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18 Nov 2023 07:06:28
Boston is a title contending team, but they are missing a few pieces to be winning on a consistent basis. There are some pieces I feel they need to fill

Boston gets: Jordan Clarkson, THT

Utah gets: Prichard, brissett, Steven's, 3 first round picks.

Sign: Demarcus cousins, Isaiah Thomas

PG: Holiday/Thomas
SG: White/Clarkson/Banton
SF: Brown/THT/Hauser
PF: Tatum/horford
C: KP/ Cousins/Kornet

This gives Boston depth and lineups to use when they play teams with multiple bigs.

18 Nov 2023 10:54:19
Maybe 3 rnd picks.

18 Nov 2023 11:16:55
salaries way off. value waaaaaay off.

19 Nov 2023 11:09:00
Sign Isaiah Thomas? Wow. Are you living in the past. Lol And Cousins? That's crazy.
A dozen games into the season with only 2 losses and you think there are several pieces missing? That's funny right there.
Their only need at the moment is a big man that's better than Kornet.

17 Oct 2023 16:57:21
Atl: J Brown+Isaac
Bost:T Young+C Capela+1rnd pick Sac 24+1rnd pick Denver 24
Magic:D White

PG:T Young


18 Oct 2023 10:53:35
Brown can't be traded until after next years draft.

01 Oct 2023 18:49:57
The Celtics are sending center Robert Williams III, guard Malcolm Brogdon, a 2024 first-round pick via Golden State and a 2029 first-round pick to the Blazers, sources said.

I pretty much nailed this one in previous comments.

01 Oct 2023 19:04:40
He's hurt a lot but it's tough losing Williams. He's an absolute beast.

01 Oct 2023 21:23:36
Willams @ PF? Grant @ SF Ayton @ C.

02 Oct 2023 04:52:44
I think timelird is backing up Ayton & Grant. until Grant is moved.

02 Oct 2023 13:48:52
Hell no MD. That would be terrible. Grant isn’t a full time SF. Ayton shouldn’t be a full time PF.

Local media expects the starters to be Scoot, Simons, Thybulle, Grant, Ayton.

30 Sep 2023 10:57:08
Jrue Holiday sweepstake,
Teams possible offer:

Celtics: Brogdon, Horford and filler plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap)

Heat: Lowry, Jaquez/Jovic and filler plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap)

Sixers: Harden going to a third team.. picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap) to Blazers plus third team return players and picks

Raptors: OG or GT, Young and Dick plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd or swap)

Knicks: Fournier, Quickley and filler/s plus picks (1st rd, 2nd rd of swap)
*not unless they are willing to give up Barrett + Fournier

30 Sep 2023 12:19:25
I don't see Boston trading Horford, he's their one guy who can do a credible job on Embiid and Giannis. If Boston did trade for Holiday, which I see as unlikely due to financial reasons, I see the offer being something like this-

J. Walsh or S. Hauser
B. Griffin S & T
Draft compensation

Portland has extra roster spots available but there would likely be multiple teams involved.

Griffin can be signed for about 3.5 mil per year, with only the 1st year guaranteed. He can be waived. Boston can then fill out their roster with vet minimums but it will put them in the 2nd apron.

01 Oct 2023 13:44:27
S&T requires 3 fully guaranteed non-option years. Specifically so teams don’t do that.

01 Oct 2023 14:55:40
Bmiller, not true, and it's been done before. Boston has done it before.

02 Oct 2023 10:25:16
Just heard Bobby Marks say that on Friday, he believed this was going to be the trade instead of including Williams. He specifically said it would have included Blake Griffin in a sign and trade.

29 Sep 2023 08:36:26
bos: Jr Holiday
Por: Horford+Brogdon+ 1rnd pick Bos 24

29 Sep 2023 10:53:02
Unrealistic for several reasons.

29 Sep 2023 17:47:45
Horrible for Portland.

30 Sep 2023 09:00:07
You need to offer Brogdon+Williams+Pritchard+1rnd pick Bos 24 just for POR to start listening.

27 Sep 2023 19:06:45
Jrue Holiday heading elsewhere? It's weird but he could be a good fit with Miami. Lmao.

Pelicans would be a great fit but again contracts will be a problem. How about Celtics?

Brogdon + additional player for salary 1st round pick, pick swap for Jrue?


Would be deadly

27 Sep 2023 20:27:12
Brogdon is far, far from what Portland is looking for in return. The only way that makes any sense for Portland is if Robert Williams is included with Bogdon.

27 Sep 2023 20:34:07
Brogdon and Williams for Jrue makes a lot of sense to me.

27 Sep 2023 20:37:02
Dark horse for Jrue after Dec 15th?

LA Lakers. Hachimura+Russell+ Picks?

28 Sep 2023 03:52:34
Starting to hear some Jrue Holiday to Toronto right after the trade went down.

29 Sep 2023 02:00:22
Would love to see Pels reunite w Jrue.

25 Sep 2023 11:53:20
Houston gets-
M. Brogdon

Houston gives-
KPJ, J. Tate, 2024 2nd via OKC, 2025 2nd (own), 2025 2nd via OKC, 2026 2nd (own)

Dump KPJ and get the perfect 3rd guard, obviously contingent on Brogdon passing a physical.

Indiana gets-
J. Tate

Indians gives-
D. Theis

Theis doesn't fit the fast style Indy wants to play. They already have Turner, Jackson, and Smith, and could use a veteran defensive forward.

Washington gets-
KPJ (waive), 2024 1st via Boston (lottery protected), 2024 2nd via OKC, 2025 2nd via Hou, 2025 2nd via OKC

Washington gives-
T. Jones

Collecting assets, I don't believe Tyus Jones are in their future plans.

Boston gets-
T. Jones, D. Theis, 2026 2nd via Hou

Boston gives-
M. Brogdon, 2024 1st (own, lottery protected) (waive Banton)

Get the perfect back up PG and a familiar quality depth big. Better financial flexibility going forward. Gives a 1st but still has one from GS, and picks up a potentially valuable 2nd.

25 Sep 2023 13:50:20
Good idea.

21 Sep 2023 07:21:24
IND/BKN/BOS/CLE eastern shake up

IND get Isaac Okoro, Dean Wade & pick swap from CLE, 2 2nds (CLE/BOS)
- pick swap from CLE could be changed to a 1st round pick if IND prefers, that's negotiable. Someone could give a 1st for Hield. Pacers add a young guy they can develop

Pg Haliburton/McConnell
Sg Brown/Nembhard
Sf Mathurin/Okoro/Nwora
Pf Toppin/Walker/Jackson
Ce Turner/Theis/Wade

BKN get Malcolm Brogdon & BOS 2nd round pick
- Nets have a good wing depth already, they can use a backup vet guard

Pg Dinwiddie/Brogdon/Smith Jr
Sg Bridges/Walker/Whitehead
Sf Oneale/Thomas/Bazley
Pf Johnson/Simmons
Ce Claxton/Giles/Clowney

BOS get Buddy Hield & Dayron Sharpe
- gets a shooter to add more firepower

Pg White/Pritchard
Sg Brown/Hield/Banton
Sf Tatum/Hauser/Mykhailuk
Pf Porzingis/Brissett/Kornet
Ce Williams/Horford/Sharpe

CLE get Dorean Finney-Smith
- gets a starting caliber SF, a piece ready to compete with the team. Adds line up flexibility as they can have Mobley play the 5 and DFS at 4

Pg Garland/Levert/Rubio
Sg Mitchell/Strus/Bates
Sf DFS/Merill/Jerome
Pf Mobley/Niang
Ce Allen/Mobley/Jones

21 Sep 2023 19:06:47
For Boston, I'm not a fan of Hield, but I also don't like Brogdon on Boston. Hield's durability, expiring contract, and the young big makes it a yes for me.

21 Sep 2023 22:32:30
Cleveland making out like bandits here.

21 Sep 2023 22:39:18
Absolute yes from Cleveland.

17 Sep 2023 09:22:42
Celtics: Garland+ J Allen
Cavs: J Brown+M Brogdon

17 Sep 2023 11:38:38
Brown can't be traded for about 11 months.

18 Sep 2023 09:26:11
i think he can be traded from januari 21.

19 Sep 2023 19:01:34
@gasupo Brown is ineligible to be traded until July 26, 2024.

25 Aug 2023 13:27:25
Saw this one and modified a bit

Pels. Lillard

Clips. CJ MCCollum

Por. Powell. Morris Sr Daniels Boston JrLewis Jr 2024 2025 and 2027 1sts from Nola.

26 Aug 2023 03:16:59
Not the pieces Portland is looking for.

26 Aug 2023 19:56:23
Daniels would be a solid get for Portland. Powell would slot in as the 4th string SG. The rest are other team's throw-aways.

01 Aug 2023 15:48:18
Raptors- D.Lillard
Trailblazers- S.Barnes, C.Boucher, M.Brogdon, 3 1sts from Toronto, 2 pick swap from Toronto, 1st round pick from Boston
Celtics- G.Trent Jr, M.Flynn & 2 2nds (Por/Tor)

Raptors get an alpha.

McDaniels/Porter Jr

Blazers get an A asset with Barnes, and plenty of picks. Dont know if anyone can offer more than this.


Celtics dump Brogdon for a good perimeter player who can lead their bench

Brown/Trent Jr/Banton

01 Aug 2023 22:56:41
If all Boston wants is a good perimeter who can lead their bench, they'll keep Brogdon and the 1st round pick.

04 Aug 2023 14:36:41
The trade makes sense if the raptors are chasesing a title. But they will need more help in the forward and wings. Not enough to win.

01 Aug 2023 15:08:27

A twist to the proposal i've read here:

BOS get Damian Lillard
- all in move throwing assets for Lillard while maintaining the core:

Pg Lillard/Pritchard/Banton
Sg Brown/Hauser
Sf Tatum/Brissett/Champagnie
Pf Porzingis/Kornet
Ce Williams/Horford

POR get Deandre Ayton, Jordan Walsh, Malcolm Brogdon (flip for another asset at the deadline), 3 1sts from BOS & pick swap from BOS & 2nd from PHX
- get a young big who can still have his game improve without much pressure, a 1st round pick this year and future picks for rebuild

Pg Henderson/Brogdon
Sg Sharpe/Simons
Sf Thybulle/Little
Pf Grant/Murray/Walsh
Ce Ayton/Badji

PHX get Derrick White & Jusuf Nurkic
- get 2 great role players who can fit them better for a championship run

Pg Beal/White
Sg Booker/Gordon
Sf Okogie/Lee/Bates-Diop
Pf Durant/Watanabe
Ce Nurkic/Bol/Eubanks

02 Aug 2023 14:29:25
POR is the big looser here.

31 Jul 2023 08:42:40
Celtics Trade for Lillard
Brogdon: 22,5
White: 18,4
Horford: 10
1st round pick(2024 - from Warriors)
1st round pick(2026 - Own)
1st round pick(2029 - Own)
2nd round pick(2024 - from Mavs)

Lillard: 45,6
Nassir Little: 6,2

Lillard have bigger chance to get a ring
Blazers can offload Horford after season + brogdon, White after next season if they want to

31 Jul 2023 09:49:00
Pritchard and Champagnie instead of Horford and we can call it a deal. The Celtics need Horford while the Blazers don’t. Money works either way, since the Celtics have a TPE large enough to accommodate Little.

31 Jul 2023 10:00:53
No real asset on that pckage. Blazers need young guys especially young bigs.

31 Jul 2023 16:01:38
that's a good package for Portland
Celtics should go all in on lillard.

31 Jul 2023 16:05:52
Blazers would need Rob Williams at least.

31 Jul 2023 20:17:06
as others have said, any deal should include a solid, or up-and-coming, rotation player in the front court. The Blazers don't need more 3rd and 4th string guards in a fresh-start rebuild.

01 Aug 2023 02:41:17
NBA16 is probably right.

A more likely deal would be Brogdon, Williams and all those picks for Dame (the Blazers can keep Little) . Williams is a great fit next to Scoot and Sharpe, and Brogdon can be traded for another pick at the trade deadline.

25 Jul 2023 14:12:59
This is going to be a Boston post:

The Celtics are going into next season with Tatum/Porzingis.

Brown is now going to sign 5/300? No way. But he will get a lot. There are no concievable stars worth targeting for Brown- Luka/Giannis/Embiid are the only three are there is no chance of any deal in those markets.

For these reasons, Boston can go all in right now and set themselves up to win 2-3 championships by trading for a fourth star.

They have as trade bait and filler:
Brogdon (22.5 mil)
Derrick White (18.3 mil)
Robert Williams (11.5 mil)
Horford (10 mil)
Pritchard (4 mil)

Celtics 2024-2031 first, Warriors 2024 first, tons of second rounders

I think Boston, if they choose to go after a third star, will look for one thing: a 2-4 year deal.


Package 1:

Brogdon, Horford, Robert Williams, 4 1RP, 5 2RP

Targets: Kawhi/ Zion/ Zach Lavine (for less picks)

Package 2:
Brogdon, Derrick White, Robert Williams, Payton Pritchard, 4 1RP, 4 2RP

Targets: Trae Young, Anthony Edwards, Dame, Ja Morant

Package 3 (rookie deal targets):

Robert Williams, 2 1RP

Targets: Josh Giddey

Package 4 (4th key piece, keep core but send away all of the picks):
Brogdon, 3 1RP, 3 2RP

Targets: Anfernee Simmons, Lonzo Ball (I'm not joking)

25 Jul 2023 14:46:23
I don't like Zion or Kawhi
LaVine would be a good fit in boston

I like the 2nd package, J Morant would be awesome, And T Young would be a good alternative. I don't think Minny would trade Edwards without including J Brown.

I don't see why OKC would trade Giddey

L Ball could be cheap and he provides everything Boston needs, he would be great if he can stay healty.

25 Jul 2023 14:58:51
First error. 2031 picks are not available for trade.

Second error. Lonzo Ball is not tradeable because Chicago received an approved injury exception with him missing the upcoming season.

25 Jul 2023 15:16:39
Horrible take that Brown is not getting 5/ $300 literally minutes before it is announced that Brown is getting 5/ $300.

25 Jul 2023 16:47:20
60mil a year is ridiculous for a non superstar.

25 Jul 2023 17:51:20
It looks like a lot of money, and it is, but before you know it there will be 20 players making more.

25 Jul 2023 19:28:04
NBA All-2nd-Team is a non-superstar? That is literally one of the top 10 players last season.

25 Jul 2023 19:28:58
NBA16, many more to come ?.

25 Jul 2023 20:11:27
Yup. Brown is not a superstar. I agree with NBA16. He is a legit allstar though. But about 5 players not in the 1st and 2nd all NBA is arguably better than him. He is not worth that money in any case but as mentioned above, this will be the norm in the NBA ??‍♂️.

25 Jul 2023 20:36:13
I have a hard time claiming a 6yr player with 2 all stars and 1 All-nba a superstar. I’ll give him star label.

24 Jul 2023 16:19:12
Cavs - Brown and Kornet

- taller defensive wing, Brown gets opportunity to be the guy

Celtics - Mitchell

- gets a guy under contract for 2 more years and can play next to taller guards



24 Jul 2023 17:10:35
i like a mitchell for brown swith
I value Brown a little bit higher, but Mitchell has the better contract.

Mitchell would make Tatum better and Garland would make brown better.

24 Jul 2023 15:58:26
Pacers - Clippers - Suns - Sixers

Ind - ayton, mann, suns 2nds

Clips - harden

Suns- turner, covington, mcconnell

Phi- hield. powell, 1st lac. 1st indy lottery protected

Haliburton nembhard
Mathurin nesmith
Brown Mann nwora
Toppin Walker
Ayton jackson theis
- great future ahead

Harden westbrook
Kawhi hyland boston
George batum brown
Morris coffey
Zubac plumlee

Beal mcconnell
Booker gordon lee
Durant okogie
Covington watanabe kbd
Turner metu bol
- deeper and more versatile defensively

Maxey beverley
Hield melton korkmaz
Harris powell house
Tucker harrell
Embiid reed bamba

24 Jul 2023 17:11:43
i don't think we have to give up a first in a Turner for Ayton swap.

24 Jul 2023 15:29:12

ATL get Morris, Zubac, Powell, K. Brown & Korkmaz
- saves money for the future and still have a team that can compete

Pg Young/Mills
Sg Murray/Powell/Korkmaz
Sf Bey/Griffin/Brown
Pf Morris/Johnson
Ce Okongwu/Zubac

PHI get Hunter, Bogdanovic, Mann & 1st from LAC & 2 2nds from Atlanta
- get pieces that can help Embiid & Maxey

Pg Maxey/Beverley
Sg Mann/Melton
Sf Harris/Bogdanovic
Pf Tucker/Hunter
Ce Embiid/Bamba/Reed

LAC get Harden & Capela
- get another star and a rim protector/lob threat for Harden and Westbrook

Pg Westbrook/Hyland/Preston
Sg Harden/Batum/Boston
Sf Kawhi/Covington
Pf George/Martin
Ce Capela/Plumlee/Coffey

20 Jul 2023 06:20:58

Evan Fournier
2025 1st Round Pick.via Bucks from Knicks (Top 4 Protected)

Chuma Okeke
2025 2nd Round Pick(Celtics swap with Grizzlies) from Magic
2027 2nd Round Pick (Celtics) from Magic

Kyle Anderson

20 Jul 2023 06:37:18
Gary Harris will be going to Knicks in that deal

Miles McBride will be going to Timberwolves in that deal

I missed up that trade.

20 Jul 2023 10:39:54
Why exactly are the magic getting a top 4 protected 1st?

20 Jul 2023 13:10:20
Why would Minnesota do this?

18 Jul 2023 16:29:46
Now this is a fantasy but lets play around:

Celtics: Embid, Anfernee Simmons

Sixers: Jaylen Brown, filler from Clippers, 4 Celtics 1sts/ swaps, all of the Clippers picks, first from Portland

Blazers: Robert Williams, Derrick White

Clippers: Harden

18 Jul 2023 21:05:29
The difference in value between Embiid and Jaylen Brown is not even close to 4 1st Rd picks. Hell, I'd argue that it's probably 1 1st Rd pick at best.

18 Jul 2023 22:02:48
The value difference between a solid star and an MVP is massive Shaq. This shouldn’t be undersold. Yeah, 4 firsts is the difference at least.

And I hate this for Portland. I’m not sure I’d do it without including a first. Absolutely no chance I’d trade Simons and a first for Williams.

19 Jul 2023 01:22:28
White has zero fit in Portland. Robert Williams would be a fantastic get for Portland, but no way is worth Simons and a 1st.

18 Jul 2023 16:16:18
This is a pretty crazy idea here but let's play around with it:

Celtics: Ja Morant, Ben Simmons

Nets: Brogdon, Horford

Grizzlies: Derrick White, Robert Williams, Pritchard, Clowney, Jaylen Wilson Celtics 2024 first, Warriors 2024 first, Celtics 2025 swap, 2025 Suns pick (Via Nets), Celtics 2026 Pick

Celtics Roster:

Morant, Brown, Tatum, Simmons, Porzingis (win the trade here)

Memphis gets a lot in return for JA, including pairing JJJ with Rob Williams

Brooklyn loses some good young players to move Simmons contract and get a solid Brogdon in return

18 Jul 2023 22:42:34
Grizz already don’t have enough roster spots to take on all these players. And I wouldn’t trade Ja for depth pieces.

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