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21 Apr 2021 23:47:15

WAS get Pascal Siakam
- get their 3rd star to go along with Beal and Westbrook

Pg Westbrook
Sg Beal
Sf Avdija
Pf Siakam
Ce Len/Lopez

TOR get Thomas Bryant, Rui Hachimura, Davis Bertans & 1st round pick
- rebuild. Get a quality center and a young talent who can improve under Toronto's development

Pg VanVleet
Sg draft pick
Sf Anunoby
Pf Hachimura
Ce Bryant

22 Apr 2021 05:17:26
Wizards just need to rebuild from complete scratch. Trade Beal for multiple picks and prospects.

22 Apr 2021 06:39:18
Westbrook and Beal seem to be doing well together and build on that.

Hachimura Avdiva Bryant K. Jones-10
Turner Warren Martin

Westbrook/ Mudiay/ Winston
Beal/ Mathews/ Martin
Warren/ Carroll/ Hutchinson
Bertans/ Gafford/ Henson
Turner/ Lopez/ Len.

20 Apr 2021 12:52:39
Haven't made a trade in a while, so here's one:


-Lowry, s&t 3 y 72 million

Gets a mentor for Garland and Sexton

-Lottery prot PHI 2024 1st

Gets assets for Lowry, also saves money and get a TPE


Gets their backup PF

-CLE 2nd

Gets their backup facilitator (back)


20 Apr 2021 13:19:28
Rather see Lowry go to a contender even if it means Toronto getting a weaker return. If Philly doesn’t perform well these playoffs, they’d prolly be willing to give up Maxey in a s and t.

20 Apr 2021 14:12:01
While it would be nice to get something back for Lowry the focus has to be on fixing the 5, so unless the S&T player coming back is Jarrett Allen I think this would just handcuff the Raptors. None of the players you listed would be of any interest long term to the Raptors.
Also, I don't believe Lowry would have any desire whatsoever to play in Cleveland. He will get an acceptable offer from one of the contenders, and that's where he will go.

20 Apr 2021 15:19:55
Nice job on the numbers, but Philly doesn't own a first in 2025 right now, so that 2024 pick would most likely have to be moved to a 2023 and if not conveyed because of the protection, then 2 seconds are send to Toronto (2023 + 2024).

Also, if Philly is going to be in this trade, they are the ones that is going to want to walk away with Lowry somehow.

20 Apr 2021 15:24:08
Wind, Nance has seen substantial time at the 5 this year.

20 Apr 2021 18:51:48
that's true darry. but do you really think he's the answer as the starter there?

21 Apr 2021 14:06:37
Hill is more valuable to philly than prince.

21 Apr 2021 23:43:15
I see why you didn’t make a trade In Forever.

18 Apr 2021 00:06:39

NO:M turner+Barrett+H Barnes

Knicks: Fox

Indy: Siakam

Tor:1rnd pick knicks 2021+ 1rnd pick Dall 2021+ 1rnd pick Dall 2023+ 1rnd pick Indy 2023


SF:H Barnes

SF:Derozan (sign in free agency)


18 Apr 2021 04:29:38
What a freakin joke. All the kings get back is Ingram and Adams?

18 Apr 2021 05:06:14
Ingram and adams is better then fox and barnes.

18 Apr 2021 11:20:11
Ingram and Fox may be equal, in my mind. So the difference would be Adams and Barnes. So the balance of the deal depends on who you like better.

18 Apr 2021 12:18:22
NO can keep Adams. Kings will take Turner instead.

18 Apr 2021 12:36:56
knicks would be dumb to trade Barrett. They have enough picks and young players to get Fox directly from Sacremento without having to include Barrett.

18 Apr 2021 12:47:43
Tempting offer for Siakam.

18 Apr 2021 13:48:32
it would be tempting if toronto waa rebuilding, but i don't believe that is in the plans. if the raptors trade Siakam in the next year it would only be as part of the package for a better (ie true top 10) player.

18 Apr 2021 14:11:28
Just cut the Pels out. It’s horrible for them. Gasupo must have Pel hate issues with his latest let’s-steal-Ingram posts

18 Apr 2021 14:27:25
Ingram gets the edge on fox because there too many good points guards but there not a lot of good sf. That’s why fox can’t make an all star team.

18 Apr 2021 14:50:10
You think the kings get Ingram and turner for fox and Barnes add like 3 first round picks. like I value the Lakers but I never post one side trades where Lakers ain’t giving up enough. Like when I wanted Lakers getting Davis I said give up everything but kuz. And look what happened the Lakers actually over paid for Davis.

03 Apr 2021 12:18:20
Magic/Raptors/Pacers Orlando Magic NBA Draft & Off-Season

Magic get Aron Bayne Jeremy Lamb 2022 first round pick(Top 10 protected).via Raptors 2021 second round pick.via Jazz from Pacers 2024 second round pick.via Cleveland or Jazz (less favorable) from Pacers

Raptors get Mo Bamba

Pacers get Terrance Ross

03 Apr 2021 14:43:17
nobody is giving you a first round pick for Mo Bamba.

04 Apr 2021 02:01:47
Bamba for Knox.

02 Apr 2021 10:16:59
Magic/Hornets Sign and Trade NBA Off-Season

Magic get Malik Monk Vernon Carey 2022 second round pick.via Raptors from Hornets 2023 second round pick.via Boston from Hornets

Hornets get Terrance Ross Mo Bamba

Hornets sign and trade with Magic

Magic sign Malik Monk 3 years 25.4 million

Hornets have cap space to bring Terrance Ross & Mo Bamba to the team

02 Apr 2021 13:44:24
you can't add a player to the signed and traded player. you can't include Carey with Monk.

25 Mar 2021 08:30:26
A trade that put everyone in the bbn playoffs.

Pelicans get Ntilikina Rivers
Raptors get Vucevic Gordon Bledsoe Pel 1st
Knicks get Powell Aminu
Magic get Lowry Siakam Knox

Pelicans save money to resign Ball
Reddick McCaw for Jackson Miller

Raptors & Magic need change and get great value.



Knicks get better balance players


25 Mar 2021 11:48:48
Not enough for Siakam imo.

25 Mar 2021 06:06:30

Heat get Kyle Lowry Evan Fournier Paul Watson

Boston get Goran Dragic Khem Birch Aaron Gordon Andre Iguodala

Magic get Duncan Robinson Kendrick Nunn Aaron Nesmith Aron Bayne(buyout or release)

Raptors get Kemba Walker Tristan Thompson Maurice Harkless 2021 first round pick(unprotected).via Boston 2021 second round pick.via Boston 2022 second round pick.via 76ers or Nuggets (less favorable)

25 Mar 2021 06:55:51
Walker for Vucevic 2 1st.

25 Mar 2021 09:52:07
Magic say no.

25 Mar 2021 11:04:13
A Lowry-Walker swap seems interesting.

25 Mar 2021 11:49:37
We need Walker no more than we need Lowry. He's the heart and soul of the team and we're only trading him for quality depth and/ or a center and/ or Herro.

22 Mar 2021 22:28:51
Assuming that the Kings can get the following draft capital for players.

2023 second from Lakers for Whiteside
2021 second from NY via Philly for Bjelica
2021 first from Toronto for Holmes

Then the Kings send all this draft capital to Houston along with Bagley + Joseph (partial guaranteed next year) + Parker (expiring) for Gordon + Wood.

Fox/ Halliburton

If Houston is serious about trying to dump Gordon's future salary. Plus, Wood is a perfect match to build around Fox and Halliburton.

23 Mar 2021 06:58:45
Rivers for Bjelica.

22 Mar 2021 14:14:22

sixers get: Norman Powell

Raps get: Mike Scott, Tony Bradley, sixers 2021 #1 pick.

Toronta gets a young big who can play decent back up minutes, vet pf scott, but most importantly a #1 pick. Sixers get scorer, shooter, shot creator they lack.

22 Mar 2021 15:33:04
Sixers don't need any more guards. Sixers are a set team.

22 Mar 2021 17:06:51
I've heard the Sixers are looking a backup PF, if they trade Scott.

22 Mar 2021 17:37:40
Doza; could get that needed backup pf in a seperate deal. one isn't contingent on the other.

22 Mar 2021 08:20:25
Miami: lowry, powell, second round pick from dallas

Dallas: dragic, iguadala, baynes

Toronto: hardaway jr, James Johnson, herro, 2025 first round pick from Miami, second round pick from dallas

Okc: second round pick from dallas to make 2023 Miami first round pick unprotected so Miami can move their 2025 first round pick.

22 Mar 2021 09:13:22
Seems like too much from Miami’s perspective.

22 Mar 2021 11:20:54
I love Herro, but eh. . . Lowry AND Powell? I'm hesitant.

22 Mar 2021 13:56:06
I agree with Darry. I think Toronto is going to want to keep one of them to resign next year. I don't see them trading away both. maybe if Miami added the 27 1st. seems like Lowry for Herro and a 1st is reasonable, but only a 2nd for Powell is a big underpay.

22 Mar 2021 19:04:23
I’m a raps fan and I think 90% of raps fans overvalue our players. Miami would never do Herro and a 1st for Lowry. Lowry is the better players but he’s older and declining, overpaid and a UFA. And Powell probably fetches a 1st and Nunn.

21 Mar 2021 04:12:37

Clippers get Lonzo Ball JJ Redick Aron Bayne

Pelicans get Patrick Beverley Lou Williams Patrick Patterson 2021 first round pick(unprotected).via Raptors 2023 second round pick.via Raptors 2022 second round pick.via Hawks from Clippers 2023 second round pick.via Raptors 2024 second round pick.via Pistons from Clippers

Raptors get Ivica Zubac

21 Mar 2021 13:43:38
raptors giving a 1st plus for Zubac? share whatever you're smoking dude.

20 Mar 2021 07:06:49

Warriors get Evan Fournier

Boston get Aaron Gordon Kelly Oubre Jr
2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic

Magic get Tristan Thompson Aaron Nesmith Patrick McCaw 2021 first round pick(unprotected).via Boston 2023 second round pick.via Raptors

Raptors get Khem Birch

Kelly Oubre Jr agreed to sign extension with Boston Celtics

Aaron Gordon going to sign extension with Boston Celtics in off-season

Khem Birch agreed to sign extension with Toronto Raptors

Evan Fournier going to sign extension with Golden State Warriors in Free Agency

Boston/Raptors/Warriors not going to lose them for nothing

20 Mar 2021 08:06:00
Keeps Boston under the Hard Apron Salary Cap?

20 Mar 2021 11:08:48
Maybe formulate the Boston part as 2 separate trades, let Orlando take Oubre, send Ross to Boston, and add a small salary from Boston to whoever to keep them under the hard cap.

20 Mar 2021 13:15:14
Boston over the tax apron without a championship, NOT happening!

20 Mar 2021 14:51:14
Raptors say fine to McCaw, but no 2nd rounder. Birch can be signed in the offseason and doesn't move the needle enough this year to give up a pick.

20 Mar 2021 18:37:45
Are we back at smooching to Cs fans. Oubre > Fournier. stop over valuing your players.

20 Mar 2021 19:37:27
Would you like 🧀 with that 🍷?

19 Mar 2021 11:54:39
Report: Raptors turned down Powell-for-Drummond trade offer from Cavs.

19 Mar 2021 12:18:28
Powell has been our leading scorer in the past few games. He has a well rounded game and plays excellent defense. Not going to give him for I-don't-wanna-play Drummond.

19 Mar 2021 15:28:53
I'm not sure it means much other than the Raptors think its a better team with Powell in the lineup than with Drummond. It really doesn't say anything about whether the Raps want to resign Powell or not, because the return just isn't worthwhile anyway.
His defense is actually what might keep Toronto from giving him the money another team might offer in the offseason. That and what to do with Lowry. I don't see Toronto being able to keep both into next year.

19 Mar 2021 17:18:35
Nurse likes his big to be able to stretch the floor.

20 Mar 2021 13:03:16
I thought it more a statement on Drummonds "low" trade value.

16 Mar 2021 15:17:00
How do you get Barnes to Boston? Trade Thompson to open up space under the hard cap...
Toronto hopes to improve their 5 spot and the Knicks collect picks for taking on expiring salary...
Kings get 2 1sts for Barnes....

Boston gets Barnes
Boston sends Thompson to Toronto, 2022 2nd to Knicks, 2022 and 2024 top 10 protected 1sts for Kings

New York gets Baynes, Davis and 2023 2nd from Toronto, 2022 2nd from Boston (Hornets pick)
New York sends Brazdeikis to Toronto

Toronto gets Thompson from Boston and Brazdeikis from New York
Toronto sends Baynes and Davis to New York, 2023 2nd to New York

Sacramento gets 2022 and 2024 top 10 protected 1sts from Boston
Sacramento sends Barnes to Boston

Too much for Barnes? Maybe the Boston 2022 2nd instead of the 2024 1st?

16 Mar 2021 16:55:03
Why are the Knicks even here?

16 Mar 2021 17:57:29
Knicks are hear to eat salary because they have cap space.

16 Mar 2021 18:37:16
not sure how the protection on 2022 works to not violate Stepien's rule for 2024 pick for starters.

Also, Kings would want one of the picks to be the 2021 first. so if Boston wants to go 2021 + top 10 protected 2024 pick, that is fine.

If it makes it easier, Kings will just take Thompson along with the picks to get under the hard cap. But Boston only needs to give up Neismith's salary to get under the Hard Cap which the Kings would really be interested in (and may make the deal more superior than what other teams are offering for Barnes) .

16 Mar 2021 20:56:17
could Knicks trade 4 of 6 PGs. Rivers Ntilikina Payton Pinson accept Quickley Rose.

15 Mar 2021 23:30:31
Raptors and Heat

Raptors get Dragic, Herro and Olynyk. Second round pick

Heat then lowry, Davis and Thomas.

Raptors starters


Key bench

Dragic -sixthman

Then Second trade.

Raptors trade for Thompson 2020 Second round.

Celtics get Bayne, McCaw and future first round

We lose a special player in lowry but we give him a shoot to win again and resign him once ready to retire for a day. Then offer him a coaching job. Because he's going to be a great coach if interested

16 Mar 2021 12:03:50
I'd love Herro for Lowry, but the Heat would say no.

16 Mar 2021 12:21:47
Dragic has a trade veto, and I don't think there's any compelling reason for him to want to move to the Raptors unless they guarantee his option for next year. I don't see Toronto doing that.
If the Celtics move Thompson it will be because they want to clear salary below the hard cap to use move of their TPE on a more expensive player. Raptors can't offer that kind of salary relief, so I doubt he'd be coming to Toronto without a 3rd team involved that can soak up some salary for a pick.

14 Mar 2021 18:38:41
Cleveland gets: Fred Vanvleet and Malachi Flynn

Toronto gets: Collin Sexton, Darius Garland, Larry Nance Jr and '21 unprotected first


Cleveland upgrades their point guard position with Vanvleet.

Toronto gets a nice haul for their star.

14 Mar 2021 20:38:02
Big no from Cavs.

14 Mar 2021 21:08:13
swap garland with Allen. raptors can't say no.

14 Mar 2021 21:16:55
This must be a joke :-)

15 Mar 2021 00:40:42
Neither team does this.

14 Mar 2021 11:36:38
Raptors get Plumlee

Pistons get Baynes, Davis, 2nd round pick

14 Mar 2021 15:46:40
Yes please.

14 Mar 2021 16:57:13
Would like to set sights higher, but Plumlee might be the best option available for the Raptors.

12 Mar 2021 12:15:18
I've seen 2 headlines this morning... Lakers disappointed in Gasol... Lakers want Tucker...


Toronto gives Baynes, Davis, 2025 2nd
Toronto gets Gasol, McKinnie

LA gives Gasol, McKinnie, Matthews, 2023 2nd
LA gets Tucker, Nwaba

HOU gives Tucker, Nwaba
HOU gets Baynes, Davis, Matthews, 2023 LA 2nd, 2025 TOR 2nd

12 Mar 2021 12:23:10
I think Boston or Phoenix will come in with a first round pick for Tucker.

12 Mar 2021 13:18:37
Ainge will be tarred and feathered if he gives Houston a 1st round pick for Tucker. Alongside Belichick for signing Cam Newton to a 14 million one year deal.

12 Mar 2021 13:59:00
Think Boston only Gives a first for grant.

12 Mar 2021 16:48:09
@windrapsfan no way Houston gets a prospect like Davis for an aging P. J. Tucker.

12 Mar 2021 22:00:17
@JJ. let me introduce you to the Toronto media, who will not let Davis sleep regardless of the plea deal. I really doubt they will even try to bring him back to Toronto next year. if they can get something for him at the deadline that's a win.

11 Mar 2021 15:48:41
Expanding on a previous trade rumor

Toronto trades Lowry + Davis
Toronto receives Harris (Denver) + Green (Philly) + two 2021 firsts (1 from Denver, 1 from Philly)

Denver trades Harris + Barton + 2021 first.
Denver receives Lowry + Davis

Philly trades Green + 2021 first
Philly receives Barton.

The only side issue that I see is that this trade puts Toronto slightly over the Luxury tax line. So maybe swapping Davis with Stanley Johnson may be a necessary tweak to this deal.

11 Mar 2021 16:03:11
Like Barton to philly, but not enough improvement over Green to include a 1st rd pick. and greens expiring contract frees up 15 mill un cap space for sixers at seasons end, that flexibility is also gone . I'd give green and knicks 2nd rd 2021 for Barton, but not our 1st rd pick.

11 Mar 2021 16:12:05
That works for me, but don't you think Denver is giving up too much wing depth?

11 Mar 2021 16:33:21
I don't think philly has cap space with Harris embiid and Simmons getting paid.

11 Mar 2021 18:41:53
@TTP. The "freeing up $15 mil in salary cap space" is a fallacy. Philadelphia is already projected to be over the 2021-22 salary cap ($112 4 mil) with $117.6 in guarenteed salaries and 6 empty roster spots.

Also, I doubt what is currently projected as the 46th pick motivates Denver to trade Barton.

11 Mar 2021 20:05:22
Fred I actually agree you just put my comment in way better terms.

11 Mar 2021 21:01:13
Harris' 20M for next season might be more than the Raptors want to take back. Denver is not likely a place Lowry wants to go though, and I doubt the Raps will send him anywhere he doesn't approve.

11 Mar 2021 09:19:56

Hornets get Evan Fournier Patrick McCaw

Raptors get Khem Birch Dwayne Bacon

Magic get Malik Monk Paul Watson Cody Zeller

11 Mar 2021 12:04:42
Yes from Raptors.

11 Mar 2021 13:53:01
Depends on how the Raps view Watson vs Bacon. Both have non-guaranteed salaries for next year. Birch could help with the need at the 5 for the rest of the season, but he's UFA next, so if the Raps want him they can wait. If they see a future in Watson though, they'd probably rather keep him. Not likely much future in Bacon.

11 Mar 2021 17:57:09
That's a no from Orlando.

11 Mar 2021 18:32:01
There is no way that Orlando says no to this lol.

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