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18 Jul 2024 16:10:35
Trade rumor--not my creation but reported.

Cleveland sends G Garland to the Orlando Magic.

Orlando sends G's Jalen Suggs, Cole Anthony and F Wendell Carter to Cleveland.

18 Jul 2024 23:03:31
There's a huge difference between reported and some jackass who doesn't know anything concocting it on a fan created website.

19 Jul 2024 14:59:08
FYI, this rumor has been reported on several sports sites by credible individuals. Not claiming anything except that this was reported on several sites. Not a fan created site but from legit sports sites. Lastly, have you read some the the proposals here? At least this has some credible sources--again not saying it will happen but it was reported.

20 Jul 2024 03:22:43
It's a trade that came from Bleacher Report and then other sites mention it to get clicks. No different than you or me concocting it. Credible sources are Lowe, Windhorst, etc.

16 Jul 2024 10:13:31
Cleveland: M Porter Jr+ 1rnd pick Mil 25+ 1rnd pick Denver 31 (top 5 protected)
NO: Garland

16 Jul 2024 10:56:25
What's the point for Nola?

16 Jul 2024 12:35:42
hmmm, i must have been confused :- (, i meant to write J Allen


16 Jul 2024 16:45:51
Enough with the Allen trade talk---the H/ C said he WILL NOT be traded.

16 Jul 2024 01:20:16
Cleveland gets: Taylor Hendricks
Utah gets: Dean Wade and 3 2nd round picks of their choice.

Cleveland gets a tall athletic forward that can defend and has a jumper, can play and defend 3's to 5's. Exactly what we need.
Utah does this because they potentially see him as a depressed asset who will struggle to get minutes.

16 Jul 2024 04:08:10
Yeah good luck negotiating with Ainge.

16 Jul 2024 16:32:14
Utah wouldn't consider that.

10 Jul 2024 15:07:26

Denver trades: MPJ, Nnaji, Watson
Denver receives: Ingram, Okoro(S&T)

Gets some cap flexibility getting off MPJ while also staying very competitive.


Atlanta trades: Capela, Hunter
Atlanta receives: MPJ, Levert

Trades one of their 4 centers and upgrades Hunter. Reunites Trae/MPJ from high school days. Levert as secondary creator for Trae. Surrounds Trae with big wing options and lineup flexibility


New Orleans trades: Ingram
New Orleans receives: Capela, Nnaji, Watson

I don't know Ingrams value right now or that many teams could even afford him. This gets them a starting center now and some young guys to take a chance on.


Cleveland trades: Okoro, Levert
Cleveland Receives Hunter

Gets an upgrade with a bigger 3/D wing to start at the 3.


10 Jul 2024 16:19:15
Nahh. I’m passing if I’m Pels.

10 Jul 2024 23:56:38
If the Cavs could find a way to get Hunter without giving up LeVert, that would be ideal for us.

04 Jul 2024 02:08:43
Cleveland gets: De'Andre Hunter
Atlanta gets: Max Strus, Georges Niang, 2030 pick swap and 2031 unprotected first

Cleveland adds a much needed wing.
Atlanta gets some future assets.

Sign Spencer Windiddie
Re-sign Damian Jones

PG: Darius Garland / Spencer Dinwiddie / Craig Porter Jr.
SG: Donovan Mitchell / Jaylon Tyson / Sam Merrill
SF: De'Andre Hunter / Caris LeVert / Emoni Bates
PF: Evan Mobley / Dean Wade / Luke Travers
C: Jarrett Allen / Damian Jones
Coach: Kenny Atkinson.

04 Jul 2024 11:03:13
I like Hunter but I don't think anyone gives an unprotected first for him. It seems like most view him as neutral value at best.

04 Jul 2024 13:51:25
Is hunter worth an unprotected first?
He would be a good fit in Cleveland, but i think it's a little to much.

04 Jul 2024 15:22:23
Really the deal is with no picks or swaps at all.

03 Jul 2024 08:51:32
Pacers: J Allen
Cle:M Turner+ 2rnd pick Miami 25

Pacers get the rebounder they need and Cleveland get a center who's more complementary with Mobley



03 Jul 2024 18:35:42
New H/ C says Allen will not be traded.

01 Jul 2024 14:38:57
Wolves:J collins+ J Clarckson+ 1rnd pick Wolves 25-27+ return swap option 26

2) Utah-Hawks
Hawks:Kessler+Hendrickx+sexton+ 1rnd pick Cle 25
Utah:T Young

01 Jul 2024 23:50:48
Wolves say a very hard no to that.

01 Jul 2024 08:10:23
Was: Garland+Allen
Cle: Kuzma+Coulibaly+Shamet+ rnd pick Was 27 and 29

C: Mobley/wade


01 Jul 2024 03:01:15
Cleveland gets: Keyonte George, Taylor Hendricks, Tari Eason, Jock Landale and 2025 first from Rockets via OKC or BKN
Utah gets: Darius Garland, Max Strus and Georges Niang
Houston gets: Jarrett Allen

Cleveland adds young quality players and dump some bad contracts.
Utah gets their point guard of the future.
Houston gets much needed size.

30 Jun 2024 03:24:36
Cleveland receives: Taylor Hendricks, Keyonte George and all of their picks back
Utah receives: Darius Garland and Max Strus

Cleveland gets some nice young players, shed a ton of salary and get all their picks back.
Utah gets their PG of the future and start competing again.

30 Jun 2024 03:53:05
Offer Patrick Williams 4 years, $96 million.

30 Jun 2024 12:26:23
I don't see it for either team.

02 Jul 2024 06:40:09
Terrible for cavs, no!

26 Jun 2024 07:08:37
NO:J Allen
Cle:J Collins+return 1 rnd pick Cle 29

26 Jun 2024 16:28:44
over value of Allen yet again.

26 Jun 2024 17:28:11
I don't see the Cavs trading Allen after hiring his former coach.

26 Jun 2024 21:22:48
I actually value Allen more than Ingram due to contact, health, and the fact that Ingram got benched in the playoffs. Regardless, Collins and a pick is not nearly enough to get either of them.

25 Jun 2024 09:37:59
Cleveland receives: De'Aaron Fox, Harrison Barnes, John Collins, 13th pick from Sac & '25 first returned via Jazz
Sacramento receives: Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen
Utah receives: Caris LeVert

Cleveland gets a better fitting backcourt player next to Mitchell, a good frontcourt fit next to Moble, a good veteran presence and a couple picks.
Sacramento turns one star into two and get the much-coveted center they've been looking for.
Utah gets out of Collins contract without giving up much.

S&T for Patrick Williams (would probably have to give up Strus and a first-round pick or two) .

PG: De'Aaron Fox / Craig Porter / Ty Jerome
SG: Donovan Mitchell / Sam Merrill
SF: Patrick Williams / Harrison Barnes / Isaac Okoro
PF: John Collins / Dean Wade / Luke Travers
C: Evan Mobley / Khalifa Diop
Coach: Kenny Atkinson.

25 Jun 2024 14:51:50
SAC doesnt like this much.

25 Jun 2024 17:55:10
Why would sacramento do this?
Fox is their star.

26 Jun 2024 01:02:43
No way the Kings trade Fox, and if they do, they can do better.

27 Jun 2024 04:11:03
Allen, in the Kings eyes, is a negative asset and there is no way they think Garland is better than Fox.

23 Jun 2024 04:11:11
Cleveland receives: 12th pick from OKC
Oklahoma receives: '31 top 5 protected first (top 5 '32, otherwise 2 2nds)

Cleveland gets another cost-controlled player.
OKC doesn't have more room for rookies, they need to compromise.

23 Jun 2024 12:00:16
I know what you're getting at but OKC is not at that point right now. If they had to do something like this, they could do better.

21 Jun 2024 22:03:19
3 team trade.
Cavs trade Darius garland to Detroit for cade, Stewart.

Pelicans trade ingram, Alvarado to cavs for Jarret Allen and levert.

Detroit trades grimes to pelicans for cj mccollum







22 Jun 2024 02:17:51
Laughable for Pels.

22 Jun 2024 02:34:55
Has to be a Cavs fan to come up with that fantasy.

22 Jun 2024 17:43:24
How the pelicans get a all star center for expiring contract and a scoring guard 6th man type.

22 Jun 2024 17:45:41
Definitely a fan but cavs gave up the most value in my mock trade. 2 playoff proven Allstars.

22 Jun 2024 18:52:45
I like it for N. O. but I hate it for Detroit.

22 Jun 2024 19:19:32
Darius for cade and stew?!?!?!
Then Grimes for McCollum.

No way on any planet.

24 Jun 2024 16:55:42
Csandberg. Darius is more traditional point, more proven, Allstar more value playoff experience point guard. Cade is the leader of the worst team in the NBA. His value way lower.

24 Jun 2024 16:57:27
Nightcap. Detroit needs vets with experience to win and teach the youngins how to win. They get 2 vets guards to help with they young guys.

24 Jun 2024 16:57:31
Nightcap. Detroit needs vets with experience to win and teach the youngins how to win. They get 2 vets guards to help with they young guys.

21 Jun 2024 20:55:58
Cavaliers/ Nets Rumor

Cavs Receive:
Cameron Johnson
Dennis Schroder
'25 FRDC
'29 FRDC

Nets Receive:
Darius Garland
Georges Niang.

22 Jun 2024 22:38:54
side note but what does FRDC stand for?

I don't know if I overvalue or undervalue Garland at this point, but this seems like decent value for him.

23 Jun 2024 16:49:10
Darry maybe first round draft choice?

19 Jun 2024 23:30:58
Next days news:

Pelicans: Garland, Maxi
Cavaliers: Green, Hardaway, 3x1st
Mavericks: Ingram, Nance, 2x2nd

20 Jun 2024 20:09:05
Pelicans and Cavs just cut Mavs out, saying neither of them wants their garbage.

20 Jun 2024 20:55:44
It's pretty obvious that this trade proposal is coming from a Mavs fan. The Cavs don't consider this at all, they're not rebuilding. They aren't trading Garland unless Ingram is coming back to Cleveland.

18 Jun 2024 07:21:58
Wizards : Andrew Wiggins, 1st round pick Warriors, Trace Jackson-Davis
Cavaliers : Kyle Kuzma, Gary Payton Jr
Warriors : Jarrett Allen

17 Jun 2024 08:31:22
1) Suns-Nets-Cleveland

Cavs:D Booker
Nets:D Mitchell
Suns: B simmons+#20+ return first round picks 25-27-29 Suns+ 1rnd pick Philly 25+ 1rnd pick Dal 29

Warriors: K Durant+ Nurkic
Suns: CP3+Wiggins+ Kuminga+ 1rnd pick 25-27-29

Suns:Gafford+Hardaway+PJ Washington

17 Jun 2024 11:09:46
#1 bad for the Suns
#2 illegal
#3 beyond horrible for the Mavs.

14 Jun 2024 22:37:39
San Antonio / Cleveland / Memphis

San Antonio - Darius Garland


Cleveland - Marcus Smart, Keldon Johnson, Zach Collins & 8th pick via Spurs & 9th pick via Grizzlies

Strus - Johnson
Collins - 4th pick

Memphis - Jarrett Allen & 20th pick via Cleveland & future pick swap with Spurs

Jackson Jr

16 Jun 2024 10:29:53
I like a lot of it but I think the Cavs would need to re-route Johnson and a pick or 2 somewhere else for a much better player.

16 Jun 2024 21:00:36
People disagree but Keldon Johnson has fallen far enough that he wasn't even starting for San Antonio. Cleveland wants Mitchell to re-sign right? If so, this ain't gonna do it.

05 Jun 2024 02:01:52
Cleveland gets: Deni Avdija, Bilal Coulibaly, Johnny Davis and the 2nd pick
Washington gets: Darius Garland and Jarrett Allen

Cleveland gets better fitting pieces.
Washington bolsters their roster with two all-star caliber players.

05 Jun 2024 22:12:45
Not sure I could hate this more for Washington. What’s the point of adding those two without a superstar to play with them?

05 Jun 2024 23:50:18
Don't see Washington doing that.

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