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26 Sep 2021 22:33:06
raptors get : pat bev, leandro bolmaro, 2022 2nd round pick from wolves

76ers get: malik beasley, goran dragic, 2021 first rounder, 2022 2nd rounder from den/phi via min

wolves get: simmons

philly gets lead ball handler and a young scorer with 2 way potential plus some picks. they get off dragic next year can resign cheaper or make another move

wolves get simmons upside hypothetically fits well with a stretch big

raptors get a player with potential in bolmaro and a 2nd rounder. beverly makes salary work and keeps their team identity. Not ready to win now anyways may as well get something for goran

27 Sep 2021 00:42:41
Nowhere near the value for Simmons that Philly has been seeking. They may end up settling for this in the end, but I suspect Phily will want more and probably get it from Minn. or someone else.

26 Sep 2021 20:05:22
Timberwolves get Ben Simmons

76ers get Malik Beasley, Patrick Beverly, Josh Okogie, and unprotected first round picks in 2023, 2025, and 2027

Timberwolves get their KAT/Ben/Dlo/Edwards core, 76ers get a shooting point guard in Beverly, another shooter/scorer in Beasley, and multiple 1st rounders to help them make a deal down the line.

26 Sep 2021 14:58:25

Philly: Ingram

Wolves:Simmons+ Hayes+ 3 first round picks from NO

26 Sep 2021 15:51:10
Pelicans say no. That's too much to give up for Towns imo.

26 Sep 2021 17:30:25
Gasupo flat out undervalues Ingram on the regular.

26 Sep 2021 18:56:18
Wolves have zero interest in Simmons without Towns.

25 Sep 2021 21:08:07
76ers - Fox
Kings - Simmons & Maxey

Magic - Bagley and Ramsey
Kings - Ross




25 Sep 2021 22:15:53
Idk how this posted again lol.

25 Sep 2021 22:38:50
I don’t hate it. But Friedman will.

26 Sep 2021 00:05:31
He hates all kings trades.

26 Sep 2021 12:32:00
That's an interesting thought in adding an asset to move Simmons and maybe that's what they'll have to do to get a good return. Personally I'm a big fan of Fox and would rather have him than any other PG in the league, when taking age into account. Doncic is a different story of course if he's considered a PG, but I think I'd still rather have Fox on my team. I'm just a big fan of the player and enjoy watching him play.

26 Sep 2021 21:11:55
in what way is doncic not a point guard?

25 Sep 2021 13:21:22

Pacers get D'Angelo Russell Josh Okogie

76ers get Malcolm Brogdon Malik Beasley 2022 first round pick(Top 5 protected).via Wolves 2024 first round pick(Top 10 protected).via Wolves

Wolves get Ben Simmons Justin Holiday

25 Sep 2021 13:42:09
Tremendous. If Minnesota will do it.

25 Sep 2021 13:58:26
Pacers are looking to put the ball in LaVert's hands. Not having the ball makes Dlo less valuable.

Minny has already stated that they are not including Dlo in a Simmons package.

25 Sep 2021 18:59:14
I’d say just cut Pacers out. DLO Okogie and 1/ 2 1st looks good to me. 76ers gets their PG that would fit better. Twolves gets the best fit next to Towns and still have 3 scorers that can have 20ppg with Beasley there



26 Sep 2021 21:13:15
thank you fredman, finally someone understands lavert as a player and what indy wants to do with him.

24 Sep 2021 22:50:26

Cleveland really wants Simmons and almost everyone on their team is available.

Cleveland: Simmons and Maxey

Philly: Okoro, Sexton, Love, 2022 & 2024 1st Rd picks

Cleveland gets their guy, Philly gets w young guys that can possibly be very good, and a few 1st Rd picks, oh and Love.

If Simmons goes to Cleveland, I think this is the best package Philly will get from them.

25 Sep 2021 20:39:38
Why would Philly give up Maxey.

25 Sep 2021 22:19:17
better question is why would Philly take Kevin Love and his salary? i doubt they can even afford it. it will cost at least Collin Sexton
just to move Love.

so Okoro and 2 first rounders for Simmons and Maxey? no way.

26 Sep 2021 21:16:49
quality trade let philly keep maxey.

24 Sep 2021 01:54:36
Sam Amico reported that the Nuggets have emerged as a sleeper team in the Ben Simmons sweepstakes. Here's how I think that'd work:

Nuggets get Ben Simmons and Tyrese Maxey

76ers get Jamal Murray, Bol Bol, and a lottery protected 2028 first round pick

24 Sep 2021 02:08:56
Nuggets say no Jamal Murray way better player than Ben Simmons I chose Jamal Murray over Ben Simmons.

24 Sep 2021 02:59:31
Jamal is coming off an ACL tear though, he might not ever be the same player unfortunately.

24 Sep 2021 03:37:40
Barton, Morris, and MPJ for Simmons, Maxey, and Joe seems to fit contractually.

I think I like it for both.

Agreed that Murray isn’t happening. They shouldn’t consider including him.

24 Sep 2021 04:55:07
Murray would be the player the 6ers want the most, and I can't see the Nuggets wanting to trade MPJ for anyone really. Pre-injury Murray probably was untouchable but I think there's room for discussion now.

24 Sep 2021 05:37:07
When is the last time a young guy came back from an ACL and wasn’t the same? That surgery has gotten so good that it’s incredibly rare.

24 Sep 2021 05:57:50
I think Nuggets say no just Bc of the fit. Simmons would work wonders with Murray as teammate. However I think it’s wrong to think Simmons doesn’t come close to Murray in value lol? All Murray has over him is shooting, Simmons is elite in every other category plus healthier.

24 Sep 2021 06:23:40
How about Derrick Rose?

24 Sep 2021 09:49:18
Casual, that was 9 years ago and his game before depended so much on him being explosive. If he had Murray’s skill set he probably remains an all star in the East for a few years.

24 Sep 2021 13:40:06
Barton + Gordon in December when players are available to be traded?

24 Sep 2021 14:50:50
Rose doesn’t really count to me because he was simply never healthy again. His body just couldn’t take it. It wasn’t the ACL, it was just him.

24 Sep 2021 14:56:21
Philly can want anything, it doesn’t mean they can get it. Murray would be untouchable if I’m running Denver.

Murray is a closer NBA16. You can give him the ball at the end of a game and feel confident in the outcome. Simmons will never be that guy. And that’s a huge piece of being a star guard.

I get the love for MPJ, but he’s not better than Murray yet. And if I had to bet, I’d say Murray has the better career peak. That’s why I’d trade Porter and not Murray.

I also think a group of Simmons, Porter, Gordon, and Jokic is possibly a terrible fit together. Simmons, Murray, Gordon, Jokic seems much better.

24 Sep 2021 16:54:11
How about Simmons, Murray, MPJ and Jokic? That seems the best if I am Denver.

24 Sep 2021 17:08:18
I just don’t see any way that philly moves Simmons to Denver and doesn’t get MPJ (or Murray) back. If you want an all star, you have to part with your best prospect.

23 Sep 2021 20:43:24
Philly gets-
M. Brogdan
J. Lamb
M. Bridges

Indy gets-
B. Simmons
M. Plumlee

Hornets get-
M. Turner

23 Sep 2021 22:44:14
Hornets pass.

23 Sep 2021 22:53:53
Philly better be send picks to Charlotte.

23 Sep 2021 23:28:58
Like this.

24 Sep 2021 01:28:54
Just messing around with ideas, but really I only like this for Philly.

23 Sep 2021 17:35:39
Clippers get Ben Simmons

76ers get Luke Kennard, Reggie Jackson, Keon Johnson, Terrance Mann, the right to swap firsts in 2027, and a top 3 protected 2028 first round pick

Clippers get the elite playmaker that they have been needing ever since Kawhi and PG came to town, and they'd have an impressive defensive lineup. 76ers get shooting, depth, and youth. Underwhelming return for the 76ers, but this might be as good as it gets considering the market for Ben.

23 Sep 2021 20:13:19
Too much for simmons.

23 Sep 2021 21:02:30
The value is fair. Clippers are definetly a good destination for Simmons fit wise.

24 Sep 2021 00:39:18
Is the value fair? I prefer Wall than that group if bench players.

24 Sep 2021 01:45:49
@Bmiller66 Reggie and Kennard could start for the Clippers, while Mann flashes some 6MOTY potential. I agree that it’s an underwhelming package for the 76ers but it’s probably the best the Clips can offer.

24 Sep 2021 03:39:37
Reggie and Kennard are among the worst starters in the league at their position if they start. Mann had like one good game?

I don’t dislike any of the 3 players, but it really misses a headlining starter in return.

I also agree this is probably the best the Clippers can do, which is why they’re not an option.

23 Sep 2021 14:34:43

Clippers get:
- Ben Simmons
- Kevin Love
- Cedi Osman

76ers get:
- Collin Sexton
- Marcus Morris Sr.
- Ivica Zubac
- Keon Johnson
- 2028 Clippers unprotected first round pick

Thunder get:
- Luke Kennard
- Serge Ibaka
- 2023 Clippers second round pick
- 2024 Clippers second round pick
- 2025 Clippers second round pick
- 2025 Clippers second round pick (via Pistons)

Cavaliers get:
- Eric Bledsoe

Analysis -

Clippers: They get a top 30 player who gives them a legitimate two-way Big 3 of Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, & Ben Simmons. Instantly, they'd be a popular favorite to win it all. It would be quite the move considering their limited assets. They'd also reak the benefits of whatever Cali native Kevin Love has left in the tank, if he stays healthy.

Sixers: Collin Sexton is an elite scoring guard to replace Simmons offensively. Adding Morris to lineup helps to replace what Simmons provides defensively, while improving their overall floor spacing, as Morris shot 47% from outside last season. Ivica Zubac has become a very good all around big man and would become an exceptional backup to Joel Embiid or injury/rest replacement. Keon Johnson was drafted with the 21st overall selection this past draft, while many had him as a projected lottery pick. An additional unprotected first rounder that far into the future could spell danger for the Clippers and promise for the 76ers.

Thunder: Luke Kennard is 25, a lights out shooter (45% from 3), and will probably grow in a bigger role like the one OKC can grant him. Serge Ibaka returns to the team that drafted him on an expiring contract and provide veteran leadership. The Thunder would be taking on more than $20M on their books operating as a team well under the cap, so they would be gifted a myriad of second round picks for their troubles.

Cavaliers: They would essentially be using Collin Sexton, who is reportedly unlikely to sign a contract extension prior to the season, to salary dump the $40M combined annual salaries of Love and Osman for the next two seasons. In return, they would nab Eric Bledsoe who would subsequently take Sexton's spot in the starting lineup and is essentially on an expiring contract, as he is only owed $4M guaranteed in 2022.

23 Sep 2021 15:29:04
Our definition of elite is very different. Sexton is growing on me though.

23 Sep 2021 15:30:32
Eric Bledsoe is a negative contract. The Cavs shouldn't be giving up value to dump Kevin Love.

23 Sep 2021 15:30:55
Sorry, Cavs are giving up Sexton to get Bledsoe.

23 Sep 2021 03:59:54
PHI gets: DeAaron Fox, Buddy Heild and 1st and 2nd round picks

SAC gets: Ben Simmons



"Off Night"

23 Sep 2021 05:09:28
Hard pass from the Kings.

23 Sep 2021 07:33:57
Simmons couldn’t get Fox alone.

23 Sep 2021 09:36:09
Salaries don't work.

Kings only interested in Simmons at their price (Hield+Bagley+ProtectedPick) .

23 Sep 2021 02:22:12
I think this could be a win win for 3 teams

Cavs - Simmons and Plumlee

- gets their star and much needed defense

Hornets - Love Maxey Reed & 3 Cavs 1st (1 to offload Love, 21, 23, & 25 swap)

- gets a better big man plus assets to build and grow with this young team

76ers - Rozier Washington Okoro and Osman

- Win now players




22 Sep 2021 16:07:27
76ers gets John Wall, Kevin Porter Jr., and the Rockets' unprotected 2022 first round pick

Rockets gets Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxey, and Isaiah Joe

Seems like the most fair Simmons-to-Houston trade to me. Giving up KPJ and the first rounder is costly, but I think it's worth it to unload Wall's contract while also adding a young star and a nice young talent.

22 Sep 2021 18:37:43
It is essentially Porter Jr. for Simmons as Houston has to give up a first just to get rid of Wall to anyone. Its a no from me.

22 Sep 2021 19:25:00
Houston already said they're not giving up a first to move Wall.

22 Sep 2021 20:47:54
Actually Houston said that they would not give up MULTIPLE first rounders. I think the will give up one of the Nets firsts to move Wall. Definitely not Houston's unprotected first.

22 Sep 2021 22:40:07
the exact quote that was said was by Houston GM was "we have to win the John Wall trade"

23 Sep 2021 05:13:36
This isn’t just unloading Wall though, it’s unloading Wall and getting a young all-star in the process. Kind of thought that was self-explanatory.

21 Sep 2021 19:59:42

Pacers get Ben Simmons

Kings get Tobias Harris

76ers get Malcolm Brogdon Buddy Hield TJ Warren Marvin Bagley III 2022 first round pick(unprotected).via Pacers

21 Sep 2021 20:41:08
Fred would say no but I like it for the Kings.
I think it may be an overpay for the Pacers. Brog is pretty underrated. Warren is a lot more valuable to the Pacers that you think.

21 Sep 2021 22:09:13
Spacing with Simmons and Sabonis wouldn’t be very could adding in Levert whos streaky.

21 Sep 2021 22:20:55
Yea, not a fan of adding Tobias long term salary when he is less fiscally efficient than Hield was last season and that gap will just grows over the future years.

Now if Philly wants to push Warren + salary to Sacramento for Hield, I would probably listen.

21 Sep 2021 22:21:25
I would switch out Warren for Holiday.

21 Sep 2021 22:37:05
I like this for Indy
Simmons is the star we need.

21 Sep 2021 03:18:19
Ben Simmons 4-Teamer

Timberwolves receive:
- Ben Simmons (All-NBA Defensive 1st)
- Kevin Love (2 years, $60M remaining)

76ers receive:
- Collin Sexton (24 PPG, RFA in 2022)
- Malik Beasley (20 PPG, 40% 3P)
- Naz Reid (11 PPG, 5 RPG, 52% FG)
- 2025 Timberwolves first round pick (top 10 protected)
- 2027 Timberwolves first round pick (lottery-protected)

Cavaliers receive:
- Pat Beverley (expiring; would buyout)
- Josh Okogie (expiring)
- Jake Layman (expiring)
- 2023 Timberwolves first round pick (top 5 protected)

Thunder receive:
- Taurean Prince (expiring)
- 2022 Cavaliers second round pick via Rockets
- 2022 Timberwolves second round pick

Timberwolves Post-Trade
PG D'Angelo Russell / Jordan McLaughlin
SG Anthony Edwards / Jaylen Nowell
SF Ben Simmons / Leandro Bolmaro
PF Kevin Love / Jaden McDaniels
C Karl-Anthony Towns / Jarred Vanderbilt

76ers Post-Trade
PG Collin Sexton / Tyrese Maxey
SG Malik Beasley / Seth Curry
SF Danny Green / Matisse Thybulle
PF Tobias Harris / Georges Niang
C Joel Embiid / Naz Reid

21 Sep 2021 12:14:49
Wolves are giving up too much if they also have to take on Kevin Love's contract.

21 Sep 2021 15:42:43
6 players 3 firsts and a second for Simmons and love seems like a lot to take on two bad deals with injury prone players.

21 Sep 2021 03:00:20
76ers/Raptors/Blazers Three Teams Deal

Blazers get Pascal Siakam

Raptors get Ben Simmons

76ers get CJ McCollum

21 Sep 2021 04:36:01
I’d love it. Though I’m torn if I’d take Simmons or Siakam. But McCollum doesn’t seem to have quite the value of these two.

21 Sep 2021 05:08:30
CJ McCollum is 20+ points scorer fit perfectly in Philly with Joel Embiid.

21 Sep 2021 15:13:05
McCollum is also older, undersized, a poor defender, and his scoring comes from primarily catch and shoot, and isos.

I don’t disagree McCollum fits with Philly. But Simmons is simply a better -and- younger player. It’s probably not a very complicated move though. Covington could be added, along with maybe Maxey (who is also reported to want out) .

20 Sep 2021 22:11:17
Kings - Simmons
76ers - Hield Mitchell and protected 1st

- Kings get all star and defense
- 76ers get 2 guards that can contribute now (Mitchell being 22/23)

Kings - White
Spurs - Bagley Jones & 2nd

- Kings get good young combo guard off bench
- Spurs take flier to rejuvenate Bagleys career and potential


20 Sep 2021 14:21:39
Miami: Embiid


Philly: Mitchell+ Herro+ Barnes+ 1rnd pick Miami+ 1rnd pick Sac 2022+ 1rnd pick Heat 2025


PF:PJ Tucker
SG:D Robinson
PG:K Lowry

C: Simmons/Drummond
PG:Mitchell/ Maxey

20 Sep 2021 15:28:11
Miami does not have a 2022 pick to trade because their current one is tied up in a draft pick swap as well as not having a 2023 pick.

also, switch Hield with Barnes as Hield is more of a GM Morey-type of player and the Kings don't have enough depth at SF to really let Barnes go.

Also, what is the trade hold on Embiid since he signed an extension this off season? 6 months?

19 Sep 2021 18:05:35
Ben Simmons 4-Teamer

Timberwolves receive:
- Ben Simmons (All-NBA Defensive 1st)
- Kevin Love (2 years, $60M remaining)

76ers receive:
- Collin Sexton (24 PPG, RFA in 2022)
- Malik Beasley (20 PPG, 40% 3P)
- Naz Reid (11 PPG, 5 RPG, 52% FG)
- 2025 Timberwolves first round pick (top 10 protected)
- 2027 Timberwolves first round pick (lottery-protected)

Cavaliers receive:
- Goran Dragic (expiring; would buyout)
- Pat Beverley (expiring; would buyout)
- Josh Okogie (expiring)
- Jake Layman (expiring)
- 2023 Timberwolves first round pick (top 10 protected)

Raptors receive:
- Taurean Prince (expiring)
- 2022 Cavaliers second round pick

Timberwolves Post-Trade
PG D'Angelo Russell / Jordan McLaughlin
SG Anthony Edwards / Jaylen Nowell
SF Ben Simmons / Leandro Bolmaro
PF Kevin Love / Jaden McDaniels
C Karl-Anthony Towns / Jarred Vanderbilt

76ers Post-Trade
PG Collin Sexton / Tyrese Maxey
SG Malik Beasley / Seth Curry
SF Danny Green / Matisse Thybulle
PF Tobias Harris / Georges Niang
C Joel Embiid / Naz Reid

20 Sep 2021 00:34:53
Raptors will wait until trade deadline to get better return for Dragic. 2nd round pick won't get it done.

20 Sep 2021 11:21:44
Dragic led the Heat in scoring last year in the playoffs. Surely Prince and a 2nd is too little.

20 Sep 2021 12:15:00
Cleveland does not own its 2022 second. Traded to New Orleans.

19 Sep 2021 12:01:19

Sixers trading Simmons and Maxey
Rockets trading Wall and House
TWolves trading Beasley, Prince and McDaniels

TWOLVES receives Ben Simmons and House plus Scott/Clark from Philly via sign and trade to match the salary

Sixers receives John Wall, McDaniels, 3 1st rd picks (1 from Rockets via BKN pick, 2 from Twolves)

Rockets receives Beasley, Prince and Maxey

*Simmons joining Towns, Edwards and Russell. Sixers get multiple 1st picks, Star/Starter Quality PG and a young prospect. Rockets saves 10M+ and giving up one late 1st pick won't hurt much.

19 Sep 2021 12:58:37
Simmons isn't going to do much on TWOLVES.

19 Sep 2021 22:41:53
Rockets need to give more.

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