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09 Apr 2021 10:55:42

SAS- sabonis
IND- poeltl/ vassell/ samanic/ 2021 1st rd pick top 10 protected.

09 Apr 2021 13:24:25
samanic and poeltl are the only bigs (starting? ) that San Antonio has under contract for next year. They have cap space, just don't know who they are getting to pair with Sabonis in the starting lineup.

09 Apr 2021 16:40:41
drop the protection and i take that deal.

10 Apr 2021 01:20:23
Gas-powered, be patient

Brogdon/ Holiday
Lavert/ Lamb
Warren/ Holiday
Sabonis/ Draft
Turner/ Bitadze

is a set team need time to gel and get healthy. They will be top 4 seed. Only a healthy Nets team is better. But health Pacers team as good as bucks or Sixers.

10 Apr 2021 02:50:49
This seems light for the Pacers.

10 Apr 2021 18:12:57
The pick would have to minimum top 7.

03 Apr 2021 08:00:11
Kings - Bamba

Spurs - Bagley

Magic - Walker

Can add a 2nd or two if needed to either side. All 3 can use a change of scenario




03 Apr 2021 12:36:56
Magic say no we have too many guards already.

03 Apr 2021 16:27:11
MD he’s a SG/ SF, which you can’t rly have enough of in today’s NBA. Porter is leaving after this year. Harris/ Hampton/ Okeke/ Ross are your only wings after this year. can't rly include Hampton since he’s more of a combo guard. Every team has 5-7 wings.

03 Apr 2021 17:45:21
I thought it was Kemba and I was like WTF, lol.

25 Mar 2021 07:51:30
Spurs: Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart and 2021 1st round draft pick

Celtics: DeMar DeRozan and DeJounte Murray.

23 Mar 2021 00:43:03
A Lakers revamp team

Lakers - Bagley & Whiteside
Kings - Harrell and THT

- Whiteside gives Lakers much needed rebounding and would get PT. Bagley gets change of scenario and fills in for AD
- Kings a center they'll love to have after Holmes enters FA. They can also afford THT.

Lakers - White
Spurs - Kuzma

- Lakers get theirs 6th man that can fit a lot better with the team
- Spurs need a future PF to replace LA

Lakers - Looney
Warriors - Gasol & 2nd

- Lakers get more depth at PF
- Warriors get true big bodied center that can bang down low & fit the offense


23 Mar 2021 04:51:48
Valuewise, all are considerably good but personally, I will only do the 3rd trade as a Lakers fan. Kuzma is showing some effort defensively and has been playing well lately. He is cheaper than White too. From what I've heard from Fredman and BMiller, Whiteside is terrible and only desperation will force the Lakers to trade for him.

23 Mar 2021 06:57:20
Harrell > Bagley. Until you value defense and winning more than stats you never understand fair value.

23 Mar 2021 15:14:09
Actually, Whiteside is not "terrible" depending on how you use him. Is he a starting center playing 35+ mins? Heck no. But as a back up center playing two 6-8 min stretches, Whiteside is fairly effective especially on the defensive end and rim running on the offensive end.

23 Mar 2021 15:20:52
Whiteside would be a great player to fill that Dwight Howard roll the Lakers miss. Great rebounding and rim protection.

22 Mar 2021 19:50:18

MIA gets Rudy Gay, Aldridge
Sign Dedmon to veteran min

SAS gets Kelly O, Iggy, Harkless, Hield, Whiteside,

SAC gets Nunn, Lonnie Walker, Trey Lyles, 2022 1st rounder via SAS protected, 2024 1st rounder via SAS

I think their best best to tank this year, and be in the running for cunningham who i think will be a good player for this org, just a matter of time before Tyrese really gets going, i think it’s time to give up on Buddy he’s not worth the money nor the internal headaches


Hield-Derrick White
Keldon Johnson-Iggy


22 Mar 2021 20:28:23
No from Spurs. Also, Bam - Gay! :)

22 Mar 2021 20:52:35
Spurs aren't giving up 2 1sts for Hield. nothing else in the deal for SA moves the needle.

23 Mar 2021 03:14:51
why are kings piggy backing this trade. Walker over Hield.

18 Mar 2021 23:01:12
Knicks - Turner
Pacers - Toppin Ntilikina and 2021 own 1st

Knicks - Johnson
Spurs - Robinson


Target a wing such as Kispert with Dallas 1st or pass first PG such as Nix

- Draft a PF

(Warren) Toppin/Leaf
Draft a defensive forward

19 Mar 2021 04:20:32
Btw Shizzee, Robinson isn’t the next Ben Wallace.

19 Mar 2021 05:11:51
NBA16 stop pretending your Knicks,

trade Knox or Noel for Johnson not Robinson. Robinson is 22 is more accomplished than most knicks picks. not trading him for Johnson.

Turner/ Robinson is best 1-2 duo in NBA protecting the rim.

19 Mar 2021 11:49:46
Pretty sure everyone pretends on this website lol.
But if you actually believe Knox or Noel can get you Keldon Johnson hahaha.

19 Mar 2021 15:08:12
I don't want Keldon Johnson, I rather have Knox. he can shoot better.

18 Mar 2021 20:17:50

Boston get LaMarcus Aldridge

Magic get Rudy Gay Lonnie Walker IV

Spurs get Tristan Thompson Aaron Gordon 2021 first round pick(unprotected).via Boston 2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic

19 Mar 2021 09:55:09
Only way Boston is interested in Aldridge is if he's bought out.

19 Mar 2021 20:33:18
Aldridge will not pick Boston if he is bought out. Boston can't bring in another all star unless they deal Kemba or one of their own all stars. Ainge is praying Kemba stays healthy and performs like the old Kemba in order to move him.

16 Mar 2021 23:03:30
Orlando Recieve
Lonnie Walker
Kenyon Johnson
Lazarus Aldridge
Luke Saminic

San Antonio Recieve
Aaron Gordon
1st rnd pick
Khem Birch

17 Mar 2021 03:46:00
Who are those players coming to Orlando?

17 Mar 2021 05:39:07
Magic say no.

17 Mar 2021 05:42:53
Lazarus hahahah that’s one of the funniest ones I’ve seen.

15 Mar 2021 02:04:57

Magic get LaMarcus Aldridge Lonnie Walker IV Rudy Gay Luka Samanic Patty Mills 2021 first round pick(unprotected).via Spurs 2023 first round pick(unprotected).via Spurs

Spurs get Nikola Vucevic Terrance Ross Aaron Gordon 2022 second round pick.via Pacers from Magic

15 Mar 2021 06:38:57
Spurs pass.

This is not their way.

14 Mar 2021 06:10:42

Magic get Patty Mills Jakob Poeltl 2021 second round pick.via Spurs

Spurs get Evan Fournier Mo Bamba

14 Mar 2021 07:21:53
That needs to be 1st or that is terrible for magic.

14 Mar 2021 16:18:06
All MD trades lately have been terrible for the Magic.

14 Mar 2021 18:21:19
Somehow you manage to balance lopsided but never hit fair either way

That’s almost a talent

14 Mar 2021 21:10:45
Dac 🤣🤣🤣.

13 Mar 2021 14:40:34
This is bold and won't happen but hang with me.

Spurs get Horford, Hill, Muscala

Rockets get Aldridge, Ariza

OKC gets Wall, Gordon, Lyles, Walker, 2021 protected Detroit first, protections removed from Rockets pick 2021

Ok. Horford to the Spurs makes sense in that he's currently better than Aldridge, and he's fantastic in the locker room. Spurs have a lot of young guys and getting three vets to help foster that talent makes sense. Hill is a former spur. All three feel like Spurs guys.

Rockets are in a rough spot. This could be a deal that helps them reset the franchise. A rip the bandaid off kind of move. They bring in all expiring money and offload two long term deals that aren't working. They will lose their pick this year along with another first (via Detroit in the future), but it would be worth it. Getting Aldridge might even put them closer to the middle so they don't lose a top 5 pick anyways.

OKC are set to have an insane amount of cap room in the next couple seasons. Even with the SGA max coming, they can afford a few years of bad contracts. They swallow Wall and Gordon at another couple shots in the draft. Wall and Gordon can eventually be flipped OR be role players to the young guys in 2-4 years. Wall and Gordon can rehab the rest of the year and help the tank as well.


13 Mar 2021 17:51:27
church you going to have more 1st over the next 4 years than wins.

13 Mar 2021 20:34:08
Bold? Yepp. Happening? Probably not. But I like the concept anyway

15 Mar 2021 02:12:38
Why would the Rockets do this as a rebuilding team. They should be doing what OKC has done the past few years and start collecting picks not giving them away.
Horfords contract is brutal and I doubt Spurs want to take him own as I could see them move towards a rebuild of their own.
Somehow all OKC fans think every other team is out to help them.

18 Mar 2021 04:55:26
Websjac, not all Okc fans think like that.
Churchpugh lives in his own world though. He definitely proposes the most absurd and lopsided trade ideas.
It’s frustrating to read anything he posts EVEN as an Okc fan.
All you can do is either ignore his posts or be prepared to scream at the screen when you read them.
But don’t worry, nobody takes anything from him seriously.

11 Mar 2021 01:25:28

Spurs get Grant Williams 2021 second round pick.via Boston

Boston get LaMarcus Aldridge

11 Mar 2021 05:08:45
Aldridge alone would be only a band-aide falling off.
They can acquire LA for just Williams and a 2nd.
Salaries don't match

Boston needs to make a bigger splash to be relevant.

11 Mar 2021 10:45:17
Using TPE but need to send more to San Antonio to get under hard cap.

11 Mar 2021 21:08:12
I'm thinking they might just wait to use the TPE.

Celtics really would like to get Collins.

Chatter has Boston having interest in Lonzo, maybe a Kemba trade on the horizon?

02 Mar 2021 22:59:10
Indiana-San Antonio

Indiana get: Lonnie Walker, Rudy Gay & 1st round pick

San Antonio get: Myles Turner

Pacers get a young talented wing and a 1st while Spurs get a big man they need

28 Feb 2021 16:18:37
Indy: Derozan

Spurs:Lamb/McDermottHoliday+ 1rnd pick Indy (top8 protected)

28 Feb 2021 21:09:09
horrible for spurs who are in better position to buy than sell at trading deadline than the pacers. Pacers need to be patient get healthy. deep team in the east when healthy.

28 Feb 2021 21:30:56
Indy needs a closer , derozan is the go to guy we're missing.

The spurs are rebuilding a first for an expiring is a good deal.

28 Feb 2021 22:10:20
Isn’t Derozan known for not being a closer?

28 Feb 2021 22:51:53
Spurs are doing good. They are developing young guys while competing with established "star"

26 Feb 2021 14:20:29
sas: vucevic, 2021 first round pick

magic: aldridge

magic get rid of vucevic salary and save money for their very talented 3 first round pick worth young players. get high profile expiring contract

sas get a first round pick for taking longer contract of vucevic and 7 time allstar aldridge.

26 Feb 2021 15:03:09
Vucevic has a solid contract and is playing at an all-star level. Aldridge is toast. Even if you swapped the pick so that it was going toward Orlando, I doubt it would be enough?

26 Feb 2021 15:11:37
IDK if this is sarcastic or just a jab at MD lol.

26 Feb 2021 15:42:06
Magic say no!

26 Feb 2021 15:44:11
Vooch is an allstar and cheap. You don’t get a pick and the best player in a trade. Spurs would have to give magic at least a first.

26 Feb 2021 17:54:21
This post was obviously done sarcastically in response to the 'JamesHarden-type value” given to Vucevic by some members on this site. Vucevic is a very good player, but not as valuable as some of us think. But that's the definition of a 'homer'. overvaluing your guys and undervaluing other teams players and needs.

26 Feb 2021 21:07:29
Who would put Vucevic up with Harden. I mean that’s ridiculous! That’s ring ring level ridiculous

26 Feb 2021 22:21:08
:-) :-) :-)

25 Feb 2021 01:06:43

Spurs get Andre Iguodala Kelly Olynyk Kendrick Nunn 2027 first round pick(lottery protected).via Heat 2022 second round pick.via Philly or Denver

Heat get DeMar DeRozan Tre Jones

25 Feb 2021 00:38:20

Spurs get Tobias Harris 2021 second round pick.via Knicks from Sixers

76ers get DeMar DeRozan

25 Feb 2021 04:23:53
Harris fits sixers better unless you think this is just a salary dump.

22 Feb 2021 22:54:50

Magic get Lonnie Walker IV Rudy Gay 2021 second round pick.via Spurs

Spurs get Aaron Gordon Dwayne Bacon

20 Feb 2021 06:20:14
I think gsw should move draymond while still have some value. he is overpaid, talks to much but he can be very valuable to some teams. he is very good at defence and make plays for others. I like to see him with lillard.

por: draymond

gsw: nurkic, collins, first round pick

collins and nurkic are injury prones. they don't have much value. green can make portland defence very good.

which team do u think should get him?

portland, sacramento, minnessota, spurs, denver, dallas, miami, bulls, boston...

20 Feb 2021 07:46:58
Cant see both teams wanting his tbh. If Portland trades for Green, Nurkic will not be available, they will pair them for sure. If GS trade Green, i see Boston as a great landing spot, also Miami or Phoenix.

20 Feb 2021 08:28:00
I put nurkic because he is always hurt. not because he isn't valuable.

20 Feb 2021 10:12:58
It's fair value, but i can't see portland giving up on Nurkic.

20 Feb 2021 10:35:42
With his injury history. They should. They can find center easily.

20 Feb 2021 13:50:39
Portland has a first to trade?

20 Feb 2021 14:46:07
I’d give up Nurkic for Green without much thought. I like Green a lot, and he’d fit well next to Kanter, who has been great this year.

I can’t see GS doing this.

19 Feb 2021 03:56:35
Spurs - Markkanen L., Porter Jr O.

Bulls - Aldridge, L., Vassell D.

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