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08 Jul 2024 13:33:28
Warriors: K Durant
Jazz: Payton+ Kuminga+Moody+ 1rnd pick 25 GS
Suns: Wiggins+ Markannen


PG:S Curry

02 Jul 2024 16:55:28
Jazz / Warriors / Pelicans

Jazz : Andrew Wiggins, 2 1st round picks from Pelicans, 1st round pick from Warriors, pick swap from Warriors

Warriors : Brandon Ingram

Stephen Curry
Brandin Podziemski
Brandon Ingram
Jonathan Kuminga
Draymond Green

Pelicans : Lauri Markkanen, Gary Payton II

Dejounte Murray
CJ McCollum
Trey Murphy
Zion Williamson
Lauri Markkanen

02 Jul 2024 19:29:17
Ainge is probably looking for the kind of package that Bridges brought. How many of your picks are for taking the contract of Wiggins?

02 Jul 2024 20:39:28
Like it.

02 Jul 2024 16:23:54
Warriors / Kings / Raptors

Warriors get Huerter & Barnes

Kings get Brown

Raptors get Wiggins

02 Jul 2024 16:08:59
Warriors - Hawks

Warriors get Capela & Bogdanovic

Hawks get Wiggins & 2 2nds from Dallas

02 Jul 2024 17:56:37
Hard no from Atlanta. Capela is an expiring contract and Bogi is a very team friendly deal for two years plus a team option. Wiggins will be making $30M in 3 seasons. Would really handicap the Hawks.

03 Jul 2024 18:43:03
A motivated Wiggins is the best player in this deal. It's a risk, but Capela and Bogy are expendable if you're Atlanta.

01 Jul 2024 00:47:05
With the warriors losing klay and possibly pg

Warriors - derozan (s&t)

Lakers - klay (s&t)

Bulls - hachimura & wiggins & 1st from gs

30 Jun 2024 22:04:11
Jones Jr. have to become payed. He is a great dud, defender and athleth. But not a continuous scorer.

Having the Hardaway deal not finalized. Mavs could give a the MLE and get two new venteran starters - to repeat for the next 4 years. By signing Thompson and Harris at 75m 4y each. It will be approx. 16m the first year:

DET Hardaway, Powell, 4x2nd
DAL Grimes, S&T Thompson, S&T Harris
GSW 2nd and TE
PHI Maxi
ANY S&T Jones Jr. at 15-20m

Sign with the TP MLE and TE
Smith Jr. 4.5m
Bamba 4.5m

Lively - Gafford - Bamba
Washington - Harris - Prosper
Thompson - Green - Lawson
Luca - Hardy - Grimes
Kyrie - Smith - Exum

5 years of excitement : )

30 Jun 2024 23:16:11
The Mavs won’t see a finals again, that was so embarrassing. twolves should have been in, at least we coulda seen edwards and not fat cry baby luka.

30 Jun 2024 23:59:09
Dallas is closer to Miami of 2 years ago than the top of the league.

01 Jul 2024 19:45:13
Dallas has sign Thompason and will add Harris - Baby - and they will win and win and win the years coming ; )

30 Jun 2024 14:26:23
Bucks - wiggins
- gets a versatile wing to complement lillard


Pels - lopez, moody, 2 1sts from gs
- gets their center and get more assets to find big moves throughout the season

Lopez-Free agent or trade

Warriors - ingram
- gets a replacement star if they fail to land PG


30 Jun 2024 16:06:34
Illegal due to 2nd apron restrictions.

28 Jun 2024 01:46:32
Bucks - bruce brown


Gs - Lopez


Tor - Wiggins, future 1st warriors


18 Jun 2024 07:21:58
Wizards : Andrew Wiggins, 1st round pick Warriors, Trace Jackson-Davis
Cavaliers : Kyle Kuzma, Gary Payton Jr
Warriors : Jarrett Allen

17 Jun 2024 08:31:22
1) Suns-Nets-Cleveland

Cavs:D Booker
Nets:D Mitchell
Suns: B simmons+#20+ return first round picks 25-27-29 Suns+ 1rnd pick Philly 25+ 1rnd pick Dal 29

Warriors: K Durant+ Nurkic
Suns: CP3+Wiggins+ Kuminga+ 1rnd pick 25-27-29

Suns:Gafford+Hardaway+PJ Washington

17 Jun 2024 11:09:46
#1 bad for the Suns
#2 illegal
#3 beyond horrible for the Mavs.

17 Jun 2024 06:03:34
Nets trade Dariq Whitehead(3) and Dorian Smith(13) to Warriors for Andrew Wiggins and a future 1st round pick

Nets get a veteran player around Cam, Cam & Mikal

Warriors get depth and more young talent

05 Jun 2024 17:42:17
Some lowkey moves from teams in the offseason if they cant pull a blockbuster trade.

Nuggets - sign Gordon Hayward
Pelicans/Magic - sign Tyus Jones
Lakers - find way to get Caruso & KCP back
Thunder - add Isaiah Hartenstein
Kings - trade away Huerter for a 3 and D wing like Caruso, Bruce Brown, etc. or PF who plays D like Vanderbilt etc.
Warriors - grab an available not so expensive big like Holmes, Capela or anyone

30 May 2024 03:35:48
Raptors Offseason:

S&T Trent 4Y 65M to LAL for Vanderbilt, JHS, and a 2nd

Re-Sign Quickley 4Y 128M

Trade Brown and McDaniels to GSW for Wiggins and Moody

Sign Monte Morris w/ MLE

Draft Tristan Da Silva @19 and Ajay Mitchell @31

C ' Poeltl/Olynyk/Boucher

PF ' Barnes/Da Silva/Vanderbilt

SF ' Wiggins/Moody/Agbaji

SG ' Barrett/Dick/Hood-Schifino

PG ' Quickley/Morris/Mitchell

30 May 2024 05:12:17
Wiggins fits good on raps more valuable than people realize warriors had a lot of issues could see Wiggins playing like he did two years ago somewhere else. But golden state shouldn't do this . Monte Morris shouldn't be in the league . why trade for Vanderbilt jhs won't be good .

30 May 2024 13:21:13
Wiggins is a local player, Toronto Raptors likely have as much insight on him as any team in the league. It's great that he got a ring, but he underperformed most years of his career. He seems rather disinterested last season. Raptors need shooters around SB. Wiggins has 3 years left on his contract with a diminishing return. Raptors just got ride of older players - this trade does not make sense from Raptors perspective.

29 May 2024 05:22:11
Warriors - Jazz - Raptors

Warriors : Lauri Markannen, Bruce Brown

Curry - Paul
Thompson - Payton
Kuminga - Brown
Green - JacksonDavis
Markkanen - Looney

Jazz : Chris Boucher, Moses Moody, Brandin Podziemski, 21st round picks Warriors, pick swap Warriors

George - Sexton
Podziemski - Clarkson
Moody - THT
Collins - Hendricks
Kessler - Boucher

Raptors : Andrew Wiggins, 2 2nd round picks Utah

Quickley -
Barrett - Dick
Wiggins - Agbaji
Barnes - McDaniels
Poeltl - Olynyk

29 May 2024 11:37:57
Jazz can do better.

30 May 2024 03:36:47
I think the Warriors are giving too little to get back both Brown and Markannen.

29 Apr 2024 12:38:34
Suns; Curry, Capela
GSW; Youn, Roddy
Hawks: Beal, Nurkic

29 Apr 2024 16:56:32
The Hawks need more, Murray-Beal would be a good fit, but Beal is 30 years old, had some big injuries, has a massive contract and his stats are declining.

30 Apr 2024 05:07:49
So you think the Hawks need more while the Warriors is getting ripped. And the Suns robbing these teams.

30 Apr 2024 12:22:42
Stephen Currys is 36 years old. Golden state gives him that trade if he wants to chase a ring with another team.

Getting T Young back isn't a rip-off, Kerr would be a good coach for him.

01 May 2024 02:32:22
The question Gasupo is will it be good for the Warriors organization to trade away their superstar? Naaah. Unless Curry demands it which he will not.

08 Apr 2024 16:19:29

If the Lakers get knocked out of the play-in and LeBron opts out, they should trade Davis and rebuild.

Golden State receives: Davis, Vincent

Los Angeles receives: Paul (waive), Looney, Kuminga, Moody

GSW depth:

Curry / Vincent / FA
Thompson (FA) / Podziemski / FA
Wiggins / Payton (PO) / FA
Green / FA / Santos
Davis / Saric (FA) / Jackson-Davis

LAL depth:

Russell (PO) / Hood-Schifino / FA
Reeves / Moody / Christie
Kuminga / Reddish (PO) / Lewis
Hachimura / Vanderbilt / FA
Looney / Hayes (PO) / Wood (PO)

08 Apr 2024 17:26:05
They could get better offers from young teams like Houston, OKC,

09 Apr 2024 07:40:38
Goldenstate should include minimum 2 1st round picks to get this done.

09 Apr 2024 19:23:09
GS is a 2nd apron team so this trade isn't legal.

01 Feb 2024 18:58:17
Atlanta - Golden State - Chicago

Atlanta get Andrew Wiggins, Ayo Dosunmu, 1st round pick Chicago & 1st round pick Golden State


Golden State get Nikola Vucevic & Patty Mills


Chicago get Dejounte Murray


02 Feb 2024 12:55:10
It's not a bad compensation. But as a Hawks fan our front office is in shambles. Honestly I don't think they know what they want to do.

19 Jan 2024 23:02:57
Warriors - Cleveland - Portland

Warriors get Jarrett Allen & Max Strus
- finally get the reliable center that they need

Curry - Paul
Podziemski - Payton
Thompson - Strus
Green - Saric
Allen - Looney

Cleveland get Jerami Grant & Jonathan Kuminga
- gets 2 tall forwards who can stretch the floor for Mobley & Mitchell

Garland - Levert - Porter
Mitchell - Merill
Kuminga - Okoro
Grant - Niang
Mobley - Wade - Thompson

Portland get Andrew Wiggins, Moses Moody & 1st round pick GS

Henderson - Simons
Simons - Sharpe
Wiggins - Moody
Camara - Murray
Ayton - Reath

21 Jan 2024 18:17:28
I like the general framework of this trade TBH, seems like the direction that all teams are going in is very reseonable.

18 Jan 2024 22:11:28
Siakam was not the good shooter and 3 x1st is a lot - too much.

Mavs go young and build, 76ers and Warriors try to win:

PHI Irving, Wiggins, Curry, Powell, Saric, Curry, Payton II, 2x2nd Mvas
DAL Kuminga, Maex, Bamba Martin, (Batum House, Korkmas)
GSW Morris, Covington, Jones Jr, Prosper, Reed, 1st Mavs, 1st PHI

19 Jan 2024 04:59:16
Lmao so you didnt get siakam now he's not good shooter lol.

19 Jan 2024 07:03:35
I would have taken him at a lower price. Siakam is a great player. But he needs the ball in his hands, he creates for himself, he is not the greates outside shooter. So to try Maxey and Kuminga with Luca, Green, Lively may not immediatelly succeed like Kyrie, Luca, Siakam - but may growth to something special, long term successful - when Siakam costs 50m + a year and is not available anymore.

17 Jan 2024 02:33:00
Was reading a post by Marc Stein stating that the Houston Rockets were interested in Harrison Barnes. I would love to walk away with Jabari Smith Jr, but this probably makes more sense

Sacramento trades Barnes, Mitchell
Sacramento receives Andrew Wiggins + Golden State 2024 second (via Houston)

Golden State trades Andrew Wiggins
Golden State receives Mitchell (1.5 years left on rookie deal), Jeff Green (Next year non-guaranteed), & Victor Oladipo (expiring) .

Houston trades Jeff Green, Victor Olapido + Golden State 2024 Second
Houston receives Harrison Barnes

This move enables Golden States to wipe away all of Andrew Wiggins future salary off the books by not picking up Mitchell's 5th year option.

17 Jan 2024 13:39:03
Why does Sacramento do this? Trading the best player in this trade and taking on Wiggins (who has been terrible this year) and his bad contract.

17 Jan 2024 19:39:05
@carl. betting on Coach Brown getting Wiggins back to where he was when Coach Brown was an assistant coach at Golden State.

Statistically, I think that Wiggins is actually better than Barnes.

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