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28 Nov 2023 07:40:11
Magic doing well with Black and Anthony on PG have more shooting would make them even better:

ORL Green, Hardaway, Holmes, 2nd 2025 TOR via DAL
DAL Siakam, Anunoby
TOR Fultz, Green, Isaac, Harris, 1st 2025 DEN via ORL, 1st 2017 DAL

20 Nov 2023 20:38:47
Orlando/ Chicago

Orlando: Lavine

Chicago: Fultz, Isaac, Okeke, 2025 1st (Den), 2026 1st (Orl) lottery protected

Chicago gets a few pieces and shakes things up a bit, plus gets an additional 2 1st Rd picks

Orlando swings a big trade for a piece that they need. They have been rebuilding well, and add Lavine to Banchero and Franz could be just what they need

Carter Jr/Bitadze

17 Nov 2023 00:23:17

Gary Harris
Chuma Okeke
2025 1st Round Pick (Bulls) Top 10 Protected

Buddy Hield
Doug McDermott
Jordan Nwora

Markelle Fultz

Magic need more offensive players

Magic need to put more shooters around Paolo and Franz

Magic already good on defense

They need to add more offensive fire power

17 Nov 2023 04:13:29
Spurs are NOT giving up a first for Fultz.

15 Nov 2023 19:17:02
Pure Bulls Tank

Nets - Derozan and Carter
Bulls - Simmons Watford and 2 2027 1sts

Magic - Lavine
Bulls - Isaac Harris Howard and 2025 1st

Mavs - Vucevic and Caruso
Bulls - THJ Powell and Lively

- Let Ball/Simmons/Isaac on same team lollll, shorter contracts tho
- 3 future 1sts, Lively, and Howard

02 Nov 2023 22:44:24

Clint Capela

Wendell Carter Jr
Chuma Okeke
2024 2nd Round Pick.via Magic

Magic sign Danny Green 1 year deal

Magic starter

Markelle Fultz
Jalen Suggs
Franz Wagner
Paolo Banchero
Clint Capela

Hawks starter

Trae Young
Dejounte Murray
DeAndre Hunter
Wendell Carter Jr
Onyeka Okongwu

03 Nov 2023 09:19:42
I see Carter Jr as more valuable then Capela.

04 Nov 2023 16:45:56
Horrible for the Magic. Carter Jr is more valuable than Capela. Magic don't have any minutes to give Danny Green, we have too many guards as it is.

17 Oct 2023 16:57:21
Atl: J Brown+Isaac
Bost:T Young+C Capela+1rnd pick Sac 24+1rnd pick Denver 24
Magic:D White

PG:T Young


18 Oct 2023 10:53:35
Brown can't be traded until after next years draft.

17 Oct 2023 14:02:18

MIA gets Fultz, Carter Jr,

ORL gets Herro, Towns, Jacquez, 2028 1st rd pick via MIA

MIN gets Issac, Harris, Anthony, 2025 and 2027 FRP via ORL

Fultz/ Lowry
Butler/ Richardson
Caleb Martin/ Robinson
Bam Adebayo/ Jovic/ Love
Wendel Carter/ Thomas Bryant

** Jovic might be added to this trade if ORL insists

Suggs/ Anthony Black
Herro/ Ingles
Wagner/ Jacquez
Paolo/ Okeke
Towns/ Wagner

Cole Anthony/ Conley
Edwards/ Gary Harris
Gobert/ Naz Reid

I think minny's front office is slowly realizing this team can only be built around ant and only ant, so getting as much as they can for towns is of the utmost importance- maybe ORL throws another FRP into the mix to sweeten it up.

Issac is a gamble but if he pays off then the GM will look like a genius given the contract, he's on- if he really excels, he either becomes a good trade piece or a core member of a rebuild.

17 Oct 2023 18:29:49
Horrible for Minnesota are you kidding.

18 Oct 2023 07:11:19
Tha Miami pick should go to Minny and Orlando should give another pick too.

12 Oct 2023 20:49:22
Wolves need to max out McDaniels and have to look to a realistic future - where they can build a great young core. Magic need to do something to become better right now:

ORL Towns, Milton, Ryan
MIN Carter Jr., Harris, Anthony, 1st

Wolves start Harris, Anderson as defenders and keep to be a winning team - and have Anthony, Carter when Gobert/Conley are done. Anthony, Alex-Walker, Edwards, McDaniels, Carter Jr. are + other young players offer a great future.

Magic get one of the best frontcourts having Towns, Banchero, Wagner and have their your backcourt when Fultz, Suggs gets added by Anthony Black and the new SG backup Milton.

13 Oct 2023 01:37:58
Um, no. Just no.

13 Oct 2023 08:01:54
What do you mean? Your committment to your life? ; )

14 Oct 2023 17:04:30
I mean no to every post you make. Every single one.

11 Oct 2023 16:19:56
Orl: LaVine
Bulls: KAT
Wolves: Isaac+Fultz+Harris+ 1rnd pick Orl 24+ 1rnd pick Por 24+ 1rnd pick Denver 25+ 1rnd pick Bulls 26+ 1rnd pick Was or Suns 26

=> Orlando receive the shootingguard they need.
=> The bulls receive a star
=> The Wolves get 5 draft picks so the Wolves can built arround Edwards

11 Oct 2023 17:20:15
Wolves getting a bunch of meh pieces for their second-best player.

11 Oct 2023 19:41:25
As a Wolves fan, I don't hate this. But they don't have the roster spots to take on 3 players while only giving up 1.

Honestly, If Isaac could stay healthy, I would love him at PF next to KAT at center. Having strong defenders in Conley, Edwards McDaniels, and Isaac would go a long way to offset the average to below average D from KAT.

12 Oct 2023 05:30:42
KAT & Vooch together?

09 Oct 2023 19:46:01
The prime of Irving and Embiid are quite similar over the next 3-4 years. Ask yourselfs, if you add Embiid to NY, Orlando, OKC, Nets, Bulls, Hornets or Rockets, will you immediatelly in it all?

But if you add Embiid to Dallas, you may win immeditally!

Mavs offer 4 x 1st picks, that is a lot for Embiid, maybe the best Center/Forward but becomes 30y and has never play more than 60 games a season!

Before the voices go up, Mavs do not have picks, wait a second. First you send Lively, a very good Rookie, if y ask Towns or Gobert they say "it is a good one"!

You have Prosper and Hardy or you send Prosper to NY or Wizards and Hardy to Orlando or Toronto to get a first back on each and you send Mavs 2026 1st.

DAL Embiid, Bamba (TE)
PHX Embiid, 3xst, Hardaway, Holmes
ORL Hardy
WIZ Prosper

09 Oct 2023 20:39:38
Ok, do not drink Scotch and post . it is PHI that gets Lively :: ) )

09 Oct 2023 23:03:18
Embiid won't want to play for a lottery team.

10 Oct 2023 09:01:52
You are right, :) this is why he goes to Dallas. ;)

10 Oct 2023 21:14:31
The only player on Dallas's team that would be worth a 1st Rd pick is Doncic. Granted, you would get quite a few by trading him, but Hardy and Prosper are both worth a late 2nd Rd pick at best. Embiid won't be traded to Dallas without Doncic being moved, and what's the point if it costs you Doncic?

10 Oct 2023 21:50:22
You have to respect different oppinions - also if you think they are highly nonsence. So if you think, I do different and some GM as well.

11 Oct 2023 12:04:14
We actually don't have to respect different opinions, especially when certain opinions are based in fantasy land and not reality.

16 Oct 2023 19:29:20
Do you cite Mr. Trump? ; )

09 Oct 2023 18:08:40
Philly:F Wagner+Okeke/CarterJr+Isaac+1rnd pick Orl 24-27+ 1rnd pick 25 Denver+ 1rnd pick 26 Was

PG:c anthony

09 Oct 2023 19:23:44
I wouldn't do this for Orlando. They give up their second-best prospect as well as their depth. That starting line-up aside from Embiid & Banchero is pretty bad. Also, not sure if Embiid & Banchero are a good fit.

10 Oct 2023 21:16:17
Orlando needs a really good SG I think. We have pretty good bigs, have at least 2 building blocks with Paolo and Franz, and some decent guards. If they make any trades, I think it will be for a SG.

28 Sep 2023 16:13:52
Maybe magic can use a vet leader

Magic - holiday

Blazers- isaac, harris, anthony & 2 1st with protection


28 Sep 2023 18:39:16
Too many guards for Portland to consider.

27 Sep 2023 13:06:39

Gary Harris
Marcus Morris Sr

Wendell Carter Jr
Gordon Hayward
Nicolas Batum
Cole Anthony
2024 1st (Magic)
2025 1st (Nuggets) from Magic
2026 1st (Suns or Wizards) from Magic
2028 1st (Least Favorable with Magic)
2030 1st (Least Favorable with Clippers)

Damian Lillard
Ivica Zubac
Robert Covington
2028 1st (More Favorable with Blazers)

Markelle Fultz
Jonathan Isaac
Jusuf Nurkic
2030 1st (More Favorable with Blazers)

27 Sep 2023 18:40:24
Lillard got traded to Milwaukee.

24 Sep 2023 17:30:41
Indy- isaac, harris & 1st

Orl- hield, theis

Magic get shooting while magic get rid of isaac contract magic also get depth at center adding wagner's german teammate

24 Sep 2023 19:06:17
i like this for Indy.

24 Sep 2023 23:07:17
If you make the 1st Rd pick the 2025 1st from Denver then maybe. Otherwise, it's too much from Orlando.

24 Sep 2023 23:58:14
When can Isaac's contracted by waived? Save $10 mil by waiving Isaac by 1/ 10/ 24.

25 Sep 2023 13:14:25
I'd say change the 1st to a 2nd.

27 Sep 2023 00:29:05
Good deal but exclude the pick.

22 Sep 2023 02:46:00

PHX get Jusuf Nurkic, DFS & Keon Johnson
-get 2 role players who can compliment their stars better

Pg Beal/Gordon
Sg Booker/Lee
Sf Durant/Okogie/Johnson
Pf DFS/Watanabe
Ce Nurkic/Eubanks/Bol

POR get Deandre Ayton, Kyle Lowry (buyout), Cam Thomas, Jaime Jacquez, Orlando Robinson, 2 1sts from MIA, 2 swaps from MIA, 1st from BKN
- get a young big and assets

Pg Henderson/Simons
Sg Sharpe/Thomas
Sf Thybulle/Jacquez/Little
Pf Grant/Murray
Ce Ayton/Badji/Robinson

BKN get Tyler Herro & Nikola Jovic
- adds offensive firepower

Pg Dinwiddie/Smith
Sg Herro/Walker
Sf Bridges/Jovic/Whitehead
Pf Johnson/Simmons/Clowney
Ce Claxton/Sharpe/Giles

MIA get Damian Lillard & Royce Oneale

Pg Lillard/Richardson
Sg Butler/Robinson
Sf Martin/Highsmith
Pf Oneale/Love
Ce Adebayo/Bryant

21 Sep 2023 05:27:45

Magic get Buddy Hield

Pacers get Gary Harris 2024 1st round pick.via Magic (lottery protected) 2026 2nd round pick.via Clippers from Grizzlies

Grizzlies get Chuma Okeke (Dillion Brooke TPE)

21 Sep 2023 07:28:02
I like this for the pacers.
Why would Orlando do this?

21 Sep 2023 17:41:23
Magic need elite shooter.

21 Sep 2023 20:41:06
Magic say hell no. Hield is not worth a 1st, let alone Harris and Okeke.

21 Sep 2023 21:46:40
Hield is the best player in the deal. He is an elite 3 point shooter. He would fill a big need for Orlando. He is also on expiring deal. Magic can r-sign him or use his cap space somewhere else. Also, the 1st pick being given up by Magic is lottery protected, so not near as valuable as an unprotected pick. Harris is a starter, but he is taking minutes from young guys with better upside (Black, Suggs), so he is a short term loss for a long term win. Okeke is way down on the depth chart for the Magic, no great loss.

I think this is a good deal for Orlando and Indy.

26 Sep 2023 16:28:57
Warlock- what has Harris or joker done to show value compared to Buddy?

18 Sep 2023 06:52:52
Cleveland gets: Mark Williams, Gary Harris, Chuma Okeke & '25 top 10 protected first from Charlotte, '24 & '25 seconds from Orlando
Orlando gets: Terry Rozier, Isaac Okoro, Dean Wade & Kai Jones
Charlotte gets: Jarrett Allen & Markelle Fultz

Cleveland sacrifices Allen to get Williams, who I think has a very high ceiling, & they also get depth with Harris & Okeke. They also get a protected first.
Orlando gets a 21 PPG scorer in Rozier & some other niece pieces.
Charlotte gets an all-star caliber big that fits well next to LaMelo, Brandon Miller & get a quality back-up guard in Fultz.

16 Sep 2023 19:19:19
@JJ_Pr. You wanted a counter offer, this would be it.

Cleveland: Fultz, Harris, Okeke, 2025 1st (Den) and 2026 1st (Orl)

Orlando: Donovan Mitchell

Mitchell is the only player I would want (realistically) from Cleveland. Easily would give these 3 young guys and a couple 1st Rd picks.

I know you will say hell no though

17 Sep 2023 17:57:03
Magic would need to give up Suggs or Wagner imo for a superstar. This isn’t anywhere close.

Could’ve at the bare minimum at least included Black and/ or Jett.

17 Sep 2023 18:06:41
Thanks for the counter, but Mitchell is the most untouchable player in our roster.

18 Sep 2023 03:47:22
@JJ like I said, you would say hell no. You can't offer us trash for solid role players though. At least with my counter you get good pieces to work with.

13 Sep 2023 20:50:43
Cleveland gets: Gary Harris & Chuma Okeke
Orlando gets: Isaac Okoro, Dean Wade, Ricky Rubio & 2 2nd rounders

Cleveland upgrades their bench & gamble on Okeke's upside.
Orlando gets a recent top 5 pick & a big who can shoot.

14 Sep 2023 02:46:25
@JJ Orlando (and myself lol) have no interest in any of these pieces Cleveland (you) is offering. Okoro hasn't shown much, Wade isn't more than an end of the bench depth piece, Rubio is hurt and won't play, and Orlando hates 2nd Rd picks.

14 Sep 2023 03:05:09
Fair enough. Could you do a counter that involves sending Harris & Okeke to Cleveland?

14 Sep 2023 06:42:10

Cleveland gets: Gary Harris & Chuma Okeke
Orlando gets: Isaac Okoro, Dean Wade, Ricky Rubio, draft rights of Luke Travers & Khalifa Diop, '24 unprotected pick swap, '30 unprotected pick swap & 5 2nd rounders.

That's the most I'd be willing to give up.

14 Sep 2023 11:49:39
What's going on here? Harris and Okeke combined are worth about 1 decent 2nd round pick.

14 Sep 2023 16:04:14
@nightcap Danny Ainge trying to convert trash into a fine wine.

15 Sep 2023 04:43:57
@JJ not a single piece offered would be accepted by Orlando. Harris did very well for us last year. Okeke has high upside if he can stay healthy. Not a single player offered fit Orlando better than what we give up.

12 Sep 2023 07:00:46
Cleveland gets: Gary Harris & Cole Anthony
Orlando gets: Isaac Okoro, Dean Wade, Ricky Rubio & 2 seconds

Cleveland upgrades their bench.
Orlando adds a defensive specialist & a big that can stretch the floor.

13 Sep 2023 14:02:55
Orlando passes easily. Harris contributed a lot last year and Anthony is worth more than this by himself.

13 Sep 2023 15:15:24
@ShaqIsBack would you do it if it was Okeke instead of Anthony?

14 Sep 2023 02:44:21
@JJ. No interest in this at all. Wouldn't do it even if it was for Harris by himself.

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