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27 Sep 2021 00:51:56
Spurs - Mavericks

Spurs get, Krisptaps Porzingis

Mavs get, Thaddeus Young, Al-Faruq Aminu, Lonnie Walker IV, future 2nd.

27 Sep 2021 02:30:28
I actually like it. Good trade.

23 Sep 2021 15:10:28
Thunder get Dwight Powell, 2028 Clips unprotected first

Mavs get Luke Kennard, 2022 Clips 2nd

Clips get Isaiah Roby

Thunder add another first that could be very valuable plus a starting 5 which they lack (I don't think Favors lasts much longer on the roster).

Mavs get another shooter to put with Luka which I think is incredibly valuable.

Clips cut crazy money from the tax bill. I don't think Kennard works for them. This is a future move and addition by subtraction. Roby can play some small ball 5 and has some skill.

23 Sep 2021 15:36:37
Terrible trade for the Clippers. They're in win-now mode.

23 Sep 2021 03:52:14
DAL gets Coby White

CHI gets Moses Brown and a 2022 2nd

Mavs get much needed backcourt/ bench scoring

Bulls get much needed big off the bench and opens minutes for Caruso and Donosumu.

23 Sep 2021 07:33:01
Not trading White for someone that will be the 3rd center. They signed Bradley.

23 Sep 2021 09:39:01
Salaries match?

23 Sep 2021 14:55:14
The Bulls also signed Caruso and drafted Ayo Donosumu. they'll need more than Bradley upfront against teams like PHI, MIL and LAL. P.

23 Sep 2021 01:37:02
Magic/Boston/Rockets/Mavericks Mid Season or Trade Deadline

Magic get Al Horford Josh Green Jabari Parker 2023 first round pick(unprotected).via Bucks Rockets 2023 second round pick.via Blazers from Boston

Rockets get Dwight Powell Gary Harris Grant Williams Trey Burke

Mavericks get Terrance Ross Dennis Schroder

Boston get John Wall Robin Lopez

Second Trade

Magic get 2025 second round pick.via Pistons from Clippers

Clippers get Jabari Parker

Magic receive Al Horford Josh Green 2023 first round pick(unprotected).via Bucks from Rockets 2023 second round pick.via Blazers from Boston 2025 second round pick.via Pistons from Clippers 7

Magic lost Terrance Ross Gary Harris Robin Lopez

Rockets receive Dwight Powell Gary Harris Grant Williams Trey Burke

Rockets lost John Wall 2022 first round pick(unprotected).via Bucks

Mavericks receive Terrance Ross Dennis Schroder

Mavericks lost Dwight Powell Josh Green Trey Burke

Boston receive John Wall Robin Lopez

Boston lost Al Horford Jabari Parker Grant Williams Dennis Schroder 2023 second round pick.via Blazers

Clippers receive Jabari Parker

Clippers lost 2025 second round pick.via Pistons

22 Sep 2021 17:29:38
Per league source to @HoopAnalysisNet, the #Mavs have looked into the idea of trading for #Pacers wing Jeremy Lamb. Dallas has an $11.9M trade exception Lamb would fit into.

22 Sep 2021 08:21:27
Trade between McCollum and Porzingis
Blazers could give a 2nd rounder or a 1st rd swap..

Mavs Starters:
Doncic, McCollum, Hardaway, FinneySmith and Powell

Blazers Starters:
Lillard, Powell, Covington, Porzingis and Nurkic

Doubting these 2 teams would help each other but its a great outcome for both teams..

22 Sep 2021 11:57:56
Im sorry, Mavs could give a 2nd a round pick or a swap 1st pick.

22 Sep 2021 13:23:30
I’d want multiple firsts going to Portland in a swap of those two. I really really don’t care for Porzingis.

22 Sep 2021 22:43:12
Porzingis is the biggest risk in the NBA right now. he has the ability physically to be a dominant star, but mentally he is not focused on basketball. i do not think anyone wants to take a chance on him unless he has a bounce back season.

20 Sep 2021 18:46:09
Raptors - Brown

Mavs - Watanabe and 2nd

Raptors get much needed height and depth down low

Mavs have too many bigs and could use another forward

19 Sep 2021 22:21:33

Hornets get Dwight Powell

Magic get Mason Plumlee(buyout) Josh Green 2027 second round pick.via Mavericks

Mavericks get Terrance Ross Michael Carter Williams(release)

Magic got Josh Green & 2027 second round pick.via Mavericks

Mavericks got Terrance Ross

Hornets got Dwight Powell

Magic will probably going to buyout Mason Plumlee contract let him go anywhere

19 Sep 2021 00:52:26
Three Team Blockbuster

Mavericks get: Ben Simmons, Eric Gordon, Shake Milton, Isaiah Joe

Rockets get: Kristaps Porzingis, Dwight Powell, Trey Burke

Sixers get: John Wall, 23' Rockets first round pick via Bucks (unprotected), 24' Rockets first round pick via Nets (unprotected), 25' Mavericks first round pick (top 5 protected), 25' Mavericks second round pick, 25' Rockets second round pick

PG Luka Doncic / Jalen Brunson
SG Tim Hardaway Jr. / Shake Milton
SF Reggie Bullock / Eric Gordon
PF Ben Simmons / Dorian Finney-Smith
C Maxi Kleber / Willie Cauley-Stein

PG Kevin Porter Jr. / D.J. Augustin
SG Jalen Green / David Nwaba
SF Jae'Sean Tate / Daniel House
PF Kristaps Porzingis / Kenyon Martin Jr.
C Christian Wood / Daniel Theis

PG John Wall / Tyrese Maxey
SG Seth Curry / Matisse Thybulle
SF Danny Green / Furkan Korkmaz
PF Tobias Harris / Georges Niang
C Joel Embiid / Andre Drummond

19 Sep 2021 09:48:55
Doubt Houston is interested in Porzingis the way that Sengun played in the Summer League.

17 Sep 2021 15:37:24

Magic get Josh Green Dorian Finney-Smith 2023 second round pick.via Mavericks or Heat from Thunder

Thunder get Willie Cauley-Stein

Mavericks get Terrance Ross

It's work on ESPN Trade Machine

17 Sep 2021 16:15:00
absolutely no reason for the Thunder to "want" WCS.

17 Sep 2021 18:14:25
Also, that draft pick is loosely tied to the 2023 second that OKC may have to send to the Knicks.

17 Sep 2021 19:57:46
Forget secondary playmaking that y'all obsess over with mavs t Ross is the type of guy they need someone who can score quickly when he gets the ball and turn a slight advantage into a major one. with that said finney smith too valuable to give up especially considering their defensive shortcomings.

17 Sep 2021 20:08:47
Wait what? ahooper come on man I respect u bro finney smith is expiring just throw it because Mavericks can use 10 million TPE Magic doesn’t want Powell so they had to throw in finney smith Josh Green just a young player they would want Thunder can use WCS as big man.

17 Sep 2021 20:32:43
^Ross is very similar to THJ.

17 Sep 2021 22:06:38
Just because OKC can use WCS does not mean they want WCS.

17 Sep 2021 22:31:54
Fredman what would they want Dwight Powell? Magic ain’t giving up none of their young core I know Thunder going to ask for Mo Bamba but the answer going to be no

Thunder can only get Dwight Powell or Willie Cauley-Stein that it

Magic want Josh Green in return for Terrance Ross that it not Dwight Powell or Willie Cauley-Stein.

18 Sep 2021 03:07:10
Dude, if OKC had wanted these guys, they would already have these guys. It is not like Dallas is saying no to any offer for them.

17 Sep 2021 08:30:44
Would not wonder to see that Mavs battle for campionship next year:

Harrell, WCS
KP, Maxi
Beal, DFS
Luca, THJ
Frank, Wall

Having Wall taken after buyout and traded:

WIZ Brown, Green, Brunson, Powell, Bullock, Burke and 3x1st in February
DAL Beal, Harrell, Gill

17 Sep 2021 11:23:37
That's not actually too bad of an offer (as compared to your others anyway) . Feel Wix still say no tho.

17 Sep 2021 12:55:56
Like Dallas has 3 firsts to trade in Feb 2022. Dallas does not have that until draft day 2022.

17 Sep 2021 13:03:13
Man the delusion is strong as ever. Imaginary picks and mediocre talent getting you Beal and Harrell.

17 Sep 2021 16:09:23
Well @ringring, at least you got Ntilikina like you always wanted.

17 Sep 2021 18:59:07
Yes, Ntilikina makes a lot sense. And Beal and Harrell as well. Harrell matches the trade exception and in February Mavs can trade 2025, 2027 and 2029 1st pick since the own the 2023 to NY. But that you grid beats it all for years. Wait and see.

17 Sep 2021 22:10:31
2029 is not available until start of 2022-23 season (which would be the 2023 draft picks) .

7 years worth of picks
2022. 2023.
2023. 2024
2024. 2025
2025. 2026
2026. 2027
2027. 2028
2028. 2029.

18 Sep 2021 06:50:51
Ok, maybe. So it is 2x1st and 2x2nd - great value combinded with Brunson, Green and Brown for a player with a couple of month left on his contract.

08 Sep 2021 01:31:31
Think this trade benefits both teams

Kings - Porzingis and Green

Mavs - Hield and Bagley

- Bagley seems like he's out soon. Kings can take a chance on an all star caliber big and open up more minutes for Hali & Mitchell. Holmes is athletic enough to guard 4's and the perimeter.

- Mavs could really use another scorer next to Luka. Hield offers that and elite shooting. They take a chance on Bagley.



08 Sep 2021 02:06:51
I don’t know how that going to works out with both teams? Kings willing to play KP all these money? I’m not sure about that @NBA16.

08 Sep 2021 02:38:00
I’m sure Mavs could ass a couple 2nds to sweeten the deal.

08 Sep 2021 03:22:07
Bagley has little to no value, could potentially walk out for nothing. I think Kings would entertain the idea of swapping Hield or KP and adding a young 3&D player in Green who can add depth to a thin wing team.

08 Sep 2021 13:29:21
Another I’m leaving but back within 48 hour boycott. Hilarious.

08 Sep 2021 17:21:02
Not sure how Porzingis helps to improve Sacramento's defensive capabilities after what we saw last season.

08 Sep 2021 23:40:41
Hield and Bagley are just as bad on defense. You’re actually getting prolly the best defender in this deal in Green.

09 Sep 2021 01:38:09
Porzingis is only a defensive upgrade if the Kings consider starting Fox, Hield, Mitchell, and Halliburton all at once.

09 Sep 2021 02:18:49
They’re giving up hield

Fox/ Haliburton/ Barnes/ Holmes/ KP

Wouldn’t be a bad defensive lineup imo.

07 Sep 2021 13:28:09
Three team trade 76ers/ Pacers/ Mavs

76ers get Brogdon/ Porzingis/ Warren

Sixers solve the Simmons situation and add 3 Startingfive calibers, who complement Embiid better than Ben. Porz will be used as stretch 4, the position he excells in during his NY days. Not the haul Morey is expecting, but probably the best package they can actually get if they prefer Winnow potential over Picks.

Starting 5 (5-1): Embiid/ Porz/ Warren/ Milton/ Brogdon

Pacers get Simmons/ Powell/ Kleber

Pacers get the best player in Simmons. Carlisle values his darling Powell and Kleber, who is one of the rare Bigs that are able to defend the rim and the perimeter, spread the floor and can play next to nearly every other big, including Sabonis.

S5: Sabonis/ Kleber/ Simmons/ LeVert/ McConnell

Mavs get Harris/ Turner/ Maxey

Dallas take on the huge salary of Tobi, who was a bigger Playoff liability than Simmons and has less potential but is more durable than Porz. Also adds the Dallasnatives Turner and Maxey to round out their roster construction.

S5: Turner/ Harris/ Bullock/ Hardaway/ Doncic

What do you think? Who has to add pickcompensation to make it a fair deal?

07 Sep 2021 14:01:36
There is no way Mavs get that kinda return on Porzingis, Powell and Kleiber.

07 Sep 2021 15:07:13
Feels like phili would just cut Dallas out, keep Harris, and avoid Porzingis.

07 Sep 2021 15:51:30
If Mavs get too much, which team should get more in return in your opinion?

07 Sep 2021 16:10:29
BMiller, do you think Turner is a better fit than Porzingis? Or do you mean Warren + Brogdon vs Simmons will get it done?

07 Sep 2021 16:57:15
I think that Philly would like a Brogdon and Warren return

They would definitely rather keep Harris over KP


Looks very good.

07 Sep 2021 19:52:41
Yeah, I meant simplifying it to Brogdon and Warren for Simmons. Seems close to even to me, and I think that makes Phili better than adding the Harris for Porzingis swap.

06 Sep 2021 01:24:08
Blazers/Pacers/Knicks NBA Trade Deadline

Knicks get Jusuf Nurkic Nassir Little Cody Zeller

Blazers get Myles Turner Justin Holiday Goga Bitadze

Pacers get Mitchell Robinson Nerlens Noel Kevin Knox Tony Snell 2022 first round pick(Top 5 protected).via Knicks 2023 first round pick(Top 10 protected).via Mavericks from Knicks 2022 second round pick.via Blazers 2024 second round pick.via Hawks from Blazers

Blazers add more defensive and wings helps

Knicks get their good center & back up center & wing helps

Pacers get assets and picks

Blazers won't trade Anfernee Simons on any deals

06 Sep 2021 05:01:52
Your a 🗑 poster. Keep Knicks out of all your ideas.

06 Sep 2021 05:05:02
warning shizzee - keep being a dick and you will be banned.

06 Sep 2021 05:06:21
Mitchell Robinson defense is better Nurkic offense. His offense is better Nurkic defense. Now as💋s
pacer and Blazers fans. U over post and it sickening.

06 Sep 2021 05:08:09
ok you had your warning and carried on - say bye!

06 Sep 2021 05:48:07
Ed go **** yourself. Creator of this board is Amir 15 years.

06 Sep 2021 11:18:03
He does over post awful trades. No chance MD gets banned?

06 Sep 2021 11:57:08
Look I’m sorry for my behavior it’s was uncalled for but I’ll make sure I won’t called peoples names but well I’ve done bad trades but I’m not perfect I’m just going to stopped posting because I don’t want to get banned @ all I’m huge NBA Basketball Fan basically Orlando Magic Fan 🤦🏾‍♂️.

06 Sep 2021 12:24:19
I like this trade for the pacers.

06 Sep 2021 12:31:36
Semi-curious where I (and others) stand on the "banned list". I know I have thrown some insults around as well.

06 Sep 2021 13:32:44
Not to defend shizzee in anyway, but shizzee is a New Yorker and being insulting is all that they know. Kinda hard to expect anything different from them. LOL! (Trying to lighten the mood and probably failing! )

06 Sep 2021 13:48:09
Mann I get it! I’ve made my mistakes I’ve learned from it I’m not perfect it’s nobody’s perfect on here I regret It I’ve apologize for what I’ve done like seriously it’s really hurtful peoples made mistakes In life God forgiveness us I forgive myself u want to banned me so go ahead I’m sick of tired to defend myself that let me know u don’t have a heart ❤️

Mann I’m done I ain’t coming back I’m so frustrated and devastated as NBA Basketball Fan no Freedom God Bless America @Ed001 I’m way totally different than @shizzee I Am a Man Of My Word

Peace Y’all ✌🏿.

06 Sep 2021 14:15:48
Nana Nana, hey hey, goodbye!

Trying to start a chant from the stands.

06 Sep 2021 14:38:29
yeah, he was abusive at times, but I'm going to miss him all the same.

06 Sep 2021 15:11:08
lol @flirting.

06 Sep 2021 16:09:06
The Knicks cut out the Blazers and take Turner.

06 Sep 2021 18:02:29
i agree with Fredman
I'm not insulted if Shizzee or someone else calls me a morron
It's a forum about trades and you should handle the rubbish if you make a stupid trade :-)

06 Sep 2021 18:11:02
MD's attitude is endearing. Shizzee can be a pain but so what we can take it. The more posters the better.

06 Sep 2021 18:53:25
He will be back unfortunately. He’s played the I’m -leaving-game before and he can’t stand not trying to get attention. Plus he’s only posted 34862 variations of the Harris MCW trades of a possible 37098


06 Sep 2021 22:12:43
What is the old saying? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity? Sooooo. Doing the same stupid trade ideas over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

06 Sep 2021 23:15:05
Editor, how close am I to being banned?

06 Sep 2021 23:47:19
I’m convinced he’s 12 years old. Tops.

06 Sep 2021 21:51:34
I hope this really is the last time I see one of MD’s terrible posts coupled with his horrendous grammar. Thank you editor 🙏🏻 By the way, please give me a warning if I’m ever on the verge of being banned :)

07 Sep 2021 02:44:43
I agree Casual

Did I just say that?

07 Sep 2021 04:40:12
Let's get shizee back. He is needed in this site. MD's temper loses if he didn't like a trade regarding his team and he tries to curse every poster involve lmao.

07 Sep 2021 18:12:40
You have the Knicks trading Robinson, Noel, and 2 1st for Nurkic? This is as bad as a Shizee trade.

01 Sep 2021 08:44:37
Dal:B Hield

Sac:B simmons+ Kleber+Powell

Philly: H Barnes+ 1rnd pick Sac 2022+2024+ 1rnd pick Dall 2025

01 Sep 2021 12:42:32
This is closer to what Morey thinks Simmons is worth than what the other GMs would think he's worth. particularly in a "I won't report" fire sale. Philly really has no leverage here. 3 1sts and Barnes is way too high a price.

01 Sep 2021 16:36:30
Morey was a moron, not including Maxey in that trade.

Simmons is undervalued on this side. He can't (don't want) shoot the ball and that's a big flaw in this modern nba, but the guy is a 25 year old 7ft powerforward, who can play defense, pass, drive, grab rebounds, . He's a three time all star, he made an nba team, two nba all defense teams, lead the nba in steals in 2020,.
He can play center, powerforward, small forward and pointguard.
And there's a big chance he becomes a hall af famer after his career and if not, he will make some more all star teams.

three draft picks (2+Hield) and H Barnes isn't cheap, but it's also not an overpay. How big is the chance the Kings kan draft a player like Simmons with those two picks?

Sacramento is a good environment for Simmons, the pressure is low and fans are happy if they make the playoffs.

C:B Holmes
Pf:B Simmons

01 Sep 2021 19:52:49
What is the chance that Mitchell can develop into a Simmons talent?

01 Sep 2021 20:18:14
Gasupo is absolutely right about Simmons.

01 Sep 2021 22:36:52
come on Fredman, mitchell show some potential, but it's little chance he becomes better than simmons.

The kings would be a contender with the combo Fox-Simmons.
Simmons can be the turnaround c Webber was in 1998.
And Sacramento is the place to be for Simmons to shoot a three.
The only thing the guy need is to make two three's in a row and the kings are the most dangerous team and fun team in the west for the next 7 to 10 year.

02 Sep 2021 03:53:53
@gasupo. So not the point I was addressing. Is it really that hard to see Mitchell developing into a first team all-defensive, play-making PG? Because that is what Simmons is (not better than Simmons) . This is addressing how likely the Kings would be in drafting a Simmons-like player.

02 Sep 2021 12:29:36
Fredman, if you get Simmons, for sure, Kings are a better team. That's for SURE.

31 Aug 2021 07:49:45
Dallas gets Jerami Grant,josh Jackson,
Sekou doumbouya

Detroit gets kristaps porzingis

31 Aug 2021 11:40:59
Jerami Grant>>> KP.

29 Aug 2021 23:42:54
Rockets get Toppin Noel Knox Poole Mulder Dal 1st Warriors 1st
Knicks get Wiggens Wood Martin Tate
Warriors get Fournier Gordon

If Thompson is not healthy this good insurance policy. Trade is made if Thompson is not fully healthy. But when he comes back this team is loaded with shooters

Mulder 2nd for Moses


Cut payroll, get 2 1st and add Toppin.


This balance deep team could make ecf


30 Aug 2021 13:16:25
Awful lot for Fournier+Gordon tbh.

29 Aug 2021 13:56:08
Mavs may wait till Februar and see if Wizards works for playoff spots or not. Having a good package available to ask for Beal - if not.

DAL Harrell, Beal
WIZ M.Brown, Green, Brunson, THJ, 3x1st

29 Aug 2021 14:04:20

29 Aug 2021 15:00:58
Lol @ wrong wrong. I swear between him and the attention starved Village Idiot Postaholic.

29 Aug 2021 16:31:01
I find it more interesting on who he moves on to once he is determined to be wrong. If no Beal, then who is next? Lillard?

29 Aug 2021 19:50:14
My prediction “Embiid wants to win, not happy with Philly”

Mavs - Embiid

76ers - Hardaway Brunson Green 2 1sts.

29 Aug 2021 20:37:15
Apart of the fact, Embiid has a 6y contract running and Beals contract could end in 2022 - I do not like Embiid personally. And Embiid would not fit with KP.

29 Aug 2021 21:43:09
Well you should get through your head that the Mavs have absolutely 0 assets to trade for a superstar/ star and it won’t happen. Only way would be for FA.

27 Aug 2021 09:06:06

Philly:Porzingis+ 1rnd pick Dal 2025 and 2027

Indy: B simmons

27 Aug 2021 12:37:36
Sabonis > Simmons why gasupo.

27 Aug 2021 14:34:32
Sabonis is a fun player to watch, but he's not going to win us a championship.
Also the combo Turner-Sabonis doesn't work, so we better trade one of them. In best case we get a first back for Turner. And we can't get a player like Lilliard or Beal for Sabonis
Indy needs a superstar and we can't get one without giving up Sabonis+ picks and probably another good player.
So Indy should gamble on a star that's damaged, like Simmons, Siakam or Ingram and hope they bounce back in Indy.

I believe the combo Turner-Simmons is more complementary than Sabonis/ Turner, not perfect, same problems on the offence, but a lot better on the defensive end.
And LeVert/ Duarte/ Brogdon/ Warren are the perfect players to play with Simmmons.

C:Turner/ Bitadze
PF:Simmons/ Brissett/ Jackson
SF:Warren/ Craig
Sg:LeVert/ Duarte
PG:Brogdon/ McConnell.

27 Aug 2021 16:58:13
there isn't a player in NBA will bring chip to pacers.

24 Aug 2021 23:14:08

Magic get Josh Green 2024 second round pick.via Mavericks

Thunder get DeAndre Jordan 2022 second round pick.via Nets

Mavericks get Terrance Ross

Nets get Derrick Favors

Peoples what y'all think this deal? Be honest

25 Aug 2021 04:04:38
ok, why is this a 4-way deal?

25 Aug 2021 15:03:03
@Destroy. Because it allows Dallas to take on an additional $9+ mil (Ross-Green) in salary when Dallas is over the salary cap and does not have a TPE large enough to put Ross into? Whoops! ESPN trade machine says this is a failure as well.

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