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26 Sep 2021 22:54:08


RAPS get
Andrew Wiggins (GSW)
Lu Dort (OKC)
Dwight Powell (Mav)
Danny Green (PHI)
Future first (OKC)
Future second (GSW)

OKC get
James Wiseman (GSW)
Johnny Kuminga (GSW)
Gary Trent (RAP)
Marvin Bagley III (SAC)
Jeff Green (MAV)

GSW get
Pascal Siakam (RAP)
Chris Boucher (RAP)
Moses Brown (MAV)
Darius Bazley (OKC)
Future first (OKC)

MAV get
Goran Dragic (RAP)
Ben Simmons (PHI)

PHI get
Buddy Heild (SAC)
2 future firsts (MAV)

SAC get
Kritaps Porzingus (MAV)
Isaiah Roby (OKC)
Future 2nd MAV

27 Sep 2021 05:22:42
Horrible for OKC.

22 Sep 2021 03:46:47

Magic get Davis Bertans Jarrett Culver 2024 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Warriors from Grizzlies

Wizards get Steven Adams Michael Carter Williams 2024 second round pick.via Raptors from Grizzlies

Grizzlies get Terrance Ross Thomas Bryant

It's fair deal


Magic are taking bad contract for pick and young player

Wizards got cap space relief + two solid players + future second round pick

Grizzlies got solid players that can help them win games

22 Sep 2021 02:15:43

Warriors get Simmons and Harris

Sixers get McCollum, Covington, and Wiggins

Blazers get Wiseman and Danny and Draymond Green

21 Sep 2021 22:26:56
Magic/Warriors/Pacers NBA Trade Deadline

Pacers get Andrew Wiggins James Wiseman 2022 first round pick(unprotected).via Warriors 2022 second round pick.via Magic 2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic

Magic get Jeremy Lamb Moses Moody TJ Warren

Warriors get Terrance Ross Myles Turner Gary Harris Michael Carter Williams

Magic have flexibility getting two solid players who on expiring contracts + young player + cap space relief

Pacers got young potential star along with solid player & three draft picks

Warriors got good players that can help them win now mode plus their bench fixed also have flexibility +'cap space relief

18 Sep 2021 00:39:05

Magic get Davis Bertans John Konchar 2024 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Warriors from Grizzlies

Wizards get Steven Adams Michael Carter Williams(release)

Grizzlies get Terrance Ross Thomas Bryant

Wizards doesn't have any picks to unload Davis Bertans contract but they can give up Thomas Bryant to sweeten the deal

I know Magic wouldn't take Steven Adams or Davis Bertans without future first round pick in return

They have worse contracts in history

Grizzlies would love to take Terrance Ross & Thomas Bryant it's would help the team a lot

18 Sep 2021 01:41:20
The Magic do not want or need Bertans or Konchar. They don't fill needs on the team and Bertans is one of the top 10 worst contracts in the NBA right now. The Magic need the young guys to get playing time, and maybe another vet wing on a team friendly contract, not overpaid underperforming players like Bertans.

15 Sep 2021 09:54:40
Magic/Rockets/Kings/Clippers/Hawks/Thunder Six teams trade deal

Magic get Marvin Bagley III Danuel House Jr

Kings get Danilo Gallinari Luguentz Dort

Clippers get John Wall 2024 second round pick.via Warriors from Rockets 2024 second round pick.via Rockets

Rockets get Eric Bledsoe Gary Harris Serge Ibaka(buyout) 2026 second round pick.via Bucks from Magic

Thunder get Luke Kennard Michael Carter Williams 2022 first round pick(1-14 protected ).via Thunder from Hawks 2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic 2024 second round pick.via Heat from Hawks

Hawks get Buddy Hield

Rockets doesn't want give up any first round picks

Kings get young player & veteran player

Hawks get more shooter

Magic get young player & veteran player both are expiring contracts

Thunder get two players along with draft picks both are expiring contracts

@NBA16 I took your advice

15 Sep 2021 10:13:48
Ugh 😑.

15 Sep 2021 16:31:34
6 team trade? SMH. Lol.

15 Sep 2021 18:35:33
If you want young players you're going to have to trade players that have value.

16 Sep 2021 05:01:07
This trade make my brain hurt.

15 Sep 2021 08:03:39
Warriors - Boucher

- could really use big man depth, seem like perfect big for them especially if Wiseman continues to struggle and not healthy

Raptors - Poole and Toscano-Anderson

- adds their scorer off the bench, improved a lot last year and gives them that shot creator they need. Opens more minutes for Barnes/Achuiwa



15 Sep 2021 07:55:19
Nuggets should create more wing depth

Nuggets - Toscano-Anderson & 2nd
Warriors - Campazzo

Wolves - Howard & 2nd
Nuggets - Nowell

Jokic/Bol Bol/Nnaji

15 Sep 2021 07:21:40

Hawks get Patrick Beverley Cedi Osman 2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic 2024 second round pick.via Warriors from Cavaliers

Magic get Taurean Prince Dylan Windler Danilo Gallinari 2022 first round pick(Top 10 protected).via Hawks

Cavaliers get Terrance Ross Gary Harris

Wolves get Kevin Love Michael Carter Williams 2022 first round pick(Top 8 protected).via Cavaliers

15 Sep 2021 07:39:04
Once again… Kevin Love takes a first just to get ride of. So you think MCW is worth Prince and Bev? No.

Will you take our advice?

15 Sep 2021 09:02:43
Alright man you’re right.

14 Sep 2021 23:38:43

Cavaliers get Terrance Ross Buddy Hield Michael Carter Williams(release)

Magic get Cedi Osman Marvin Bagley III 2023 second round pick.via Warriors from Cavaliers

Kings get Kevin Love 2022 first round pick(Top 8 protected).via Cavaliers

Peoples give me y'all opinion be honest

15 Sep 2021 03:31:23
Takes a first just to offload Love. That’s mean kings are sending Hield and Bagley for no value back at all.

15 Sep 2021 07:54:10
We are back in MD land. Sigh!

04 Sep 2021 00:57:46
Raps fans would y'all consider this

Raps - Wiggins

Warriors - Dragic Boucher and heavily protected 1st

- Raps could use another shot creator who's all improve his all around game very well. Boucher can be expendable imo with the additions of Barnes & Achuiwa

- Warriors still need a good backup PG. Dragic is exp and doesn't want to be in Toronto. Boucher looks like a perfect big for the Warriors. Wiggins can also be expendable by plugging in OPJ and having drafted Moody/Kuminga

- Maybe try to lure in Boogie?


04 Sep 2021 05:15:20
Good idea.

04 Sep 2021 11:15:23
I read that Dragic is being bought out and will sign in Dallas.

04 Sep 2021 12:31:59
I think I'm missing something here. I feel like this is a super super super super hard no. Wiggins is essentially a negative contract and we have OG, FVV, and Trent at the 2/ 3 anyway. Dragic is still a nice player and Boucher is probably worth more to us than Wiggins. Adding in a protected first? No thanks.

04 Sep 2021 12:49:15
Thank you for a sane trade idea that does not involve MCW and Harris. And also doesn’t suck😀😀😀😀😀.

04 Sep 2021 15:47:22
Darry FVV is y’all’s PG. OG is a combo forward. Y’all don’t have much depth at the 2.

04 Sep 2021 16:35:31
I do think the Raptors will trade Dragic sometime between now and the trade deadline. They will not buy him out unless they can't get a deal done by the deadline. But I believe they have higher ambitions than an at best neutral contract with Wiggins. And you want them to give up Boucher AND a future 1st? So yes, weed is legal in Toronto, but Masai could never get high enough to consider this deal.

01 Sep 2021 18:55:18
76ers - Beal

Warriors - Simmons and Bryant

Wizards - Wiggins Wiseman Moody Maxey 2 1sts from 76ers and 1 1st from Warriors




01 Sep 2021 12:36:46

76ers= Lillard, Covington

TB= Simmons, Wiggins, Hayes, Thybulle, 2 1st (76ers), 2 2nds (Pels)

Warriors= Ingram, Nurkic

Pels= Seth Curry, Kumingo, Wiseman, Moody

**I know most Pels fans don't want to move Ingram (and I definitely would rather keep him) but if you follow the cap projects in the next 2-3 years they just can't afford to carry another large salary and max out Zion and avoid the luxury tax.

01 Sep 2021 13:45:04
Gotta be Maxey instead of Thybulle. Rich Paul wants klutch clients out of philly.

01 Sep 2021 15:48:33
Bad for Warriors. Great for sixers. Simmons might not be McCollum level he is definitely not Dame's level.

30 Aug 2021 05:16:06
Magic/Grizzlies/Thunder Mid Season or Trade Deadline

Thunder get Robin Lopez 2024 second round pick.via Pacers,Jazz or Cavs from Grizzlies

Grizzlies get Mo Bamba Isaiah Roby

Magic get Steven Adams 2024 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Warriors from Grizzlies

Magic use $17.1 Million Dollars TPE to take on Steven Adams contract + mid future first round pick in return

Thunder get expiring contract + future second round pick in return

Grizzlies have flexibility & cap space relief

Steven Adams become free agent in 2023 Off-Season

30 Aug 2021 10:45:15
Bambang is not a grind house type of center that Memphis wants.

30 Aug 2021 16:37:34
Orlando says hell no.

31 Aug 2021 03:06:20
I’ll take.

29 Aug 2021 23:42:54
Rockets get Toppin Noel Knox Poole Mulder Dal 1st Warriors 1st
Knicks get Wiggens Wood Martin Tate
Warriors get Fournier Gordon

If Thompson is not healthy this good insurance policy. Trade is made if Thompson is not fully healthy. But when he comes back this team is loaded with shooters

Mulder 2nd for Moses


Cut payroll, get 2 1st and add Toppin.


This balance deep team could make ecf


30 Aug 2021 13:16:25
Awful lot for Fournier+Gordon tbh.

29 Aug 2021 03:43:38
Orlando Magic situation

I'm trying to find a teams that willing to give up draft picks to take on bad contracts

Kevin Love (equal one first round pick

John Wall (equal two first round picks

Steven Adams (equal one first round pick

Davis Bertans (equal one first round pick

I need y'all help people's just wanna take on bad contracts for picks

Washington Wizards might be looking to move on from Davis Bertans

Houston Rockets looking for to move on from John Wall & Danuel House Jr

Cleveland Cavaliers looking for to move on from Kevin Love & Cedi Osman

Memphis Grizzlies might be looking trade Steven Adams for salary cap dump

Orlando Magic have TPE $$$ they can use them to take bad contracts for draft picks

Mid Season or Trade Deadline

Trade 1

Wizards get Terrance Ross Michael Carter Williams(waive)

Magic get Davis Bertans 2026 first round pick(Top 4 protected).via Wizards

Trade 2

Magic get Steven Adams 2024 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Warriors from Grizzlies

Grizzlies get Mo Bamba Robin Lopez(buyout or waive) Michael Carter Williams (keep or waive)

Trade 3

Magic get Kevin Love Cedi Osman 2022 first round pick(Top 6 protected).via Cavaliers 2022 second round pick.via Rockets from Cavaliers

Cavaliers get Terrance Ross Michael Carter Williams(waive) Gary Harris 2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic

Trade 4

Magic get John Wall Danuel House Jr 2023 first round pick.via Bucks from Rockets 2024 first round pick.via Nets from Rockets

Rockets get Terrance Ross Michael Carter Williams(waive)Gary Harris 2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic

29 Aug 2021 19:25:40
I get it now. All the other teams should give draft picks to Orlando for your worst contracts and players they will waive as soon as they get them. I don't think the rest of the league wants to play that way.

30 Aug 2021 16:44:53
If Orlando takes on bad contracts for draft picks, what compensation do they get for the players they are drafting? Example: you have Wall, House, and 2 1sts for Ross, MCW, Harris and a 2nd? So Orlando gets the 2 1sts for taking Wall's contract and only get House for our players and 2nd Rd pick?

27 Aug 2021 21:00:23
Three team trade

Philly / GSW / OKC

PHILLY receives
2x 1st Rnd pick (OKC)
1x 1st Rnd pick (GSW)

GSW receives

OKC receives

All three teams get specific team needs or requests. Philly gets it overhaul of picks and a young talent and Vet player for Simmons.

GSW get the defensive weapon they need at C/ PF in Simmons and an expiring contract.

OKC has its key components to JUMPSTART the rebuild this’ll three years ahead of schedule!

What y’all think?
And Explain why it won’t happen?
And What more would make the trade happen?

27 Aug 2021 22:15:55
Okc just giving picks? Their own picks or other teams picks?

27 Aug 2021 22:20:06
wont happen because Tolliver was just waived by the Sixers.

27 Aug 2021 23:15:10
Philly doesn’t want picks. They want talent to put them over the top.

28 Aug 2021 19:22:48
Honestly I take Wiggens over simmons.

29 Aug 2021 02:58:00
Wiggins over Simmons might be the worst opinion ever shared on this site.

29 Aug 2021 04:49:06
Maybe Mr Miller but I take a two player anyway over playoff liability.

29 Aug 2021 09:40:51
Lol has Wiggins even been to the playoffs?

29 Aug 2021 17:13:35
Wiggins isn’t a two way player. He’s a no way player. He’s an inefficient offensive player that plays very little defense. He’s a shorter Aaron Gordon.

29 Aug 2021 23:48:46
Not Wiggens on warrior. He looks good defensively offensively.

30 Aug 2021 21:18:45
He’s a perfectly average offensive player in GS (PER of 15 on the dot) . He looks better surrounded by talent. Better doesn’t equal good though.

27 Aug 2021 19:21:20

Magic get Steven Adams John Konchar 2024 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Warriors from Grizzlies 2027 second round pick.via Grizzlies

Grizzlies get Terrance Ross Mo Bamba

Grizzlies got two good solid players that can really help them to take it next level also it's won't affect their salary cap situation they can pay Mo Bamba his contract or match offers from teams

Magic got two draft picks by taking veterans players who still under contract it's won't affect their rebuilding process also it's won't lose or pay Mo Bamba Steven Adams can mentor Wendell Carter Jr

27 Aug 2021 22:16:18
I’ll take.

28 Aug 2021 01:11:16
Orlando brought in Robin Lopez to mentor Carter and Bamba. Getting Adams while losing Bamba is redundant. Also losing their 6th man and leading bench scorer in Ross. Orlando passes.

28 Aug 2021 01:12:06
Bamba is going to be a cheap extension since he hadn't done anything yet or even stayed healthy. Won't be even close to a max extension.

27 Aug 2021 16:38:51
Orlando Magic Situation

They should go all in for Michael Porter Jr overpaid force Nuggets to let him go if they not willing to match the offers do sign and trade

Magic sign Michael Porter Jr four years $128 Million Dollars contract

Denver Nuggets have to pay Aaron Gordon Jamal Murray Will Barton Nikola Jokic they going to be over the salary cap

They don't have money re-sign Michael Porter Jr max contract

Sign and Trade

Michael Porter Jr for Jonathan Issac Terrance Ross 2023 first round pick(Top 4 protected).via Bulls from Magic 2024 first round pick(unprotected).via Magic 2024 second round pick.via Magic 2026 second round pick.via Bucks from Magic

I'm willing to give up Jonathan Issac if Nuggets demand to give him up

It's would be nice have Isaac/Porter In lineup but not going to happen

It's save Denver Nuggets salary cap

I really want Superstar on my team if I have to give up Defensive Anchor Jonathan Issac + multiple picks I'm willing to do it it's hard to let him go

Magic re-sign Gary Harris two years $6.5 Million Dollars contract

Magic re-sign Wendell Carter Jr four years $60 Million Dollars contract

Let Michael Carter Williams walk

Second Trade

Magic trade Mo Bamba to Grizzlies

Grizzlies trade Steven Adams 2024 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Warriors from Grizzlies to Magic

Grizzlies sign Mo Bamba four years $50 Million Dollars contract

27 Aug 2021 17:22:05
I'd say that they should pay Porter Jr and let Gordon leave.

27 Aug 2021 18:01:04
If Porter plays the way he did at the end of last season, Denver happily pays him max.

27 Aug 2021 21:55:45
so nuggets won't have Max money for Porter but they will pay Max money to isaac and rose combined salary.

27 Aug 2021 21:56:51
Also, I thought Isaac was untouchable!

24 Aug 2021 07:03:28
Is Fournier for Wiggens a fake rumor. It obvious it can't happen until later. I don't remember if Wiggens had a connection with Thibs that was tight.

Grizzlies get Knox
Warriors get Fournier Rondo Oturu
Knicks get Wiggens



24 Aug 2021 20:20:56
No from Grizz.

24 Aug 2021 21:59:27
I like a fournier for wegging swap.
Fournier is a better fit in gs and nu can gamble on wiggins.

25 Aug 2021 15:08:34
Just Wiggins for Fournier+Knox?

25 Aug 2021 16:55:35
I don't think the Knicks signed Fournier just to trade him. Wiggins has significantly less value than Fournier. Warriors would have to add an asset here.

25 Aug 2021 23:05:42
Wiggins is a $30m role player. GS needs to send out assets to trade him.

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