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24 Jul 2021 02:47:18

Raptors get Lonzo Ball(sign and trade) 3 year $65.5 Million Dollars contract

Pelicans get Kyle Lowry (sign and trade) 3 year $67.0 Million Dollars contract

Peoples what y'all think this deal ??




24 Jul 2021 00:26:52

Heat get Kawhi Leonard(opt in)

Warriors get Paul George

Clippers get Andrew Wiggins James Wiseman Precious Achiuwa Tyler Herro 7 pick.via Wolves from Warriors 14 pick.via Warriors 2026 first round pick(unprotected).via Heat & 2026 first round pick(unprotected).via Warriors Duncan Robinson(sign and trade) 4 yrs 66 Million Dollars contract

Clippers going to fully rebuild process they got Duncan Robinson Andrew Wiggins James Wiseman Precious Achiuwa Tyler Herro + four first round picks

Warriors got their third star next to Klay & Steph & Draymond

Heat got their superstar next to Jimmy & Bam

Peoples what y'all think this deal??


1.) 24 Jul 2021 01:42:48
Can't add in a sign and trade. Sign and trade would have to be a separate deal. Team receiving a player that's sign and traded cannot receive any other player or pick in the deal.

2.) 24 Jul 2021 01:53:36
I think your a genius. It nearly impossible to keep coming up with this many idea that screws 1 team. Clippers go from wcf without their best player to full rebuild, amazing.



23 Jul 2021 20:31:45

Magic get Eric Bledsoe 10 pick.via Hornets 56 pick.via Clippers from Hornets 2024 second round pick.via Boston from Hornets

Hornets get Steven Adams Michael Carter Williams

Kings get Terrance Ross Mo Bamba

Pelicans get Buddy Hield

Peoples what y'all think this deal??


1.) 24 Jul 2021 02:08:27
Hield for Ross+Bamba? Nope. Would much rather go Kuzma+Harrell.

2.) 24 Jul 2021 06:08:47
Ross > Hield.



23 Jul 2021 19:56:09

Pelicans get Terrance Ross Mo Bamba

Hornets get Steven Adams Michael Carter Williams

Magic get Eric Bledsoe 10 pick.via Pelicans 56 pick.via Clippers from Hornets 2024 second round pick.via Boston from Hornets

Hornets take on Steven Adams & Michael Carter Williams contract only gave up two second round picks

Magic take on Eric Bledsoe contract got in return three draft picks and only gave up Michael Carter Williams & Mo Bamba & Terrance Ross

Pelicans got relief and only get rid of Eric Bledsoe & Steven Adams contract + 10 pick and got in return Terrance Ross & Mo Bamba

Peoples what y'all think this deal??


1.) 24 Jul 2021 02:09:35
Here we go again. Ross=Bledsoe.

2.) 24 Jul 2021 02:37:20
Your not getting a lotto pick for any of your players. How pg do you want?



23 Jul 2021 06:49:09

Magic get Harrison Barnes Jeremy Lamb 9 pick.via Kings 13 pick.via Pacers 2024 first round pick(Top 3 protected).via Pacers

Kings get Myles Turner

Pacers get Gary Harris Wendell Carter Jr 5 pick.via Magic 33 pick.via Magic

Magic draft James Bouknight Jalen Johnson Kai Jones

Peoples what y'all think this deal?


1.) 23 Jul 2021 11:44:23
Nope from Kings. Turner for Barnes fixes one problem and creates another.

2.) 23 Jul 2021 16:45:57
Nope from Orlando as well. Barnes and Lamb don't fit what they are trying to do in Orlando.




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19 Jul 2021 22:56:50
2021 NBA Mock Draft Top 10

Pistons-Cade Cunningham
Rockets-Jalen Green
Cavaliers-Evan Mobley
Raptors-Jalen Suggs
Magic-Scottie Barnes
Thunder-Johnathan Kuminga
Warriors-James Bouknight
Magic-Moses Moody
Kings-Franz Wagner
Pelicans-Davion Mitchell


1.) 20 Jul 2021 04:03:49

2.) 20 Jul 2021 08:42:06
I would draft Mobley if i where the rockets and trade Woods to Toronto for the 4rth pick and draft Green or Suggs with that pick.

3.) 20 Jul 2021 15:41:07
Wood isn't worth the #4 pick. Houston would have to send more. this would also preclude resigning Lowry, or doing a sign and trade with him because he would have to be renounced to create room for Wood. so another reason for the raptors to not do it.

4.) 20 Jul 2021 19:34:10
@windrapsfan. Could the agreement be made on draft day, but the trade does not become official until after a S&T of Lowry (to let's say the Knicks) that creates a large enough TPE to fit in Wood afterwards?

5.) 20 Jul 2021 23:31:45
@fredman - i suppose that could work, but then the wood trade could not be done until 30 days after the pick signs. and i still think the 4 is worth way more than Wood.

6.) 21 Jul 2021 00:40:45
@fredman -you're just trying to trap me into a tampering violation, aren't you?

7.) 21 Jul 2021 02:44:03
Yup. LOL!



24 Jun 2021 16:42:27
Orlando Magic situation

Johnathan Issac is Defensive Anchor !!!!!

Orlando Magic never going to give him up!!!!

He can easily win multiple defensive player of a year in the future He is really good on defense!

@NBA16 leave Johnathan Issac alone !!!!!!!!!!

You're what I rather keep 5 pick & 8 pick!

I'm not giving up Johnathan Issac !!!!! Never Ever !


1.) 24 Jun 2021 20:24:20
Fultz+5+8 for 4+Baynes or Hood (TO) .

2.) 25 Jun 2021 00:59:44
You also said Wendall Carter is untouchable so idk if I can take your word anymore.

3.) 25 Jun 2021 04:03:08
Darry_Doza that is too much and I rather keep picks.

4.) 25 Jun 2021 18:35:03
Magic trade Anthony Harris both picks plus 2 extra first for Beal

Resign Porter

5.) 25 Jun 2021 19:30:13
That’s a steep price to pay for a team that’s nowhere near contending.

6.) 25 Jun 2021 20:33:52
No thanks Bradley Beal is one year rental so Magic say no.

7.) 26 Jun 2021 08:24:49
NBA with md valuing Isaac so much with Beal they should be contenders.



23 Jun 2021 16:48:25
Orlando Magic situation!!!

Johnathan Kuminga is completely bust!!!!

His height is 6'6 210 pounds

His position is Small Forward/Power Forward

His family members
Emmanuel Mudiay he already a bust !

Orlando Magic need to trade up!! They can't keep 5 pick

I don't wanted another bust on my team !!!!😡


1.) 23 Jun 2021 17:51:47
4 for 5+8 maybe?

2.) 23 Jun 2021 18:09:30
Darry_Doza Raptors not going to trade 4 pick which most likely be Jalen Suggs

Cavaliers not going to trade 3 pick they mostly likely going to be Jalen Green probably trade Collin Sexton Magic aren’t interested in Collin Sexton

I can see Collin Sexton going to Knicks or Boston or Mavericks or 76ers.

3.) 24 Jun 2021 11:12:29
Cavs/ Rockets may take Isaac and 5 MD 😉.

4.) 24 Jun 2021 13:12:54
How you know magic drafting kuminga.

5.) 24 Jun 2021 13:14:02
He 6”8 220 and plays both sides I take him.



23 Jun 2021 01:40:27
Orlando Magic situation

I just really hate being fan of Orlando Magic

NBA really screwed Orlando Magic over

Got 5 pick and 8 pick

That isn't good picks

Johnathan Kuminga is so trash he can't shoot the basketball also he has bust potential

I'm just really hoping my team call Cleveland Cavaliers see if they willing give up 3 pick if not Orlando Magic will never get a superstar

I really want Jalen Green not Johnathan Kuminga ugh!!!

I'm just frustrated and angry right now


1.) 23 Jun 2021 06:31:13
Better be ready to give up Isaac.

2.) 23 Jun 2021 07:25:06
Johnathan Issac is untouchable so Magic never going to give him up.

3.) 24 Jun 2021 11:12:47
Isaac isn’t a franchise player.

4.) 28 Jun 2021 14:56:20
Yeah, you don’t want to touch Isaac, he’s fragile.



02 Jun 2021 13:47:09
Boston Celtics situation

Danny Ainge stepped down lmao 🤣 God is good ! He got his karma for everything! I never forget what he done to Isaiah Thomas

I never like Danny Ainge he is fraud!

Boston Celtics fans are idiot! They never apologize to Kyrie Irving they do him so freaking dirty I never respected Boston Celtics fans period! They called DeMarcus Cousins niggas years ago I remember thw Boston Celtics never banned that person

I was so happy that one of Boston Celtics fan throw bottle of water @ Kyrie Irving he went to jail lmao 🤣 God is so good I love it!! Karma is everything!

Also I remember Boston Celtics disrespected Bill Russell for no reason

I remember Boston Celtics fans death threats to Ray Allen


1.) 02 Jun 2021 15:07:39
You're right MD. Frick most Boston fans.

2.) 02 Jun 2021 20:43:40
Boston fans are no different than any others, and not keeping Thomas was one of Ainge's best moves.

3.) 02 Jun 2021 20:44:26
And apologize to Kyrie? He's an oddball.

4.) 03 Jun 2021 00:20:30
Another thing, you're babbling about god is good and karma. The dude retired. Who cares?

5.) 04 Jun 2021 12:30:04
Sorry Nightcap, this may be different from your POV, but from my experience Boston fans are a bunch of racist a-holes and a bunch more bad things that I'm not going to say on this website.

6.) 04 Jun 2021 21:03:17
What you're doing Darry is the same thing that racists do, generalizing a large group by a few bad apples. My best friend, a black female, moved from Boston to Wilmington NC in September for better weather. She never experienced racism in Boston, but now says Wilmington is full of them. That's just her experience of course. I believe that generally speaking, people are more or less similar regardless of where they live. At least that's been my experience.

7.) 05 Jun 2021 10:45:43
I think people, in general, believe that were they are or were raised as "good" and otger places as "bad".




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23 Jul 2021 16:25:08
Well I rather stay 5+8 keep all my young players I ain’t giving them up.




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23 Jul 2021 06:16:38
Oh nooo! I’m not giving up my favorite player Cole Anthony Magic definitely decline the deal 🤦🏾‍♂️.




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22 Jul 2021 23:26:27
Magic say no.




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22 Jul 2021 23:26:01
Kings say no.




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22 Jul 2021 00:44:04
Magic say no tbh I rather keep Bamna than taking a player who isn’t in rotation the pick isn’t enough.





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