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20 Nov 2023 22:22:28
Nets:L Ball+Hayward+Richards
Cha:B Simmons+Dinwidie+ 1rnd pick Phoe 25-27-29+ 1rnd pick Philly 27+ 1rnd pick Dal 29

PF:C Johnson/D Finney-Smith/Hayward
SF:Bridges/O' Neal
SG:C Thomas/L Walker
PG:L Ball/ D Smith Jr

21 Nov 2023 15:18:13
Why would Charlotte give up Melo?

21 Nov 2023 18:17:29
you are not trading away your young franchise player, unless you are Sacramento.

21 Nov 2023 23:46:26
Charlotte is still a lottery team.
They should consider 5 draft picks for their star.

23 Nov 2023 04:32:21
They trade their star for 5picks then select horribly in the drafts. You dont trade away a franchise cornerstone just like that. You build around him, not trade him.

20 Nov 2023 13:25:24
Nets: D Mitchell

Cleveland:C Thomas+ C Johnson+rnd + pick Phi 27+1rnd pick Nets 28+1rnd pick Dal 29

SG:D Mitchell/Walker
PG:Dinwidie/D Smith Jr

C:J Allen/Wade
PF:Mobley/C Johnson
SG:C Thomas/LeVert

17 Nov 2023 23:06:04

GS get Zach Lavine & Paul Reed
- GS adds help to Steph Curry with Klay struggling. They swallow a large contract but if they are going to maximize Curry's year, they need to do something


Chicago get Tobias Harris (exp), Jonathan Kuminga, 2 1st round picks Philly with protection, 1st round pick GS with protection
- hit the reset button, gets a big salary relief next year and a young forward they can develop, next thing is to trade Derozan, Vooch

Philly get Klay Thompson, Alex Caruso
- Klay might be struggling but can be a big threat next to Embiid & Maxey unlike Lavine who can take touches from Maxey. Caruso is a big bonus defensively


09 Nov 2023 18:47:06
Philly - A Caruso
Chi - N Batum & 1st from LAC

Caruso is a great backcourt defender who compliments Maxey

Bulls start to gain assets now, they are going nowhere. Lavine & demar will also be traded

09 Nov 2023 16:30:58

Raptors get Hero, Morris Jr. 1st rd pick. And 2nd rd pick.

Heat get siakim, porter jr. And Melton.

76ers get Trent Jr., lowry and Duncan

Then raptors waive Morris Jr. While 76ers get a great leader for a championship run scoring off the bench and more shooting. The Heat get a true pf and another guard to help with the load.

10 Nov 2023 12:53:25
Didn't look it up, but the salaries seem off. 76ers give up Morris + Melton and take back Trent Jr, Lowry + Robinson?

08 Nov 2023 07:27:58

Tobias Harris
Furkan Korkmaz
Danuel House Jr
2026 1st.via Thunder or Rockets or Clippers
2028 1st.via Clippers
2028 1st Swap with 76ers (Least Favorable Protected)

Zach LaVine
Patrick Williams
2028 1st Swap with Bulls (More Favorable Protected)

09 Nov 2023 13:38:11
I think this is a fair trade but i want to see the Sixers swing a deal for a more complimentary guy to Maxey and Embiid. Zach might get some of Maxey's touch and that could be bad for Tyrese.

05 Nov 2023 13:45:40
1) OKC-Nets
OKC: Bridges
Nets:Bertrans+J Williams+ 1rnd pick Clip 24+ 1rnd pick Hou 25

Wolves:Dort+ Pokusevski+K Williams. 1rnd pick Hou 24+ 1rnd pick Miami 25+1rnd pick Philly 25


05 Nov 2023 19:16:06
If OKC wants KAT, Holmgren has to be going to Minnesota.

06 Nov 2023 01:03:25
I see Chet as more valuable than Towns.

06 Nov 2023 03:23:01
Chet is waaaaay more valuable than KAT.

04 Nov 2023 09:23:14

Bulls: B simmons+1rnd pick Nets 28+ 1rnd pick Phoe 29

Nets: Embiid
Philly: Claxton+C Johnson+ C Thomas+ 1rnd pick phoe 27+ return 1rnd pick Philly 27+ 1rnd pick Dal 29+ 1rnd pick Nets 30

Pf:DF Smith

SG:C Thomas

02 Nov 2023 18:56:27
Probably Philly will not trade Embiid yet. But I like the idea as well, to have the best player and a young, athletic crowd of talents:

Philly could use 3x1st to trade for Siakam and Onunoby in the winter. So Mavs could join and hunt for Maxey:

PHI Irving, Hardaway
DAL Maxey, Martin Jr., Bamba, filler

See to young guys raising up and start to complete the next years:

Lively, Bamba
Williams, Prosper
Martin, Green
Luca, Hardy
Maxey, Exum

02 Nov 2023 19:16:14
Yeah, Philly ain't trading Maxey for Irving.

And you need to learn now the salary cap works.

02 Nov 2023 22:44:08
Thk, but the CAP has worked also in the past not only from "now". However, as you can read, if you read "filler" it means, to fill the CAP - what Philly has a lot in the winter with the expiring contracts they got from Clippers.

Honestly, guys, if you write comments - please - first think - than write - to tell a worthless info, really makes no sense - it is also not funny - you wast your life.

Philly would do that trade in a second - IF anybody does not do that trade - it is the Mavs.

03 Nov 2023 00:01:41
You said we need to think. You first bud.

01 Nov 2023 22:12:38
Pacers:M Bridges
Sixers: B Hield
Nets: Mathurin+ Morris+ 1rnd pick Philly 29

PF:Toppin/ Smith/Wallace

01 Nov 2023 23:33:46
Too good for the Pacers.

03 Nov 2023 19:28:56
Indy probably has to include at least Walker. Maybe a first too.

01 Nov 2023 20:53:06
Adrian Wojnarowski
The Clippers are trading center Filip Petrusev and cash to the Kings, sources tell ESPN. Petrusev arrived from Philadelphia in the James Harden deal and Kings will get a chance to evaluate the 23-year-old and see if he has a future there

Petrusev is a guy I have wanted added to the bench for a while now. Especially with Lyles currently on the IR.

31 Oct 2023 07:35:17
In this case, it is time for Mavs to go all in:

ORL Hardaway, 2x2nd
PHI Lively, Prosper, Hardy, 1st DAL, 1st DEN (by ORL), Holmes, Harris
DAL Embiid, Oubre, House

Mavs are all in, but competitors.

Philly have a lot 1st picks and has started a new process already:

Maxey, Hardy, Martin, Propser, Lively

31 Oct 2023 14:30:30
That package might get you someone like DeRozan, & it still might not be enough.

31 Oct 2023 15:20:02
You forgot to say which team Luca is sent out too

Because that’s the only way Dallas could get Embid.

28 Oct 2023 08:22:30
15 december trade


28 Oct 2023 10:19:53
Like the westbrook trade again. No.

28 Oct 2023 12:17:11
Harden is a much better fit.
And LA is going to play LBJ only for 30 minutes a game.
SO Harden can get LA the wins during the season and Bron can lead them into the playoffs.

28 Oct 2023 12:34:15
I dont think Harden is a better fit for the Lakers than Westbrook. They are the same. Reaves and Russell are team players which is better with Lebron and AD being the superstars on their own. The westbrook trade was a nightmare, dont want to repeat it.

19 Oct 2023 15:35:47
Heat: harden 76ers: herro, 2028 1st. Salaries are off by 8m but this is main idea thoughts?

21 Oct 2023 05:16:01
Harden in Miami night life? LOL.

21 Oct 2023 19:03:55
I'd rather have an expiring than Herro on that contract.

10 Oct 2023 07:36:51
Dal: Embiid
Knicks: Doncic
Philly: Barrett + Fournier + 1rnd pick Knicks 24-26-28-30 + 1rnd pick Dal 24 + 1rnd pick Was 24 + 1rnd pick Bucks 25

C: Embiid/Lively
Pf: G Williams/Kleber
SF: T Hardaway/D Jones Jr
SG: Hardy/Green
PG: Irving/Curry

C: Robinson
PF: Randle
SF: Doncic
SG: Hart
PG: Brunson

Embiid-Irving should be a very good fit.
The Knicks get the superstar they always wanted
Philly get seven picks (and can maybe keep some of their own protected picks) and a young talent. They can start a rebuilt around Barrett and Maxey.

10 Oct 2023 21:52:55
Maybe a health Embiid, 25y old would worth more than 4 x 1st picks - but not the Embiid with 30, that never played all games in the 1st play offs round or more than 60 in a season. Lively and picks are a quite good and fair offer for him - and Embiid would get the chance to win the next couple of years, before he will retire.

09 Oct 2023 18:08:40
Philly:F Wagner+Okeke/CarterJr+Isaac+1rnd pick Orl 24-27+ 1rnd pick 25 Denver+ 1rnd pick 26 Was

PG:c anthony

09 Oct 2023 19:23:44
I wouldn't do this for Orlando. They give up their second-best prospect as well as their depth. That starting line-up aside from Embiid & Banchero is pretty bad. Also, not sure if Embiid & Banchero are a good fit.

10 Oct 2023 21:16:17
Orlando needs a really good SG I think. We have pretty good bigs, have at least 2 building blocks with Paolo and Franz, and some decent guards. If they make any trades, I think it will be for a SG.

06 Oct 2023 10:45:50
The Mavs rookies are quite promissing good! Harden will leave 76ers. Lets say, Embiid becomes traded to Knicks, when Philly will get 4x1st picks. All that picks the next years, will be LATE first rounder, since Knick will play in the top 10. Mavs can offer right now 1st round players, that will become starters the next years and match the timeline of 76ers and Maxey. Mavs have to go for win now with Kyrie on the grid:

PHI Lively, Prosper, Hardy, 1st, 2x1st swap, Holmes, Maxi, Hardaway
DAL Embiid, House

06 Oct 2023 14:53:56
Your worst ever. And that’s a high bar to cross.

07 Oct 2023 21:02:07
Have learned, Mavs can also trade the 2030 pick what they shared most favorable already. So they can offer 2x1st and 2x1st swqp and Lively, Prosper and Hardy - perfect fit for 76er to rebuild with Maxey!

Embiid, Williams, Green, Doncic, Kyrie can win it all.

07 Oct 2023 21:33:48
That's a worse package than what the Heat offered for Dame.

08 Oct 2023 12:52:29
Dum Dum. Explain to me how the Mavs can trade the 2030 first when the Mavs owe their 2029 first to Brooklyn.

06 Oct 2023 02:41:33

Trade 1 -

Los Angeles Clippers get: James Harden, PJ Tucker, Daniel House Jr.

Philadelphia 76ers get: Terence Mann, Nic Batum, Robert Covington, Marcus Morris Sr., '28 & '30 unprotected 1sts (via LAC)

Trade 2 -

Oklahoma City Thunder get: Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris, Jaden Springer

- (if so new lineup: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Jalen Williams, Tobias Harris, Chet Holmgren, Joel Embiid?)

Charlotte Hornets get: Lu Dort, Kenrich Williams, Davis Bertans

Philadelphia 76ers get: Josh Giddey, Aleksej Pokusevski, Ousmane Dieng, Vasilijie Micic, Gordon Hayward (bought out), Victor Oladipo (waived), '24 top-4 protected 1st (from OKC, via HOU), '24 unprotected 2nd (from CHA, via BOS), returned '25 1st (from OKC, via PHI), '26 unprotected 1st (from OKC, via LAC), '27 top-5 protected 1st (from OKC, via DEN), '27 unprotected 2nd (from CHA, via POR or NOP), '28 unprotected 2nd (from CHA, via LAC), '29 top-5 protected 1st (from OKC, via DEN), rights to swap '28 & '30 1sts (via OKC)

76ers Rotation After Trades
PG De'Anthony Melton / Vasilijie Micic / Patrick Beverley
SG Tyrese Maxey / Terance Mann / Furkan Korkmaz
SF Josh Giddey / Kelly Oubre Jr. / Nic Batum
PF Ousmane Dieng / Robert Covington / Marcus Morris Sr.
C Paul Reed / Aleksej Pokusevski / Mohamed Bamba

01 Oct 2023 09:31:07
Clippers: J Harden+ Scott+ 1rnd pick Heat 28

Philly: K Lowry+ T Herro

Heat: P George+ Tucker

Harden is a better fit in LA and they get a first to swap PG13 for Harden

Philly get a good shooter, that can play next to Maxey

The Heat form a new big three With PG-Butler and Adebayo

28 Sep 2023 02:16:23

MIA gets PG, Covington

LAC gets Harden, Lowry, Herro, Jaime Jacquez, 2027 and 2029 1st rd picks via MIA

76ers get Terrance Mann, Morris, Batum, 2029 FRP via LAC

Harden'/ Lowry
Herro/ Russ
Powell/ Jaquez
Zubac/ Plumlee

Maxey/ Pat Bev
Mann/ Melton
Harris/ Batum
Embiid/ Mo Bamba

^ Yeah they aren't getting equal value for Harden but tbf they were never going to. He's aging and isn't going to produce enough for any coach to tolerate his BS- best to build around maxey and embiid- they've got great depth now too- doubt anything happens unless maxey takes a giant leap but now you aren't 35 mil down the hole

Butler/ Richardson
Caleb/ Duncan/ Highsmith
Bam/ Jovic/ Love
Bryant/ Covington.

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