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20 Nov 2023 22:22:28
Nets:L Ball+Hayward+Richards
Cha:B Simmons+Dinwidie+ 1rnd pick Phoe 25-27-29+ 1rnd pick Philly 27+ 1rnd pick Dal 29

PF:C Johnson/D Finney-Smith/Hayward
SF:Bridges/O' Neal
SG:C Thomas/L Walker
PG:L Ball/ D Smith Jr

21 Nov 2023 15:18:13
Why would Charlotte give up Melo?

21 Nov 2023 18:17:29
you are not trading away your young franchise player, unless you are Sacramento.

21 Nov 2023 23:46:26
Charlotte is still a lottery team.
They should consider 5 draft picks for their star.

23 Nov 2023 04:32:21
They trade their star for 5picks then select horribly in the drafts. You dont trade away a franchise cornerstone just like that. You build around him, not trade him.

20 Nov 2023 13:25:24
Nets: D Mitchell

Cleveland:C Thomas+ C Johnson+rnd + pick Phi 27+1rnd pick Nets 28+1rnd pick Dal 29

SG:D Mitchell/Walker
PG:Dinwidie/D Smith Jr

C:J Allen/Wade
PF:Mobley/C Johnson
SG:C Thomas/LeVert

20 Nov 2023 11:43:07
The best teams have always three or even four max players and vets. Mavs doing well, but leck some pieces. Siakam, Anunoby and Valanciunas will become free agents. Having that three would complete their puzzle!

Looing for extend and trade in the winter or sign and trade at the summer! Mavs will have 2x1st and Williams and Green plus some expiring contracts to make it happen.

For example E&T or S&T:

Siakam MAX > Williams, Hardaway
Anunoby takes Option and extends max > Green, Holmes
Valanciunas > MLE

20 Nov 2023 19:16:20
How about them Kings, Dalcon?

20 Nov 2023 19:17:56
Why would OG and Siakam sign with Dallas? They aren't getting the ball as much with Doncic/ Kyrie taking over half the shots.

15 Nov 2023 23:24:18
Like the Mavs game but they miss size in the front court and hence defense and rebounding.

What free agents 2024 would improve Mavs?


So Mavs are ready to wait a year or offer good value in return in the winter:

TOR Anthony, Williams, Harris, Maxi, 1st
ORL Green Hardaway
DAL Valenjonas, Siakam, Anunoby
NOL Holmes, Powell, 2x2nd

Lively, Valenj
Siakam, Prosper
OGA, Jones
Luca, Curry, Hardy
Kyrie, Exum

17 Nov 2023 10:41:22
To understand the impact, if there is no trade Mavs could sign them next year:

MLE Valanciunas 60m 4y
S&T OGA 150m 5y > Green, Holmes
S&T Siakam 150m 5y > Williams, Hardaway.

15 Nov 2023 19:17:02
Pure Bulls Tank

Nets - Derozan and Carter
Bulls - Simmons Watford and 2 2027 1sts

Magic - Lavine
Bulls - Isaac Harris Howard and 2025 1st

Mavs - Vucevic and Caruso
Bulls - THJ Powell and Lively

- Let Ball/Simmons/Isaac on same team lollll, shorter contracts tho
- 3 future 1sts, Lively, and Howard

07 Nov 2023 20:06:16
Would really like, if Mavs take OGA on Friday away:

TOR Josh Green, Holmes, 2x2nd

Green und Barnes fit their rebuild.

07 Nov 2023 22:59:37
Dalcon's going after Toronto now :sob:.

08 Nov 2023 00:58:18
That's not enough for OG, you'll have to give up a lightly protected first.

08 Nov 2023 06:52:36
OGA and Siakam has expiring contracts. Josh Green is a good player with a lot upside. Josh is a good defender can become a very good offensive player, that can create for himself and others, what is not the first strenght of OGA. But OGA is right now the better defender and scorer and he is stronger - what Mavs need.

But maybe we go allin? Toronto cannot win at all, so build new - Mavs improve as well:

TOR Josh Green, Prosper, Maxi, Holmes, Hardaway, 1st, 2x1st swap
DAL OGA, Siakam.

08 Nov 2023 06:59:21
Or we go in the other direction and Toronto go for win now. : )

TOR Kyrie, Hardayway
DAL Barnes, Trent, Boucher, Young.

08 Nov 2023 11:03:04
Toronto isn't trading Barnes for flat earther.

09 Nov 2023 11:41:52
There are discussion! But Tor is asking a lot, maybe I would accept:

TOR Green, Williams, Prosper, Hardy, Holmes, Harris, 1st DAL, 1st DEN (via ORL)
DAL OGA, Siakam
ORL Hardaway, 2x2nd.

09 Nov 2023 16:20:21
Not even close to a good trade. OG is worth more and to be honest I would keep OG and trade siakim instead. He's better shooter rebounder and can guard all positions. Siakim can get you more. While sliding Barnes to PF and having OG play more forward. They meet a guard and a scoring guard at best. Trent Jr, boucher and Siakim need to be traded.

09 Nov 2023 18:43:54
Give us the link of that imaginary discussion you're pointing.

04 Nov 2023 09:23:14

Bulls: B simmons+1rnd pick Nets 28+ 1rnd pick Phoe 29

Nets: Embiid
Philly: Claxton+C Johnson+ C Thomas+ 1rnd pick phoe 27+ return 1rnd pick Philly 27+ 1rnd pick Dal 29+ 1rnd pick Nets 30

Pf:DF Smith

SG:C Thomas

03 Nov 2023 21:59:35
Valanciunas to MAVS

Holmes/ FRP (NOP lot protect ) / 2SRP (Mavs) to WIZARDS

Gafford/ Curry to NOP

Mavs get a solid center expiring, while Lively develops quietly.

WIZARDS get draft assets

NOP gets a young, super athletic defensive center (locked in) that fits perfectly. Curry is a veteran who will stretch the floor for Zion.

02 Nov 2023 18:56:27
Probably Philly will not trade Embiid yet. But I like the idea as well, to have the best player and a young, athletic crowd of talents:

Philly could use 3x1st to trade for Siakam and Onunoby in the winter. So Mavs could join and hunt for Maxey:

PHI Irving, Hardaway
DAL Maxey, Martin Jr., Bamba, filler

See to young guys raising up and start to complete the next years:

Lively, Bamba
Williams, Prosper
Martin, Green
Luca, Hardy
Maxey, Exum

02 Nov 2023 19:16:14
Yeah, Philly ain't trading Maxey for Irving.

And you need to learn now the salary cap works.

02 Nov 2023 22:44:08
Thk, but the CAP has worked also in the past not only from "now". However, as you can read, if you read "filler" it means, to fill the CAP - what Philly has a lot in the winter with the expiring contracts they got from Clippers.

Honestly, guys, if you write comments - please - first think - than write - to tell a worthless info, really makes no sense - it is also not funny - you wast your life.

Philly would do that trade in a second - IF anybody does not do that trade - it is the Mavs.

03 Nov 2023 00:01:41
You said we need to think. You first bud.

31 Oct 2023 07:35:17
In this case, it is time for Mavs to go all in:

ORL Hardaway, 2x2nd
PHI Lively, Prosper, Hardy, 1st DAL, 1st DEN (by ORL), Holmes, Harris
DAL Embiid, Oubre, House

Mavs are all in, but competitors.

Philly have a lot 1st picks and has started a new process already:

Maxey, Hardy, Martin, Propser, Lively

31 Oct 2023 14:30:30
That package might get you someone like DeRozan, & it still might not be enough.

31 Oct 2023 15:20:02
You forgot to say which team Luca is sent out too

Because that’s the only way Dallas could get Embid.

26 Oct 2023 13:12:19
WOW - Mavs keep Lively, since he is good and will become an outside thread was well.

So be creative:

PHI Kyrie, Powell, Covingtion, 1st LAC

LAC Harden, Tucker

DAL Maxey, Brown, Korkmaz, Corffey, Batum

26 Oct 2023 15:40:36
Err. not terrible, I guess. I wouldn't do this if I was Dallas.

26 Oct 2023 16:53:32
Another direction, not to go for win now, to go young and to see your group growing and succeeding - Maxey would be thread as Kyrie is but more athletic and 10y younger, he could add also 20+ a night and is a good backcourt defender. Risk - but would be fun.

26 Oct 2023 21:12:27
Not getting Maxey for that.

15 Oct 2023 23:08:11
A januari trade , if Cleveland and Atlanta have a bad start

Knicks: Mitchell
Cle:Murray+1rnd pick Dal 24
Atl: Barrett+Hartenstein+ 1rnd pick Knicks 24-26+ 1rnd pick Bucks 25

16 Oct 2023 00:41:17
No thanks. Murray is a terrible fit next to Garland. A late first isn't enough incentive to move on from our best player.

11 Oct 2023 18:40:07
Hornets - Doncic

Mavs - Bouknight, M.Williams, G.Haward, 2 firsts

Well Bouknight is worth a first, and Williams is worth a first, and Hayward will be a good veteran to teach young team right. They could throw in Kai Jones cause there is another first, and now we are equal to 5 first round picks!!!!!! I mean sounds right dont you guys agree?

12 Oct 2023 09:38:27
Your english and typos are better than mine. ; ) Basically Williams is a good asset, his value is a good 1st, Bouknight (right name? ) a late first, so the offer is like 4x1st - a lot! But neither Mavs nor Donic consider a trade, Mavs "process" is growing up - compared to Philly, where the process has to restart and Embiid has only some years left, why he wants to join a contending team - what are you wowes for, to have Embiid and Kyrie around Luka and Williams, Green as 3&D is the best possible grid you can build with Embiid "right now". Embiid has played with Butler already and to exchange Embiid with Randle or Allen will not improve that teams that much as Dalles would become improved to contention. Maybe Celtics, Suns or Warriors, but Dallas has not only the 4x1st picks that you can ask for a trade of Embiid, they have a nice, young replacement in Lively to build around - so Philly gets simple a good match from Dallas and Embiid gets a chance to win - that is what he asks for, if there is no "voice" of Embiid wanna go to Dallas, such a trade may not happen - but there is!

10 Oct 2023 07:36:51
Dal: Embiid
Knicks: Doncic
Philly: Barrett + Fournier + 1rnd pick Knicks 24-26-28-30 + 1rnd pick Dal 24 + 1rnd pick Was 24 + 1rnd pick Bucks 25

C: Embiid/Lively
Pf: G Williams/Kleber
SF: T Hardaway/D Jones Jr
SG: Hardy/Green
PG: Irving/Curry

C: Robinson
PF: Randle
SF: Doncic
SG: Hart
PG: Brunson

Embiid-Irving should be a very good fit.
The Knicks get the superstar they always wanted
Philly get seven picks (and can maybe keep some of their own protected picks) and a young talent. They can start a rebuilt around Barrett and Maxey.

10 Oct 2023 21:52:55
Maybe a health Embiid, 25y old would worth more than 4 x 1st picks - but not the Embiid with 30, that never played all games in the 1st play offs round or more than 60 in a season. Lively and picks are a quite good and fair offer for him - and Embiid would get the chance to win the next couple of years, before he will retire.

09 Oct 2023 19:46:01
The prime of Irving and Embiid are quite similar over the next 3-4 years. Ask yourselfs, if you add Embiid to NY, Orlando, OKC, Nets, Bulls, Hornets or Rockets, will you immediatelly in it all?

But if you add Embiid to Dallas, you may win immeditally!

Mavs offer 4 x 1st picks, that is a lot for Embiid, maybe the best Center/Forward but becomes 30y and has never play more than 60 games a season!

Before the voices go up, Mavs do not have picks, wait a second. First you send Lively, a very good Rookie, if y ask Towns or Gobert they say "it is a good one"!

You have Prosper and Hardy or you send Prosper to NY or Wizards and Hardy to Orlando or Toronto to get a first back on each and you send Mavs 2026 1st.

DAL Embiid, Bamba (TE)
PHX Embiid, 3xst, Hardaway, Holmes
ORL Hardy
WIZ Prosper

09 Oct 2023 20:39:38
Ok, do not drink Scotch and post . it is PHI that gets Lively :: ) )

09 Oct 2023 23:03:18
Embiid won't want to play for a lottery team.

10 Oct 2023 09:01:52
You are right, :) this is why he goes to Dallas. ;)

10 Oct 2023 21:14:31
The only player on Dallas's team that would be worth a 1st Rd pick is Doncic. Granted, you would get quite a few by trading him, but Hardy and Prosper are both worth a late 2nd Rd pick at best. Embiid won't be traded to Dallas without Doncic being moved, and what's the point if it costs you Doncic?

10 Oct 2023 21:50:22
You have to respect different oppinions - also if you think they are highly nonsence. So if you think, I do different and some GM as well.

11 Oct 2023 12:04:14
We actually don't have to respect different opinions, especially when certain opinions are based in fantasy land and not reality.

16 Oct 2023 19:29:20
Do you cite Mr. Trump? ; )

06 Oct 2023 10:45:50
The Mavs rookies are quite promissing good! Harden will leave 76ers. Lets say, Embiid becomes traded to Knicks, when Philly will get 4x1st picks. All that picks the next years, will be LATE first rounder, since Knick will play in the top 10. Mavs can offer right now 1st round players, that will become starters the next years and match the timeline of 76ers and Maxey. Mavs have to go for win now with Kyrie on the grid:

PHI Lively, Prosper, Hardy, 1st, 2x1st swap, Holmes, Maxi, Hardaway
DAL Embiid, House

06 Oct 2023 14:53:56
Your worst ever. And that’s a high bar to cross.

07 Oct 2023 21:02:07
Have learned, Mavs can also trade the 2030 pick what they shared most favorable already. So they can offer 2x1st and 2x1st swqp and Lively, Prosper and Hardy - perfect fit for 76er to rebuild with Maxey!

Embiid, Williams, Green, Doncic, Kyrie can win it all.

07 Oct 2023 21:33:48
That's a worse package than what the Heat offered for Dame.

08 Oct 2023 12:52:29
Dum Dum. Explain to me how the Mavs can trade the 2030 first when the Mavs owe their 2029 first to Brooklyn.

04 Oct 2023 07:24:42

Indiana get Hardaway & 1st from

Brooklyn get Buddy Hield

Dallas get DFS

01 Oct 2023 10:09:00

RJ Barrett
Khem Birch
2030 1st.via Knicks

Evan Fournier
2024 1st.via Mavericks from Knicks

Jrue Holiday
Cedi Osman (OBI Toppin TPE)

01 Oct 2023 13:56:52
Blazers will get more than this for Holiday, and why is San Antonio even in this trade?

01 Oct 2023 14:52:03
Agree with Shaq, boot the Spurs.

22 Sep 2023 18:50:41
Cleveland gets: Tim Hardaway Jr. & Jaden Hardy
Dallas gets: Isaac Okoro, Ricky Rubio, Dean Wade & 2 2nds ('25 & '26)

Cleveland upgrades their bench.
Dallas gets salary relief next year & a cheap big who can stretch the floor.

24 Sep 2023 23:00:14
Not enough for Hardaway + Hardy.

17 Sep 2023 09:18:37
Knicks:G antentonkoumpo
Bucks:Randle+Barrett+ 1rnd pick Knicks 24+26+ 1rnd pick Dal 24+ 1rnd pick Bucks 25 (return)+ Rnd pick Det 26+ 2nrd pick 27 Knicks

17 Sep 2023 16:08:01
Not enough.

18 Sep 2023 08:51:02
4 first round picks a young talent and an all star is good value for a star that wants out.

19 Sep 2023 17:58:53
Gasupo - this Knicks return would likely work for another "star that wants out".

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