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26 Sep 2021 22:33:06
raptors get : pat bev, leandro bolmaro, 2022 2nd round pick from wolves

76ers get: malik beasley, goran dragic, 2021 first rounder, 2022 2nd rounder from den/phi via min

wolves get: simmons

philly gets lead ball handler and a young scorer with 2 way potential plus some picks. they get off dragic next year can resign cheaper or make another move

wolves get simmons upside hypothetically fits well with a stretch big

raptors get a player with potential in bolmaro and a 2nd rounder. beverly makes salary work and keeps their team identity. Not ready to win now anyways may as well get something for goran

27 Sep 2021 00:42:41
Nowhere near the value for Simmons that Philly has been seeking. They may end up settling for this in the end, but I suspect Phily will want more and probably get it from Minn. or someone else.

22 Sep 2021 03:46:47

Magic get Davis Bertans Jarrett Culver 2024 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Warriors from Grizzlies

Wizards get Steven Adams Michael Carter Williams 2024 second round pick.via Raptors from Grizzlies

Grizzlies get Terrance Ross Thomas Bryant

It's fair deal


Magic are taking bad contract for pick and young player

Wizards got cap space relief + two solid players + future second round pick

Grizzlies got solid players that can help them win games

21 Sep 2021 09:33:03
Cle: J Brown+ J richardson+Boucher

Boston: Siakam+Garland

Tor:Mobley+K Love+ 1rnd pick Cle 2022 and 2024

C:J allen/ T Fall
Sf:J Brown/ Okoro
SG:J richardson/ Osman

C:horford/ Kanter/ R Willimas
Pf:SiakamHarnangomez/G williams
SF:Tatum/ J Parker/Sesmith
SG:smart/ Langford
Pg:Garland/ schroder/Pritchard

C: Mobley
PG:Van Vleet

21 Sep 2021 09:59:30
Not sure what to think as a Boston fan. I don't care for Siakam but he is a good player and I do like Garland. It's a good return for Brown but I can't picture him being traded. Rob Williams is their starting center btw.

21 Sep 2021 13:45:28
Tatum and Brown are both Small Forwards, but getting an all star powerforward and a talented pointguard back is a good return.

and J Brown should go to a team where he's the first scoring option. he's a great teamplayer, but Boston can't use his full potentiall, because they have Tatum.

Toronto can go in full rebuilt mode. Mobley can become the next C bosh and they have two draft picks in insurance if he fails.

It's a steep price for Cleveland, but they get the best player in the deal and they can dump Love's contract.

21 Sep 2021 17:49:46
Boston's long term plan is for Brown to play shooting gaurd. They're looking for more size on the court and that's a way to do it.

21 Sep 2021 18:28:00
I think Cavs want to trade Sexton instead of Garland.

22 Sep 2021 17:45:32
Awful for Cavs, waaay too good for Toronto.

21 Sep 2021 03:00:20
76ers/Raptors/Blazers Three Teams Deal

Blazers get Pascal Siakam

Raptors get Ben Simmons

76ers get CJ McCollum

21 Sep 2021 04:36:01
I’d love it. Though I’m torn if I’d take Simmons or Siakam. But McCollum doesn’t seem to have quite the value of these two.

21 Sep 2021 05:08:30
CJ McCollum is 20+ points scorer fit perfectly in Philly with Joel Embiid.

21 Sep 2021 15:13:05
McCollum is also older, undersized, a poor defender, and his scoring comes from primarily catch and shoot, and isos.

I don’t disagree McCollum fits with Philly. But Simmons is simply a better -and- younger player. It’s probably not a very complicated move though. Covington could be added, along with maybe Maxey (who is also reported to want out) .

20 Sep 2021 18:46:09
Raptors - Brown

Mavs - Watanabe and 2nd

Raptors get much needed height and depth down low

Mavs have too many bigs and could use another forward

19 Sep 2021 18:05:35
Ben Simmons 4-Teamer

Timberwolves receive:
- Ben Simmons (All-NBA Defensive 1st)
- Kevin Love (2 years, $60M remaining)

76ers receive:
- Collin Sexton (24 PPG, RFA in 2022)
- Malik Beasley (20 PPG, 40% 3P)
- Naz Reid (11 PPG, 5 RPG, 52% FG)
- 2025 Timberwolves first round pick (top 10 protected)
- 2027 Timberwolves first round pick (lottery-protected)

Cavaliers receive:
- Goran Dragic (expiring; would buyout)
- Pat Beverley (expiring; would buyout)
- Josh Okogie (expiring)
- Jake Layman (expiring)
- 2023 Timberwolves first round pick (top 10 protected)

Raptors receive:
- Taurean Prince (expiring)
- 2022 Cavaliers second round pick

Timberwolves Post-Trade
PG D'Angelo Russell / Jordan McLaughlin
SG Anthony Edwards / Jaylen Nowell
SF Ben Simmons / Leandro Bolmaro
PF Kevin Love / Jaden McDaniels
C Karl-Anthony Towns / Jarred Vanderbilt

76ers Post-Trade
PG Collin Sexton / Tyrese Maxey
SG Malik Beasley / Seth Curry
SF Danny Green / Matisse Thybulle
PF Tobias Harris / Georges Niang
C Joel Embiid / Naz Reid

20 Sep 2021 00:34:53
Raptors will wait until trade deadline to get better return for Dragic. 2nd round pick won't get it done.

20 Sep 2021 11:21:44
Dragic led the Heat in scoring last year in the playoffs. Surely Prince and a 2nd is too little.

20 Sep 2021 12:15:00
Cleveland does not own its 2022 second. Traded to New Orleans.

17 Sep 2021 03:09:32

Thunder get Chris Boucher 2025 second round pick.via Pacers from Bucks

Raptors get Donte DiVincenzo

Bucks get Luguentz Dort Kenrich Williams

Bucks starter

Thunder starter

Raptors starter

All teams say yes it's win-win for both teams

Donte DiVincenzo has potential become a star he would be perfect fit with Raptors it's high chance he will start

Bucks lost during free agency PJ Tucker they need replacement Luguentz Dort is that guy to replace him he can do everything on the court also play great defense

Thunder get good power forward/center he can shoot & block shot also get future second round pick

17 Sep 2021 04:14:18
Pls just cut the 2nds out of your trades. Especially ones 4 years from now, no value.

17 Sep 2021 11:24:33
Value is great for us, but we definitely don't need more guards, with Trent, Flynn, and Dragic already on the roster. We lack PF/ Cs. I don't think we'll trade Boucher for that.

15 Sep 2021 08:03:39
Warriors - Boucher

- could really use big man depth, seem like perfect big for them especially if Wiseman continues to struggle and not healthy

Raptors - Poole and Toscano-Anderson

- adds their scorer off the bench, improved a lot last year and gives them that shot creator they need. Opens more minutes for Barnes/Achuiwa



12 Sep 2021 02:32:20

Hornets get Pascal Siakam Freddie Gillespie

Raptors get Ben Simmons Tyrese Maxey

76ers get Gordon Hayward PJ Washington 2022 first round pick(unprotected).via Pelicans from Hornets

I don't know if this enough but give me y'all opinion Raptors fans & Sixers fans & Hornets fans

I'm trying something new people's help me out

Ben Simmons doesn't have that much values

12 Sep 2021 03:02:39
Morey said he wanted like five first round picks for Simmons. Why is he all of the sudden going to settle for a package centered around Gordon Hayward and one first round pick?

12 Sep 2021 03:06:29
I don't like it for Charlotte.

12 Sep 2021 04:31:11
@JJ_PR Ben Simmons value is low no teams ain’t willing give up steep price but five first round picks it’s way too much Ben Simmons isn’t superstar he doesn’t worth it tho No teams ain’t giving up all these picks for a guy who doesn’t improve his games and jump shot he is lazy as a player Morey can get one or two first round picks @ best that it but five first round picks for superstar talents ….

Ben Simmons got exposed in playoffs every years

I guess Daryl Morey stuck with Ben Simmons in Philly
Teams not going to give him what he wanted.

12 Sep 2021 08:04:46
I’d be happy stuck with Ben Simmons than to get a bad package.

12 Sep 2021 09:51:55
Ain’t u Memphis Grizzlies fan?

12 Sep 2021 11:25:57
5 first round picks is folly. Morey knows he's not getting close to that. But, his nob is to start high.
However, the longer this goes on, the less Philly is going to get, especially if Simmons sits out.

12 Sep 2021 11:30:11
Focus more on the talent going back to philly than picks. I promise morey will not worry about picks if the talent coming back keeps the ceiling high and fits what’s there. For example philly would rather keep Maxey or get a starting pg back along with Hayward rather than getting Washington and that pick.

12 Sep 2021 17:08:15
I like it :)

09 Sep 2021 23:41:15

Sixers get CJ McCollum, Robert Covington, Anfernee Simons, and Chris Boucher

Blazers get Pascal Siakam and Danny Green

Raptors get Ben Simmons and Shake Milton

10 Sep 2021 02:55:37
No from Portland.

10 Sep 2021 15:17:46
What if you take Simons out, DAC?

10 Sep 2021 15:56:02
I’d rather keep Simons if Portland moves McCollum, but I don’t think I’d let him hold up a trade for an all star forward like Siakam or Simmons.

10 Sep 2021 23:55:49
Makes it better. I think that and. 1st.

11 Sep 2021 02:07:05
That would work for me.

09 Sep 2021 07:44:46
Indy: B simmons+siakam

Philly: Brogdon+ duarte+Lamb+ 1rnd pick Indy

Tor: Sabonis

C:M turner/Bitadze
PF:siakam/ I Jacskon
SG:LeVert/ J holiday

09 Sep 2021 08:58:45
This trade definitely not going to happen 🤣 Pacers definitely saying no Sabonis is better player than Siakam and Simmons himself they ain’t trading Brogdon neither

They don’t want a guy who doesn’t improve their games he been in league for four years doesn’t improve his jump shot not Mid Range or Three Point Shot get outta here with this mess lmao 🤣 All he do is run offense play defense and dunks and layup that it Aka Ben Simmons.

09 Sep 2021 09:18:13
Indy is the perfect environment for Simmons, no pressure, happy with a first round exit and a team where he's the leader.
go to Pacers fan forum and you would see, we like Simmons and we want Simmons. We like Brogdon (because we like all players except M Turner), but Brogdon isn't an all star and he had some injury problems. So we definitly trade him for an all star.
B Simmons is undervalued on this site. It's a (big) problem indeed that the guy doesn't shoot, but he's great in everything else.

Sabonis and Siakam are equal players, Sabonis only had a better season (in perception) . The thing is that the combo Turner-sabonis doesn't work and turner's trade value is lower (a late first when we're lucky) . Sabonis is a good fit in toronto and siakam would fit the Pacers. that's the most important thing to realise a trade. ( I would like an extra asset, but i also do the swap) . Siakam would be a great third option in the offence and the combo Siakam-Turner would be good in defense.

Warren-Simmons-siakam-Turner-LeVert is a tough line to score against and Simmons can trow the ball to 4 players who can shoot a three pointer and like to score.

12 Sep 2021 14:36:16
Sabonis is not only a better player than Siakam but younger and much cheaper. Easy no from Indiana.

08 Sep 2021 15:49:03
Philly - Toronto

Philly may get better offers than this, but if not, this deal does offer some value to them, and Simmons' value isn't what it was. In any event, I think it's the best offer Toronto SHOULD make...

Dragic, Boucher, 2022 1st, 2023 swap, 2024 1st

for Simmons



Philly has a more balanced lineup and gets rid of a problem. Toronto front court becomes a defensive menace. Throw Barnes into the 2 in late game situations and nobody scores (including Toronto maybe lol)

08 Sep 2021 18:22:57
Phili counter offer: Harris and Maxey for Siakam.

They’re equally bad.

Even if you added OG it’s a pretty poor offer. If Dragic is the best player they bring back for Simmons, they might as well just waive Embiid.

08 Sep 2021 20:31:59
It wouldn't surprise me if there was a better offer. your Blazers certainly could offer more and may be more motivated to do it. Dragic allows them to clear the books to build better around Embiid. Cleveland will likely make a better offer. I don't think Minny will despite how badly they want him. I doubt they will get the prize they really want, which is Dame. I'm pretty certain Morey is not going to be able to get what he wants in this deal from anybody. Sac says no to Hali and Fox, Portland says no to Dame, Warriors say no to Wiseman and Kuminga. Personally I'd be tempted to send Siakam if it was straight up, but I don't think Raptors management would do that.

07 Sep 2021 15:32:32
Everyone's talking Ben simmon for Siakim I say he'll no. We need shooting.

Raptor's and king's

Raptor's get hield and bagley and first round pick 2022.

Kings get Siakim

Kings go for a playoff spot.

While the raptors get younger and a future center forward and a solid scoring guard. Off the bench would be a solid guard hield and or Trent Jr. Then you have Barnes and boucher plus a achewa or Birch and Flynn and or grognic

07 Sep 2021 16:48:56
not bad in terms of value, but I don't think Hield fits with the Raptors defense first style. I'm also not sold on Bagley ever meeting his potential.

07 Sep 2021 16:55:47
I think it would be a good fit since Raps still have great defenders around Hield. Barnes could easily replace the defense most from Siakam.

07 Sep 2021 19:00:16
I hear what you're saying, NBA16, but that would look a lot like the Raptors with deRozan. Ujiri and Nurse want 5 defensive studs on the floor all the time. the defense is built around everybody being able to switch and doesn't work with a non-defender like Hield on the floor. So even if the value seems good, the Raptors are pretty unlikely to do any deals that don't fit that philosophy.

07 Sep 2021 21:14:02
Yah and no defense yes isn't heild strong point but he has something over derozan and that's 3point shooting and bagley would do a lot better under a ďifferent coach specially nurse.

07 Sep 2021 22:16:42
Not really sure, but I feel that this may be a trade deadline deal at the earliest. Pretty sure Toronto is not trading Siakim without knowing exactly what they have with Barnes. If Barnes shows that he is ready to start (and Siakim recovers from his value drop) then I see this trade happneing.

07 Sep 2021 00:17:14
Raptors - Beal

- Raps could use a No. 1 option. Beal would thrive with this team imo

Pacers - Siakam

- Pacers get a better fit in the front court

Wizards - Sabonis Lamb Flynn Banton Pacers 1st and Raps 1st

- Not a loaded package but they get a super young all star big man that can move to center, 2 1sts, and a promising young PG. Allows them to finally tank for top 3 pick




07 Sep 2021 01:27:34
I doubt it would be enough for the Wizards but I think I'd do it from the Raptors perspective. The value seems reasonable. I'm not sure management would though. I don't think they're really interested in speeding up the timeline for this core to be a contender, or they would have kept Lowry (who would have been happy to stay if there was a plan to compete immediately) . I think Ujiri and Webster would rather keep Siakam on his long term deal than have Beal as a pending free agent with no history or investment in the team.

05 Sep 2021 23:47:23
Raptors/Blazers No picks included just swap

Raptors get CJ McCollum

Blazers get Pascal Siakam

Peoples what y'all think this deal??

06 Sep 2021 11:55:42
Huge no from us.

04 Sep 2021 20:20:42
Orlando Magic situation

Well y'all know I'm huge Magic fan

I hate losing I don't like rebuilding process

I'm hoping my team to make play in tournaments or playoffs

But I understand that we have new coaches stuffs & players

I heard rumors that Markelle Fultz in talk trade

Boston Celtics could be one of the team they have $17.1 Million Dollars TPE

To be honest

I don't like Boston Celtics Toronto Raptors Los Angeles Lakers I can't stand them

I don't respect some Lakers & Celtics fans

I'll be so upset if Boston Celtics trade for Markelle Fultz

I'm very cool all these peoples on here

I don't have no problem with y'all

Just got a lot of agrees and disagrees

04 Sep 2021 22:51:30
The best way for the Magic to get all star level talent is through the draft and actually give them playing time to develop. They stalled for so long trying to “make playoffs” that their high drafted players like Bamba didn’t get any PT to develop. They got Suggs who looks to be all star caliber one say. They need to be patient and continue to behold through draft.

04 Sep 2021 23:33:03
Boston wouldn't have interest in Fultz. Give me Isaac!

05 Sep 2021 05:55:15
No I only trade Issac for Porter Jr that it otherwise he is untouchable.

05 Sep 2021 12:46:49
Why don't you like us MD ; (.

05 Sep 2021 16:00:27
lol @Darry.

04 Sep 2021 00:57:46
Raps fans would y'all consider this

Raps - Wiggins

Warriors - Dragic Boucher and heavily protected 1st

- Raps could use another shot creator who's all improve his all around game very well. Boucher can be expendable imo with the additions of Barnes & Achuiwa

- Warriors still need a good backup PG. Dragic is exp and doesn't want to be in Toronto. Boucher looks like a perfect big for the Warriors. Wiggins can also be expendable by plugging in OPJ and having drafted Moody/Kuminga

- Maybe try to lure in Boogie?


04 Sep 2021 05:15:20
Good idea.

04 Sep 2021 11:15:23
I read that Dragic is being bought out and will sign in Dallas.

04 Sep 2021 12:31:59
I think I'm missing something here. I feel like this is a super super super super hard no. Wiggins is essentially a negative contract and we have OG, FVV, and Trent at the 2/ 3 anyway. Dragic is still a nice player and Boucher is probably worth more to us than Wiggins. Adding in a protected first? No thanks.

04 Sep 2021 12:49:15
Thank you for a sane trade idea that does not involve MCW and Harris. And also doesn’t suck😀😀😀😀😀.

04 Sep 2021 15:47:22
Darry FVV is y’all’s PG. OG is a combo forward. Y’all don’t have much depth at the 2.

04 Sep 2021 16:35:31
I do think the Raptors will trade Dragic sometime between now and the trade deadline. They will not buy him out unless they can't get a deal done by the deadline. But I believe they have higher ambitions than an at best neutral contract with Wiggins. And you want them to give up Boucher AND a future 1st? So yes, weed is legal in Toronto, but Masai could never get high enough to consider this deal.

04 Sep 2021 00:53:52

76ers get Goran Dragic OG Anunoby Chris Boucher 2022 first round pick(unprotected).via Raptors

Raptors get Ben Simmons Paul Reed

Raptors isn't trading Barnes FVV Trent Flynn Achiuwa Siakam

Raptors fans give me y'all opinion?? Are you willing to let go Anunoby &

04 Sep 2021 12:32:58
OG "I don't shoot to miss" Anunoby is a lot better that Ben "I don't shoot so I won't get fouled" Simmons.

04 Sep 2021 16:38:47
OG is the closest thing to untouchable on the Raptors roster. They wouldn't give him up for Kawhi, and they certainly won't give him up for Simmons. Drop Reid and OG and then the salaries work. and I'd be willing to add one more 1st and a swap. But no way Philly is getting OG in a Simmons deal.

02 Sep 2021 18:58:12
Sixers get Anunoby Vleet Bonga
Raptors get Simmons Springer Joe



02 Sep 2021 19:47:34
Raptors say no!

03 Sep 2021 11:19:57
I think OG is the closest thing to unavailable of any of the Raptors players. I see Simmons fitting in very well with Toronto's style of play, but as a point center, not a guard. still, I don't see Simmons, with his offensive limitations, being worth 2 starters. I think the best offer you'll see from Toronto will be Dragic, Boucher, 2 1sts and a swap.

03 Sep 2021 12:24:18
Huge no from us.

31 Aug 2021 12:56:21

Sixers get Fox
Kings get Siakam
Raptors get Simmons

Send draft capital wherever you think it goes

31 Aug 2021 14:29:55
the pieces moving and where they land make sense, but without saying what picks are going where makes it hard to say its believable. i think all 3 teams value their own players more than the other teams do. philly would want picks, toronto wouldn't give up picks for a damaged asset, and the kings will feel they are giving up the best player in the deal because of his youth. i agree that these players moving where you have them moving makes sense for all 3 teams, but i don't see it getting done.

31 Aug 2021 18:22:28
I think Philly would have to add picks to get the two other teams to engage in the trade.

31 Aug 2021 20:47:23
Fox has way more value than the other two.

31 Aug 2021 22:33:04
Kings aren’t trading fox. Hield bagley and a 1st round pick is best 76ers will get.

01 Sep 2021 00:45:29
Based on what? Surely not resume.

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