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12 May 2024 18:47:50
Por - Ingram, Okoro & Daniels
- adds a star young player to grow with what they have

Henderson Brogdon
Sharpe Daniels
Ingram Okoro
Murray Camara
Ayton Williams Reath

Pels - Allen, Simons, Niang
- adds 2 players that perfectly fits their roster

Simons Alvarado
McCollum Hawkins
Murphy Jones
Williamson Niang
Allen Nance

Cle - Grant, Thybulle, 2nd round pick from Pels & Blazers
- adds 2 players that fits better with Mitchell & Garland. Let's Mobley play the 5

Garland Levert Porter
Mitchell Merrill
Thybulle Strus
Grant Morris
Mobley Wade

13 May 2024 10:57:29
I don't hate this but I view Allen as more valuable than Grant so Cleveland is owed value. He may even be more valuable than BI.

29 Apr 2024 07:32:09

Sacramento receives: Walker, McConnell

Indiana receives: Barnes, rights to SAC '24 1st (#13), POR '25 pick

SAC depth:
Fox / McConnell / Mitchell
Huerter / Ellis / Jones
Murray / Duarte /
Walker / Lyles / Vezenkhov
Sabonis /

IND depth:
Haliburton / Nembhard /
Mathurin / Sheppard / Brown
Nesmith / Barnes /
Siakam (FA) / Toppin (RFA) /
Turner / Smith (PO) / Jackson

29 Apr 2024 13:00:37
I think it's a fair trade, but i rather keep McConnell and develop Wallace.

08 Apr 2024 06:07:27

Sacramento receives: Bridges, Finney-Smith, Bates-Diop

Brooklyn receives: Huerter, Barnes, Vezenkhov, Jones, '25 1st, '26 1st swap, '27 1st, '28 1st swap, '29 1st, '25 POR 2nd

SAC depth:

Fox / Mitchell / FA
Bridges / Monk (re-sign) / Ellis
Murray / Duarte / Edwards (re-sign)
Finney-Smith / Lyles / Bates-Diop
Sabonis / FA / Len (re-sign)

BKN depth:

Simmons / Schroeder / FA
Thomas / Huerter / Jones
Barnes / Wilson / Whitehead
Johnson / Vezenkhov / Clowney
Claxton (re-sign) / Sharpe / FA

08 Apr 2024 07:41:56
I like Bridges going to Sacramento

3 1st and 2 swaps is an overpay, but the Nets can ask a lot for him.

21 Mar 2024 08:46:52
Spurs build

Spurs get A Simons

Blazers get 7th pick, D Graham & Z Collins

Blazers give way to Scoot
Spurs add a reliable young point guard

Spurs get Mikal Bridges

Nets get 3rd pick & Keldon Johnson

Spurs add a guy with good experience


21 Mar 2024 14:08:24
Easy pass from Nets.

21 Jan 2024 20:19:57

Sacramento receives: Herb Jones, Jeff Green

New Orleans receives: Sasha Vezenkhov, Ja'Sean Tate, '26 SAC 1st, '28 SAC 1st, '25 POR 2nd via SAC

Houston receives: Harrison Barnes

SAC depth:
Fox / Mitchell
Huerter / Monk / C. Jones
H. Jones / Duarte / Edwards
Murray / Lyles / Je. Green
Sabonis / Len / McGee

NOP depth:
McCollum / Daniels / Alvarado
Ingram / Hawkins
Murphy / Marshall / Tate
Williamson / Vezenkhov / Liddell
Valunciunas / Nance / Zeller

HOU depth:
VanVleet / Holiday
Ja. Green / Thompson / Bullock / Oladipo
Brooks / Barnes / Whitmore
Smith / Eason
Sengun / Landale / Marjanovic

21 Jan 2024 21:54:53
That is an easy easy no from Pels.

23 Jan 2024 01:50:16
That is an even easier no from Sacramento.

19 Jan 2024 23:02:57
Warriors - Cleveland - Portland

Warriors get Jarrett Allen & Max Strus
- finally get the reliable center that they need

Curry - Paul
Podziemski - Payton
Thompson - Strus
Green - Saric
Allen - Looney

Cleveland get Jerami Grant & Jonathan Kuminga
- gets 2 tall forwards who can stretch the floor for Mobley & Mitchell

Garland - Levert - Porter
Mitchell - Merill
Kuminga - Okoro
Grant - Niang
Mobley - Wade - Thompson

Portland get Andrew Wiggins, Moses Moody & 1st round pick GS

Henderson - Simons
Simons - Sharpe
Wiggins - Moody
Camara - Murray
Ayton - Reath

21 Jan 2024 18:17:28
I like the general framework of this trade TBH, seems like the direction that all teams are going in is very reseonable.

14 Jan 2024 14:07:18
Nets: D Murray+ P Mills+ S Bey
Atl: J Grant+ Thybulle
Por: Simmons+ 1rnd pick Phoe 27-29+ 1rnd pick Philly 27

PF:C Johnson/D Finney Smith
SF:Bridges/Bey/R O'neal
SG:C Thomas/Walker

PF:J Grant/Bogdanovic
PG:T Young

15 Jan 2024 21:07:19
That's awful for the Hawks.

12 Jan 2024 01:27:29

Atlanta sends Capela,Hunter, Bogdanavic,1st pick

Portland sends

J Grant,Ayton

Upgrade Atl roster
Gives Portland movable contracts as they rebuild around the young backcourt

12 Jan 2024 07:49:42
Why would they trade Ayton?
They can built arround Henderson-sharpe-Camara-Ayton and R williams.

12 Jan 2024 11:36:31
@Gasupo great question. Not too familiar with the direction that the blazers wanted to go but I thought Moses Brown and R Williams was their future at center. I could definitely see Ayton as their future though.

05 Jan 2024 20:42:58
LAL gets Derozen, Williams, Carter, POR 1st and 2 seconds

CHI gets: LeBron James and Reddish


White (Ball) / Dosumu
Lavine/ Reddish
Caruso/ Terry
James/ Craig
Vucevic/ Drummond.

30 Dec 2023 10:34:43
1) Pacers-Cleveland-Bulls
Bulls: J Walker
Cleveland: Toppin+ 1rnd pick Indy 24-26 + 1rnd pick Por 24 (top 14 protected)+ 2rnd pick Bulls 27+ swap option 1rnd pick Indy 25

2) Pacers-Tor
Tor: Mathurin+ Hield+Sheppard+ 1rnd pick Clip/Hou/OKC 24


30 Dec 2023 14:18:49
Cleveland won't trade Mobley, and if they did they'd get more.

30 Dec 2023 16:11:21
Yup that offer for Mobley can be easily beaten by the Thunder or Spurs.

18 Dec 2023 15:18:38
Kings trade Davion Mitchell, Harrison Barnes, 2024 second (Kings), 2025 second (Portland)
Kings get Andrew Wiggins.
(Coach Brown tries to revitalize Wiggins into a 3&D wing)

Toronto trades OG Anunoby
Toronto gets Harrison Barnes, Davion Mitchell, 2024 second (Kings), 2025 second (Portland), future 1st (Warriors)
(Toronto gets a young defense minded PG, Veteran Leader + Draft capital for OG)

Golden State trades Andew Wiggins, future 1st round pick
Golder State receives OG Anunoby.
(Golden State plans to resign OG for the money they just gave to Wiggins so they get a younger and better 3&D wing) .

17 Dec 2023 06:29:40
Hornets - Sixers - Blazers

Hornets : J Grant, F Korkmaz
Why: players doesnt normally sign in Charlotte during offseason, so they trade for a player who can help Lamelo build atleast a playoff contender

Sixers : G Hayward
Why: they add a wing who can facilitate, a good complimentary player for Embiid & Tyrese

Blazers : M Morris, K Martin, J Bouknight, 1st round pick from Sixers with top 18 protection, 1st round pick Charlotte top 8 protected, pick swap from Charlotte in 2026
Why : gain assets for the rebuild, they can use Morris to gain more at the deadline





11 Dec 2023 14:51:27
NO gets Zach Lavine and POR 1st

CHI gets Zion Williamson.

11 Dec 2023 20:29:53
Man that’s hilarious.

06 Dec 2023 16:27:08
Blazers - Spurs - Hornets - Magic

Portland is all in on the rebuild and gets:

Hayward / Bridges / Osmen / Fultz (Hayward & Osmen can be moved again for more draft capital) / ‘25 FRP from Spurs / ‘26 FRP from Hornets / ‘26 FRP from Magic / ‘28 FRP from Hornets

Spurs get:
Brogdon / Bouknight

Hornets get:
Jeremi Grant / Robin Williams III / McDermott

Magic get:

04 Dec 2023 00:02:20
Putting a spin to something seen before, three team deal

Raptors get Afernee Simmons (Blazers), AJ Griffin & Bogdanović (Hawks)

Hawks receive Pascal Siakam & Otto Potter Jr (Raps)

Blazers take on Precious Achuiwa (Raps), Deandre Hunter (Hawks)

Not sure what sort of draft compensation Hawks should divey out. Pascals contract Guarantee's needs to be spoken to as well.

04 Dec 2023 19:19:45
Raptors aren't getting enough and Hawks are getting way too much. Draft picks would definitely need to be added.

03 Dec 2023 14:34:17

NO:J Allen+J Grant+D Murray

Cle:D'Hunter+L Nance+1rnd pick Atl 24

Hawks:Z Williamson

Por:Valanciunas+Okoro+Alvarado+1rnd pick Hawks 29

PG:D Murray

03 Dec 2023 17:39:50

04 Dec 2023 00:12:58
Not trading Zion's star power for 3 role players.

04 Dec 2023 07:46:16
it's three borderline all stars for a star, that can't stay healty and that doesn't want to be in NO.

04 Dec 2023 13:31:13
No Gasupo my friend, you don’t want him in NOLA. Stop drinking the clickbait koolaid.

25 Nov 2023 14:31:52
Heat: J Grant
Por: D Robinson+Martin+ 1rnd pick Heat 27+ 2rnd pick 26


25 Nov 2023 18:18:56
Grant seems like a good target for Miami.

23 Nov 2023 16:32:33
Miami Heat: Malcolm Brogdon, Robert Williams III.

Portland Trail Blazers: Kyle Lowry, Caleb Martin, Nikola Jović, plus 2 future first pick.

23 Nov 2023 19:54:35
Why in the world would Miami trade for 2 injured guys?

23 Nov 2023 20:13:58
Take out the picks and Miami still says no.

22 Nov 2023 19:21:52
Warriors - Grant and Brogdon

Blazers - Klay (exp) Kuminga and 2 1sts

6th - CP3

6th - Simons

22 Nov 2023 21:38:34
I think I’d take it as a Blazer fan. But I also have a hard time wanting to help the Warriors get better when they own GSs 2024 first.

22 Nov 2023 21:44:52
I definitely like it for the Blazers, not sure for GS.

22 Nov 2023 21:56:53
to have 3 Point guards making over 20 million each?

22 Oct 2023 20:39:56
MEMPHIS get Robert Williams

PORTLAND get Brandon Clark, Jake Laravia, 2024 and 2026 first round picks

Even without Adams injury, Grizzlies need upgrade at centre, but now they need center desperately. Consolation and more available choice would be Kelly Olynyk.

23 Oct 2023 12:15:36
Rob Will would be worth it if not for injury concerns, but that's just not the reality.

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