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30 May 2024 03:35:48
Raptors Offseason:

S&T Trent 4Y 65M to LAL for Vanderbilt, JHS, and a 2nd

Re-Sign Quickley 4Y 128M

Trade Brown and McDaniels to GSW for Wiggins and Moody

Sign Monte Morris w/ MLE

Draft Tristan Da Silva @19 and Ajay Mitchell @31

C ' Poeltl/Olynyk/Boucher

PF ' Barnes/Da Silva/Vanderbilt

SF ' Wiggins/Moody/Agbaji

SG ' Barrett/Dick/Hood-Schifino

PG ' Quickley/Morris/Mitchell

30 May 2024 05:12:17
Wiggins fits good on raps more valuable than people realize warriors had a lot of issues could see Wiggins playing like he did two years ago somewhere else. But golden state shouldn't do this . Monte Morris shouldn't be in the league . why trade for Vanderbilt jhs won't be good .

30 May 2024 13:21:13
Wiggins is a local player, Toronto Raptors likely have as much insight on him as any team in the league. It's great that he got a ring, but he underperformed most years of his career. He seems rather disinterested last season. Raptors need shooters around SB. Wiggins has 3 years left on his contract with a diminishing return. Raptors just got ride of older players - this trade does not make sense from Raptors perspective.

29 May 2024 05:22:11
Warriors - Jazz - Raptors

Warriors : Lauri Markannen, Bruce Brown

Curry - Paul
Thompson - Payton
Kuminga - Brown
Green - JacksonDavis
Markkanen - Looney

Jazz : Chris Boucher, Moses Moody, Brandin Podziemski, 21st round picks Warriors, pick swap Warriors

George - Sexton
Podziemski - Clarkson
Moody - THT
Collins - Hendricks
Kessler - Boucher

Raptors : Andrew Wiggins, 2 2nd round picks Utah

Quickley -
Barrett - Dick
Wiggins - Agbaji
Barnes - McDaniels
Poeltl - Olynyk

29 May 2024 11:37:57
Jazz can do better.

30 May 2024 03:36:47
I think the Warriors are giving too little to get back both Brown and Markannen.

28 May 2024 23:18:51
Bones of trade: swapping of all stars, add more pieces to balance out everything

Nyk / Nop / Cle

Nyk get Brandon Ingam, Jose Alvarado


Nop get Jarrett Allen, Miles McBride

Allen-Nance Jr

Cle get Julius Randle, 2nd rd pick Nyk


29 May 2024 13:21:59
I like this for the Knicks
It feels like NO and Cle need a little bit more
Maybe NO the protected Was pick and Cle the protected Det pick.

29 May 2024 20:43:44
Nope from Pels.

30 May 2024 05:13:57
Can we all please come back to earth on Jarrett Allen. m.

13 May 2024 17:10:10

DET get Julius Randle & 21st pick via NOP

Pg Cunningham
Sg Ivey
Sf Thompson
Pf Randle
Ce Duren

NYK get Brandon Ingram & Isaiah Stewart

Pg Brunson
Sg Hart
Sf Ingram
Pf Anunoby
Ce Hartenstein

NOP get Dejounte Murray & Mitchell Robinson

Pg Murray
Sg McCollum
Sf Murphy
Pf Williamson
Ce Robinson

ATL get 5th pick via DET & Evan Fournier

Pg Young
Sg Bogdanovic
Sf Bey
Pf Johnson
Ce Sarr (pick)

10 May 2024 08:36:26
Knicks: Embiid

Sixers:Ingram+M Robinson+ 1rnd pick Knicks 24-26-28

Hawks: J Randle+1rnd pick Dal 24+ 1rnd pick Bucks 25+ 1rnd pick Was 25(top 10 protected)


10 May 2024 14:29:52
I’m not trading Ingram for Murray.

10 May 2024 15:46:59
Horrible for Nola.

11 May 2024 10:20:35
If I'm New Orleans, and I have Zion, Trey, and Herb, and I need a PG, I prefer Murray over BI, especially with Murray locked up on a reasonable deal. I don't think BI is viewed the same way he was a couple of years ago.

29 Apr 2024 12:59:22
Knicks: Giannis Antentokounmpo
Bucks: Randle+ Bogdanovic+ 1rnd pick Knicks 24-26-28-30+swap option25-27+
1rnd pick Dal 24+ 1rnd pick Det 24 (top 18 protected)+ 1rnd pick Was 24 (top 12 protected)+ return 1rnd pick Bucks 25


C: B Lopez
PG:D Lillard

30 Apr 2024 15:18:23
None of the picks are high level.

01 May 2024 18:30:22
they control NY's future untill 2030 and they get their own pick back
They have two first rounders they can use to get some prospects they can develop. The Washington pick is top 8 protected in 2026 and the detroit pick is top 11 protected in 2027.
And NY is also giving up an All star

I don't think this is a bad package if Giannis wants out.
The bucks still stay competitive or they can trade Lillard, Randle and Middleton for more picks.

29 Apr 2024 00:04:00
Chi- randle, achiuwa

Gs - vucevic

Nyk- wiggins, jackson-davis, pick from gs

25 Apr 2024 17:39:08
2 trades

toronto sends: Olynyk and Dick with 19th pick
GS - Trades Wiggins and Moody with 27 first round

2nd trade:

San Antonio sends Graham and 2nd round pick
GS - Paul opts in (waive graham)

Green/saric/19th pick
Davis-Jackson, Olynyk, looney

25 Apr 2024 17:57:20
How is Wiggins on the roster when he was sent to Toronto?

Secondly, Spurs are going to want more than a second to take on Paul's $30 mil. Makes more since for GS to just waive Paul's last year since it is not guarenteed.

25 Apr 2024 19:46:09
oops my bad. that was to be kuminga rather than a traded wiggins.

31 Mar 2024 23:48:22

Celtics trade: Payton Pritchard, Jordan Walsh, #30, #48

Celtics receive: Alex Caruso, Ty Jerome (TPE)

Cavaliers trade: Georges Niang, Ty Jerome, Craig Porter Jr., #25, 2025 2nd, MIL 2025 2nd, DEN 2027 2nd

Cavaliers receive: Mo Wagner, Shake Milton, Ben Sheppard, #42, MIL 2027 2nd

Bucks trade: Pat Connaughton, MarJon Beauchamp, Chris Livingston, #26, #35

Bucks receive: Bogdan Bogdanovic

Knicks trade: Mitchell Robinson, #42, MIL 2025 1st, BKN 2025 2nd

Knicks receive: Dorian Finney-Smith, Jarace Walker (TPE), Dru Smith

76ers trade: Paul Reed, #15, MIL 2027 2nd

76ers receive: Payton Pritchard (TPE), Pat Connaughton, #48

Heat trade: Dru Smith, Orlando Robinson, LAL 2026 2nd

Heat receive: Paul Reed, Seth Curry

Pacers trade: Jarace Walker, Ben Sheppard, 2025 2nd, UTA 2027 2nd

Pacers receive: Chris Boucher, Orlando Robinson, Jordan Walsh, #26, ORL 2025 2nd

Magic trade: Mo Wagner, Joe Ingles, Jett Howard, Caleb Houstan, #21, #45, DEN 2025 1st, 2025 2nd

Magic receive: Mitchell Robinson, Georges Niang, Craig Porter Jr., #30, BKN 2025 2nd

Bulls trade: Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso

Bulls receive: Ben Sheppard, Jalen McDaniels, MIL 2025 1st

Hawks trade: Bogdan Bogdanovic

Hawks receive: Lonzo Ball (TPE), Jett Howard, #21, IND 2025 2nd

Nets trade: Dorian Finney-Smith

Nets receive: Joe Ingles, #15, DEN 2027 2nd, UTA 2027 2nd

Raptors trade: Chris Boucher, Jalen McDaniels

Raptors receive: Caleb Houstan, MarJon Beauchamp, #25, CLE 2025 2nd

Hornets trade: Cody Martin, Seth Curry

Hornets receive: Landry Shamet, #26

Wizards trade: Landry Shamet

Wizards receive: Cody Martin, #45, LAL 2026 2nd

Pistons trade: Shake Milton

Pistons receive: Jalen McDaniels, Chris Livingston #35, MIL 2025 2nd

Thoughts? Who says no?

01 Apr 2024 13:22:04
Why would the pacers do this?

09 Apr 2024 03:00:39
to be honest, they don't have a good reason to. But for 1 team out of 15, it'd be pretty easy to transfer another first to them or something.

17 Apr 2024 22:41:18
Hell no as a Magic fan.

27 Mar 2024 13:11:08
Kings: Randle
Nets:D Mitchell+ Barnes+ 1rnd pick Dal 24+ 1rnd pick Was 25 (top 10 protected)+ 1rnd pick Kings 25+ 1rnd pick Knicks 26



29 Mar 2024 21:45:09
From the Nets perspective, Mitchell and Barnes have no value, the Dallas pick is garbage, the Washington pick is a fake 1st that won't convey, the Kings pick is mediocre, and the Knicks pick is garbage.

It will take premium assets for Brooklyn to give up Bridges.

10 Apr 2024 01:12:42
Randle to Kings is Horrible.

07 Feb 2024 03:18:56

Sacramento receives: Shamet, Wright, Grimes

New York receives: Huerter, Mitchell

Washington receives: Fournier, Flynn, 2 future 2nds from New York

07 Feb 2024 08:54:59
Why would sacramento do this?

07 Feb 2024 15:42:50
More guards is the last thing the Kings need.

07 Feb 2024 19:06:34
Wright and Shamet are essentially expiring unless the Kings want to keep their bird rights. For this season they would just need to produce more than Davion Mitchell, which is not difficult. Grimes would be a more defensive minded replacement for Huerter. Without Huerter's contract on the books for next season, they may have a better chance of re-signing Monk in the offseason.

08 Feb 2024 19:01:16
The issue with resigning Monk is nothing to do with cap space. It has to do with Bird Rights on a two-year deal which Capps the Kings offer at around $17 mil per year.

06 Feb 2024 18:44:01
New York and raptors

Raptors get Robinson

Knicks get brown.

06 Feb 2024 06:35:20
Clippers / Pacers / Jazz

Clippers get Markkanen, Hield


Pacers get PG


Jazz get Mathurin, Hyland, Toppin, 2 1st Pacers, 2 2nds Clippers


06 Feb 2024 07:37:48
I like PG comming back, but i don't give up 2 picks and a young talent for a player that can leave in free agency.

we better take Markannen and play siakam as Small forward

C:Turner/ Jackson
PF:Markannen/ Smith/ Walker
SF:Siakam/ Nesmith
SG:Nembhard/ Sheppard
PG:Hali/ McConnell.

31 Jan 2024 18:06:11
Thunder - Jazz

Thunder get Lauri Markkanen
- adds height and more firepower on the front court


Jazz get Josh Giddey, Davis Bertans & 2 1st round picks
- get their guard of the future to grow with Kessler & Hendricks with more assets also incoming


31 Jan 2024 20:32:53
1st round picks are not created equal. If it's 2 picks very high like 4 and 8 then maybe. If it's 2 lottery protected picks then forget it.

01 Feb 2024 00:17:18
OKC really doesn’t have any great firsts. This would have to be like 4-6 firsts, and I lean toward the higher side. And im not sure Utah even takes that. They could find a blue chip prospect or a higher pick if they let Markkanen go. And those assets are far more valuable than a bunch of late firsts.

It’s possible that the only way OKC can land him is if they make Williams available. Which I doubt they do.

31 Jan 2024 13:33:43
Nyk - clarkson

Jazz - fournier, flynn, 1st rd pick & pick swap

28 Jan 2024 12:33:53
Knicks -Detroit

Knicks - bogan bagdonavic and James wiseman

Detroit - Mitchell Robinson, Evan Fournier. And a late 1st round pick

29 Jan 2024 14:43:29
Mitch makes no sense with Duren.

26 Jan 2024 04:24:30

Magic receive Dejounte Murray

Spurs receive Markelle Fultz 2024 1st round pick.via Mavericks from Knicks (Top 10 Protected) 2024 2nd round pick.via Jazz or Cavaliers from Knicks

Hawks receive Doug McDermott & Blake Wesley 2024 1st round pick.via Magic (unprotected) 2025 1st round pick.via Nuggets from Magic (Top 5 Protected)

Raptors receive Evan Fournier & Chuma Okeke 2024 1st round pick.via Raptors

Knicks receive Bruce Brown

Raptors buyout or waive Otto Porter Jr

24 Jan 2024 15:28:32

DAL get Miles Bridges, Gordon Hayward & Malachi Flynn + 2nd from NYK

Pg Irving/Exum/Flynn
Sg Doncic/Hardy
Sf Hayward/Jones Jr
Pf Bridges/Powell
Ce Lively/Kleber

CHA get Richaun Holmes, Grant Williams, Evan Fournier & 1st round pick NYK & DAL

Pg Ball/Lowry
Sg Miller/Bouknight
Sf Williams/Fournier
Pf Washington/Martin
Ce Williams/Richards/Holmes

NYK get Tim Hardaway Jr & Josh Green

Pg Brunson/Grimes
Sg Hardaway/Hart/Green
Sf Anunoby/Divincenzo
Pf Randle/Achiuwa
Ce Robinson/Hartenstein

19 Jan 2024 14:29:01
Here's another 2 trades the knicks and raptors can do

Brown go the knicks for Fournier and a first.

Then 2nd trade is Trent Jr. And Young To the knicks for Robinson.

Raptors would get a young center and expiring contract. Plus another first in 2026 or later.

The knicks get to scoring guards and one has a championship under his belt.

19 Jan 2024 19:32:00
1st trade is enough no need for 2nd.

18 Jan 2024 06:50:08

CHI get Kelly Olynyk, Moses Moody, THT & 1st from GS & 2 2nds from UTA

Pg White/Dosunmu/Carter
Sg Lavine/Caruso/THT
Sf Derozan/Moody
Pf Williams/Olynyk
Ce Drummond/Olynyk

GS get Nikola Vucevic & Torey Craig

Pg Curry/Paul
Sg Podziemski/Payton
Sf Thompson/Craig
Pf Green/Kuminga/Saric
Ce Vucevic/Looney/Jackson-Davis

UTA get Andrew Wiggins

Pg Sexton/George
Sg Clarkson/Agbaji
Sf Wiggins/Fontecchio
Pf Collins/Hendricks
Ce Markkanen/Kessler

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