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26 Sep 2021 18:35:01
Spurs - Suns - Thunder

Spurs get: Jalen Smith, future 1st from Suns

Suns get: Thaddeus Young, Drew Eubanks, Kit Kreci (from Thunder)

Thunder get: Dario Saric, future 2nd from Spurs

09 Sep 2021 04:58:29
Let me get some hate

Suns - Simmons and Brogdon
- Stays on top of west while gets younger.

Pacers - Bridges Smith and Saric
- Gets 2 young players with great upside. Bridges is improving well

76ers - CP3 Holiday and 1st from each team
- Competes right now. Might be best player they can switch for Simmons. CP3 deal is pretty friendly after first few years and still gets 2 1sts




09 Sep 2021 05:59:44
Phoenix definitely saying no they’re win now mode Booker can’t carry them to Finals without Chris Paul That a Fact.

09 Sep 2021 06:21:25
Or we can realize that outcome could have been different with a Lebron/ AD and Kawhi healthy.

09 Sep 2021 07:05:43
If Lakers or Clippers are healthy Suns wouldn’t make it to Finals that a Fact Nobody’s on Suns going to stopped Kawhi/ Paul or LeBron/ AD are Healthy it’s will be too much for them.

09 Sep 2021 07:28:05
Paul was definitely a big impact Bc of leadership, but Suns could also look at being a contender for 5+ years with this deal where Sixers get a piece that can hopefully bring them that championship in the next year or two.

09 Sep 2021 07:46:14
Indy does this without te pick

I like this for Phoenix, but i can't see them doing this.

09 Sep 2021 08:31:46
Been thinking about simmons to suns for quite some time. This is really good for them. Simmons Brogdon Booker Ayton core would be great for years.

09 Sep 2021 17:30:36
If I’m Phoenix, I take this without question. I get Paul dragged them to the finals, but he’s 36. Getting two borderline all stars that are both still fairly young would be a huge win.

12 Sep 2021 14:40:05
Why does Indy do this? They are trying compete now. They are not in a rebuilding mode. Stop trying to use Indiana players as your farm team.

31 Aug 2021 11:58:21
Phx get Thad Young, L. walker

Sas get Saric, Smith & 2nd

31 Aug 2021 12:16:05
No from SAS.

30 Aug 2021 07:34:10
Phoenix; Marvin Bagley
Kings; Saric, Smith

30 Aug 2021 21:58:37
Take Smith out.

23 Aug 2021 04:04:33

Magic get Mikal Bridges Jalen Smith Steven Adams Jarrett Culver 2024 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Suns 2022 first round pick.via Jazz from Grizzlies

Suns get Johnathan Issac Patrick Beverley Moe Wagner

Grizzlies get Gary Harris Mo Bamba

Wolves get Jae Crower

Magic release Michael Carter Williams

23 Aug 2021 07:40:22
It's official now you had every gm once throw a shoe at you and hang up the phone on you. Suns and Grizzlies already got the other shoe off, Hope you post another idea.

23 Aug 2021 09:09:23
Suns say no. Isaac need to be healthy first before having that kind of value.

23 Aug 2021 09:41:35
Don’t see Suns trading Bridges Crowder Smith and a first for pretty much just Isaac.

They have Payne and Payton they don’t need Bev.

04 Aug 2021 23:23:27
Blazers so far without any major improvements smh

Covington-Jones Jr-Little

Warriors, Clippers, Lakers Suns, Nuggets, Jazz are all better, maybe Dallas too. I'm seeing another 1st round exit at best unless we make a splash. I'm getting ready for a Lillard trade request anytime soon.

05 Aug 2021 03:25:28
They shouldn't be done yet. 6 SG's if you count Snell as a SG. Talk about lack of roster balance.

There has to be a trade in the works for a PF or combo F who has solid defensive skills. Covington is undersized at PF against many teams.

They still have the MLE available I believe.

And, maybe they sign LA as he considers coming back.

Additionally, they have Kenneth Faried and Michael Beasley on their summer league roster that might earn a spot and give them 15 to 18 minutes a game of solid play.

Then again they just may remain on the first round exit hamster wheel.

05 Aug 2021 03:36:28
Weak bench still as well.

29 Jul 2021 21:33:30
Shamet to Suns for Carter & 29th pick

30 Jul 2021 14:21:33
Splash Suns.

23 Jul 2021 06:02:01

PHX: Ben Simmons, George Hill, Paul Reed

PHI: Chris Paul, Cam Johnson, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick

We add size to defend these bigs who swallowed us

PHI get a leader to elevate their chance

PHX new roster

Simmons - Payne
Booker - Hill - Carter
Bridges - Craig
Crowder - Saric - Reed
Ayton - Smith - FA (Noel? McGee? howard?)

PHI new roster

Paul - Milton - Maxey
Curry - Korkmaz
Thybulle - Johnson - Joe
Harris - Tolliver
Embiid - FA

23 Jul 2021 00:48:42
Pistons - Suns

Pistons get Jalen Smith, Dario Saric, 29th pick 2021 & 2nd round pick

Suns get Jerami Grant

Split MLE to Javale McGee & TJ McConnell
Sign Wayne Ellington vet min
Bring back Torey Craig & Cam Payne to small money


23 Jul 2021 03:03:13
Think Pistons can get more.

23 Jul 2021 17:47:41
Not any better here than it was on the other board.

22 Jul 2021 21:52:32
PHX add: Tristan Thompson

BOS add: Dario Saric

Saric is injured, but if healthy he will fit perfectly with BOS. PHX has enough firepower and getting big man depth should be prioritized. Thompson is a good back up to Ayton. Anymore pieces to be involved?

22 Jul 2021 23:16:42
I've been thinking about this for quite a while but I think the injury put an end to it for Boston.

21 Jul 2021 20:53:15
Suns - Bamba
Magic - Carter & 29

- Suns get much needed height/size for backup center
- Magic gets another 1st

22 Jul 2021 00:44:04
Magic say no tbh I rather keep Bamna than taking a player who isn’t in rotation the pick isn’t enough.

22 Jul 2021 03:54:27
You’ve been trading Bamba and Ross for 2nd round picks and Rodney Hood, now a 1st round pick isn’t enough?

21 Jul 2021 04:55:28
Lakers Crowder

Suns Harrell 2nd pick

21 Jul 2021 06:42:32
I think it's clear that the Suns need a lot more size behind Ayton. I don't think Harrell is the answer.

21 Jul 2021 18:49:27
Yeas, more size. Sign and trade with Hawks for Collins be great:-) . Crowder with Smith or Johnson. Nerlens Noel, Derrick Favours, Serge Ibaka, Marvin Bagley.

11 Jul 2021 21:11:48

Pistons get Shake Milton, Matisse Thybulle, future Sixers first, Cam Johnson

Put solid young pieces around #1 pick while cashing in on a guy who doesn't fit the timeline. Use extra money to sign young center in FA (Allen/Holmes)


Sixers get Jerami Grant, Dario Saric, Mikal Bridges, CJ McCollum, Robert Covington

Reunite Hinkies/Moreys guys, add a 2nd star and make a run


Suns get Tobias Harris, 2021 Sixers first

Assuming they lose (long shot I know) they decide to consolidate talent and get another scorer and resign CP3, get a pick, and fill out the roster with ring chasing FAs


Blazers get Ben Simmons and Jae Crowder

Retool and see what the kind of new group around Dame can do

Crowder/Jones Jr

11 Jul 2021 23:40:50
Pistons have Stewart.

11 Jul 2021 23:41:45
Plus idk if I would give Bridges up for Harris, let alone add Cam and Crowder.

11 Jul 2021 23:43:14
So now the championship team of PHX becomes a bunch of FA's, not even a star? No way the Suns do this.

12 Jul 2021 00:08:26
Cunningham (1st pick) / Joseph
Milton/ McGruder
Thybulle/ Jackson
Johnson/ Doumbouya
Allen/ Plumlee

Maxey/ Hill
McCollum/ Curry
Covington/ Bridges
Grant/ Saric
Embiid/ Noel

Paul/ Carter
Booker/ Williams
Anthony/ Green
Harris/ Smith
Ayton/ Ibaka

Lillard/ Rivers
Powell/ Simons
Crowder/ Jones Jr
Simmons/ Little
Nurkic/ Kaminsky

Possible FAs if anyone was interested.

12 Jul 2021 01:28:22
You think the suns are going to give up half their rotation, including the best asset in the trade, for the 4th or 5th best piece in the trade?

12 Jul 2021 10:31:55
Slack, Tobias is better than everyone they’re giving up.

12 Jul 2021 12:34:47
I would bet that Bridges will be better than Tobias. This is horrible for PHX.

12 Jul 2021 13:13:20
I wouldn’t give up Bridges for Harris. And I’d take Cam and Saric over a very late first.

07 Jul 2021 18:06:44

Draft trade.
Suns; Love and #3 pick Suggs
Cavs; Saric,Smith carter, Johnson

08 Jul 2021 02:05:22
Stop it sun's fan enjoy your finals.

06 Jul 2021 00:13:42
If Detroit is willing to negotiate with OKC, the Thunder have plenty to offer in a trade for the #1 pick to get Cade. What would you think is the asking price for the pick?

Okc gets #1

Detroit gets 6, 16, 18, 2022 Phoenix first, Maledon, Bazley?

Too much? Too little? Thoughts?

06 Jul 2021 02:44:37
No for Detroit. The Thunder need to trade up first to 2 or 3 just for the Pistons to atleast look at their offer.

06 Jul 2021 04:40:19
As a Pistons fan, I’d need SGA and the 6th pick in the package to even consider it.

06 Jul 2021 06:04:10
Wrong again, Rerur.

06 Jul 2021 13:33:13
I agree with Rerur, SGA and 6 is what it takes to get 1.

02 Jul 2021 01:55:26

Knicks get Kemba Walker

Thunder get Kristaps Porzingis Kevin Knox

Mavericks get John Wall Eric Gordon 21 pick.via Mavericks from Knicks 2022 first round pick(Top 10 protected).via Suns from Thunder

Rockets get Gary Harris Michael Carter Williams 5 pick.via Magic 8 pick.via Bulls from Magic 32 pick.via Pistons from Knicks 2023 first round pick(Top 4 protected).via Bulls from Magic

Magic get Josh Richardson(opt in) 2 pick.via Rockets 2022 second round pick.via Mavericks

Magic mostly likely target Jalen Green over Evan Mobley @ 2 pick

Peoples what y'all think this deal??

02 Jul 2021 03:08:13
This is pretty bad for Dallas. The rest of the teams say yes.

02 Jul 2021 03:54:33
Richardson decides about opt in after the draft?

02 Jul 2021 13:58:47
Where are the draft picks for OKC? Sam Presti is not taking this deal without collecting more picks.

03 Jul 2021 02:35:18
Knicks getting 1st for taking Walker not giving a 1st.

03 Jul 2021 02:35:18
Knicks getting 1st for taking Walker not giving a 1st.

30 Jun 2021 09:36:37
Which guy had a bet on the finals with Suns and Hawks?

So it will be an ease to have Beal in Dalles next season. ; )

WIZ Green, 3x1st
DAL Beal
NYK Brunson

30 Jun 2021 11:01:44
It is so believable. And Mavs sign Holmes and Markkanen or Oubre Jr. in parallel. Ring ring.

30 Jun 2021 11:54:53
Still waiting for just one realistic trade from you bud.

30 Jun 2021 12:10:54
Beal can most definitely fetch something better.

30 Jun 2021 13:39:49
Are the Knicks giving up a first for Brunson? Why? They can just sign him outright.

30 Jun 2021 17:36:54
Knicks are looking for much, much bigger fish than Brunson with their cap space/ draft picks.

30 Jun 2021 20:38:37
Don’t drink and post.

30 Jun 2021 21:28:15
Not sure if a fish can proper play the PG at the Garden - but maybe.

30 Jun 2021 21:29:57
So 4 1st picks is not realistic for Beal, with one year left on his contract, in the case if he do not extend. Clear for me. You need to add Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan - clear for me. Cheers.

30 Jun 2021 22:27:26
Even on the verge of your team falling apart with so many things going wrong. Your best 2 players want to leave. Gm and coached wanted outed all bc your owner is a celebrity wolve in sheep's clothes. But you still have the courage to make us laugh with your bad ideas. Thank you ringring.

30 Jun 2021 03:47:21

Thunder get Kristaps Porzingis Maxi Kleber

Rockets get Kemba Walker Josh Richardson(opt in) 2022 first round pick(Top 10 protected).via Suns from Thunder

Mavericks get John Wall Eric Gordon Darius Bazley 24 pick.via Bucks from Rockets 2024 second round pick.via Warriors from Rockets 2025 second round pick.via Rockets

Peoples what y'all think this deal??

30 Jun 2021 04:11:45
Take out all the picks and you might have something.

30 Jun 2021 08:17:33
Kemba or J Wall is probably the best Dallas can get.
But i think people on this site undervalue Porzingis

I would give Dallas that Suns pick and Houston the 2 second round picks.

22 Jun 2021 00:25:38
down to the final 4 and now there's 2 teams kicking themselves for not getting the lowry deal done. with the knicks sitting on cap space and masai's willingness to walk if you don't meet the price the raptors may do well on a sign and trade.
below are some ideas of what the raptors should target from each team that might be interested... some of them are the best the team might have to offer but still not enough... some of them might have guys screaming its too much... but i don't think any sign and trade is going to be as a favour to Kyle... he knows its a busines...

Clippers - Beverley and Morris or Kennard (hate it as a raptor fan)
Dallas - KP (hate this even more)
Knicks - would probably just prefer to use cap space...
Nets - Jordan and Harris (but why with Harden and Irving?)
Suns (if Paul declines and leaves) Saric, Bridges (wouldn't do it)
Lakers - Caldwell-Pope, Kuzma
Heat - Dragic, Herro, Precious
Phila - Simmons

to me the Philly deal would be the best if they are really ready to thrown in on simmons... but i think morey has to be asking himself if they would still be playing if he'd made that trade at the deadline... and he's never been afraid to gamble...

what deals would you think more likely? or will toronto just resign him?

14 Jun 2021 14:21:16
Phoenix:D Lilliard


Dall: K Walker

Portl:Powell+Kleber+Richardson+ 1rnd pick Phoe 2021-2023-2025+ 1rnd pick Bost 2022+ 1rnd pick Dall 2027+ 2rnd pick phoe 2022 and 2024+ 2rnd pick Bos 2021 and 2023

14 Jun 2021 16:29:13
Wow. If anything you should get a ton of responses. Love it for Phoenix at least.

15 Jun 2021 01:17:54
And if CP3 opts out of next season like reports have suggested.

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