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23 Sep 2021 05:42:38
Magic/Celtics NBA Trade Deadline

Magic get Al Horford 2022 first round pick(Top 5 protected).via Boston 2023 second round pick.via Blazers from Boston

Celtics get Terrance Ross Michael Carter Williams Robin Lopez

Celtics can keep all their young players like Grant Williams Romeo Langford Aaron Nesmith Payton Pritchard Juhann Begarin

Add depth for bench just a case if Jayson Tatum Jaylen Brown Marcus Smart Josh Richardson Dennis Schröder Robert Williams get injured they got back up plans

Second Trade

Clippers get Gary Harris 2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic 2022 second round pick.via Magic

Magic get Luke Kennard Serge Ibaka(buyout) 2025 second round pick.Pistons from Clippers

If Serge Ibaka can't stay healthy than they should be thinking about trading him

Magic receive Luke Kennard Al Horford 2022 first round pick(Top 5 protected).via Boston 2023 second round pick.via Blazers from Boston 2025 second round pick.via Pistons from Clippers

Magic lost Gary Harris Terrance Ross Michael Carter Williams Robin Lopez + two 2022 second round picks

Clippers receive Gary Harris 2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic 2022 second round pick.via Magic

Clippers lost Luke Kennard Serge Ibaka 2025 second round pick.via Pistons

Celtics receive Terrance Ross Michael Carter Williams Robin Lopez

Celtics lost Al Horford 2022 first round pick(Top 5 protected).via Boston 2023 second round pick.via Blazers

Gary Harris fit perfectly with Clippers they need 3 & D guard/wing

Luke Kennard fit perfectly with Magic they need a shooter

Al Horford can Mentor Wendell Carter Jr & Mo Bamba

Terrance Ross & Michael Carter Williams & Robin Lopez fit perfectly with Celtics

23 Sep 2021 10:54:42
Won't work for Boston. Horford fits them well and he fills a position of need. The big problem is that they'd somehow have to move 2 other players to accommodate the extra incoming players. Plus they're not looking to give up a pick for something like this.

23 Sep 2021 17:17:23
I don’t even bother reading your posts. You should have your own page on this site to save us all the headache.

23 Sep 2021 19:56:56
My posts about your trades are getting edited because of the strong language included to address how bad some of these are. You are trying to extract some value from the old bench players on what may be the worse team in the league. No one wants these guys, because if they did, the players would have already been traded for a bag of tamales.

23 Sep 2021 01:37:02
Magic/Boston/Rockets/Mavericks Mid Season or Trade Deadline

Magic get Al Horford Josh Green Jabari Parker 2023 first round pick(unprotected).via Bucks Rockets 2023 second round pick.via Blazers from Boston

Rockets get Dwight Powell Gary Harris Grant Williams Trey Burke

Mavericks get Terrance Ross Dennis Schroder

Boston get John Wall Robin Lopez

Second Trade

Magic get 2025 second round pick.via Pistons from Clippers

Clippers get Jabari Parker

Magic receive Al Horford Josh Green 2023 first round pick(unprotected).via Bucks from Rockets 2023 second round pick.via Blazers from Boston 2025 second round pick.via Pistons from Clippers 7

Magic lost Terrance Ross Gary Harris Robin Lopez

Rockets receive Dwight Powell Gary Harris Grant Williams Trey Burke

Rockets lost John Wall 2022 first round pick(unprotected).via Bucks

Mavericks receive Terrance Ross Dennis Schroder

Mavericks lost Dwight Powell Josh Green Trey Burke

Boston receive John Wall Robin Lopez

Boston lost Al Horford Jabari Parker Grant Williams Dennis Schroder 2023 second round pick.via Blazers

Clippers receive Jabari Parker

Clippers lost 2025 second round pick.via Pistons

22 Sep 2021 22:39:29
Stephen A is about as reliable as Jason Dumas (not very) but he says the blazers are working on CJ, Roco and multiple firsts for Ben.
I'd like to flip those picks and Tobias for a high level pg. not sure there's any available tho

23 Sep 2021 01:45:16
Maybe flip for Wall and first.

23 Sep 2021 09:47:22
The point of swapping Tobias for a pg would be to improve floor spacing. Wall doesn’t do thaf.

23 Sep 2021 15:17:37
Toss in Maxey too and I’m in. That was my original idea (though I isn’t have the firsts included) . It makes sense to me. I’d be very happy.

22 Sep 2021 08:21:27
Trade between McCollum and Porzingis
Blazers could give a 2nd rounder or a 1st rd swap..

Mavs Starters:
Doncic, McCollum, Hardaway, FinneySmith and Powell

Blazers Starters:
Lillard, Powell, Covington, Porzingis and Nurkic

Doubting these 2 teams would help each other but its a great outcome for both teams..

22 Sep 2021 11:57:56
Im sorry, Mavs could give a 2nd a round pick or a swap 1st pick.

22 Sep 2021 13:23:30
I’d want multiple firsts going to Portland in a swap of those two. I really really don’t care for Porzingis.

22 Sep 2021 22:43:12
Porzingis is the biggest risk in the NBA right now. he has the ability physically to be a dominant star, but mentally he is not focused on basketball. i do not think anyone wants to take a chance on him unless he has a bounce back season.

22 Sep 2021 02:15:43

Warriors get Simmons and Harris

Sixers get McCollum, Covington, and Wiggins

Blazers get Wiseman and Danny and Draymond Green

22 Sep 2021 01:12:21

Magic get Derrick Jones Jr Jarrett Culver

Bulls get Kyle Anderson

Grizzlies get Terrance Ross Michael Carter Williams 2022 first round pick(heavily protected).via Blazers from Bulls 2023 second round pick.via Nuggets from Bulls
2027 second round pick.via Bulls

This is one of my best trade so far

22 Sep 2021 04:56:32
Why for Bulls?

21 Sep 2021 21:59:09
Blazers - Sabonis
Pacers - McCollum and 1st

Blazers - Beasley
Twolves - Covington & Brown

Blazers - Aminu and Walker
Spurs - Nurkic





22 Sep 2021 16:35:14
Big golf fan?

21 Sep 2021 17:33:18
Blazers get: Sabonis
76er's get: Brogdon & McCollum
Pacers get: Simmons & Maxey & Blazers 1st

21 Sep 2021 18:43:23
It’s great value imo. There’s only one problem I can really see. Idk if Blazers trade McCollum for another true big. They just added Nance and would be pretty thin of quality wings. Maybe I’m wrong. Bmiller will put some input.

21 Sep 2021 18:55:24
Yeah, I think it would have to coincide with a Nurkic trade for a wing. I’d do it because I really like Sabonis and he’s from here. But wouldn’t love the roster.

21 Sep 2021 03:00:20
76ers/Raptors/Blazers Three Teams Deal

Blazers get Pascal Siakam

Raptors get Ben Simmons

76ers get CJ McCollum

21 Sep 2021 04:36:01
I’d love it. Though I’m torn if I’d take Simmons or Siakam. But McCollum doesn’t seem to have quite the value of these two.

21 Sep 2021 05:08:30
CJ McCollum is 20+ points scorer fit perfectly in Philly with Joel Embiid.

21 Sep 2021 15:13:05
McCollum is also older, undersized, a poor defender, and his scoring comes from primarily catch and shoot, and isos.

I don’t disagree McCollum fits with Philly. But Simmons is simply a better -and- younger player. It’s probably not a very complicated move though. Covington could be added, along with maybe Maxey (who is also reported to want out) .

17 Sep 2021 15:04:45
bulls: Eric Gordon, Daniel House (tpe)

houston: derrick jones jr , troy brown jr, portland first round pick.

bulls get two tested veterans. the pick is lottery protected until 2028. so they won't give too much.

houston get a pick and some salary relief.

17 Sep 2021 18:28:59
yeah, a little too much salary relief. the bulls are over the cap and can't take on that much. drop house out and it works salary wise. but wasn't DJJ just traded to the Bulls from Portland. in that case the trade has to wait until 60 days after acquiring the player before they can package him with another.

17 Sep 2021 18:54:29
I like it.

16 Sep 2021 22:08:21

Boston get Danuel House Jr Isaiah Roby

Magic get Romeo Langford

Rockets get Michael Carter Williams 2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic

Thunder get Gary Harris Bruno Fernando 2023 second round pick.via Blazers from Boston

17 Sep 2021 04:16:14
Thunder get more than mid second for the salary dump by Orlando.

11 Sep 2021 00:23:16
Bulls get Jerami Grant

Pistons get Coby White, Patrick Williams and POR (lottery protected) 2022 1st round pick.



11 Sep 2021 01:22:26
Grant seems like a great fit in Chicago. I like this a lot.

11 Sep 2021 04:53:30
Why would Pistons do this? They should be thinking about trading Hayes he is a bust.

11 Sep 2021 05:52:11
This is great for both teams. Tho Pat Williams has a ceiling that could be better than Grant.

11 Sep 2021 08:37:25
I think it's an overpay for chicago, but i can see them doing this to win now.

11 Sep 2021 23:10:06
I like the idea, but I don't think they'll be able to afford Grant's next contract in 2 years. He has left good situations before to get what he wants. I also probably value Patrick Williams more than most.

09 Sep 2021 23:41:15

Sixers get CJ McCollum, Robert Covington, Anfernee Simons, and Chris Boucher

Blazers get Pascal Siakam and Danny Green

Raptors get Ben Simmons and Shake Milton

10 Sep 2021 02:55:37
No from Portland.

10 Sep 2021 15:17:46
What if you take Simons out, DAC?

10 Sep 2021 15:56:02
I’d rather keep Simons if Portland moves McCollum, but I don’t think I’d let him hold up a trade for an all star forward like Siakam or Simmons.

10 Sep 2021 23:55:49
Makes it better. I think that and. 1st.

11 Sep 2021 02:07:05
That would work for me.

09 Sep 2021 11:00:08
Blazers-Sixers-Pistons trade:

Blazers get:
Jerami Grant
Ben Simmons

Sixers get:
CJ McCollum
Hamidou Diallo
2024 FRP Detroit Top 10 protected
2023 FRP Portland Top 5 protected

Pistons get:
Robert Covington
Anfernee Simons
Nassir Little
2 second round picks from Portland

They become true contenders with one of the best defensive frontcourts while not losing much defense. CJ's shot creation is more than replaced by Grant and Simmons, and they do not lose a lot of depth. This would be the best Portland team in awhile.
Lillard-Powell-Simmons-Grant-Nurkic with a bench unit of Nance, Mclemore, Snell, and Zeller

They get a young player who averaged double digits in Hamidou Diallo, two firsts, and a very good fit in CJ McCollum. They won't get their superstar, but this return is great for them, and they can use their two first round picks for more depth.

Curry-McCollum-Thybulle-Harris-Embiid with a bench of Maxey, Korkmaz, Green, and Drummond

They get a lot of young talent in return for Grant, and Robert Covington if they wish to be competitive as well. They give up a protected first, but they get two seconds in return, and if they don't make the playoffs, chances are they keep the pick.

Cunningham-Hayes-Bey-Covington-Stewart with a bench of Simons, Little, Lee and Olynyk

09 Sep 2021 11:15:48
A lot of young talent to Detroit? Where? Lmao why would a rebuilding team trade a 1st round pick and get worse players in return.

09 Sep 2021 13:00:14
They get two second round picks in return for a pick that will most likely go back to them if they are still rebuilding by then, since it is top 10 protected. By 2024, Detroit could be a contender. Roco can provide 70% of the defense of Grant, and can most likely be swapped for a first. Little has the potential to be as good, if not better than Grant, and Simons averaged great numbers for a 22 year old.

09 Sep 2021 13:38:49
Nah. Not advisable to trade assets if you are rebuilding unless you are getting huge return. This is a meh return for Detroit, they say no. In fact, they can get more than this for Grant alone.

09 Sep 2021 14:36:43
Brutally bad trade for the Pistons.

09 Sep 2021 17:26:17
The value is off, but the framework could be moved around maybe?

Portland gets Simmons and Grant

Phili gets McCollum and RoCo

Detroit gets Simons, Maxey, Little, Portland first

It probably depends on how people see Maxey and Simons. I think Simons on Detroit could break out to being a ~20 ppg scorer.

09 Sep 2021 19:07:33
Bad thing is all the youth they’re getting will be guards when they already have Cade and Hayes. So 2 will be on bench all times.

09 Sep 2021 19:39:37
Cade’s 6’8, just make him slide to SF.

And if you’re trading for Simons and Maxey, I’d assume the expectation is that maybe 1 pops and is a starting caliber player.

10 Sep 2021 02:41:10
i would rather keep Grant and Diallo. they are better than any of the names we would be "trading them for" and if we are just "going young" then why trade a 1st round pick and get 2 second round picks back? whoever made this trade suggestion does not like the Pistons. i cannot smile at you or take you seriously.

06 Sep 2021 01:24:08
Blazers/Pacers/Knicks NBA Trade Deadline

Knicks get Jusuf Nurkic Nassir Little Cody Zeller

Blazers get Myles Turner Justin Holiday Goga Bitadze

Pacers get Mitchell Robinson Nerlens Noel Kevin Knox Tony Snell 2022 first round pick(Top 5 protected).via Knicks 2023 first round pick(Top 10 protected).via Mavericks from Knicks 2022 second round pick.via Blazers 2024 second round pick.via Hawks from Blazers

Blazers add more defensive and wings helps

Knicks get their good center & back up center & wing helps

Pacers get assets and picks

Blazers won't trade Anfernee Simons on any deals

06 Sep 2021 05:01:52
Your a 🗑 poster. Keep Knicks out of all your ideas.

06 Sep 2021 05:05:02
warning shizzee - keep being a dick and you will be banned.

06 Sep 2021 05:06:21
Mitchell Robinson defense is better Nurkic offense. His offense is better Nurkic defense. Now as💋s
pacer and Blazers fans. U over post and it sickening.

06 Sep 2021 05:08:09
ok you had your warning and carried on - say bye!

06 Sep 2021 05:48:07
Ed go **** yourself. Creator of this board is Amir 15 years.

06 Sep 2021 11:18:03
He does over post awful trades. No chance MD gets banned?

06 Sep 2021 11:57:08
Look I’m sorry for my behavior it’s was uncalled for but I’ll make sure I won’t called peoples names but well I’ve done bad trades but I’m not perfect I’m just going to stopped posting because I don’t want to get banned @ all I’m huge NBA Basketball Fan basically Orlando Magic Fan 🤦🏾‍♂️.

06 Sep 2021 12:24:19
I like this trade for the pacers.

06 Sep 2021 12:31:36
Semi-curious where I (and others) stand on the "banned list". I know I have thrown some insults around as well.

06 Sep 2021 13:32:44
Not to defend shizzee in anyway, but shizzee is a New Yorker and being insulting is all that they know. Kinda hard to expect anything different from them. LOL! (Trying to lighten the mood and probably failing! )

06 Sep 2021 13:48:09
Mann I get it! I’ve made my mistakes I’ve learned from it I’m not perfect it’s nobody’s perfect on here I regret It I’ve apologize for what I’ve done like seriously it’s really hurtful peoples made mistakes In life God forgiveness us I forgive myself u want to banned me so go ahead I’m sick of tired to defend myself that let me know u don’t have a heart ❤️

Mann I’m done I ain’t coming back I’m so frustrated and devastated as NBA Basketball Fan no Freedom God Bless America @Ed001 I’m way totally different than @shizzee I Am a Man Of My Word

Peace Y’all ✌🏿.

06 Sep 2021 14:15:48
Nana Nana, hey hey, goodbye!

Trying to start a chant from the stands.

06 Sep 2021 14:38:29
yeah, he was abusive at times, but I'm going to miss him all the same.

06 Sep 2021 15:11:08
lol @flirting.

06 Sep 2021 16:09:06
The Knicks cut out the Blazers and take Turner.

06 Sep 2021 18:02:29
i agree with Fredman
I'm not insulted if Shizzee or someone else calls me a morron
It's a forum about trades and you should handle the rubbish if you make a stupid trade :-)

06 Sep 2021 18:11:02
MD's attitude is endearing. Shizzee can be a pain but so what we can take it. The more posters the better.

06 Sep 2021 18:53:25
He will be back unfortunately. He’s played the I’m -leaving-game before and he can’t stand not trying to get attention. Plus he’s only posted 34862 variations of the Harris MCW trades of a possible 37098


06 Sep 2021 22:12:43
What is the old saying? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity? Sooooo. Doing the same stupid trade ideas over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

06 Sep 2021 23:15:05
Editor, how close am I to being banned?

06 Sep 2021 23:47:19
I’m convinced he’s 12 years old. Tops.

06 Sep 2021 21:51:34
I hope this really is the last time I see one of MD’s terrible posts coupled with his horrendous grammar. Thank you editor 🙏🏻 By the way, please give me a warning if I’m ever on the verge of being banned :)

07 Sep 2021 02:44:43
I agree Casual

Did I just say that?

07 Sep 2021 04:40:12
Let's get shizee back. He is needed in this site. MD's temper loses if he didn't like a trade regarding his team and he tries to curse every poster involve lmao.

07 Sep 2021 18:12:40
You have the Knicks trading Robinson, Noel, and 2 1st for Nurkic? This is as bad as a Shizee trade.

06 Sep 2021 00:06:01
POR: Ben Simmons, Paul Reed & Kris Dunn

PHI: CJ McCollum, Tyus Jones, Kyle Anderson, 1st round pick POR, 1st round pick MEM lottery protected
* get an all-star level guard in return for losing Simmons. On top of that are 2 1st round picks


MEM: Robert Covington
* trade 3pcs for 1 which makes sense for them



POR: Plumlee, Bridges

CHA: Nurkic, Little

* with Oubre coming in and Hayward returning, Bridges could be available. Nurkic is way better than Plumlee. He fits in right away in their playoff hopes




Nance Jr-Plumlee-Zeller

06 Sep 2021 00:44:02
Pretty good trades to me

Missed Bouknight in Hornets lineup tho.

06 Sep 2021 05:08:21
Grizzlies won't trade a 1st for Covington. They are stacked at both forward position.

06 Sep 2021 05:23:20
Nah I’ll trade a mid to late first for Covington.

06 Sep 2021 16:12:08
CJ and a low first don't get you Simmons.

06 Sep 2021 18:06:45
They give up Cov too.

05 Sep 2021 23:47:23
Raptors/Blazers No picks included just swap

Raptors get CJ McCollum

Blazers get Pascal Siakam

Peoples what y'all think this deal??

06 Sep 2021 11:55:42
Huge no from us.

04 Sep 2021 01:37:32
PHI gets Coby White, Patrick Williams, Ayo Donosumu, Troy Brown Jr Blazers 2022 pick and 2 1st round pick swaps

CHI gets: Ben Simmons



04 Sep 2021 01:53:17
Simmons Derozan would be bad fit imo.

04 Sep 2021 05:14:48
Ball Simmons and Derozan wouldn't be a nice sight.

02 Sep 2021 20:42:11

Magic get Larry Nance Jr

Blazers get Ben Simmons Paul Reed

76ers get CJ McCollum Greg Brown 2023 first round pick(Top 4 protected).via Bulls from Magic

Blazers starter
Jusuf Nurkic/

Magic starter
Carter Jr/

76ers starter

Magic use 17 Million Dollars TPE to bring Larry Nance Jr

02 Sep 2021 21:53:25
Blazers get hosed in this deal. They just traded for Larry Nance Jr. I'd think they want to see what they have in him before thinking about trading him.

02 Sep 2021 23:10:45
JJ: heck no. If I have to move Nance to get Simmons, I’d do it right now, no hesitation whatsoever. Sign me up.

02 Sep 2021 01:35:45

Pacers get Simmons and Green
Sixers get Brogdon and McCollum
Blazers get Sabonis and Maxey

02 Sep 2021 02:28:55
Pacers definitely say no!

02 Sep 2021 04:54:33
I think Blazers should send more to Pacers.

02 Sep 2021 17:13:40
As a Blazer fan, I’m in. Then flip Nurkic for a forward.

But I think Sabonis = Simmons at worst. This is bad for Indy.

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