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29 Oct 2023 12:11:12
Jazz adams smart
Grizz fontechhio Olynyk clarkson

29 Oct 2023 13:56:34
You're not getting Smart for that garbage package.

22 Oct 2023 20:39:56
MEMPHIS get Robert Williams

PORTLAND get Brandon Clark, Jake Laravia, 2024 and 2026 first round picks

Even without Adams injury, Grizzlies need upgrade at centre, but now they need center desperately. Consolation and more available choice would be Kelly Olynyk.

23 Oct 2023 12:15:36
Rob Will would be worth it if not for injury concerns, but that's just not the reality.

15 Oct 2023 23:08:11
A januari trade , if Cleveland and Atlanta have a bad start

Knicks: Mitchell
Cle:Murray+1rnd pick Dal 24
Atl: Barrett+Hartenstein+ 1rnd pick Knicks 24-26+ 1rnd pick Bucks 25

16 Oct 2023 00:41:17
No thanks. Murray is a terrible fit next to Garland. A late first isn't enough incentive to move on from our best player.

10 Oct 2023 07:36:51
Dal: Embiid
Knicks: Doncic
Philly: Barrett + Fournier + 1rnd pick Knicks 24-26-28-30 + 1rnd pick Dal 24 + 1rnd pick Was 24 + 1rnd pick Bucks 25

C: Embiid/Lively
Pf: G Williams/Kleber
SF: T Hardaway/D Jones Jr
SG: Hardy/Green
PG: Irving/Curry

C: Robinson
PF: Randle
SF: Doncic
SG: Hart
PG: Brunson

Embiid-Irving should be a very good fit.
The Knicks get the superstar they always wanted
Philly get seven picks (and can maybe keep some of their own protected picks) and a young talent. They can start a rebuilt around Barrett and Maxey.

10 Oct 2023 21:52:55
Maybe a health Embiid, 25y old would worth more than 4 x 1st picks - but not the Embiid with 30, that never played all games in the 1st play offs round or more than 60 in a season. Lively and picks are a quite good and fair offer for him - and Embiid would get the chance to win the next couple of years, before he will retire.

06 Oct 2023 10:45:50
The Mavs rookies are quite promissing good! Harden will leave 76ers. Lets say, Embiid becomes traded to Knicks, when Philly will get 4x1st picks. All that picks the next years, will be LATE first rounder, since Knick will play in the top 10. Mavs can offer right now 1st round players, that will become starters the next years and match the timeline of 76ers and Maxey. Mavs have to go for win now with Kyrie on the grid:

PHI Lively, Prosper, Hardy, 1st, 2x1st swap, Holmes, Maxi, Hardaway
DAL Embiid, House

06 Oct 2023 14:53:56
Your worst ever. And that’s a high bar to cross.

07 Oct 2023 21:02:07
Have learned, Mavs can also trade the 2030 pick what they shared most favorable already. So they can offer 2x1st and 2x1st swqp and Lively, Prosper and Hardy - perfect fit for 76er to rebuild with Maxey!

Embiid, Williams, Green, Doncic, Kyrie can win it all.

07 Oct 2023 21:33:48
That's a worse package than what the Heat offered for Dame.

08 Oct 2023 12:52:29
Dum Dum. Explain to me how the Mavs can trade the 2030 first when the Mavs owe their 2029 first to Brooklyn.

05 Oct 2023 15:04:12
Worst kept secret is Donavon Mitchell wanting to be a Knick. As a Knick fan I am not sure I want to have such a small backcourt, but any chance to involve Harden?

NYK - Mitchell, Wade, Kormkaz

Cle - Harden, 1 unprotect from NYK, and 1 protected from NYK, save over 3 million as they are close to being under tax line.

Phi - Barrett, Fournier, 1 Protected from NYK

05 Oct 2023 16:54:53
Terrible for Cavs.

01 Oct 2023 10:09:00

RJ Barrett
Khem Birch
2030 1st.via Knicks

Evan Fournier
2024 1st.via Mavericks from Knicks

Jrue Holiday
Cedi Osman (OBI Toppin TPE)

01 Oct 2023 13:56:52
Blazers will get more than this for Holiday, and why is San Antonio even in this trade?

01 Oct 2023 14:52:03
Agree with Shaq, boot the Spurs.

30 Sep 2023 10:57:08
Jrue Holiday sweepstake,
Teams possible offer:

Celtics: Brogdon, Horford and filler plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap)

Heat: Lowry, Jaquez/Jovic and filler plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap)

Sixers: Harden going to a third team.. picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap) to Blazers plus third team return players and picks

Raptors: OG or GT, Young and Dick plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap)

Knicks: Fournier, Quickley and filler/s plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd of swap)
*not unless they are willing to give up Barrett + Fournier

30 Sep 2023 12:19:25
I don't see Boston trading Horford, he's their one guy who can do a credible job on Embiid and Giannis. If Boston did trade for Holiday, which I see as unlikely due to financial reasons, I see the offer being something like this-

J. Walsh or S. Hauser
B. Griffin S & T
Draft compensation

Portland has extra roster spots available but there would likely be multiple teams involved.

Griffin can be signed for about 3.5 mil per year, with only the 1st year guaranteed. He can be waived. Boston can then fill out their roster with vet minimums but it will put them in the 2nd apron.

01 Oct 2023 13:44:27
S&T requires 3 fully guaranteed non-option years. Specifically so teams don’t do that.

01 Oct 2023 14:55:40
Bmiller, not true, and it's been done before. Boston has done it before.

02 Oct 2023 10:25:16
Just heard Bobby Marks say that on Friday, he believed this was going to be the trade instead of including Williams. He specifically said it would have included Blake Griffin in a sign and trade.

28 Sep 2023 21:18:29
Jazz- Herro
Blazers- Hendricks, Olynyk, Robinson, 1st from Miami & Utah, pick swap with Miami
Heat- Holiday, THT

Jazz add a fiery guard


Blazers add a young big again


Heat add a perfect fit guard


29 Sep 2023 01:45:04
That trade says Herro has more value than Holiday.

17 Sep 2023 09:18:37
Knicks:G antentonkoumpo
Bucks:Randle+Barrett+ 1rnd pick Knicks 24+26+ 1rnd pick Dal 24+ 1rnd pick Bucks 25 (return)+ Rnd pick Det 26+ 2nrd pick 27 Knicks

17 Sep 2023 16:08:01
Not enough.

18 Sep 2023 08:51:02
4 first round picks a young talent and an all star is good value for a star that wants out.

19 Sep 2023 17:58:53
Gasupo - this Knicks return would likely work for another "star that wants out".

13 Sep 2023 11:58:06
Nyk- siakam hardaway 2nd toronto spence
Tor- barrett kleber 1st mavs 1st knicks
Dal- randle

13 Sep 2023 15:14:42
Not too shabby.

16 Aug 2023 08:51:22
Philly:Sexton+Markannen+ Olynyk+Powell+Batum
Clippers:J Harden
Jazz: T Mann+ T Harris+ 1rnd pick Clippers 29+ swap Philly 26-28-29+ 1rnd pick Philly 30


PF:P George

16 Aug 2023 16:05:19
Danny says no.

15 Aug 2023 17:43:08

NYK get James Harden & AJ Griffin

Pg Brunson/Quickley
Sg Harden/Griffin
Sf Hart/Divincenzo
Pf Randle/
Ce Robinson/Hartenstein

PHI get Quentin Grimes, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Deandre Hunter & 1st from NYK & ATL

Pg Maxey/Melton
Sg Grimes/Bogdanovic
Sf Hunter/House
Pf Harris/Tucker/Harrell
Ce Embiid/Bamba/Reed

ATL get Pascal Siakam & Evan Fournier

Pg Young/Mills
Sg Murray/Fournier
Sf Bey/
Pf Siakam/Johnson
Ce Capela/Okongwu

TOR get RJ Barrett & Furkan Korkmaz

Pg Barnes/Dennis
Sg Trent/Korkmaz
Sf Barrett/Dick/Porter
Pf Anunoby/Young/Boucher
Ce Poeltl/Achiuwa/Koloko

15 Aug 2023 21:58:25
I rarely see four team trades that make sense, but this is one of them. Well done.

24 Jul 2023 20:59:08
Knicks - Spurs trade in September

Knicks get: Doug McDermott, Cameron Payne, 2024 2nd via Lakers from Spurs

Spurs get: Evan Fornier, 2024 1st (top 18 protected) via Pistons from Knicks.

25 Jul 2023 15:04:15
This makes no sense from the Knicks since the last year of Fournier is a club option fully non-guarenteed. Seems like the waste of draft capital.

25 Jul 2023 19:25:38
Normally I would agree that the Knicks should just keep Fornier or try to trade him without draft capital. But, Tibs has decided that he won't play for some reason. Knicks are a playoff team and they certainly would rather have someone at that salary slot who can help them instead of Fornier riding the bench. McDermott is a better shooter. If they would play McDermott, it might be worth some draft capital to swap players. Spurs would only do this if they get back draft capital (they might accept a 2nd) . Otherwise, they look for another team to take McDermott or keep him.

Payne is a throw in, the deal works without him. The Knicks might want him. If not, drop him from the deal. Spurs can always use him (please no), trade him to another team, or waive him.

24 Jul 2023 16:33:28
Knicks - Embiid

76ers - RJ Robinson & 4 1st + 2 swaps



24 Jul 2023 18:24:24
I think it's still pretty far short.

24 Jul 2023 20:10:22
depending on the value of the 1st.

25 Jul 2023 01:35:40
Theoretically the value of the 1sts should be low when you look at that Knicks team with Embiid.

25 Jul 2023 12:48:21
2 of the 4 2024 1st NY has belongs to Washington and Detroit.

25 Jul 2023 15:13:36
The Detroit and Washington picks normaly conveye in 2nd rounders

the Knicks should trade three picks and the Dallas pick.

25 Jul 2023 17:52:17
That package is very easily beaten by other teams.

25 Jul 2023 20:38:45
Eh not many young talents are going to be better than RJ who already has 2 20ppg seasons under his belt, good defender and still super young. Robinson a young starting center, and 4 1st with 2 swaps. I’d like to see “many” offers you come up that are better.

24 Jul 2023 03:53:30
Kings/ Jazz

Jazz Get:Monk+Barnes+Len+Huerter

Kings Get:Markkanen+THT+2nd rp

Sexton/ Monk


Does this help both roster's or not Kings become more stronger with Markkanen in the lineup and Jazz can have more vet experience with all the rooks they have on the bench.

22 Jul 2023 11:27:34

Gary Harris
2024 2nd Round Pick.via Lakers from Spurs

Doug McDermott
2026 2nd Round Pick.via Clippers from Grizzlies

Evan Fournier
2025 1st Round Pick.via Bucks (Top 4 Protected)

Chuma Okeke (Dillon Brooks $8.9 Million TPE)

22 Jul 2023 17:02:43
Knicks would say yes easily, getting off of Fournier's contract, they should give up more though

Spurs say yes, value about right

Grizzlies say yes, value about right

Magic say hell no, McDermott and a 2nd for Harris and Okeke? Both players are better than McDermott and Orlando hates 2nd Rd picks.

23 Jul 2023 02:11:58
Grizz don’t have any roster spots.

23 Jul 2023 04:50:29
other than some potential with Okeke, this looks like a revolving wheel of has-beens.

20 Jul 2023 06:20:58

Evan Fournier
2025 1st Round Pick.via Bucks from Knicks (Top 4 Protected)

Chuma Okeke
2025 2nd Round Pick(Celtics swap with Grizzlies) from Magic
2027 2nd Round Pick (Celtics) from Magic

Kyle Anderson

20 Jul 2023 06:37:18
Gary Harris will be going to Knicks in that deal

Miles McBride will be going to Timberwolves in that deal

I missed up that trade.

20 Jul 2023 10:39:54
Why exactly are the magic getting a top 4 protected 1st?

20 Jul 2023 13:10:20
Why would Minnesota do this?

16 Jul 2023 15:13:19
Heat/Trail Blazers/Jazz Deal

Miami Heat Receive:
* G Damian Lillard ($45.6M, 4 yrs)
* C Jusuf Nurkic ($16.8M, 3 yrs)
* G Talen Horton-Tucker ($11.0M, 1 yr)

Utah Jazz Receive:
* G Tyler Herro ($27.0M, 4 yrs)

Portland Trail Blazers Receive:
* F Caleb Martin ($6.8M, 2 yrs)
* C Kelly Olynyk ($12.1M, 1 yr)
* F Nikola Jovic ($2.3M, 3 yrs)
* G Kyle Lowry ($29.6M, 1 yr)
* F Jaime Jaquez Jr. ($3.5M, 4 yrs)
* F Haywood Highsmith ($1.9M, 1 yr)
* '24, '28, & '30 unprotected 1sts (via MIA)
* '25 unprotected 1st (from UTA, via MIN)
* '25, '27, & '29 1st round pick swap (via MIA)

- Prior to this trade, Heat agree with Thunder to amend protected first round pick in '25 to unprotected in '26.
- Can be agreed upon now, but finalized in two weeks because of Jaime Jaquez Jr. trade restriction.

Miami Heat New Rotation
PG Damian Lillard
SG Jimmy Butler
SF Duncan Robinson
PF Bam Adebayo
C Jusuf Nurkic
6th: Talen Horton-Tucker
7th: Josh Richardson
8th: Thomas Bryant
9th: Kevin Love

Utah Jazz New Rotation
PG Jordan Clarkson
SG Tyler Herro
SF Lauri Markkanen
PF John Collins
C Walker Kessler
6th: Collin Sexton
7th: Ochai Agbaji
8th: Taylor Hendricks
9th: Keyonta George

Portland Trail Blazers New Rotation
PG Scoot Henderson
SG Anfernee Simons
SF Shaedon Sharpe
PF Jerami Grant
C Kelly Olynyk
6th: Caleb Martin
7th: Matisse Thybulle
8th: Nikola Jovic
9th: Kyle Lowry

16 Jul 2023 16:45:10
I just don't see how Portland benefits from a bunch of late first, and scrubs. Nets got bridges and Johnson along with picks for durant. None of the players portland are getting are close talent wise.

16 Jul 2023 18:30:51
Portlands bench is no worse than what you’re sending them All these trades are highway robbery to get Lillard.

16 Jul 2023 22:56:58
agreed Jdp1985. Most Dame trade proposals here and other sites such as B/ R, FanSided, Hoopsrumor, etc. offer other team's throw-aways and picks that are nearly 2nd rounders. I think Portland will never get close to solid value for Dame. Never able to garner good free agents, Portland is stuck in 70 year dumping ground of mediocrity. And that sucks.

16 Jul 2023 23:36:46
Miami cannot not currently trade their 2024 first, nor can they pick swap in 2025.

15 Jul 2023 08:21:25

UTA get Trae Young
- get a star point guard and immediately reunite him with Collins

Pg Young/Dunn
Sg Clarkson/George
Sf Markkanen/Agbaji
Pf Collins/Fontecchio
Ce Kessler/Olynyk

ATL get Collin Sexton, THT, Taylor Hendricks, 2 1st round picks & 2 pick swaps
- Murray can man the point guard position fully, Sexton could be a good back up or off ball partner & they get a young big to develop with Okongwu

Pg Murray/Sexton/Mills
Sg Griffin/Bogdanovic
Sf Bey/THT/Johnson
Pf Hunter/Hendricks
Ce Capela/Okongwu

16 Jul 2023 15:27:28
I am a Hawks fan and typically find the trades on this site to be weighed heavily against the Hawks. However, I think I could get behind this trade. Well done!

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