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25 Nov 2023 14:31:52
Heat: J Grant
Por: D Robinson+Martin+ 1rnd pick Heat 27+ 2rnd pick 26


25 Nov 2023 18:18:56
Grant seems like a good target for Miami.

23 Nov 2023 16:32:33
Miami Heat: Malcolm Brogdon, Robert Williams III.

Portland Trail Blazers: Kyle Lowry, Caleb Martin, Nikola Jović, plus 2 future first pick.

23 Nov 2023 19:54:35
Why in the world would Miami trade for 2 injured guys?

23 Nov 2023 20:13:58
Take out the picks and Miami still says no.

22 Nov 2023 16:11:14
Miami Heat: DeMar DeRozan;

Chicago Bulls: Kyle Lowry, Nikola Jović, plus future first pick.

21 Nov 2023 18:07:22
Raptor's and heat

Raptor's need better shooting straight up just won't win if they can't shoot.

Raptor's and heat.

Raptor's get Hero and Robinson plus future first pick.

Heat get siakim and Trent Jr.

22 Nov 2023 14:16:48
I feel like even most Raptors fans have given up on Siakam. He is trying so hard right now to carry the team alongside Scottie and has been forced into a role that he clearly isn't familiar with.
At this point, if we do trade him, there are far better options. at least let him play for a bit to up his value, it's probably not the highest right now.

15 Nov 2023 16:30:37
Miami Heat: Alex Caruso, Zach Lavine.

Chicago Bulls: Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson, 2 X 1º Pick.

15 Nov 2023 20:15:50
if this is, what Miami offers, they would get only a bench players.

09 Nov 2023 16:30:58

Raptors get Hero, Morris Jr. 1st rd pick. And 2nd rd pick.

Heat get siakim, porter jr. And Melton.

76ers get Trent Jr., lowry and Duncan

Then raptors waive Morris Jr. While 76ers get a great leader for a championship run scoring off the bench and more shooting. The Heat get a true pf and another guard to help with the load.

10 Nov 2023 12:53:25
Didn't look it up, but the salaries seem off. 76ers give up Morris + Melton and take back Trent Jr, Lowry + Robinson?

06 Nov 2023 20:33:55
Mia- siakam, caruso
Chi- lowry, jovic, jacquez, 2 picks from miami, swap miami
Tor- lavine martin




05 Nov 2023 13:45:40
1) OKC-Nets
OKC: Bridges
Nets:Bertrans+J Williams+ 1rnd pick Clip 24+ 1rnd pick Hou 25

Wolves:Dort+ Pokusevski+K Williams. 1rnd pick Hou 24+ 1rnd pick Miami 25+1rnd pick Philly 25


05 Nov 2023 19:16:06
If OKC wants KAT, Holmgren has to be going to Minnesota.

06 Nov 2023 01:03:25
I see Chet as more valuable than Towns.

06 Nov 2023 03:23:01
Chet is waaaaay more valuable than KAT.

04 Nov 2023 09:30:25
Miami: Derozan+Caruso
Bulls:T Herro+ D Robinson+ 1rnd pick Miami 2027 (unprotected)-2029 (top -5 protected,conveyes in a 2rnd pick in 2030)

Pf:K Love/Jovic

04 Nov 2023 10:27:24
Miami's spacing would be horrible.

04 Nov 2023 17:40:08
The value is fair, but I'm not sure DeRozan is the right target for Miami. They should aim higher.

05 Nov 2023 03:28:45
Spacing would be so bad.

03 Nov 2023 00:33:01
Miami Heat: Chris Paul, Moses Moody, Brandin Podziemski, Jonathan Kuminga, 1º pick 2025, 2027

Golden State Warriors: Jimmy Butler;

03 Nov 2023 07:39:06
No way Miami is trading Butler.

03 Nov 2023 12:09:33
I love this for Jimmy.

03 Nov 2023 19:25:41
I don’t think there’s any way Miami trades Jimmy, but if they did this isn’t bad.

19 Oct 2023 15:35:47
Heat: harden 76ers: herro, 2028 1st. Salaries are off by 8m but this is main idea thoughts?

21 Oct 2023 05:16:01
Harden in Miami night life? LOL.

21 Oct 2023 19:03:55
I'd rather have an expiring than Herro on that contract.

04 Oct 2023 01:35:37
Miami - Portland

Miami get Brogdon


Portland get Robinson, Highsmith & 1st round pick lottery protected

04 Oct 2023 17:26:36
Don't like it for Miami, but after watching Brogdon for a full year, I'm probably lower on him than most. I believe the best place for him is the Clips.

03 Oct 2023 08:05:48
HEAT get James Harden

SIXERS get Kyle Lowry, Caleb Martin, 2027 first round pick and 2028 swap

03 Oct 2023 21:33:31
I like it for Philly, not so sure about Miami. Just don't know if Harden fits there and if they want to give any of their limited assets for him, hampering their chance at the next guy on the block.

05 Oct 2023 01:20:08
Trying to imagine Harden in Miami with that nightlife. LOL.

03 Oct 2023 03:00:22

Heat get James Harden, PJ Tucker, Furkan Korkmaz


Sixers get Tyler Herro, Kyle Lowry & 1st round pick, pick swap


01 Oct 2023 09:31:07
Clippers: J Harden+ Scott+ 1rnd pick Heat 28

Philly: K Lowry+ T Herro

Heat: P George+ Tucker

Harden is a better fit in LA and they get a first to swap PG13 for Harden

Philly get a good shooter, that can play next to Maxey

The Heat form a new big three With PG-Butler and Adebayo

30 Sep 2023 10:57:08
Jrue Holiday sweepstake,
Teams possible offer:

Celtics: Brogdon, Horford and filler plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap)

Heat: Lowry, Jaquez/Jovic and filler plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap)

Sixers: Harden going to a third team.. picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap) to Blazers plus third team return players and picks

Raptors: OG or GT, Young and Dick plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap)

Knicks: Fournier, Quickley and filler/s plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd of swap)
*not unless they are willing to give up Barrett + Fournier

30 Sep 2023 12:19:25
I don't see Boston trading Horford, he's their one guy who can do a credible job on Embiid and Giannis. If Boston did trade for Holiday, which I see as unlikely due to financial reasons, I see the offer being something like this-

J. Walsh or S. Hauser
B. Griffin S & T
Draft compensation

Portland has extra roster spots available but there would likely be multiple teams involved.

Griffin can be signed for about 3.5 mil per year, with only the 1st year guaranteed. He can be waived. Boston can then fill out their roster with vet minimums but it will put them in the 2nd apron.

01 Oct 2023 13:44:27
S&T requires 3 fully guaranteed non-option years. Specifically so teams don’t do that.

01 Oct 2023 14:55:40
Bmiller, not true, and it's been done before. Boston has done it before.

02 Oct 2023 10:25:16
Just heard Bobby Marks say that on Friday, he believed this was going to be the trade instead of including Williams. He specifically said it would have included Blake Griffin in a sign and trade.

28 Sep 2023 21:18:29
Jazz- Herro
Blazers- Hendricks, Olynyk, Robinson, 1st from Miami & Utah, pick swap with Miami
Heat- Holiday, THT

Jazz add a fiery guard


Blazers add a young big again


Heat add a perfect fit guard


29 Sep 2023 01:45:04
That trade says Herro has more value than Holiday.

28 Sep 2023 16:20:07
Cleveland gets: Duncan Robinson, Caleb Martin & '26 srp via Lakers
Miami gets: Isaac Okoro, Ricky Rubio, Dean Wade & Sam Merrill

Cleveland adds a shooter & a wing. They add much needed wings to the roster.
Miami does this to unload Robinson for more cap flexibility. Okoro is a decent prospect worth taking a close look. Dean Wade is a shooting big, could bring value off the bench. Rubio is non-guaranteed for next season & is considering retirement.

28 Sep 2023 18:38:16
Miami gives up the best player and draft capital. LOL!

28 Sep 2023 19:42:25
They also dump a bad contract & get under the tax.

29 Sep 2023 00:48:31
Miami is one of those teams that doesn't worry too much about the tax level.

27 Sep 2023 19:06:45
Jrue Holiday heading elsewhere? It's weird but he could be a good fit with Miami. Lmao.

Pelicans would be a great fit but again contracts will be a problem. How about Celtics?

Brogdon + additional player for salary 1st round pick, pick swap for Jrue?


Would be deadly

27 Sep 2023 20:27:12
Brogdon is far, far from what Portland is looking for in return. The only way that makes any sense for Portland is if Robert Williams is included with Bogdon.

27 Sep 2023 20:34:07
Brogdon and Williams for Jrue makes a lot of sense to me.

27 Sep 2023 20:37:02
Dark horse for Jrue after Dec 15th?

LA Lakers. Hachimura+Russell+ Picks?

28 Sep 2023 03:52:34
Starting to hear some Jrue Holiday to Toronto right after the trade went down.

29 Sep 2023 02:00:22
Would love to see Pels reunite w Jrue.

27 Sep 2023 18:54:31
Now flip Jrue Holiday to Miami?

27 Sep 2023 19:07:27
Exactly what I thought. Weird but a great fit.

27 Sep 2023 20:28:01
Herro + Jacquez + picks?

27 Sep 2023 20:30:19
Or I was also thinking Jrue back to the Pelicans. But the salaries don't quite work.

27 Sep 2023 21:08:54
Jrue to Pels perfect. Holiday for Mccollum lmao.

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