ever stop insulting people for doing the same thing u do? Once again u have the knicks giving up a bunch of scrubs and mid to late first rounders to get the best player in the trade. Again u post the same players in every trade. The fact that u don't want those guys should tell u how everyone else feels about them.

12 Mar 2021 18:54:09
Thank you Skills85 I appreciate it and @shizzee Nikola Vucevic is one best Center in NBA Orlando Magic ain’t accept that deal.

11 Mar 2021 23:43:33
Orlando get Rozier Noel Knox NY 21 1st
Hornets get Drummonds Quickley Wade
Cavs get Aminu Ntilikina Rivers Carey NY 22 23 2nd
Knicks get Vucevic Richards Monk Dotson Dellavedova

not only the trade serves purpose for this season also the future





10 Mar 2021 00:18:42
Cleveland gets: Terry Rozier and Malik Monk

Charlotte gets: Andre Drummond

Why? Cleveland gets something good for Drummond. Charlotte gets out of Rozier's guaranteed money for next season, making them players in free agency.

I've posted this trade idea before and I want your opinions on this. Rozier would be an excellent backup to Sexton. Money isn't an issue for the Cavs.

10 Mar 2021 01:18:34
i've been reading cavs won't give drummond away, but really only expect a 2nd rd pick for him. Rozier and Monk seems like an outrageous amount for drummond. his trade value, due to his contract and current, is practically nothing. situation in cleveland.

10 Mar 2021 04:12:27
Find a third team to take rozier.

09 Mar 2021 10:31:44
Clippers get Drummond Payton Toppin Wade Stevens
Magic get Beverly Wade
Cavs get Zubac Aminu MCW
Knicks get Morris Sr Paterson




Pinson Knox Rivers for Exum McLemore Kurucs


09 Mar 2021 12:10:14
I don't get that last trade. Why trade for 3rd stringers?

09 Mar 2021 13:24:20
3rd stringers for 3rd stringers,

I don't over value any knicks player Kurucs overall talent is the same Knox. Exum a more pg than Rivers. McLemore a better shooter Pinson.

09 Mar 2021 13:52:08
Shizze- is exum hurt for the year?

09 Mar 2021 14:10:34
Exum though will be released for Frank the tank.

Rose/ Quickley/ Ntilikina
Barrett/ Burks/ McLemore
Morris/ Bullocks/ Brazdeikas
Randle/ Paterson/ Kurucs
Noel/ Robinson/ Gibson

Barrett Quickley NY DAL 23 1ST for Lavine

Lowry/ Rose/ J. Butler-20
Lavine/ Burks/ Duarte-45
Morris/ Bullock/ Kispert-26
Randle/ Paterson/ Kurucs
Robinson/ Noel/ Richards.

09 Mar 2021 14:29:20
OK. I don't see anything bad with the trade, nice job!

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